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Ghost photo appears with 126 deleted names

Just few months before LS election, Major blunders in electoral Roll surface DJ Venkatesh Sheekha News Service

Diglipur, Jan 19: Call it a major glitch in technology, total negligence or failure of system, major blunders have surfaced in the Electoral Roll of North and Middle Andaman. It has been learnt that photo of an unknown old lady has appeared with as many as 128 names of voters, whose name have been deleted from North Andaman region electoral roll. Most shockingly even after pointing out this mistake and carrying out correction several times, the

photo remained in its place, shocking people of North Andaman region. Forget about names of common man even against the name of the Pradhan of Diglipur Mr. P R Singaram photo of some other person surfaced, even after three or four corrections. In entire Diglipur region alone there are 358 such blunders noted by public, which are related to wrong photos. It has been learnt that similar mistakes are also reported from Middle Andaman region and Ferrargunj Tehsils of A & N

Islands. Most shocking matter is that even in Ferrargunj Tehsil photo of same lady appeared with several names. Recently the electoral rolls of A & N Constituency carried out corrections and published new data on 6 Jan 2014 . Major political parties and other persons filed their claims and objections on the data of the electoral rolls during the period as provided by the election commission to ensure the accuracy of the data and photographs incorporated in the electoral rolls, special campaigns (See page 7)

Jarawa Girl abduction Case; Seven poachers sent to JC

Staff Correspondent

rested by Police yesterday for abducting and kidnapping Port Blair, Jan 19: Seven eight Jarawa Girls from Forest poachers who have been ar- Jarawa Tribal Reserve (See page 2) Sheekha News Service




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Viper Prison Break N. Francis Xavier

Part XX , (Continued from last week)

Col. Thomas Cadell, VC., Chief Commissioner of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, got down from his horse. A group of people in white shirt, dhoti and turban waited for him in the clearing. Four officers in spotless white drill suits came forward and saluted. He was guided to a place where a

wooden plaque was fixed on a brick platform. Beyond that the land has been cleared and divided into plots. Capt. Birch, who accompanied Col. Cadell addressed the people in Hindustani. “Listen you people, today Colonel sahib has come all the way to lay the foundation for a new village. You know very well you have all earned this special favour because of your good conduct and loyalty towards the government. This village should develop as a model village. Col. Cadell will now distribute the ‘pattas’ for your house sites. It is only proper this village should be named ‘CadellGunj’ so that you and your descendants will remember the great man who gave you this land. Let there be three cheers for Col.Cadell.

The group cheered ward, twirled his walrus moustache and spoke. Birch continued… “My dear Islanders, “Within six months today is an important mileColonel sahib has brought stone in the history of these about far reaching reforms for islands. Here’s one village of the benefit of the Ticket-of- self-supporters which will be leave men. More villages will a model village. We have be added soon. We hope to provided all facilities here. tackle the Jarawa problem There’s a good source of also. We want your coopera- water. The land behind the tion in tracking down run- settlement could be developed aways. If any of you have any into good farmland. We need information about the where- your help to build bunds to abouts of Hemraj or his as- keep off the seawater. Then sociates please come forward we shall drain the swamp and and let us know. You can meet make it arable land. It is not me in absolute confidence impossible. Once done, it will any time in my office on Ross be for you and your descenIsland. You will be suitably dants, forever. I have signed rewarded, as always. on the pattas. You will enjoy The crowd nodded. the fruits of this land for gen“Now I request Col. erations. Cadell to address the gatherCadell wiped the ing… sweat from his brow. Cadell came forBirch got the signal. lustily.

He took over immediately. “Now I shall call out the names. The nominee shall come forward, stand at attention, salute, take a step forward, collect the patta, take a step backwards, salute, about turn and go back to his place. Do you understand? “Jee sahib,” the crowd answered. The patta distribution ceremony was completed. Liveried servants brought tender coconuts. “Bill”, Cadell said, “I hope my name doesn’t get corrupted to ‘cattle gunj’ with the passage of time. See how the names are changing even now. Phoenix Bay has become ‘Poniks Bake’…” “No sir, it’s impossible. We shall continue to rule these islands forever. (See page 7)

Abduction of Jarawa Girls; Seven arrested Port Blair, Jan 19: On 16t h January 2014, AAJVS st aff namely Bhaskar Rao, Debrata Mondal, alongwith PC 204 Rameshish Yadav and o ne HG/ 725 Mahesh Tirkey of OP Tirur and Fo rest er namely K. Chakr abo r t y and Mazdoor Sanjay Narayan were on joint patrolling in the Jarawa area (West Coast, South Andaman). At around 1745 hrs. on reaching at Jarawas camp, the team was informed that some poachers namely Rajesh Das alias Natia and Narayan Roy allias ‘Sujoy’ and his group came to Jarawa Reserve ar ea and t oo k away Jarawa girls with them.

