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Meet the law-abusers of Havelock

Is the Investigation of Havelock’s ‘Firemen Attack’ going one sided? Staff Correspondent Sheekha News Service

Port Blair, Feb 11: Even after six long d ays of t he Havelock Incident, where Firemen, including the SHO of Havelock Fire Station was trashed by mob, no arrest has been made by the Police Department. There is only one reply to all questions that “a magisterial inquiry is going on”. To make things easy for the inquiry committee and to make the picture furt her c learer for our readers, Andaman Sheekha is publishing some photographs of the incident, where one can see the lawabusers who are clearly punching and kicking the SHO of Hav elock Fire Station. The video is clear evidence of barbarism and

hooliganism of some people, many of them clearly under influence of alcohol, as they were unable to walk strait. This has been learnt that till now only a case against unknown people has been registered in PS Havelock, despite of the fact that the SHO of Havelock

Island has clearly named people, who have attacked him and his team. The vid eo also shows that the Dy.S.P of the Havelock was standing right at the spot where some antisocial elements were thrashing the SHO of Fire Station but still the incident occurred. Only a handful of

What is keeping Webi Village busy? Rumour or Mass Hysteria? DJ Venkatesh Sheekha News Service

Mayabunder, Feb 11: Dozens and dozens of youths and men come out in Webi Village road with rods, sticks and other weapons as soon as the sun sets, looking for an unknown threat, which nobody has seen but everyone is talking about. Everybody in the village is talking about an unknown attacker who is

breaking inside houses of Webi Village but nobody has actually has seen the intruder. This was the condition of Webi Village of Mayabunder till yesterday. These rumours kept the entire village busy even the rumours spread upto Port Blair city. When enquired into this matter it was found that some kind mass hysteria has hit the Webi village, under which everybody feels that

sport fishing and 8 combination vessels are operational at Havelock and Neil Island. Another 10 combination vessels are in the process of rectifying the short comings pointed out during the safety audit which would be cleared as and when found fit. Tourism department is in the process of framing guidelines for safe operation of Water sport

where you can’t abuse a dog then why the Administration is so quiet, even after a team of Fire Service Jawans were physically abused by mob? If cases like this is dealt so casually no Jawan of Police or Fire Service will feel confident to perform their duties. This video is (See page 2)

Govt. boat service to Ross Island from Thursday

some intruders have entered inside their village and are also breaking inside their house as it happened in New Delhi some years back in “Monkey Man case”. This forced the men and youths of the village to come out in open and protect them. But surprisingly no one lodged any FIR in Police Station and no eye witness has come forward. When A & N (See page 7)

18 Sport Fishing vessels cleared by Administration Port Blair, Feb 11: The Directorate of Fisheries has informed that under the jurisdiction of South Andaman District 18 sport fishing/combination vessels (sport fishing+diving) are found to be fit through safety audit recently conducted by the department. Out of 18 such boats, 5 sport fishing vessels are operational in Port Blair; 5

Jawans and public came to the rescue of the SHO of Havelock Fire Station. When the Dy.S.P of Havelock was present on the spot and has seen t he attackers, why cases has not been lodged against specific people? The million dollar question is that in India

Activities including small tourist boats, OBM—driven vessels Jet Skis in these islands. The department is also coordinating with Yachting Association of India for imparting basic training on Power Boat Handling and Life Saving Techniques which are mandatory qualifications for operating mechanized watercraft related to water sports.

Po rt B lair , Feb 11: Services will be operating Govt. boat from Rajiv Ga nd hi W at er S po rt s Complex (RGWSC ) to Ross Island from 13/02/ 2014. A 50 passenger boat na mely M .V. Durga pr as ad wi ll be ma ki ng three trips daily from water sports complex to Ross Island for tourists. The tickets for the

above boat service will be issued by the Directorate of Tourism at Rajiv Ga nd hi W at er S po rt s Co mple x o n f ir st c o me firs t serv ed bas is . No a d v a nc e r e se r v a t io n i s av aila ble at present . T o u r i s t s / t h e i r representative would have to s ubmit a filled -up applic at ion for m at t he (See page 7)



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Meet the law...

available with Andaman Sheekha and will be handed ov er to invest igat ing agenc y if demanded. According to last input the case has been

t r ansferr ed to D y.S. P Havelock who is also the Investigating Officer of the case.The SHO of Havelock Fires Station has reportedly ment ioned name of 19

Andaman Sheekha (From page 1)

attackers, including Dashrat Sikdar, Kartick (Bappa), Manik Sikdar (Pradhan of Haveloc k No-4), Sujit Sammad er, Sanjay Ex-pradhan.

