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what I tell you, without delay and without reserve and without respect of persons; serve in the strait, direct, and narrow way. And thereby will the Father in every re­ spect rejoice concerning you.”

And he said to us, “Now what has fallen will arise, and what is ill will be sound, that my Father may be praised therein; as he has done to me, so I (will do) to you and to all who believe in me.



And we said again to him, “O Lord, look; we have you to de­ rision with the many questions.” And he said to us, “I know that in faith and with your whole heart you question me. And I am glad because of you. Truly I say to you I am pleased, and my Father in me rejoices, that you thus inquire and ask. Your boldness makes me rejoice, and it affords yourselves life.” And when he had said this to us, we were glad, for he had spoken to us in gentleness. And we said again to him, “Our Lord, in all things you have shown yourself gracious toward us and grant us life; for all we have asked you you have told us.” Then he said to us, “Does the flesh or the spirit fall away?” And we said to him, “The flesh.”

“Truly I say to you, the flesh will rise with the soul, that they may confess and be judged with the work which they have done, whether it is good or bad, in order that there may be a se­ lection and exhibition for those who have believed and have done the command­ ment of my Father who sent me. Then will the righteous judgment take place; for thus my Father wills, and he said to me, ‘My son, on the day of judgment you will not fear the rich and not spare the poor; rather deliver each one to eternal punishment according to his sins.’ But to those who have loved me and do love me and who have done my commandment I will grant rest in life in the kingdom of my heavenly Father.”

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