On the receipt of t his info rmat io n, t he AAJVS and Police team proceeded towards Hiren Tikry (Jarawa Reserve) and on reaching Bada Balu, t he part y locat ed four Jarawa girls alongwit h poachers namely 1. Ashit, S/o P .N Mondal, R/o Co llinpur, 2. Tapan Mondal, S /o Nar en Mondal, R/o Collinpur, 3. Birbal Mondal, S/o Naren Mondal, R/o Collinpur, 4. Rajesh Das alias ‘Natiya’, S / o S udhir Das, R/ o Temple Myo in a country oar dingy. On seeing the Police and AAJVS party the poachers tried to flee despit e the warning by armed Policemen but could not succeed and all of them

were apprehended and their dinghie alongwith belongings were taken into custody. The next day on 17/01/14 at 0700 hrs, the same patrolling party proceeded to Hiren Tikry (Jarawa Reserve) area where they located three po achers namely 1. Nar ayan Roy alias ‘Sujoy’, S/o Khokhan Roy, R/o. Herbertabad, 2. V. Kumar Raja a lias ‘Bablu’, S/o PVG Kumar, R / o Her bar t abad, 3. S ambu Bepari, S/o Late Rajan Bepari, R/o Herbartabad in an engine dingy. The Jarawas accompanying the joint patrolling party lost t heir cont rol and

started beating the poachers. Somehow the patrolling party managed to cont r o l t hem and appr ehended the poachers. One of the Jarawas, loudly called his daughter’s name and on hearing his voice four Jarawa girls came out of the creek. The Jarawa girls were sent alongwith other accompanying Jarawas, to Jhaokona (Jarawa Reserve) area in a separate engine dinghy. The apprehended poachers with their dinghies and belongings were brought to PS Kadamtala. On t he basis of complaint by Dr Pronob Kr. Sircar, Tribal Welfare Officer, AAJVS Tirur two cases were registered vide

Cr ime N o . 2/ 14 d t . 18.01.14, U/s 365 IPC r.w.s 7/8 (2) (5) (6) of A&N Island (PAT) Regulat io n 1956 r. w. s 3( 1 ) ( XI I ) o f S C / S T (POA) act 1989 at PS Kadamt ala and Crime No.08/14 dt. 18.01.14, U/s 365 IPC r.w.s 7/8 (2) (5) (6) of A&N Island (PAT) Regulation 1956 r.w.s 3(1)(XII) of SC/ST (POA) act 1989 at PS Ograbraj as per the jurisdiction of the Police stations. All the seven accused persons have been arrested and further investigation is being conducted by respective Sub Divisional Police Officers of the area.

Jarawa Girl...

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of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been sent to Judicial Custody today. “Four poachers have been produced to Port Blair Court while three others in Mayabunder Court today, from where they were sent to Judicial custody,” Mr. Chinmoy Biswal the Superintendent of North and Middle Andaman told ‘Andaman Sheekha’ today. Further investigation is being conducted by respective Sub Divisional Police Officers of the areas under the

Supervision of Superintendent of Police, N & M Andaman and South Andaman, Mr. Chinmoy Biswal. Meanwhile it has been lear nt that another team of AAJVS and Police will soon be sent to the Jarawa reser ve forest to ascertain whether the Jarawa girls were actually kidnapped or the girls had gone on their own with the poachers. However for now the poachers were slapped with kidnapping and abduction charges.


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Troops Get-Together 2013-14 by Coast Guard Port Blair, Jan 19: The Coast Guard Region (Andaman & Nicobar) has planned diverse activities as part of its 38th Raising Day celebrations. Under the gamut of Coast Guard week- 2014, a Troops get-together was organized for Coast Guard Officers, men, civilians and their families at Dr BR Ambedkar Institute of Technology Auditorium, Port Blair on 18th Jan 2014. The event was attended by about 1400 Coast Guard personnel and their families.



