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Contents Week One:

-Architectural Discourse -EOI

Week Two:

-Parametric Designs -EOI


Architectural Discourse EOI Week 1

Architectural Discourse

Per s o n a l Pro j ec t h ea dpiece The idea behind this design project is Bubbles. Inspired by the Water Cube, Beijing, I designed a voronoi structured headpiece. Soap bubbles are formed using voronoi designs (; in mathematics, a voronoi design is a special kind of decomposition of a metric space determinded by distances to a specified discrete set

of objects in space.) This headpiece stands out due to its complex shapes of trusses and solids mixing together to form a whole. The trusses formed allow more air flow and light to enter, the inspiration of a truss system was derived from Federation Square, Melbourne.

National Aquatics Centre ( Water Cube), Beijing TheBejingWaterCube,or NationalSwimmingCentre, China was designed by Peddle Thorp and Walker-PTWwithArupin 2004-08.Thewatercube advances in digital technology,ithascontributed to a discourse regarding improvementsintechnologythathasaffectedthe designsintermsofmaterial usage as well as use of computer software.

The geometry is a lightweightcontruction,clad with ETFE (ethyl tetra fluoroethylene)-whichis arecyclable,ecofriendly and energy efficient material. ETFE lets more light in the centre and is more resistant to weathering effects of sunlight. The cube also acts as a greenhouse.


Federation Square, Melbourne

Designed by LAB + Bates Smart [Lab architecture studio in association with Bates Smart Melbourne (PeterDavidsonandDonald Bates)],“The Federation Square is a creation of new urban order that has never existed before�, LAB Architecture. This piece of architecture advances in digital

technology. Federation Square forces people to think about its design, is it modern? unfamiliar? somethingwecouldrelate to? or just an alien design, somethingfromsomeother era?Thearchitecturalpiece excells in its fabrication, popularising digital techniques for designing.

COMPUTATIONAL Design Techniques Week 2

Computationdesignisaprocessinwhich computationisusedtosolvedesignproblems.A computerisusedtoperformmillionsofmathematiccomputationstocreatemultipleoutcomes.Thesecouldbeanything:manipulations, reductionsorformgenerations.Theresultofthis techniquecanonlybecreatedwiththehelpofa computer,thesesolutionscouldnotbeskethced bythedesigner/createralone.Computation designtechniquesaremuchfasterandhavethe possibilityofcreatingthesolutionstoamuch finer leve, using algorithmic code.

Computerscangraphicallyillustratesolutionsofadesignproblem.Theydonottireorgetbored,unlikehumanbeings. Therequiredreading,Architecture’sNewMedia:Principles,Theories,andMethodsofCompuer-AidedDesignillustratesthe importanceofcomputer’sinthefieldofdesigning.Architecturaldesigningisconstrainedbyanumberofproblems,itrelieson theanalyticalandthecreatesidestoproduceafeasiblesolution.Computersareamazinganalyticalengines,whichwhenprogrammedcorrectly,canachievesolutionstodesignproblemsmuchfasterandtofinerdetails.Theylackthecreativityneeded, butcomputerscanfollowinstructionswell.Humanscanprogrammethecomputersinwayswhichcantellthemtomanipulate electricalimpulses.Thesemanipulationscanberepresentatedinthemostsuitableformrequiredforitscomprehension.

R ich ard Buc k mi nste r Fu l l e r ’s M a n h atta n D o m e RichardFullerwasanArchitect,Inventor,DesignerandTheorist.Bornin1895(-1983),Fuller workdedonnumerousprojectsasanarchitect,designer,philosopher,artist,engineerand more. FullerandShojiSadaodesignedadomeoverManhattanin1968.Heimaginedcuttingpeople off from all elements by doming the cities. AccordingtoFuller,domingthecitieswouldhavefreeclimatecontrolduringwinterand summer-neverrainorsnow,itwouldbemuchwarmerinsidethanoutside(NewYorker).

Imagine Source :

Ordos Museum OrdosMuseumislocatedatasitewhichwasnothinginthe recentyearsintheGobiDesert-thenewcitycentreofOrdos, China. InspiredbytheManhattanDomebyBuckminsterFuller,the protectivecoveringofthismuseumkeepsitsafefromthe‘city’, themuseumwasdesignedtobethenewirregularnucluesfor thenewtownwhichencourageshistoryandcultureofOrdows whichwouldfurtherextentintothefutrue.Themasterplanof thecityisanurbangridwhichstillexistsonlyasapatterndue to its urban prematurity.

