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43 Awake, and rise from your sleep. 44 Listen to the words in this letter, Re-

68 And with familial love leading me

member you are the son of kings, You have fallen beneath the yoke of slavery. Remember your gold-spangled garment, Recall the pearl for which you were sent to Egypt, Your name has been called to the book of life, Together with that of your brother whom you have received in our kingdom.” And the king sealed it to make it an ambassador, Because of the wicked Babylonian children and the tyrannical de­ mons of the Labyrinth. I rose from sleep when I recognized its voice, I took it up and kissed it and I read. And what was written concerned that which was engraved on my heart. And I immediately remembered that I was a son of kings and that my freedom demanded my people. I remembered the pearl for which I had been sent to Egypt, And the fact that I had come to snatch it from the terrifying serpent. I subdued it by calling out my father’s name, And I snatched the pearl and turned about to go to my parents. And I took off the dirty clothing and left it behind in their land. And directed my way forthwith to the light of our Eastern home. And on the road I found a female who lifted me up. She awakened me, giving me an oracle with her voice, and guided me to the light, The Royal silken garment shone be­ fore my eyes.

69 I passed by the Labyrinth, And leav-

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and drawing me on ing Babylon behind on the left, 70 I reached Meson which is a great

coast. 75 But I could not recall my splendor,

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For it had been when I was still a child and quite young that I had left it behind in my father’s palace. But, when suddenly I saw my garment reflected as in a mirror, I perceived in it my whole self as well And through it I knew and saw myself. For though we originated from the one and the same we were par­ tially divided, Then again we were one, with a sin­ gle form. The treasurers too who had brought the garment I saw as two beings, but there existed a single form in both, One royal symbol consisting of two halves. And they had my money and wealth in their hands and gave me my reward: The fine garment of glorious colors, Which was embroidered with gold, precious stones, and pearls to give a good appearance. It was fastened at the collar. And the image of the King of Kings was all over it. Stones of lapis lazuli had been skillfully fixed to the collar, And I saw in turn that motions of knowledge were stirring through­ out it, And that it was prepared to speak. Then I heard it speak: “It is I who belong to the one who is stronger than all people and for

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