MoS Home replies to MP’s Parliament question on Fund Utilization

Port Blair, Jan 19:The Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr. Mullapally Ramachandran, has given the details of utilization of tribal

(See page 5)

Port Blair

sub-plan fund by A&N Administration in the last 3 years. He was replying to the question raised by the Member of (See page 4)

Kuldeep demands Ph.D affiliation for JNRM Port Blair, Jan 19: The PCC President Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Lt Governor to consider getting affiliation to offer Ph.D Programmes in various subjects at JNRM. In his letter he wrote that after accepting the chair of Administrator by the present Lt Governor, the Islands have seen many noble changes in the field of education. Apart from opening second shift in JNRM, he had taken initiative of enhancing seats in many new subjects and also introduced new subject for the betterment of the students of these islands. He further wrote that since he feels the nerves of the poor students he may

surely like to take up the issue with the appr opriate authority of getting affiliation to offer P h . D programmes in various subjects in Arts, Science and Commerce at JNRM college so that the aspirants, who have utmost desire to have Ph.D degree for their prospective future may submit their thesis from Port Blair itself since most of the aspirants cannot go to mainland for

acquiring this degree due to acute poverty. Going and staying to mainland for the purpose will be a very costly and unaffordable affair for them. He has also mentioned in his letter that since the College has well experienced faculties with well equipped labs, the aspirants may get proper guidance from them, in case the AN Administration takes up the issue with the Pondicherry University,




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EDITORIAL..... An obsessive self-love NPD is not the same as NYPD, which could pin you down suddenly and handcuff you in the middle of a street when you`ve just dropped off your kids at school. But it`s not far off the mark either, as NPD stands for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, something that the New York Police Department is being accused of lately. Actually, you could be politically incorrect and just say, `megalomaniac`! This is what many of us do, albeit privately, when referring to an insufferable boss, colleague or celebrity who is a publicity hound. Or who is so full of himself that he cannot see beyond his nose. Narcissistic personality disorder implies that the condition is not a normal one. But one sees NPDaffected persons all around — at work, at parties, even at home. And when he is a close relative, it does indeed become extremely difficult to keep the relationship on even keel, let alone nurture it. This is because a narcissist is self-obsessive to the point of being rude, insensitive, and tends to seek attention all the time. That makes him unmindful of the other`s needs and such a person finds it difficult to demonstrate any kind of love or affection for anyone other than himself.NPD kind of behaviour in a very young person might seem `cute`, so adults tend to shower praise and encourage overconfident children. That`s fine as long as it is not carried forward into adulthood when it is not cute anymore. But the increasingly prevalent `I, Me Myself` syndrome that is reflected a lot in social networking status declarations is not to be confused with NPD, though they seem a bit similar.A NPD-affected person is seen as being extremely egocentric. The Greek Narcissus — after whom the word has been coined — fell hopelessly in love with his own beautiful visage, which he chanced to see reflected in a pool of water. Selfobsession and vanity became his nemesis, as he pined for himself. Unable to achieve his object of desire, he just died.Now psychologists point out that NPD could arise from two very different situations — one

in which the person is so insecure that he needs to constantly reassure himself and have others reassure him that he is the best. This could lead to delusional grandeur, compounded by stress at work or home. Or NPD could be because of a superiority complex.Every one of us is dealing with or knows of someone who suffers NPD, despite the fact that number-crunchers say only around 1% of the population suffers it. Like any other disorder that is not easy to pinpoint as a disorder, NPD too might escape documenters as one could suffer it all through life and not even be aware of it.NPD could manifest in many ways that might create confusion and spread a feeling of insecurity among others around a selfobsessive person — he might imagine that he is being stalked, and so undertake extreme security measures or blame others for not caring about him. Or, not getting attention from loved ones 24x7, he might seek comfort in animals that are known to love unconditionally and are willing to adore him, so to speak, round the clock. Hence it is not uncommon to find those suffering from NPD backing out of human relationships and seeking a substitute in animals. Some might opt for professions that place them always in the limelight of public adulation. That phase comes to an end too and leaves the individual facing unpleasant consequences, much like the original Narcissus.That brings us, inevitably, to wannabe netas who leave no stone unturned to ensure they are at least seen to be adored by millions for that becomes their oxygen. And so you have image managers of PM aspirants going all out to project the neta in all his glory, make-believe or otherwise. The problem is that voters carry on with their lives after all the razzmatazz of electioneering, propaganda and voting is over. And netas are left either drowning in a pool of misery at not getting there or die a different kind of death, mesmerised by what they see of themselves in that self-created reflection. Cause of `death`: Overdose of self-love.

MoS Home replies... (From page 3)

Parliament, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray in the house of Lok Sabha. The Minister informed that in 2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-13 the allocation of fund was Rs.76.68, 171.38 & 226.43 and the utilization fund in each period are 63.96, 118.74 & 182.80 crores respectively. The Minister apart from the details of procurement equipments/machineries under tribal sub-plan fund, informed that the vessel M.V.

