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“They do business in my word. And they will set forth a harsh fate in which the race of the immortal souls will run in vain until my return. For they will remain among them. And I have forgiveness of their transgressions into which they fell because of the adversaries. I accepted their ransom from the slavery in which they existed (and) I gave them freedom. For they will create an imitation remnant in the name of a dead man, who is Hermas, the first-born of unrighteousness, in order that the real light might not be believed by the little ones. But those of this sort (the adversaries) are the workers who will be cast into the outer darkness, away from the children of light. For they will not enter, but neither do they permit those (to enter) who are going up to their approval and for their release. And still others of them who have sensual (na­ tures) think that they will perfect the wis­ dom of the brotherhood that really exists, the spiritual friendship with those com­ panions rooted in fellowship, those through whom the wedding of incorrupt­ ibility will be revealed. “The kindred race of the sisterhood will appear as an imitation. These are the ones who oppress their brothers, saying to them, ‘Through this our God has pity, since salvation (allegedly) comes to us through this.’ They do not know the pun­ ishment of those who are delighted by what has been done to the little ones whom they sought out and imprisoned. And there will be others of those who are outside our number who name them­ selves ‘bishop’ and also ‘deacons,’ as if they have received their authority from God. They submit to the judgment of the leaders. Those people are dry canals.” But I said, “I am afraid because of what you have told me—that indeed little ones are, in our view, counterfeit. Indeed, there are multitudes that will mislead


other multitudes of living ones, and they will be destroyed among them. And when they speak your name, they will be believed.” The Savior said, “For a period of time determined for them in proportion to their error, they will rule over the little ones. But after the completion of the error, the ageless one of immortal understanding will be renewed, and they (the little ones) will rule over those who are their rulers. The root of their error he will pull out, and he will put it to shame, and it will be exposed in all the impudence that it has assumed to itself. And such persons shall remain unchanged, O Peter. Come, there­ fore! Let us proceed to the completion of the will of the undefiled Father. For be­ hold, those who will bring judgment upon themselves are coming. And they will put themselves to shame. But me they cannot touch. And you, O Peter, will stand in their midst. Do not be afraid because of your cowardice. Their minds will be closed. For the invisible one has opposed them.” When he had said those things, I saw him apparently being seized by them. And I said, “What am I seeing, O Lord? Is it you yourself whom they take? And are you holding on to me? Who is this one above the cross, who is glad and laughing? And is it another person whose feet and hands they are hammering?” The Savior said to me, “He whom you see above the cross, glad and laughing, is the living Jesus. But he into whose hands and feet they are driving the nails is his physical part, which is the substi­ tute. They are putting to shame that which is in his likeness. But look at him and me.” But I, when I had looked, said, “Lord, no one is looking at you. Let us flee this place.” But he said to me, “I have told you, ‘Leave the blind alone!’ And notice

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