TELEDENSITY CONTINUES TO INCREASE IN BOTH URBAN AND RURAL AREAS – REACHES 73.69 Port Blair, Feb 11: As per the latest telecom data, subscription in the urban areas has increased to 546.64 million and in rural areas to 363.50 million at the end of November, 2013. As a result, the urban Tele-density in the country has climbed to 144.46 and Rural Teledensity to 42.43 at the end of November 2013.

The overall Teledensity for the country was 73.69 at the end of November, 2013 with the total number of telephone subscribers in the country increasing to 910.14 million. The provision for Mobile Number Portability is also finding more and more subscribers opting for it. As per the data reported by the

telecom service providers, by the end of November 2013 about 106.87 million subscribers have submitted their requests to different service providers for porting their mobile number. In the month of November 2013 alone, total number of subscribers who submitted their request for MNP is 2.09million.(PIB)

RGGVY: Evaluation studies show a positive impact on women and education in rural India New Delhi, Feb 11: Rajiv Gandhi Gr a meen Vidyuti karanYojana(RGGVY)has made a significant difference to the lives of women in rural India. Various evaluation studies of RGGVYcommissioned by Rural Electrification Corporation reveal that the programme has empowered therural women. 75% of women surveyed in Rajasthan stated that they are able to work in the fields after electricity reached their homes. In Madhya Pradesh, 85% of the villagers, in particular, women and children feel more secure and protected against wild animals, venomous reptiles and robbers due to electrified households and street lights.As many as 96% of un-electrified villages have been electrified across the country till now and intensive electrification of 80% villages has been completed while free electricity connections have been provided to 77% BPL households under the flagship programme, RGGVY of Government of India. Most people reported that they have ben-

efited from electricity connections since they are now able to use bulbs, fan, TV as well as mobile phones.In UP, a significant percent of those surveyed (43%) reported to have started using mobile phones after electrification since it became possible to charge the mobile sets. In Bihar, the most important use of electricity by the beneficiary households, as perceived by them, is for illumination (94.9%), followed by security (89.9%), communication through cellular phones (42.1%), accessing information and entertainment (52.1%) and comforts by running fans (18.4%). Another positive impact of electrification reported by people is that they are able to establish small scale activities in homes like weaving, tailoring,and grocery shops. Among those surveyed, people of BPL categories are very happy to get electricity connection free of cost and using the benefits due to electricity. Similarly students in all states reported to have benefited a great deal as after electrification under RGGVY, they are now able to study for longer hours and also save

money & time which they had to spend on kerosene lamp. They also feel more comfortable during summer days due to the fans in the class.In Andhra Pradesh, 88% of beneficiaries reported positive impact on education. In UP, nearly 64% reported using electricity for education, 56% In Madhya Pradesh and 48 % In Bihar. In J &K, most people feel that security & standard of life has increased after R G G V Y implementation.Villagersare able to get the treatment in the night. In some of the villages, it was found that the villagers use electrical appliances for crop processing. Many shops were also found to be electrified in the villages through RGGVY line. Increase in income is reported in most states though householdsstatedthat substantial increases in income depend on programmes of direct employment generation like MNREGA among others. The evaluation studies were carried out in 20 states by by M/s IRADe, M/s TERI, M/s Sambodhi Research & Communications and M/s Tetratech Ltd. (PIB)


