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Bishnu Raises DRMs’ issue, demands compensatory pay to Fire and Police Personnel Mohammed Sajid Sheekha News Service

Port Blair, Feb 04: T he Member of Parliament, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray today said that many people are working in var ious departments since last many years and their services were not regularised till now. He said that the Administration is looking into the matter regarding regularization of DRMs working in different departments for over 10 years. Addressing a press conference at MP Bhawan soon after attending a review meeting, the MP said that the Chief Secretary has desired that matt er regar ding possibility of regularization be examined by t he concerned authorities. The MP further stated that during the meeting it was informed that estimat e for t he development of facilities for

safe berthing of fishing boats at Dugnabad is in final stage. He requested the Administration for sending pr oposal t o t he Home Ministry for reinstatement of compensatory pay to Fire and Polic e Per sonnel, which according to him, was stopped after 2012. T he M P furt her ur ged for br inging A ndaman & Nic obar Employment Regulation Bill in the current session

of Parliament to solve the unemployment problem. He also ur ged t he Administration for taking up immediate repair of leakage in the Kadmatala Dam and repair of Baratang road. T he matt er regarding plying of 30 buses procured under MPLAD, formulation of practicable t r ansfer policy, PMGSY road, and construction of sluice gate will be reviewed on February 12, t he M P added.

Salvage Operation of MV Aqua Marine

Clearance Diving Unit conducts Salvage operation in two phases

GANG RAPE AT DIGLIPUR Auto Driver and friend rape VS Palli Girl; four arrested DJ Venkatesh Sheekha News Service

Diglipur, Feb 04: A girl from Vidya Sagar Palli (VS Palli) was allegedly raped by two people at Shibpur Village of Diglipur today. Ac cor ding to reports, the girl had come to D iglipur School for attending Saraswati Puja and while going back one of her known fr iend, accompanied her. When the girl said that she wants to go home the boy reportedly offered to drop her by auto. Soon the boy called an auto and soon from RK Gram (near CHC) two other boys got into the auto forcefully and the auto driver started driving the

aut o toward s Shibpur. When the girl cried for help one of the boys pressed her mouth. At Shibpur village, the first boy reportedly raped the girl and after that the auto driver allegedly raped her. After committing the crime when the girl was being brought back in the same auto the girl somehow showed hand to a PCR van, which was crossing by. Soon t he Police Jawans intercepted the auto and rescued the girl and the SI, Mrs. Shabana Hanif of Diglipur PS also reached the spot and arrested all four people. M e d i c a l examination is also being done at Digipur. Further details are awaited.

Women found dead under mysterious condition at Phoenix Bay Lodge DJ Venkatesh Sheekha News Service

Port Blair, Feb 04: A lady, nearly 40 years, was found dead inside a lodge of Phoenix Bay yesterday early morning. According to reports there was no mark of any kind of injury or struggle on the body of the lady, who actually belongs to Andhra Pradesh and was working as domestic help in Andaman in many houses. Sources told that the lady had come to the lodge along with a man on 2nd February night and was

allotted a small room, which lacks proper ventilation. The man reportedly left the room after giving food to the lady and after dinner the lady slept putting a mosquito coil. Police suspect that the lady died either because of suffocation or due to heart failure, which will be confirmed only after Post Mortem report. Police has however registered a case in this regard and investigating whether there is any other angle in this case.

Centre allocates Rs. 150 Cr. additional fund to Islands

Port Blair, Feb 04: The ill-fated boat, MV Aqua Marine which met with a tragic accident on 26 January 14, and subsequently sank was salvaged by the Andaman and Nicobar Command on 03 February 2014. Acting promptly on a request received from the local administration for salvaging the sunken boat to progress the magisterial inquiry into the accident, the

Clearance Diving Unit (CDU) under the Naval Component of the Andaman and Nicobar Command was pressed into immediate action. Since the boat was at a depth of 25 metres,and nearly 600 metres from the shore, the salvage operations involved detailed planning and extensive preparations. The CDU began the operation at first light on 02 February 14. The salvage

was carried out in twophases. The first phase involved the difficult task of lifting the boat from a depth of 25 metres close to water surface and the second phase involved preparing it for being towed to shore. “Deep Sea Lift Bags” were used for first phase of salvage. The bags are specialised inflatable balloons that can support (See page 2)

