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father Joseph saw what he had done and was amazed. He embraced the child and gave him a kiss, saying “I am blessed that God has given me this child.”


When Joseph observed the mind of the child and saw that he was starting to mature, he again did not want him to be unable to read, and so took him out to give him over to an­ other teacher. The teacher said to Joseph, “First I will teach him to read Greek, and then Hebrew.” For the teacher knew of the child’s learning and was afraid of him. Nonetheless, he wrote out the al­ phabet and practiced it for him for a long time; but the child gave him no response. 2 Then Jesus said to him, “If you are really a teacher and know the letters well, tell me the power of the Alpha, and I will tell you the power of the Beta.” The teacher was aggravated and struck him on the head. The child was hurt and cursed him; and immediately he fainted and fell to the ground on his face. 3 The child returned to Joseph’s house. Joseph was smitten with grief and ordered his mother, “Do not let him out the door; for those who anger him die.”


Some time later there was an­ other instructor, a close friend of Joseph, who said to him, “Bring the child to me at the school. Maybe I can use flattery to teach him to read.” Joseph said to him, “If you’re that courageous, brother, take him along with you.” He took him with great fear and much anx­ iety, but the child went along gladly. 2 He entered the school with confidence and found a book lying on the reading desk. He picked it up, but instead of reading the words in it, he opened his mouth and began to speak in the Holy Spirit, teach­ ing the Law to those who were standing there. A great crowd gathered, standing there to hear him; and they were amazed


at the great beauty of his teaching and his carefully crafted words—amazed that he could speak such things though still a babe. 3 But when Joseph heard about this he was frightened. He ran to the school, thinking that this instructor may also have proved ignorant. But the instructor said to Joseph, “You should know, brother, that I took the child as a pupil; but he is filled with great grace and wisdom. Now I ask you brother, take him home.” 4 When the child heard these things, he immediately laughed at him and said, “Since you have rightly spoken and rightly borne witness, for your sake that other one who was struck down will be healed.” And right away the other in­ structor was healed. Joseph took the child and returned home.


Now Joseph sent his son James to bundle some wood and bring it to the house. The child Jesus also fol­ lowed him. While James was gathering the firewood, a snake bit his hand. 2 When he was stretched out on the ground dying, Jesus came up to him and breathed on the bite. The pain immedi­ ately stopped, the animal burst, and straight away James was returned to health.


After these things, an infant in Joseph’s neighborhood became sick and died; and his mother was weep­ ing loudly. When Jesus heard the outburst of sorrow and the disturbance, he ran up quickly and found the child dead. He touched its breast, saying “I say to you, young child, do not die but live, and be with your mother.” Immediately the child opened its eyes and laughed. Jesus said to the woman, “Take him, give him milk, and remember me.” 2 When the crowd standing there saw what had happened, it was amazed. The people said, “Truly this child is either God or an angel of God,

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