Shompen is a replacement vessel of M.V. Milale of Andaman Adim Janjati Vikas Samiti (AAJVS) in the year 2001. This vessel is being used for medical camps/aids across the islands and also for various coastal security exercise ‘Tathsuraksha’. The vessel is deployed in Southern group of islands to provide multifarious services, a communication from MP Bhawan said.


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EVEN STATES / UTS GET ALLOCATIONS UNDER NATIONAL FOOD SECURITY ACT New Delhi, Jan 19: With the implementation of National Food Security Act in Karnataka and Chhattisgarh also, the National Food Security Act has taken off now in seven states/ UTs- Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh . The Government of India has made foodgrain alloca-

tions to these States/UTs as per requirements projected by them for the implementation of the Act. Uttrakhand and Chandigarh are also expected to join this group soon. The people as identified beneficiaries by the State Governments will now get foodgrains at highly subsidized prices of Rs. 3 per kg rice, Rs 2 per kg wheat and Rs 1

per kg coarse grains. Each beneficiary will get five Kg. foodgrains per month. However, existing entitlement of Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) households’ which is 35 kg. per household per month will be protected, since AAY constitute poorest of the poor. The Center has also decided to protect existing al-

RCS Open Cricket Tournament in Feb Port Blair, Jan 19: RSC Open Cricket tournament will be held from first week of February 2014. Interested teams can register their names with Organising Secretary over cell number 9933289340. Last date for submitting entry is 30th January 2014. Registered clubs,

Educational Institutions, Govt. Departments, private organisations etc., within Port Blair Municipal area can only participate in this tournament. Those willing to be a part of this tournament as Official, can submit their CV with the organising secretary before the last date of entry. Entry

fee will be collected during the time of draw only by cheque drawn in favour of Regional Sports Council, Port Blair. This tournament is being organised by RSC Port Blair in association with Department of Sport & YA and A&N State Sports Council.

Dry day on Jan 26 Port Blair, Jan 19: All the Bars and ANIIDCO wine shops under North & Middle Andaman District shall observe 26th January, 2014 (Republic Day) as “DRY DAY” as per the Excise Policy of A & N Administra-

tion. The Bars/Wine shops shall remain closed on Jan 26, 2014 without fail. Any violation of this condition will make liable for cancellation of licence, an official communication said.

Death condoled P or t Bla ir , J a n 1 9 :T he P C C P r es i den t , M r. K u l deep R a i Sharma and State President of Bha r a t iy a J a na t a P a r t y, M r.

Vishal Jolly have condoled the dea t h of M r. M . P. N a ir, ex Pradhan, 86, r/o Bambooflat, who died yesterday.

RSC Open Volleyball tournament from Jan 30 Port Blair, Jan 19: RSC Open Volleyball tournament will be now be held from 30th January 2014. Interested teams of registered Clubs, Departments, and Educational Institutions can register their names with Organizing Secretary over cell number 9434264762. The last date for

submitting entry is 25th January 2014. Teams from Port Blair Municipal area will be allowed to participate in this tournament. Tournament is organized by RSC Port Blair in association with Directorate of Sports &YA and Education Department.

Troops Get-.....

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The event was graced by the presence of Inspector General VSR Murthy, PTM, TM, Commander Coast Guard Region (A&N), as the Chief Guest. The event comprised of variety of entertainment program by artists, from various states, as well as song and dance performance by local dance troupe. The Chief Guest awarded trophies for Best CG Sports Unit to Regional Headquarters and ICGS(PB) and Best Coast Guard Sportsman for the year 2013-14 to Lt Col Jayan Varghese.The Chief Guest in his address highlighted the achievements of the Coast Guard units in the region during the past year in all spheres of CG charter. He

complemented the CG units for their proactive role in SAR of fishermen in distress and apprehension of poachers. He specifically highlighted the CG role in cyclone Phailin and Lehar. IG Murthy also commended the Coast Guard Wives Welfare Organization for being generous in their commitment to social causes. He further encouraged the CG personnel to keep up the good work and be more vigilant in the years ahead. He also thanked the families for their unflinching support to the service. The event culminated with sumptuous community dinner at the venue. A communiqué received from Commandant Rajeev Sharma, PRO, Coast Guard.

location of each state in case the allocation under the proposed legislation is lower than its current allocation. It will be protected upto the level of average off-take during last three years, at prices to be determined by the Central Government. With the implementation of the Act now pregnant women and lactating mothers and children in the age group of 6 months to 14 years will be entitled to meals as per prescribed nutritional norms under Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and Mid-Day Meal (MDM) schemes. Higher nutritional norms have been prescribed for malnourished children upto 6 years of age. Beside this pregnant women and lactating mothers will also be entitled to receive maternity benefit of not less than Rs. 6,000.