Port Blair, Feb 04: The Administration while submitting BE for the year 2013-14 to MHA/Ministry of Finance had projected the requirement of funds amounting to Rs. 2355.86 Cr. under the Plan Section and Rs. 1843. 18 Cr, under NonPlan Section. As against the said requirement, the Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance had allocated an amount of Rs. 1862.49 Cr. under Plan Section and Rs. 1440.93 Cr, under Non Plan Section. Subsequently, while submitting the RE, the

Administration had projected the requirement of Rs. 1906.63 Cr. under the Plan Section and Rs. 2404.00 Cr. (including arrears payable to DGS&D amounting to Rs. 489.30 Cr.) under the NonPlan Section. As against that, the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India had allocated an amount of Rs 1520 Cr. under Plan Section and Rs. 1515.52 Cr, under Non-Plan Section. Thus a huge budgetary cut was imposed on the fund allocation to this UT: so much so that the Administration (See page 2)



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Detailed Investigation of MV Aqua Marine Begins


Port Blair

Centre allocates... was not able to meet the essential requirement of the most critical sectors like Shipping and Power. Since the amount allocated at the RE stage was too short to meet our requirements, accordingly, the matter was taken up by the Administration with Ministry of Finance at the level of Chief Secretary and LG. In this connection, the LG had called on Minister of Finance on 16.01.2014 and apprised him, inter-alia, of the acute shortage of funds

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being faced by the UT of A&N islands both under Plan and Non-Plan Sections. Minister of Finance having knowledge and affinity with A&N Islands appreciated the hardship being faced by the UT of A&N islands and accordingly approved allocation of additional fund amounting to Rs. 150.00 Cr. (i.e. Rs. 72.78 Cr under NonPlan Section and Rs. 77.22 Cr. under Plan Section) for meeting the requirement of critical sectors viz. Shipping and Power Sectors.

Rapid Action Medical Team deployed

Finally MV Aqua Marine is out, giving a good chance to the CCS team to conduct thorough investigation to find out right cause of the accident.

P or t Bl a i r, F eb 0 4 : A R a p i d A c t io n M ed i ca l Team (RAMT ) is being deployed at Netaji Stadium, Por t Blair dur ing Milan-14 from 05-08 February, 2014 to showcase India’s Humanitarian As-

Salvage Operation... Seminar and “Kavi Sammelan” by SocioCultural Organisation “Chetana” at Mayabunder Port Blair, Feb 04: The Students of Mahatma Gandhi Government College, Mayabunder were overwhelmed with the Socio-cultural programme organised by the Organisation “Chetana”. On 01st day of February, 2014, the Sociocultural Organisation “CHETANA” organised a Seminar in the conference hall of the institution on the topic “Historical background of Socio-Cultural development of Andaman & Nicobar Islands”. In this seminar speakers spoke and interacted with the students on the topics like Freedom struggle, National MemorialCellular Jail, Battle of Aberdeen and Communal harmony in the islands. The speakers called upon the students to contribute to the Social, Economical and Cultural development of these islands. They said that knowledge and information of freedom struggle and important events of these islands towards freedom will build a sound base towards attitude of contribution for development of islands. Mr. Sony Thomas, Vice-Chairman, Zilla Parishad, Middle and North

Middle Andaman was Chief Guest and Mr. Saw Thomson, Pradhan, Gram Panchayat Rampur was the Guest of Honour. In their address, both the dignitaries appreciated the effort of Chetana and said that similar kind of programmes should be arranged in future. They said that such type of programme, inhibits social and cultural values in the youths. In evening, “ Kavi Sammela” was organised in the Institution’s Auditorium. Shri. Umed Singh, Station Commander, Mayabunder Coast Guard Station was the Chief Guest on the occasion. In his address, Mr. Singh advised students not to lose hope at any level and in any field of life. Dedication and Hard work is the key to success. In

certain cases, consistent and repeated attempts are required to achieve success. Poets from Port Blair presented their different forms of poems in the programme. Among the eminent poets in the Kavi Sammelan were Jagdish Narayan Rai, I. A Khan, Sharda Ram, Rajesh Kumar Nirash, Anirudh Tripathi, Shekh Farooq Alam, Smti. D. M. Savitri and Durg Vijay Singh Deep. In the programme, four students of the institution also presented their poems. Dr. R. N. Rath, president of “Chetana” highlighted the activities of the organisation. He said that the organisation is accelerating the Socio-Cultural development in the rural part of these islands.

