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What Jesus Christ revealed to his disciples as a letter, and how Jesus Christ revealed the letter of the council of the apostles, the disciples of Jesus Christ, to the Catholics; which was writ­ ten because of the false apostles Simon and Cerinthus, that no one should follow them—for in them is deceit with which they kill people—that you may be estab­ lished and not waver, not be shaken, and not turn away from the word of the Gos­ pel that you have heard. As we have heard (it), kept (it), and have written (it) for the whole world, so we entrust (it) to you, our sons and daughters, in joy and in the name of God the Father, the ruler of the world, and in Jesus Christ. May grace increase upon you.


(We,) John and Thomas and Peter and Andrew and James and Philip and Bartholomew and Matthew and Na­ thanael and Judas Zelotes and Cephas, we have written to the churches of the East and West, towards North and South, recounting and proclaiming to you con­ cerning our Lord Jesus Christ, as we have written; and we have heard and felt him after he had risen from the dead; and how he has revealed to us things great, aston­ ishing, real. . . .


And these things our Lord and Sav­ ior revealed and showed to us, and likewise we to you, that you, reflecting upon eternal life, may be associates in the grace of the Lord and in our service and in our glory. Be firm, without wa­ vering, in the knowledge and investiga­ tion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and he will prove gracious and will save always in all never-ending eternity.


Cerinthus and Simon have come to go through the world. But they are enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ, who in reality alienate those who believe in the

true word and deed, namely Jesus Christ. Therefore take care and beware of them, for in them is affliction and contamina­ tion and death, the end of which will be destruction and judgment.


Because of that we have not hesi­ tated with the true testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how he acted while we saw him, and how he constantly both explained and caused our thoughts within us.


He of whom we are witnesses we know as the one crucified in the days of Pontius Pilate and of the prince Archelaus, who was crucified between two thieves;2 and was taken down from the wood of the cross together with them; and he was buried in a place which is called the place of the skull, to which three women came, Sarah, Martha, and Mary Magdalene. They carried ointment to pour out upon his body, weeping and mourning over what had happened. And they approached the tomb and found the stone where it had been rolled away from the tomb, and they opened the door and did not find his body.


And as they were mourning and weeping, the Lord appeared to them and said to them, “Do not weep; I am he whom you seek. But let one of you go to your brothers and say to them, ‘Come, our Master has risen from the dead.’ ” And Mary came to us and told us. And we said to her, “What have we to do with you, O woman? He that is dead and bur­ ied, can he then live?” And we did not believe her, that our Savior had risen from the dead.


Matt 27–28; Mark 15–16; Luke 23–24; John 19–21.

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