The Act will also give significant contribution in the women empowerment in the country with its provision of declaring eldest woman of the household of age 18 years or above as the head of the household for the purpose of issuing of ration cards. The Government has notified the National Food Security Act, 2013 on September 10, 2013 to fur ther strengthen the efforts to address the food security of the people. The Act provides for coverage of upto 75% of the rural population and upto 50% of the urban population for receiving subsidized foodgrains under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS), thus covering about two-thirds of the population. The Act also has a special focus on the nutritional support to women and children.(PIB)



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Kuldeep demands States asked to open more Purchasing Centers for Increased loan waiver for farmers Procurement of Food Grains New Delhi, Jan 19: State Governments have been urged to open more purchasing centers and assess all necessary infrastructure requirements for increased procurement of foodgrains for implementation of Food Security Act. It should include storage space, credit and staff requirement. A meeting of Food Secretaries of various States will be convened in the second week of February by the Government of India to review the arrangements for procurement of wheat for coming marketing season and other infrastructure requirements. In order to implement the National Food Security Act, requirement of foodgrains is estimated to be 614.3 lakh tons against the average procurement of 514 Lakh tons in

last five years. Under the National Food Security Act, the Government of India will now provide assistance to States in meeting the expenditure incurred by them on transportation of foodgrains within the State, its handling and FPS dealers’ margin as per norms to be devised for this purpose. In the meeting, estimated marketable surplus ratio of wheat for each State and estimated procurement of wheat for Rabi Marketing Season will also be discussed. Under the Act, Grievance Redressal Mechanism at the District and State levels have to be set up and provisions have to be made for disclosure of records relating to PDS. The Act also provides for social audits and setting up

of Vigilance Committees in order to ensure transparency and accountability. Provision for penalty on public servant or authority, to be imposed by the State Food Commission, in case of failure to comply with the relief recommended by the District Grievance Redressal Officer, has also been made in the Act. One of the most significant features is the provision for Food Security Allowance to entitled beneficiary in case of non-supply of entitled foodgrains or meals. No doubt, the Act will provide food security to two-third population of the country and with its focus on nutritional support to children and pregnant women it will address the problem of malnutrition also effectively.(PIB)

Carnic Cultural Festival Begins at Car Nicobar

Contingent from Ladakh enthralls the audience Car Nicobar, Jan 19: The much awaited Carnic Cultural Festival began at Bishop John Richardson Stadium yesterday. The Chief Guest, Director Art and Culture Mr. Lucas Robert inaugurated the festival. Addressing the gathering Mr. Lucas called upon the youth to preserve their rich cultural heritage and they should take interest in learning the traditional art forms. He said that the Cultural festival is not only an occasion when the people of the Islands get to see the glimpse of the different shades of the art and cultural of our country but it also creates opportunity for the local youth and artists, to show their talents. The festival strengthens the bond of solidarity, the Director said. Mr. Lucas Robert informed that apart from the main land artists, the cultural contingents from the remote Chowra, Teressa, and Katchal along with Car Nicobar will also participate in the mega cultural event. Welcoming the Guests, the Principal of the Govt Senior Secondary School Malacca, Smti Sangeeta Chand said that in order to create interest among

the youth for their Cultural art forms, various competitions will be conducted in this 5 days long carnival. The crowd enjoyed the beautiful folk dances presented by the visiting artists of Laddakh. The leader of the Laddakh team presented memento to the Chief guest. He said that the members are deeply touched by the warm hospitality. Local artists too entertained the audience with their impressive presentation of the folk dances and songs. Earlier the Chief Guest inaugurated the stalls

set up by the different departments and associations, at the play ground. This time the Departments of Industries, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Fisheries, CARI, BJR Hospital, Social welfare, Civil Supplies, District Employment Exchange, AN Police and Tribal Council have set up their stalls. The Employment Exchange stall is extending the opportunity to the unemployed youth to make registration on line. The food stalls are also attracting the visitors with their delicious food stuffs.

Port Blair, Jan 19: The PCC President Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Lt Governor for considering waiving off loan on Agriculture, Fisheries, Poultry and Goatery farming of the islanders, which they have sustained on Lehar Cyclone and also consider immediate payment of compensation of the losses which they have sustained otherwise, after due damage assessment. Accordingly, the Director (AH&VS) has replied that a damage assessment team was constituted by Dy Commissioner (SA) and consequently the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Vet-

erinary Services has deployed staffs to accompany the Assessment Team to assess the loss of livestock due to Lehar. A copy of the complied assessment report in respect to the department has already been sent to the DC, South Andaman for necessary payment. On the issue of waiving off loan, the Director (AH&VS) has stated that the status of loan availed by the beneficiary is not mentioned as per the report from the Assessment Team. However, if any beneficiaries claim for waiving of loan will be taken by with the Administration Separately.