Public Participatory in proposed projects of PBMC Port Blair, Feb 04: In Continuation of PBMC Press Release dated 7/1/2014 and 25/1/2014 the general public are informed that as a ‘Public Participatory’ the proposed

project of development of Gandhi Park into ‘One day destination’, Construction of A/ C Shopping Complex at Rathnam Market and construction of Private Bus Terminus

at Mohanpura will be displayed at Sabarmathi Restaurant, Gandhi Park on 05/02/ 2014 between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon for public viewing and suggestion thereon.

weights upto 10 tons. Three such bags were firmly attached to the sunk boat by divers who had to operate for long hours in depths of 25 metres to achieve this successfully. The boat was then gradually floated and raised to three metres below the surface of the water. It was then painstakingly towed closer to the shore. This task had to be carried very meticulously as any drastic movement could uproot the bags and sink the boat,thereby causing loss of crucial evidence. The boat was successfully brought to a depth of seven metres, before suspending the operations due to poor light and falling tide on 02 February 14. The salvage recommenced next morning and the second phase of operations was put into action. The boat was attached with specialised “Enclosed Salvage Bags” suited for shallow waters operations. The boat was floated up 2-3 metres below the water surface, and

sistance and Disaster Relief capability. The RAMT will be setting a 25 bedded hospital and will be open for visits by officials and general public from 05 February, 2014 onwards. (From page 1)

thereafter carefully towed closer to the shore till very shallow depths, and finally beached about 50 metres from the shore. The operation was completed by 1100 hours on 03 February 14. The CDU was able to achieve this extremely difficult and intricate task in a little over fifteen hours. The successful and swift manner in which the salvage operations were carried out by the Andaman and Nicobar Command, yet again reflects the promptness, flexibility and resoluteness of the Armed Forces. Andaman and Nicobar Command had earlier responded immediately on receiving news of the accident on 26 January 14, and despatched their Naval Fast Interceptor Craft and the Clearance Diving Team along with a Chetak helicopter and an Inshore Patrol Vessel of the Indian Coast Guard for the search and rescue operations. The boat is an important evidence in the ongoing investigation, and its recovery will significantly help to determine the cause of the tragedy.


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35 seismic stations to be set up at Andaman and Nicobar Islands for early tsunami warnings HYDERABAD: The Indian National Institute of Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) in the city is planning to set up 35 seismic stations on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the next two years to improve tsunami warning systems. The new stations estimated to come up at a cost of Rs 20 crore, will be installed by 2016. Scientists at INCOIS said that the Andaman and Nicobar region is one of the two epicentres of earthquakes causing tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, known to have catastrophic effects on the coasts of six countries. With the new stations in place, scientists said they can estimate the actual scale of an earthquake based on the deformation of the earth’s crust. Estimating a deformation close to the epicentre of an earthquake can help in issuing early tsunami warnings, they added. “Monitoring of deformation of earth’s crust in realtime makes it feasible to estimate the scale of an actual earthquake thereby helping in issuing improved alerts,” said Dr T Srinivasa Kumar, in charge of the National Tsu-

Port Blair


Kuldeep takes up issues of Dept of CS&CA with Home Minister Port Blair, Feb 04: The PCC President Kuldeep Rai Sharma has also taken up the issue related to workers of Directorate of CS and CA in detail with the Union Home Minister Mr Shushil Kumar Shinde during his recent meeting with him and submitted that a proposal for creation of 69 supernumerary posts of Mazdoors has been sent to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution for sanction by the A&N Administration. Submitting the copy of the latest correspondence bearing reference No.SD/2106/Estt./2013(PF)/1567 dated 30.10.2013 done by the

A & N Administration with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Kuldeep has requested the Minister that the Ministry of Home Affairs being the Nodal Ministry in respect of the UT Administration of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, he may kindly bestow his personal attention so that the matter of creation of 69 supernumer a r y pos ts of t he Mazdoors in the Directorate of Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs of A&N Administration gets expeditiously resolved and created for the welfare and future of the workers.