Port Blair

Police Complaint Authority meets at Raj Niwas Port Blair, Feb 11: The members of the Police Complaint Authority met the Lt. Governor at Raj Niwas recently. The Lt. Governor evinced keen interest in all matters concerning Police Complaint Authority and desired to involve the public representatives and the social activists to approach the Police Complaint Authority for the mitigation of the grievances of the general public in the matter of serious misconduct against the Police personnel. The Andaman and Nicobar Administration constituted Police Complaint Authority for these islands during November, 2011. The Authority shall inquire into allegations of “serious misconduct” against Police Personnel, either suo moto or on a complaint received from a victim or any person on his/her behalf; the national or the State Human Rights Commission; the police; or any other source. “ S e r i o u s misconduct” for the purpose

shall mean any act or omission of police officer that leads to or amounts to death in police custody; grievous hurt, as defined in Section 320 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860; rape or attempt to commit rape; arrest or detention without due process of law; extortion; land/house grapping; or any incident involving serious abuse of authority. The Police Complaint Authority comprises of two members (one of them is woman member) and headed by Chairman. The Authority has started functioning from 23rd October, 2012 and the office of the Chairman, Police Complaint Authority, is situated at VIP Road, (Opposite Directorate of Education), Port Blair. The Police Complaint Authority has appealed to the public to come forward with their genuine complaints against the Police without any fear and hesitation, a communication from its Chairman said.

Efforts on the part of Administration for restoring normal tourism activities Port Blair, Feb 11: For resumption of tourist boat activities in the island, the Port Management Board has completed safety audit of all passengers/tourist boats plying in South Andaman and North & Middle Andaman District except Hutbay. In a communication received from Harbour Master, it was informed that

the team is also undertaking re-inspection to check the deficiencies made good by the boats. Two boats namely M.L. Rubdeep and M.L. Maheshwari at Wandoor have been cleared by the safety audit team and registered by the D.C. South Andaman. These boasts will (See page 7)


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Inquiry on into alleged exploitation of Jarawa women Port Blair: Andaman and Nicobar administration has ordered for a detailed inquiry into the recent media reports, which alleged that the Jarawa tribe women were being sexually exploited by poachers for alcohol and marijuana. “I have directed for a detailed inquiry into the incident after obtaining the recording, which a local media seems to be having. If anyone is found guilty, police has been directed to take action against them,” Lt Gen (retd)

Ajay Kumar Singh, Lieutenant Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands told a team of visiting journalists. He said the administration was conscious of the indigenous tribe present in the Islands and observed that the tribe which was around 230 to 250 before a decade has grown to around 400 now. Detailing on the strict vigil being observed by police, Singh said “Every convoy of two police vehicles. Strict vehicles (on Andaman Trunk rules are put in place like even Road) are being escorted by (See page 5)

Mass Dharna and Demonstrations by NGGOA Port Blair, Feb 11: At the call given by the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers, New Delhi, central government employees all over the country will go on a 2-day strike on 12th and 13th February, 2014 demanding immediate settlement of the 15-point charter of demands submitted to the Govt. of India. In support of the 2-day strike, the Non-Gazetted Govt. Officers’ Association,

Andaman and Nicobar Islands will stage a one-day Mass Dharna at Tiranga Park from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. which will be followed by a public meeting at the same venue. Mass Dharna and demonstration will be organized at outstations also on 12th and 13th February, 2014 by the Association. The demands are 1. Accept the terms of reference of 7th CPC, submitted

by the staff side, National Council JCM (To work out the comprehensive revised pay packet for the categories of Central Government employees including GDS as on 1.1.2014, To determine the Interim Relief needed to be sanctioned immediately to the Central Government employees including GDS, To determine the percentage of Dearness allowance/Dearness


Port Blair


Kuldeep requests CE APWD to supply water to Bindaban and Ferrargunj areas Por t Blair, Feb 11: The people of Bindaban and Fer r ar gunj Gr am Panchayats have informed the PCC President Kuldeep Rai Sharma of their problems for non supply of water for last 3 to 4 days. Taking concern of the problems of the people Kuldeep has requested the Chief Engi-

neer, APWD to take immediate step to supply water through tankers to the above areas. Since the water in Jhinga Nallah Check dam has dried, Kuldeep has also requested the Chief Engineer to take immediate remedial step in time as a welfare measure for the general public.