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Two Days UGC- National Seminar on Higher Education in JNRM on 16-17 January,2014. Port Blair, Jan 19: The two days UGC National seminar on the subject of “Higher Education challenges and prospects ;a case study of Andaman and Nicobar Islands “ was held on 16- 17 January ,2014. The Seminar was inaugurated on 16th. January by the Chief Guest Shri D N Singh, Secretary ( Higher Education ) A& N administration, while Prof. Radharaman Chakrobarti , former V-C of Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata was the Guest of Honour The first technical session of the Two days UGC Seminar was chaired by Prof. Radharaman Chakrborti, Former Vice-Chancellor, Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata . Prof. Sanat Ghosh, Ex-Dean Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata has thrown light on challenges and prospects of Higher Education. He first highlighted the crisis that India is facing as the universities are unable to cater quality education and there is lack of need based education in India. This is due to lack of formulation of apt education policy conducive to Indian Scenario. Prof Ghosh elucidated the status of higher education including the state

of funding in the world like China, Russia, and Pakistan etc. Prof. Ghosh has briefly described national Policy on Education. He has also stated the problem of imbalance in higher education in terms of ratio and courses lack of sustainable development, the need to have knowledge growth related to Indian Scenario. He has also emphasized the need to resolve the problem of imbalance in higher educational balance in enrollment efficiency ratio in higher educational institutions is very much required. Prof. Ghosh suggested that Higher education can be developed through PPP mode but there should be some regulatory system. Dr Francis Xavier, Head, Department of English stated briefly on the role of Governors in Higher Education in assessing the quality Education in India. He thereafter briefly described the growth of higher education. Speaking on the educational scenario of A & N Islands, Dr Francis Xavier stated the Lt. Governor, A & N Islands is quite determined to improve quality education in these islands. He is keen on opening medical college in these islands as early as possible. He has also facilitated students of

these islands to attain higher education by getting provisional affiliation from Pondicherry University to continue with the second shift with the additional intake of 60 students each in six courses for the current academic session. Lt. Governor has initiated action to open third Degree college in South Andaman District in the coming academic year 2014-15. Dr Francis also has highlighted the role of RUSA in developing higher education. and how the higher education in these islands can get benefitted through RUSA. He has also stressed upon the need to have University and more colleges in these islands to cater to the need of these islanders in terms of courses viable to these islands. Prof. Amarendu

Pani, Director , (Research) , Association of Indian Universities , New Delhi. He has asserted the need to have quality education. He briefly described the quality education starting from Vedic age i.e. education in Gurukul where completion of education relied upon the satisfaction of the Guru. He also briefly stated about the education in the era of Nalanda and Taksila and he then switched over to the education in the British Period. In the modern era emphasizes the need to have economic growth. Quality of education is based on market oriented. He has also given detailed statistics of Universities and Deemed Universities in India. Quality education is assessed by NAAC and, NBA. Prof Amarendu briefly described

knowledge paradigm, significance of knowledge in a civilized society and source of knowledge. He has also explained regarding a gradual shift of knowledge paradigm in 21st century .He has also explained how to evolve education system by having licensing pattern for teachers and teachers’ appraisal system. Dr S.S.Sreekumar, Head, Department of Pol. Science, JNRM, Port Blair presented paper on Higher Education and sustainable development of education and explained how Higher Education attributes towards sustainable development. The relevance of institutions of higher education lies in improving academic activities of the students to connect them(See page 8)

Viper Prison... We’ll teach them good English. “You wanted to tell me something about the convict letters. What’s it? Is it for Hemraj?” Cadell said while sipping his tender coconut. Birch took out an envelope from his coat pocket. “Sir, its nor from Hemraj, but its for Liakat Ali, the Allahabad Moulvi. I found it while censoring the letters

(From page 2)

that came by the last mail steamer. Cadell looked at the envelope. It was in English, written in a beautiful hand. “My dear Liakat”, the letter read. “Hope you are doing well. I know all letters are censored in jails. I hope you get to read this. I can never forget the love and affection you showed me during those terrible times when Nana’s sol-

