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18 But many were wandering around with torches, thinking that it was night; and they stumbled about. 19 And the Lord cried out, “My power, O power, you have left me behind!” When he said this, hea was taken up. 20 At that time, the curtain of the Tem­ ple in Jerusalem was ripped in half. 21 Then they pulled the nails from the Lord’s hands and placed him on the ground. All the ground shook and every­ one was terrified. 22 Then the sun shone and it was found to be three in the afternoon. 23 But the Jews were glad and gave his body to Joseph that he might bury him, since he had seen all the good things he did. 24 He took the Lord, washed him, wrapped him in a linen cloth, and brought him into his own tomb, called the Garden of Joseph. 25 Then the Jews, the elders, and the priests realized how much evil they had done to themselves and began beating their breasts, saying “Woe to us because of our sins. The judgment and the end of Jerusalem are near.” 26 But I and my companions were grieving and went into hiding, wounded in heart. For we were being sought out by them as if we were evildoers who wanted to burn the Temple. 27 Because of these things we fasted and sat mourn­ ing and weeping, night and day, until the Sabbath. 28 The scribes, Pharisees, and elders gathered together and heard all the people murmuring and beating their breasts, say­ ing, “If such great signs happened when he died, you can see how righteous he was!” 29 The elders became fearful and went to Pilate and asked him, 30 “Give us some soldiers to guard his crypt for three days to keep his disciples from coming to steal him. Otherwise the peo­ ple may assume he has been raised from the dead and then harm us.”


31 So Pilate gave them the centurion Petronius and soldiers to guard the tomb. The elders and scribes came with them to the crypt. 32 Everyone who was there, along with the centurion and the soldiers, rolled a great stone and placed it there before the entrance of the crypt. 33 They smeared it with seven seals, pitched a tent there, and stood guard. 34 Early in the morning, as the Sab­ bath dawned, a crowd came from Jeru­ salem and the surrounding area to see the sealed crypt. 35 But during the night on which the Lord’s day dawned, while the soldiers stood guard two by two on their watch, a great voice came from the sky. 36 They saw the skies open and two men descend from there; they were very bright and drew near to the tomb. 37 The stone cast before the entrance rolled away by itself and moved to one side; the tomb was open and both young men entered. 38 When the solders saw these things, they woke up the centurion and the elders—for they were also there on guard. 39 As they were explaining what they had seen, they saw three men emerge from the tomb, two of them supporting the other, with a cross following behind them. 40 The heads of the two reached up to the sky, but the head of the one they were leading went up above the skies. 41 And they heard a voice from the skies, “Have you preached to those who are asleep?” 42 And a reply came from the cross, “Yes.” 43 They then decided among them­ selves to go off to disclose what had happened to Pilate. 44 While they were still making their plans, the skies were again seen to open, and a person de­ scended and entered the crypt. 45 Those


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