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whose sake I was written about by the father himself.” And I took note of my stature, And all the royal feelings rested on me as its energy increased. Thrust out by his hand the garment hastened to me as I went to re­ ceive it, And a longing aroused me to rush and meet it and to receive it. And I stretched out and took it and adorned myself with the beauty of its colors. And I covered myself completely with my royal robe over it. When I had put it on I ascended to the land of peace and homage. And I lowered my head and pros­ trated myself before the splendor



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of the father who had sent it to me. For it was I who had obeyed his commands And it was I who had also kept the promise, And I mingled at the doors of his ancient royal building. He took delight in me and received me in his palace. All his subjects were singing hymns with harmonious voices. He allowed me also to be admitted to the doors of the king him­ self, So that with my gifts and the pearl I might appear before the king himself.

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