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Then she went back to our Lord and said to him, “None of them believed me concerning your resurrection.” And he said to her, “Let another one of you go saying this again to them.” And Sarah came and gave us the same news, and we accused her of lying. And she returned to our Lord and spoke to him as Mary had.


And then the Lord said to Mary and to her sisters, “Let us go to them.” And he came and found us inside, veiled. And we doubted and did not be­ lieve. He came before us like a ghost and we did not believe that it was he. But it was he. And thus he said to us. “Come, and do not be afraid. I am your teacher whom you, Peter, denied three times be­ fore the cock crowed, and now do you deny again?” And we went to him, think­ ing and doubting whether it was he. And he said to us, “Why do you doubt and why are you not believing that I am he who spoke to you concerning my flesh, my death, and my resurrection? And that you may know that it is I, lay your hand, Peter (and your finger) in the nailprint of my hands; and you, Thomas, in my side; and also you, Andrew, see whether my foot steps on the ground and leaves a footprint. For it is written: ‘But a ghost, a demon, leaves no print on the ground.’ ”


But now we felt him, that he had truly risen in the flesh. And then we fell on our faces before him, asked him for pardon, and entreated him because we had not believed him. Then our Lord and Savior said to us, “Stand up and I will reveal to you what is on earth, and what is above heaven, and your resurrection that is in the kingdom of heaven, concerning which my Father has sent me, that I may take up you and those who believe in me.”



And what he revealed is this, as he said to us, “While I was coming from the Father of all, passing by the heavens, wherein I put on the wisdom of the Father and by his power clothed myself in his power, I was like the heav­ ens. And passing by the angels and arch­ angels in their form and as one of them, I passed by the orders, dominions, and princes, possessing the measure of the wisdom of the Father who sent me. And the archangels Michael and Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel followed me until the fifth firmament of heaven, while I ap­ peared as one of them. This kind of power was given me by the Father. Then I made the archangels to become dis­ tracted with the voice and go up to the altar of the Father and serve the Father in their work until I should return to him. I did this thus in the likeness of his wis­ dom. For I became all in all with them, that I, fulfilling the will of the mercy of the Father and the glory of him who sent me, might return to him.


“Do you know that the angel Gabriel came and brought the message to Mary?” And we said to him, “Yes, O Lord.” And he answered and said to us, “Do you not remember that I pre­ viously said to you that I became like an angel to the angels?” And we said to him, “Yes, O Lord.” And he said to us, “At that time I appeared in the form of the archangel Gabriel to the virgin Mary and spoke with her, and her heart received (me); she believed and laughed; and I, the Word, went into her and became flesh; and I myself was servant for my­ self; and in the likeness of an angel, like him will I do, and after it I will go to my Father.


“And you therefore celebrate the remembrance of my death, which is the Passover; the one who stands

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