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not have life in him.”1 What is it? His flesh is the Logos, and his blood is the Holy Spirit. Whoever has received these has food and drink and clothing. I blame those who say it will not rise. Then they are both to blame. You say, “The flesh will not rise.” But tell me what will rise, so that we may praise you. You say, “The spirit in the flesh and this light in the flesh.” This is also a Logos (or, saying) which is fleshly. Whatever you say, you do not say anything outside the flesh. It is necessary to rise in this flesh; every­ thing is in it. 24 In this world those who put on clothes are worth more than the clothes. In the Kingdom of Heaven the clothes are worth more than those who have put them on. Through water and fire, which purify the whole place, 25 those things which are revealed are revealed by those which are manifest, those which are secret by those which are secret. Some are hidden through those which are manifest. There is water in water; there is fire in anointing. 26 Jesus secretly stole them all. For he showed himself not to be as he really was, but he appeared in a way that they could see him. To those . . . he appeared. [He appeared] to the great as great. [He appeared] to the small as small. [He ap­ peared] to the angels as an angel and to humans as a human. Because of this, his Logos hid from everyone. Some, to be sure, saw him, and they thought that they saw themselves. But, when he appeared in glory to the disciples on the mountain he was not small. He became great; how­ ever, he made the disciples great, so that they were able to see him as he was, great. He said on that day in the thanksgiv­ ing, “You who have united with the per­ fect, the light, the Holy Spirit, have united the angels also with us, with the images.”


27 Do not scorn the Lamb. For without it one cannot see the King. No one who is naked will be able to find his way to the King. 28 The heavenly Man has many more children than the earthly man. If the chil­ dren of Adam are more numerous, and still die, how much more the children of the Perfect One who do not die but are always begotten. . . . 32 There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, his mother and her sister and Magdalene, whom they call his lover. A Mary is his sister and his mother and his lover. 33 “The Father” and “the Son” are sin­ gle names. The “Holy Spirit” is a double name. They are everywhere. They are above; they are below; they are in the secret; they are in the revealed. The Holy Spirit is in the revealed; it is below; it is in the secret; it is above. 34 The saints are ministered to by the evil powers, for the powers are blind be­ cause of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, they will believe that they serve a man when they work for the saints. Because of this, one day a disciple sought from the Lord something from the world. He said to him, “Ask your mother, and she will give you from a stranger’s (things).” . . . 50 God is a man eater. On account of this the Man [was killed] for him. Before they killed the Man, they killed animals, for those were not Gods for whom they killed. 51 Glass and pottery vessels are both made with fire. But if glass vessels are broken they are made again, for they are created with a breath. But if pottery ves­ sels are broken, they are destroyed, for they are created without a breath.


John 6:54.

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