Theidesofhavingsomethingunique in the middle of no where, or in other words, re-defining a natural landscape,lookingatitlikeanempty canvas and painting something out of the ordinary on it makes the Ordos Musuembeautiful.BuckminsterFuller had an idea of covering a city with a dome to protect it from the outside weatherandseethetypesofconditions arisinginsidethedomebecauseofits existance.Thesimplicityofthisdesign

integratedintothevastenvironment around,putstheMuseumincontrast with the surrounding.The Museum in Ordos stands out and offers an environmentwithinwhichpeoplecan experience their culture. A simple, tranquil,yetuniquedesignisneeded fortheGatewayprojectandtheOrdos Musuem can inspire great ideas.

B u s Te r m i n a l , S a n F r a n c i s c o TheBusTerminalisanewprojectneartheBay BridgeinSanFrancisco.DevelopedbyBinLuand JoongsikYangattheSouthernCaliforniaInstituteof Architecture,itisadesignprojectthatisbasedon parametricdesign,andsustainabletechnologiesas design tools. TheBusterminalisinspiredbyvoronoipatternsthat analysesthepeoplecomingtothebusstationfrom differentdirectionsatdifferentpointsintime.The

resultofthisisatree-likestructure,openingtothe sky,withacellularpattern.Thisdesignfocuseson thevoronoistructureandalsousesthevesslesof ahumanhandtoformthetree-likestructureofthe building.Itisinspiredbyvoronoipatterns,similarto thewatercubeinbeijing.Thisarchitecturalpiece usesasimpleideaandresultsinacomplexpattern.

Contemporary Scripting Week 3


S c r i p t i n g is t h e pro cess o f u si n g m at h e m at ics a n d co mpu ters to c reate a d e s ign , fo r exa mpl e, R h in o s c r i p t, P y th o n , R h i n o pl u gi ns l ik e G ras s h o pper. S c r i p t i n g m e a n s co mpu ter pro gram m in g at severa l l evel s.

S c r ip t ing is t he c ap ab ilit y t hat s offered by d esign sof t war res t hat let s t he user c hange, ad ap t, or reconfigure sof t ware accord ing to t heir mod es of wor k ing.


S cr i pti n g ba sic ally invovles a deep en ga gem ent b et ween th e co mpu ter and t he user by a u to mati n g rout ine a spec ts a n d re p et it ive a c ti v i ti es, gi v ing a muc h greater ra n ge of outcomes in

t he sam e am ount of t im e. I n com p ut ing, ‘sc r ip t ing language’ is of ten t he sa me as ‘p rogramming language’, via t his, t he user gives inst r uc t uc t ions to t he comp uter.

Burry, Mark (2011). Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming (Chichester: Wiley), pp. 8 - 71w

Contemporary Scripting Project: Fibulae Fibulae is a project by THEVERYMAN for the collection of Jewelry by Irene Neuwrith exhibited during the Spring in NYC. This is a digitally fabricated architectural product of high intricacy which acts as an embroidered symbolic brooch.


Jewelry has been treated as a form of luxury for ages, evolving by ways of varying techiques and treatment. Technology has played a vital role in its development as items of sophisticated modern luxury.

The golden lattice of Fabulae represents the use of gold in jewelry and the fine, delicate, vibrant, multicoloured jewels are showcased in interlacing tubes finished with floral like openings for the exhibition.

Keeping the idea of Jewelry, THEVERYMAN uses Python and Rhinocommon for scripting. The use of interlacing tubes wih floral like openings to showcase the multicoloured jewelry collection of Irene Neuwrith, appears to have been inspired by the multicoloured flowers seen in the Spring. To give a royal look, the use of golden lattice has been undertaken which enhances the colours and sparkles of the jewelry. The design philosophy of this project enriches the collection by Irene Neuwrith and makes it stand out.



Scripting used mathematics and computers to produce a unique design. Use of scripting in this project illustrates the different patterns that can be achieved. This unique approach to achieve the results required can make the Gateqay Project sophisticated and highten Werribee’s freeway.


studio, air

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