Ghost photo appears... involving the booth level agents of the political parties were held in all the polling stations across the islands. Responding to the appeal, the political parties conducted door to door survey to verify the accuracy of the details in the draft electoral rolls, and thereby ensuring the required deletions and additions in the rolls apart from them media also motivated the people to get their names enrolled in the electoral list. This is the third time the Electoral rolls corrections are being carried out during these 4 years and everyone was

hopeful that this time the island region with lesser population can update the Electoral rolls with the 100 percent enrollment of eligible voters. But to their dismay this time also corrections are not up to the mark. As per notification from Election office all panchayat officers displayed electoral rolls at panchayats and correction if any to be intimated before 20th of this month. So people from all the places thronged to panchayat offices to see their names in list. The staff of Panchayat BLO’s also lashed by the public regarding the mistakes.

diers were hunting for the British. If not for you I would have been dishonored and dead by now. I will forever remain indebted to you for this. I hope our roads cross again somewhere. Lovingly Amelia “Who the hell is this Amelia?” Cadell roared. “Sir, that’s a long story. I’ll tell (From page 1) It is learnt that the Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Sanjay Kumar I.A.S. who was camping at Port Blair had recently asked all the electoral card staffs of N & M Andaman sub division to report at Port Blair Electoral Office with the Data but the outcome is still now known. Hope atleast before the elections the blunders are rectified. This year’s National Voters’ Day (25 th January) slogan is “Proud To Be A Voter, Ready To Vote” but with faulty data who will be proud and get ready to vote? Hope this time the Electoral Office will get all these mistakes corrected.

you in the evening, when we get back to Government House” Birch said. Cadell understood that Birch was inviting himself for a drink. “Alright, join me for drinks.” He said. The village

headman came and saluted. The horses were lead to the podium. Both the men mounted. The horses trotted away followed by the army of servants in bullock carts. ( To be continued…)

AFFIDAVIT I, Smti Chapala Das, W/o Shri Radheshyam Das, R/o Ganesh Nagar village, under Diglipur Tehsil in North Andaman, do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare the following:That , as per the Islander card, husband FIC my correct name is recorded as CHAPALA DAS. But by bonafide mistake my name is recorded in my land record as SANTI RANI DAS instead of CHAPALA DAS. That , CHAPALA DAS and SANTI RANI DAS is a same and one person. This affidavit is executed by me for rectification my name in my land record. The above declaration is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. DEPONENT

LOST I, Firan Kaur S/o. Late Lokho Kaur R/o Thoratang has lost my Island Identity Card & Election Identity Card on 08/10/2013 at Thoratang, Finder may kindly contact at the office of the Pradhan Swadesh Nagar.



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Andaman Sheekha


Port Blair

Two Days UGC....... selves with community and human development as a whole. He emphasized that the institutions of higher learning play significant role in improving and preserving the natural resources and the environment especially in developing nations. Dr Sreekumar further stated that Sustainable development relies on social progress, economic development and democratic expansion. He has also stated the problems of sustainable development, role of Higher education in sustainable development like introducing job oriented course and opening new courses instead of continuing with conventional courses. The first day seminar concluded with question and answer session wherein questions were raised regarding effectiveness of the evaluating system in existence to evaluate Higher Educational Institutions and the eminent resource persons came out with the conclusion that the teachers should themselves should make collective efforts to bring about radical and positive reform in educational system by performing as role models. Prof. Radharaman Chakrborti Former ViceChancellor, Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata asserted that the teachers need to have introspection. to ensure imparting quality education in terms of attaining overall development of their wards. The Second day Morning Session was chaired by Prof. Sanat Ghosh, ExDean Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. The first speaker Dr Nirupama Rath spoke on Higher Education in India with special reference to A & N Islands. She gave a detailed account of higher education set up in these islands by giving statics regarding intake capacity in the colleges of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, No. of students pass out every year from Senior Secondary Schools. She has highlighted that the existing colleges are quite inadequate to cater to the growing demand for admission in colleges. She has also pinpointed the deterioration of quality of education due to reservations policy in admissions. She has also highlighted the problems face by teaching faculty in colleges all over India with special reference to these islands. Dr Nirupma also sug-