Triathlon to be Conducted for the First Time in Milan -14

nami Early Warning System at INCOIS. CH Patanjali, another scientist at INCOIS associated with the project said the deformation of the crust during earthquakes will displace or alter the locations of the seismic stations. The displacements will be measured using a satellite-based technology called global satellite navigation system (GNSS). Although Andaman has about six seismic stations, the displacements of the stations are currently not measured for giving out warnings. The new

GNSS stations will therefore be a first for India. “The displacements caused by strong earthquakes can be in the range of a few meters. These displacements will give us an indicator of the energy scale of a quake,” he said. “Given that even a couple of seconds are critical in a local tsunami warning, a quick estimation of important earthquake parameters could result in improved early tsunami warnings,” said scientists. (Source : Times of India)

CNS Awards Cyber Security Trophies Port Blair, Feb 04: Adm DK Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM, VSM, ADC Chief of Naval Staff awarded the Cyber Security Trophies to two units adjudged best in the Andaman and Nicobar Cyber Command Security Competition for the year 2013. Information Technology has today permeated the social and financial fabric of all citizens in totality. While the advantages accrued from effective utilization of IT resources are many, they also render us highly susceptible to breaches lurking in the cyber world. The menace of cyber wizards with mal-intentions and laxity in adhering to Cyber


Security Policies, manifests into security breaches across all boundaries.Hence on taking over the prestigious TriServices Command, Air Marshal PK Roy, PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM, ADC, had directed for steadfastness of the Cyber Security framework in the Command. Under his able directions the Command has unceasingly endeavoured to enhance IT Awareness and Cyber Security threshold of all personnel and their families. With an aim to boost the IT Security, a number of steps have been initiated in the Command, to include IT Awareness Days and Weeks

at all components and units. In order to provide further fillip to the efforts of components and units organizing such events, a Cyber Security Competition has been instituted in the Command. The first edition of the Competition spanning the calendar year 2013, concluded recently. For the purpose of assessment, six units were shortlisted into major and minor categories each, and evaluated by a jury. The Cyber Security Trophy for Best Minor Unit was awarded to 108 Mtn Bde Signal, and the Cyber Security Trophy for Best Major Unit was awarded to 37 Wing AF.


Port Blair, Feb 04: A Triathlon Competition will be held on 06 February for participants of MILAN 2014. The Triathlon competition is being held for the first time in MILAN as sports unfailingly engender camaraderie and espirit-decorps which also is the underlying aim of MILAN. ‘Triathlon’ is derived from the Greek words treis (three) and athlos (contest). Thus, a Triathlon has three disciplines consisting of swimming, cycling, running. These three segments are to be covered without a break. The MILAN 2014 Triathlon Championship will commence at Ross Island with a swimming race. A distance of 1.2 km will be covered by the competitors and finish at the Aberdeen Jetty.

The competitors will then do a cycling race of nearly 12 km from Aberdeen Jetty to Kamraj Nagar. The final segment of the Triathlon will be a cross-country race of over a distance of 4 kilometersfrom Kamraj Nagar to the Birchgunj Military Station. The event can be witnessed by the public between Aberdeen Jetty to Kamraj Nagar. A Telegamescompetition will be held at the Birchgunj Military Station for personnel from the participating foreign ship on completion of the Triathlon. The Telegames are aimed at the fun aspects of games rather than a competitive aspect, and will consist of novel games kike ‘Goofy Stick’, ‘Passing the Water Balloon’ and ‘Three-Legged Race’.




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EDITORIAL..... The wedding video I have just attended a hi-res, professionally covered video wedding. Not your Raju with Ramu his assistant stuff, this is like a Ten Commandments set. Unlike a traditional plighting of troth when boy and girl are the most important people at their own wedding, in this version they are put into shade by a camera-wielding battalion and their technical crew. Other sundry members of the two families are divided bet ween arr anging t he ceremonials and supporting the camera units. Guests are made to feel like Tussauds waxworks, standing in frozen animation with no one doing them any reverence. Since all marriage video lensmen consider themselves a cross between David Lean, Shyam Benegal and Danny Boyle the action is frenetic and everyone becomes secondary to this magnum opus in the making. You, as a guest, are first accosted by sudden flashes of light. Blinded, your wife snaps her heel on the black snakes of electrical coil slithering all over the floor and clumsily under the carpet and tamped with black tape. Just as you arrange your expression into candid camera position, you discover the light wasn`t meant for you but for some VIP and you only came in the way and now the shot has been ruined and it`s all your fault. At top-end video weddings, there are two kinds of classes, the ones who get the light and others who enter in darkness to witness the family adviser telling the cameraman not to bother with this lot, they are not important.Having now joined the melee, you are compelled to shuffle along to give your grubby little gift to the hap hap happy t wosome. Why shouldn't they be happy, they have only been married two hours?Finally, you reach blushing young couple and Sunil Gavaskar or mayor or chief minister or Rekha arrive simultaneously and you are discarded