President of VP of RPKS joins STEU Port Blair, Feb 11: Mr. Laxmi Narayan, President and S Dharmraj, Vice President of Ra jkiya Pa r ivahan Karmachari Sangh have resigned fr om Rajkiya Pa r ivahan Kar ma cha r i Sa ngh of Bhar atiya

Ma zdoor Sa ngh t oday joined State Transport Employees Union affiliated to INTUC keeping full faith on the leadership of the President Kuldeep Rai Sharma and KK Jose, General Secretary, INTUC.

Death Condoled

Port Blair, Feb 11: The NonGazetted Govt. Officers’ Association, Andaman and Nicobar Islands has condoled the death of Shr i Muthu Kannu, Senior Me(See page 5) chanic of the Agriculture

Department, on 9th February, 2014 at Chennai. He was 58 years. The Association also conveyed its heartfelt condolence to the family members of late Muthu Kannu.




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EDITORIAL..... Teetotaller's hangover On the whole my friends, bless them, are fairly tolerant of my human vices like enveloping them in bone-crushing hugs, shrieking like a steam train when i meet them after long stretches of time or my famous imitation of a rigid stone pillar if i'm deposited on a dance floor. However, there's one specific failing which even they find har d t o for give — Teetotalitarianism. They clutch their beer bottles for support as they whisper in incredulous tones, 'No! Still? Surely not!' And who can blame them? For they have devoted a sizeable chunk of their lives to instill the 'spirit' in me but in vain. Oh, they always managed to find excuses to convince themselves it was just a passing phase. During our undergraduate days they attributed it to the clinging vestiges of small-town conservatism. 'He's shy,' they would nod sagely. 'He'll soon grow out of it.' During my postgraduate days, they blamed it on the many academic pressures. 'How can any person start drinking when he's inundated with assignments?' they would demand. But it was when even Employment had become a way of life that they began to have faint stirrings of doubt. On occasional gatherings i would be welcomed with a sly wink by a friend, 'You'll just die when you see what i've arranged for you.' I'd follow her, idly hoping to be introduced to an attractive acquaintance only t o be gr eet ed by a t all, The Drinks Menu, to be precise. 'No, i really don't think i'm ready for this,' i would falter only to be greeted with firm assertions of how it was the logical next step in life, right after Adolescence and just before Routine. 'Everyone needs a drink,' my friend would say, her eyes glistening. 'Let me help you find yours!'Of course i managed to squirm out of these tricky situations somehow,

feigning many a bad throat or claiming important meetings the next day, but it wasn't easy — i broke many a waiter's heart. They would be standing, pen poised in hand, with a warm smile of affection directed towards me. At my embarrassed refusal (No thanks, just a glass of warm water please!) their smiles would visibly wilt and their spurned glances would scorch me, hating me for rejecting their tempting intoxications. It was worse when it came to office get-togethers. For there would be throngs of people absorbing liquids as if they were part sponge and there i would be, clutching a glass of cranberry juice to my heart as if it were a talisman guaranteed to protect me from evil spirits. And if you think drinking four pints of alcohol in an hour is a challenge, try making a glass of juice last for four hours. The effort can leave you shattered for days. Once word gets around of my 'condition' people turn an inquisitive eye towards me and there are indignant whispers of 'Isn't there a cure for this type of thing? We are in the 21st century, for God's sake!' 'Maybe it's a religious thing?' hazard some of the more tolerant ones. How i wish i could tell them that it's none of those things! How i long to tell them that i have tasted practically all the major classes which 'The Demon Drink' has to offer — boring beer, weird whiskey, venomous vodka and, i know i'm going to be crucified for saying this, absolutely anticlimactic champagne (it tasted like bitter soda water; No, really!). The reason for my indifference to these seductive essences is something buried in my past. An old romance. A continuing addiction. A guilty secret. It was something which, from the very first time i had tasted it, laid so strong a hold on me that i was rendered incapable of loving any other drink. Who was this temptress, you ask? The iced tea at a famous burger chain.Anyone want to drink to this?


