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for his every word is an accomplished deed.” Jesus then left from there to play with the other children.


Some time later a house was being built and there was a great disturbance. Jesus got up and went out to the place. He saw a man lying down, dead; taking his hand he said, “I say to you, O man, rise up and do your work.” Immediately he rose up and wor­ shiped him. 2 When the crowd saw, it was amazed and said, “This child comes from heaven. For he has saved many souls from death—his entire life he is able to save them.”


When he was twelve years old his parents made their custom­ ary trip to Jerusalem, in a caravan, for the Passover feast. After the Passover they returned home. While they were re­ turning, the child Jesus went back up to Jerusalem. But his parents thought he was in the caravan. 2 After their first day of travel, they began looking for him among their relatives and were upset not to find him. They returned again to the city to look for him. And after the third day they found him sitting in the Temple in the

midst of the teachers, both listening and asking them questions. Everyone was at­ tending closely, amazed that though a child, he questioned the elders and teach­ ers of the people sharply, explaining the chief points of the Law and the parables of the prophets. 3 When his mother Mary came up to him she said, “Why have you done this to us, child? See, we have been distressed, looking for you.” Jesus replied to them, “Why are you looking for me? Don’t you know that I must be with those who are my Father’s?”b 4 The scribes and Pharisees said, “Are you the mother of this child?” She replied, “I am.” They said to her, “You are most fortunate among women, because God has blessed the fruit of your womb. For we have never seen or heard of such glory, such virtue and wisdom. 5 Jesus got up from there and followed his mother, and he was obedient to his parents. But his mother kept to herself all these things that had happened. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and grace. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.


Or: be doing my Fathers’ business; or: be in my Father’s house

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