like a used wet wipe as cameras go into action with the celebrity centrestage and everyone else skittering about like bees around honey. On come the flipping lights again and the high point is now recorded, then others sensing this is where the main event is happening rush up onto the stage and bedlam reigns as the video brigade choreographs this wonderful moment in the newlyweds` lives, shoving the snout of the camera into everyone's faces. Parents, relatives, friends, all of them surrender their prerogatives to the power of the man with the camera. He replaces even the religious representative in deciding how things should be run. Even the ceremonies are rearranged to suit camera angles. I have witnessed the boy and girl exchanging garlands three times so the cameraman could get a proper shot. 'Take one' failed because someone's head came in the way. 'Take two' failed because a shadow fell over the boy's face and mumsie was not in the shot and mumsie was leaping off into a sulk. It becomes farcical and even embarrassing when later on the tape is inflicted on unsuspecting guests. In one such incident a rather well-known socialite was seen in close-up wiping her currystained hands on the curtains. She has not returned to the social circuit since.Seriously, record weddings anyway you like but don`t make even the taking of vows subservient to t he cameraman.Everyone waits politely while he fiddles with some lead that has lost a fuse or tries to get a focus or needs dadaji to please come to the middle of the stage and someone has to explain to dadaji he is needed and dadaji can't hear anyway so that takes 10 minutes to shove the old man into the loving bosom of his family. And finally when you are leaving, Sunil Gavaskar decides to call it a day at the same time and there's that light again. Give me the still photographer and wedding album any day. At least you can skip the pages.


Port Blair

Scientist discovered Method to curb greenhouse gases Scientists discovered a new method to convert harmful greenhouse gases into chemicals which can produce synthetic fuels on 2 February 2014. A team of researchers at the University of Delaware has developed a highly selective catalyst capable of electrochemically converting carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) to carbon monoxide with 92 percent ef-

ficiency. The carbon monoxide then can be used to develop useful chemicals. It was found that when a nano-porous silver electrocatalyst was used, it was 3000 times more active than polycrystalline silver, a catalyst commonly used in converting carbon dioxide to useful chemicals.


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Top Discoveries Awaiting NASA's Next Big Telescope Expectations are high for the science that will come from the $8.7 billion James Webb Space Telescope—the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. The telescope's four main science instruments are now all in one place, as are its 18 mirror sections. When assembled in space, they will create the largest orbiting mirror ever seen. This long-awaited coming together is taking place in a vast clean room at the Goddard Space Flight Center in suburban Maryland. The last pieces have arrived, and now the two- to three-year task of assembling the telescope has begun. On Monday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Senator Bar-

bara Mikulski, Senior Project Scientist and Nobel laureate John Mather, and the Webb team celebrated this milestone. And, with equal enthusiasm, they anticipated the science that will come in once the Webb telescope is in orbit, about one million miles from Earth. With a mirror six times larger in area than the Hubble's, the Webb telescope's possibilities are dramatic:


Port Blair


Humans may have come after aliens Washington: Harvard astrophysicist Abraham Loeb has claimed that humans may be the last to evolve in universe, says ANI. Loeb told that when the universe was 15 million years old, the temperature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) was like that of a warm summer day on Earth.He said that if rocky planets existed at that epoch, then the CMB may have kept their surface warm even if they did not reside in the habitable zone around their parent star, CNET reported. Loeb said

that there might have been huge stars exploding and emitting the heavy elements.He asserted that any planets that may have resulted from these explosions would have enjoyed the warmth of cosmic microwave background radiation. Therefore, water may have been present and life forms may have existed.He suggests that planets with atmospheric bio-signatures around low-metallicity stars in the Milky Way galaxy or its dwarf galaxy satellites may once have been analogous to the very earliest of planets.