Port Blair


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Port Blair

Inquiry on .... if the Jarawas come towards the moving vehicles, the drivers should not stop.� If they were any violations made by the vehicles, they stand to face imprisonment between three to seven years, he said. The Great Andaman Trunk Road, which connects Port Blair with the northern part of the Island passes through the dense forest that houses the Jarawas. The 400 plus Jarawas is estimated to have been living in an area spreading over 1,000 sq km. Offences by tourists are believed to be happening on this road.

(From page 3)

Though the Supreme Court had ordered the closure of the road, it revoked the order following the request of Andaman and Nicobar administration, which cited the thousands of mainstream population, which is living in the northern part of the Island and needed to travel to the Union territory capital of Port Blair often. Singh said the administration have been very strict on poachers into the area and recalled a recent incident in which a village Pradhan was also arrested. PTI

Mass Dharna..... Relief immediately to be merged with Pay and pension including GDS, etc). 2. Ensure every five year revision of wages of Central Government Employees in future, 3. (a) Regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks of the Postal Department and grant of Civil Servant status, statutory pension and all other benefits at par with regular employees, (b) Regularisation and revision of wages of casual and contract workers, 4. Compassionate appointment – removal of restrictions imposed by Government, 5. JCM and Anomaly Committee Functioning, 6. Fill up all vacant posts and creation of new posts


(From page 3)

wherever justified, 7. Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation and privatization of Government functions, 8. Stop the move to introduce performance related Pay (PRP) system, Extend PLB Bonus for all, removing bonus ceiling, 9. Revise OTA and Night Duty Allowance rates and clothing rates, 10. Implement arbitration awards, 11. Five promotions to all, 12. Rescind the PFRDA Act. Ensure statutory Pension for all, 13. Stop price rise. Revive and extend public distribution system for all, 14. Stop trade Union victimization, 15. Ensure Right to strike.

AFFIDAVIT By this deed I, Saw Tathu S/o Saw Kambo, (New Name), previously called Tathu S/o Kambo, (Old Name) doing business (given profession or vocation) and resident of R/o Pokadera, Mayabunder Tehsil, North & Middle Andaman District, solemnly declare :1. That for and on behalf of myself and my father and remitter issue wholly renounce/relinguish and abandon the use of my former name of Tathu S/o Kambo and in place thereof I do hereby assume from this date the name Saw Tathu S/o Saw Kambo and so that I and my father and remitter issue may thereafter be called known and distinguished not by former name, but assumed name is Saw Tathu S/o Saw Kambo 2. That for the purpose of evidencing such my determination declare that I shall at all time hereafter in the records, deeds and writings and in all proceedings, dealings and transactions private as well as upon all occasions whatsoever use and sign the name of Saw Tathu S/o Saw Kambo as my name in place and in substitution of my former name Tathu S/o Kambo. 3. That I expressly authorize and request all persons in general and relatives and friends in particular, at all the time hereafter to designate and address me and my father remitter issue by such presumed name of Saw Tathu S/o Saw Kambo accordingly. 4. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my former and adopted name of Tathu S/o Kambo and Saw Tathu S/o Saw Kambo affix my signature and seal if any, this 11th day of Feb, 2014. DEPONENT



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Singapore to launch first commercial satellite TeLEOS-1 with ISRO’s help A Singaporean earth observation satellite will be launched with an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) next year, a senior official said on Sunday. The TeLEOS-1 would be Singapore’s first commercial project on Indian Space Research organisation’s PSLV, making Near Equatorial Orbit, taking images for shipping and maritime security, Mah How Teck, Vice President for Market Development at Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd told PTI.ST Electronics has signed an agreement with India’s Antrix Corporation Ltd for the satellite to ride on PSLV, which would be launched into space at 550km above the Earth at a low inclination in the fourth quarter of 2015. The 400-kg satellite is equipped with an electro-optical camera capable of taking images at ground resolution of one metre, Mah said. “It is suitable for applications such as disaster and environment monitoring, maritime safety,

urban planning and homeland security,” he said, after hosting a pre-Singapore Airshow press conference. The unique Near Equatorial Orbit allows frequent revisits to areas of interest in equatorial regions at approximately 96-minute intervals, delivering high data availability and responsiveness, Mah said. Singapore launched its first experimental satellite XSAT in April 2011 with the help of ISRO. This is their second project.The TeLEOS-1 is a commercial project by ST Electronics and its compatriot partners Nanyang Technological Uni-