gested some means to overcome such problems. The second speaker of today happens to be the Organizer of this two days Seminar, Dr Swapan Kumar Biswas, Associate Professor (Pol. Science), JNRM. He began his lecture on semester system in Higher Education with special reference to JNRM by pinpointing the advantages and disadvantages of semester pattern in Higher Education . He stressed upon the need to have various policies to improve the quality of Higher Educational system and setting up of Commissions to improve the standard of Higher Education in India. During his discourse, Dr Biswas has further illustrated the problem of time constraint, mobility, problem of learning language in multi-lingual situation and background. Highlighting the problem in JNRM, like 30 papers to be completed within 3 years, accumulation of arrear papers and thereby creating additional burden in final semester consequent upon promoting the students every year irrespective of pass or fail, dismal performance due to large No. of papers and arrear papers, brevity of semester, academic burden deprive them in participating in co-curricular activities, learning becomes difficult due to multi-lingual background etc. The third speaker was Dr. Presla Kasturi, Regional Director, IGNOU, Port Blair highlighted the significant role of IGNOU in providing higher education in A & N Islands. The main motto of the University is to provide access to higher education to people of all segments of the society and to offer cost effective education system in these islands. While describing various facilities extended to the learners in A & N Islands like admission cell, registration, access to study material, academic counselors etc, she has stated that all basic facilities are available in all the 8 study centers of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. She has further pinpointed the challenges faced by IGNOU Regional Centre, Port Blair like lack of proper connectivity with the study centre, lack of accessibility to IGNOU Programmes— Gyan Vani, FM Channel in these islands. The First morning

session culminated with interactive session wherein deterioration of quality of education due to the introduction of Distance Education Universities has been discussed. In the Second Session was chaired by Dr Francis Xavier, Head Department of English, JNRM. Dr Kanwar Chander Deep Singh presented paper on Higher Education in A & N Islands: Problem and Prospects. In his pragmatic approach, he highlighted that the higher education in A & N Islands lacks in terms of quantity, quality, regulation & control, infrastructure, geographically easy inaccessibility and societal strength. Dr Chander Deep has reiterated the need to have more institutions of higher education, improvement in infrastructure, provision of autonomy to the institutions. Dr K. Rajmohan & Smt Ajitha Narendran presented paper on “Higher Education in India: Problems and Prospects”. They have focused their attention on the scenario of higher education in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Through the deliberation, it has been made clear that in order to improve the standard of higher education in these islands, autonomous status for the college, introduction of career counseling cell for the students, introduction of new courses—need based courses. The challenges include lack of adequate infrastructure, lack of proper guidance,, lack of institutional autonomy etc. Dr Selva Kumar, Mahatma Gandhi .Govt. College, Mayabunder presented paper on “New Higher Education in India”. During his discourse, he illustrated the functioning and coordination of various Boards and Councils in India in the field of higher Education. He also elucidated the effective measure of implementing higher education. Dr. R.V.R. Murthy, Associate Professor (Pol. Science) presented his viewpoint on Higher Education: Issues, Challenges and Initiatives in A & N Islands”. He gave elaborate empirical data on population, literacy rate, sex ratio, type of colleges and type of courses offered at different institutions of higher learning in these islands discussed in threadbare. He also made observation regarding

(From page 7)

higher enrolment of females than the male in higher education institutions. Further he offered suggestion for making Higher Education policy for island exclusively, to start new courses including foreign languages and use of ICT / smart classes for effective teaching. In his concluding remarks hailed that a central university is exclusively necessary for A & N Islands to overcome the issues pertain to students and courses. Dr N. Lakshmi, Assistant Professor (Hindi), JNRM presented a paper on “The Need of Value Based Education in Higher Education”. Education is of no value if it is not able to build up a sound character. Dr. Lakshmi focused on need to include values in the Higher education for building a sound society. Mrs. Tilagawati, Assistant Professor (English), JNRM presented a paper on “Women in Higher Education

in the Present Era” She highlighted number of issues Higher Education encounter in the present era including its failure to cater to the growing demand in accordance with the growth of population. She has also discussed on less enrolment of women in higher education. She also discussed the status of girl students in terms of admission into UG & PG courses of JNRM. Mrs. Esther Samuel, Assistant Professor (Political science), JNRM presented a paper on “Tribal Education”, focused on brining the tribes into national mainstream through education. She has also stated that Education helps to control exploitation of tribes. Discussed about the school education up to XII level in Nicobar group of islands and laid emphasis on protecting and preserving tribal culture and significant role of Nicobarese language in this regard.

Edited, Published, Printed and Owned by Shri Sanjib Kumar Roy and Published from Roy Villa, INS Utkrosh Road, New Pahargaon,Garacharma Post Office- 744105, South Andaman, A & N Islands. Printed at Royal Printers, Bargat Line, South Andaman. Editor: Shri Sanjib Kumar Roy. Address: Roy Villa, INS Utkrosh Road, New Pahargaon, Garacharma Post Office- 744105, South Andaman. Ph: 09932082892.,

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ePaper of Andaman Sheekha English Daily 20 01 2014  
ePaper of Andaman Sheekha English Daily 20 01 2014