Scientists say rats could grow to size of sheep in future Over a long time it is thought that when bigger animals become extinct rats will grow to fill the environment that they lived in. Rats are known to be really good at changing to survive wherever they live. The way animals change over a long time is called 'evolution'. So scientists think that rats

will 'evolve' to grow bigger and bigger - growing to the size of other animals.



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Narendra Modi has moved ahead of BJP, RSS: Digvijaya Singh INDORE: Taking a jibe at BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh has said that his (Modi's) stature was now ahead of his own party and the RSS. Dubbing Modi as a political leader of "hard core communalist ideology," Digvijaya said "now Modi is ahead of the BJP and the Sangh." He was talking to reporters last night when he had come to attend a marriage function here. Singh also rapped the BJP over Gujar at government's Rs 10.80 per day income norm for below pover ty line (BPL) card holders. "When the Planning Commission had fixed such a standard, the BJP had raised a hue and cry," he

said, adding that BJP president Rajnath Singh should reply over Gujarat government now setting a standard for defining poverty. Alleging that Modi was a political leader of "hard-core communalist ideology," he claimed that the BJP's prime ministerial nominee had honoured those accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots. Singh also claimed that 60 per cent of the posts in favour of Modi on social networ king sites were "fake."


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Admiral D K Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM, NM, ADC, Chief of the Naval Staff called on the Lt Governor, Lt Gen (Retd) A K Singh at Raj Niwas on 04.02.2014. Also present were Smt Suneeti Singh, First Lady of the Islands and Smt Chitra Joshi.


Saraswati Puja Celebrated at Diglipur

DJ Venkatesh Sheekha News Service

Diglipur, Feb 04: Saraswati puja celebrated throughout Diglipur Island with amidst Joy. The priests in different

puja venues per formed ‘Anjali’ and then helped kids to write for the first time with chalk on a slate. Pushpanjali, offer ing of flower s along with mantras were offered.

Opening of RSC Open Volleyball Tournament Port Blair, Feb 04: Opening ceremony of RSC Open Volley ball tournament 2014 will be held in the Multipurpose Hall of Netaji Stadium on

5th February 2014, at 7 PM. The Chairperson, PBMC Mr. K. Ganeshan will be Chief Guest on this occasion.



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Military Bands enthrals Milan 14 Delegates Port Blair, Feb 04: In a captivating concert held at the Andaman and Nicobar Command last evening for the delegates and participants of MILAN 2014, bands of the Indian Army and Navy left the audience spell bound with their melodious tunes. Lt Gen(Retd) AK SINGH, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, Hon’bleLt Governor Andaman and Nicobar was the Chief Guest.Admiral DK Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, YSM, NM, ADC, Chief of the Naval Staff, who is in Port Blair for MILAN 2014 also attended the concert along with Air Marshal P K Roy, PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM, ADC, Commander-in-Chief, Andaman and Nicobar Command and other senior delegates from the participating foreign navies. From time immemorial, music has been an intrinsic part of military lifestyle. Right from beginning the day with the bugler’s call to the sounding of the Reveille at night, music has been a source of inspiration to the troops.In earlier times bands would accompany the armies into the battle field to inspire the fighting soldiers. Though this practice slowly faded away, the tradition of having the military band has continued to maintain links with the past and the rich legacy. Thus, many units of the Armed Forces continue to maintain military bands. Bands of the Armed Forces have performed in several national and international for a, and won wide acclaim for their musical virtuoso. Military band performances during the ‘Beating Retreat Ceremony’ to mark the end of the Republic Day celebrations have always been a key attraction to the audiences. The MILAN 2014 Band Concert was held at the Dweepika auditorium. The

proceedings began with mellifluousrenditions by the Indian Navy Bands from the Eastern Naval Command and INS Jarawa. The band was conducted by Lieutenant Commander Vijay Charles D’ Cruz, a very experienced musician officer of the Indian Navy. Novel versions of the popular songs,Summer of ’69 and Gangam style, which are predominantly electronic instruments’ songs, were rendered in acoustic style which showcased the musical dexterity of the band. International numbers played by the Naval Bnd were particularly appealing to the audience.A popular German military march ‘AlteKamraden’ (Old Comrade), the ‘Waltzing Matilda’, Australia’s most widely known Bush Ballad and often called the ‘Unofficial National Anthem of Australia’, a Sri Lankan patriotic song ‘HelaJathikaAbhimane’ (Proud to be A Sri Lankan) composed and arranged by Dr Patrick Denipitiya, and a New Zealand love song, ‘Pokarekare Ana’which translates into‘The Breaking of the Waves’, a traditional Maori song which gained popularity during the First World War, were among the international numbers performed by the Naval Band. Incidentally, 06 February is celebrated in New Zealand to commemorate the historicsigning of the Treaty of Waitangi, which is the country’s Founding Document while 04 February is Sri Lanka’s National Day to celebrate independence from British rule in 1948. It was a pleasant coincidence to have senior delegates from the two countries in the audience and the band dedicated respective national tunes to them, besides invitees from other countries participating in MILAN 2014.Bagpipers and