Port Blair

Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation to speed up property tax collection

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has a daunting task ahead. The civic body has just 50 days left to collect more than 50 % of property tax for the current financial year. GVMC officials will race against time from Monday to recover tax arrears of about versity and Defence Science Rs 86 crore before March 31 Organisation Laboratories, following up with the XSAT, their first research project. Mah said TeLEOS-1 would be ready for launch in the fourth quarter of next year, having completed more than 60 per cent of the project. Meanwhile, preparations were underway for Singapore Airshow, which held pre-opening full dress rehearsal on Sunday. Staring Monday, more than 80 civilian and defence aircraft and 60 out of the top 100 aviation companies are taking part in the week-long exhibition and conferences.

to complete the civic body's financial commitments. Official records show that the civic body collected only Rs 85 crore of the targeted Rs 170.77 crore in the last 10 months. With just 50 days left for the financial year to close, officials find it hard to convince property tax payers to clear the dues without delay.


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Govt. boat...

Andaman Sheekha


Port Blair


(From page 1)

counter. The passenger fare All passengers above 5 years below: for a return journey to Ross would have to purchase the It is informed that all Island is fixed as Rs. 100/-. tickets. The schedule is as passengers have to compulsorily follow the safety instructions and wear lifejackets during their journey. A lifeguard will also be available on board. The service would be available on all days except Wednesdays. The Tourist Security Enforcement Team (TSET) constituted by the Dy. Commissioner, South Andaman with representatives from Police, PMB and Tourism will enforce and monitor safe operation of boat from RGWSC besides an S-O-S kiosk (Emergency Assistance Booth) comprising of Police, Paramedic & Life Guards will be functioning at RGWSC.

Efforts on... start operation in WandoorJolly buoy sector with effect from 12/02/2014. Efforts are being taken to complete the inspection of all tourist/passenger boa ts by 20 /0 2/

(From page 2)

2014. Efforts are also being made to educate the boat owner s about the provisions of IV Act, 1917 and pa ss enger sa fety measures. All Boat Operators have been requested to get

What is keeping... Police heard this news the fr eq uenc y of patr olling was increased inside and outside the village, which brought things under total c on t r ol . A c c o r d i ng t o

po li c e s in c e t he P ol ic e Department urged public t o r em a in in s id e t h ei r h ou s e a ft er su n se t n o incident of intrusion has c om e f or wa r d an d

fresh survey of their boats done by Asst. Marine Engineer, DSS and submit the same to Harbour Master, PMB for issuance of Certificate of Survey in Form 4A. (From page 1) sit u at ion is c omple t ely under control. However, the SHO of Mayabunder was unable to contact over phone for comment, even after repeated attempts.




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Certificate Distribution programme organised Port Blair, Feb 11: Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Union organized a programme in cooperative training building at Taylorabad for distribution of certificate to the women who had undergone training course in Tailoring and Fashion Designing, Computer Education and Beauty Parlour in training Centre run by Cooperative Union in different places in North and Middle Andaman district and South Andaman District for upliftment of poor and weaker section of the Community. Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Chairman, Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Union was the Chief Guest on the occasion Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma, congratulated the successful trainees and called

upon them to obtain maximum benefit of training to become Self reliant and self employed individually and by forming SHGs. He said that the State Cooperative Union will provide them all possible assistance by way of loan for purchase of sewing machines through Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Bank for adopting Self employment for their livelihood and augmenting family income to lead a respectful and dignified life in the society. He further said that there is good scope for market in Bangladesh for quality garments which fetch good income. He also said that Call centre are likely to be established near Little Andaman providing opportunity for self employment to

