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Holy Spirit, but that they took it them­ selves. If someone does not take it him­ self, the name also will be taken away from him. But one receives them in the anointing of the power of [the cross] . . . the apostles call it “the right” and “the left.” For this reason one is no longer a Christian, but a Christ. 68 The Lord [did?] all in a Mystery, a Baptism, an Anointing, a Eucharist, a Salvation, and a Bridal Chamber. . . . 82 Is it all right to speak a mystery? The Father of all joined himself with the virgin who came down, and a fire[?] was burned for him that day. He appeared in the great Bridal Chamber. Therefore, his body came into being that day. He came out of the Bridal Chamber as one who came into being from the bridegroom and the bride. Thus, Jesus established all through these. And it is fitting for each of the disciples to enter his repose. 83 Adam came into being from two virgins: from the Spirit and from the vir­ gin earth. Therefore, the Christ was born from a virgin so that he could bring order to the stumbling which occurred in the beginning. 84 There are two trees in paradise. The one engenders a[nimals]; the other en­ genders people. Adam [ate] from the tree which brought forth animals; [he be]came a beast and he begot beasts. Be­ cause of this they worship . . . of Adam. The tree . . . fruit is . . . engenders people . . . the (person) . . . God created the p[erson . . . the perso]n created God. 85 It is like this in the world: people create Gods and they worship those whom they have created. It would be proper if the Gods worshipped people. . . . 99 The world came into being through an error. For he who created it intended to create it imperishable and immortal. He failed to attain his hope. For the world


is not imperishable and neither is he who created the world. For there is no imper­ ishability, of things, but there is of sons. And no thing can attain imperishability if it does not become a son. But if some­ one cannot receive, how much more will he not be able to give? 100 The Cup of Prayer holds wine and it holds water. It serves as a type of the blood for which they give thanks. And it is full of the Holy Spirit and belongs to the completely perfect Man. When we drink this, we will take to ourselves the perfect Man. 101 The living water is a body. It is right that we clothe ourselves with the living Man. Therefore, when he comes to go down to the water, he disrobes in order that he may put this one on. . . . 125 As long as it is hidden, wickedness is really brought to nothing, but it is still not removed from the midst of the seed of the Holy Spirit. They are slaves of evil. When it is revealed, then the perfect light will pour over everyone, all those in it will receive the [anointing]. Then the slaves will become free, and the pris­ oners will be redeemed. 126 [Every] plant my Father in Heaven does not plant [will be] rooted out. Those who are alienated will be united. They will be filled. Everyone who [will go in] to the Bridal Chamber will [light the light]. For [it shines] as in the marriages which [are seen, although they] are in the night. The fire [burns] in the night, then it is extinguished. But the mysteries of this marriage are fulfilled in the day and the light. That day and its light do not set. 127 If anyone becomes a child of the Bridal Chamber, he will receive the light. If anyone does not receive it while he is in these places (i.e., this world), he will not be able to receive it in the other place. The one who has received light cannot

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