drummers from the 22 PUNJAB of the Indian Army, followed the performance of the Naval Band. Led by SubedarLachhman Singh, the band performed a marching rendition of popular patriotic numbers including ‘KadamKadamBadhayeJa’, the regimental quick march of the Indian National Army and ‘SaareJahan Se Accha’, written by the famed Urdupoet Iqbal in 1904. A Scottish song,‘The Hundred Pipers’ lent an international flavuor to the performance by the band. The final segment of the concert was performed by the military band of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Regimental Centre. The band was raised in 1948 and has the unique distinction of having participated in the 9thAsian Games at New Delhi in 1982 and the South Asian Athletics Meet at Kolkata in 1987. The conductor for last evening’s concert was NaibSubedarRaghubir Roy. In a performance lasting over half an hourthe band played captivating tunes ranging from the popular Indian song ‘Aye Mere Watanke Logon’ to ‘Scipio’s March’, a popular Roman song and ‘Cornfield March’, a song originally based on the text by William Shakespeare. A rendition of the classical, ‘RaagKathak’, was a fine example of adaptation of a classical Indian tune by military bands. ‘SobreiasOlas’ (Over the Waves), a Mexican song and ‘Besami Mucho’ (Kiss Me a Lot), a Spanish song written in 1904 which has been translated into 20 languages and sung in many different styles were the other attractions by the band. The performance was brought to a close with a soulful rendition of the poignant tunes ‘Abide With Me’ and ‘Last Post’.


Port Blair

Samsung Brand Shop inaugurated

Port Blair, Feb 04: The first ever Samsung brand shop, Digital Plaza, was inaugurated today at Aberdeen Bazar at 10.30 am. Mr. Arvind Bakshi, Branch Manager-Home Appliances (Chennai), Samsung India Electronic Pvt. Ltd, inaugurated the Show Room in the presence of Mr. Subramaniam, Regional Man-

ager, Chennai and Mr. Thomas Frederick, Branch Manager, Audio Video Division of Samsung India Electronic Pvt. Ltd. Earlier Mr. Rajesh Puria, proprietor of Digital Plaza welcomed the dignitaries and well wishers who attended the inaugural ceremony. Wide ranging products of Samsung Brand is on display in the showroom.

Weekly Cultural meet by ANA Port Blair, Jan 04: The Aditya Natya Academy (an eminent theatre group in Island) organized its 450th Weekly Cultural Meeting through a get-together on Sunday, the 2nd February, 2014 at Kodiyaghat, South Andaman. Mr. Naresh Chandra Lal, the Renowned Film Maker & Theatre Director of these Islands and member of Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The programme commenced with enchanting of ‘Natraj Pronam Mantra’ followed by pledge, Amrita Vani Panth, placement of last meeting’s proceedings, presentation of cultural news, recitation of Poem, Songs & Puppet Show contributed by the members of the academy.

Various Competition viz. Spotacting, Quiz, Mathematical Race, Balls throw & catching (for spouse only) were also arranged. Mr. Naresh Chandra Lal appreciated the activities of academy and emphasized for the theatrical unity in the Islands. The General Secretary, Mr. Sunil Kumar Nath in his brief speech expressed his view that the Academy should adopt some innovation activities in the field of culture. The Ex-General Secretary, Mr. Aradiranjan Bhattacharjee conducted the whole programme and the programme was concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Dipak Kr. Saha, Vice President of the Academy.

Sound & Light programme The second show of Sound & L ight p r ogr a mme a t Cellular Jail (at 07:15 p.m.) will be held in English from

04th 08th February 2014 du e t o Adminis t r at ive reasons . Inconvenience is regretted.

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