women and youth. He also assured to the trainees that facility of loan will be arranged for those who desire to undertake the tailoring activities as Self Help Groups and individuals for improving their social and economical condition. Mr. Suresh Babu, Principal RGCTC also delivered speech on the subject. Mr. Ram Lall, General Secretary, of Andaman & Nicobar State Cooperative Union also present. Mrs. Sangeeta Das, tailoring Instructor and Mrs. Rubi Afsar, Computer Instructor coordinated the programme. Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma distributed the certificates. Some trainees also spoke on the occasion.

Government seeks President's nod for introducing Telangana Bill in Lok Sabha NEW DELHI: Contrary to earlier expectations, the Telangana Bill will now be introduced in Lok Sabha first instead of Rajya Sabha with the government seeking a fresh recommendation from the President after the Upper House secretariat held it as a money bill. Sources said the move comes after questions were raised over the constitutionality of introducing the bill first in the Upper House. T he Rajya Sabha secretariat is of the view that since the proposed act would involve appropriation of money out of the consolidated fund, it is a money bill as defined in the Constitution and hence has to be first introduced in Lok Sabha. Under Article 117(1) of the Constitution, a money bill cannot be introduced in Rajya Sabha. The Rajya Sabha secr etar iat also sought clarifications from the law ministry over whether or not it is a money

bill. Home ministry officials said the plan to table the Andhr a Pr adesh Reorganisation Bill in Rajya Sabha has been reviewed and a fresh recommendation of President Pranab Mukherjee has been sought for the legislation's introduction in Lok Sabha. "It will be intr oduced in Lok Sabha first for which President's recommendation is being sought," a senior home ministry official told PTI. The President


Port Blair

Power supply to remain affected on Feb 12 Port Blair, Feb 11: It is brought to the notice of the general consumers and Govt. departments that the testing and commissioning of one 10 MVA power transformer at Garacharma Sub-Station will be carried out on 12.02.2014 between 08.00 AM and 10.00 AM. Due to this, power supply will remain affected in some of the areas. The areas are Bhatu Basti complete, Laxmi Motor area, Pathergudda, Satellite Colony,

New Pahargaon , Agency House, Garacharma complete, 5 MW Solar Power Plant area, Dollygunj, Attam Pahar, Old Pahargaon, ICMR Colony area, part of Minnie Bay, part of Gurudwara Lane, Biggi Lane, Anthropological Museum, Telephone Exchange, Middle Point, DAG Colony, Link Road, VIP Road, Police Line, Junglighat, Vijay Baug, Dairy Farm complete, CPWD Complex, Goal Ghar, Prem Nagar, & Carmel School.

Death mourned Port Blair, Feb 11: The State President of Bharatiya Janata Party, A&N Island Shri Vishal Jolly & Party workers have deeply mourned the sad demise of Late Jayawati aged

about 63 Years R/o Naya Basthi W/o Late Lall Chand Yadav, General Secretary, Vidut Shramik Sangh who breathed her last on 11.02.2014.

had on Monday gave his nod for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh by approving the legislation. T he bill was approved by the Union Cabinet on Friday, notwithstanding rejection by the state assembly. Under this, Telangana will comprise 10 districts and the rest of Andhra Pradesh 13 districts. Hyderabad will remain the common capital for both the states for a period not exceeding 10 years.

Edited, Published, Printed and Owned by Shri Sanjib Kumar Roy and Published from Roy Villa, INS Utkrosh Road, New Pahargaon,Garacharma Post Office- 744105, South Andaman, A & N Islands. Printed at Royal Printers, Bargat Line, South Andaman. Editor: Shri Sanjib Kumar Roy. Address: Roy Villa, INS Utkrosh Road, New Pahargaon, Garacharma Post Office- 744105, South Andaman. Ph: 09932082892.,

City Office: Andaman Sheekha, D & K City Building, Ground Floor, RGT Road, Port Blair. A & N Islands.

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