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but a winter for sinners. And so, when the mercy of the Lord shines forth, those who serve as slaves to God will stand out clearly, and everyone will be able to rec­ ognize them. 3 For just as the fruits of each individ­ ual tree appear in the summer and their species are recognized, so too the fruits of the upright will appear, and they will all be known in that age because they will be blossoming. 4 But the outsiders and sinners—who are the withered trees you saw—will be found withered and fruitless in that age, and they will be burned like withered trees and shown for what they are, be­ cause they did what was evil in their lifetimes. The sinners will be burned for sinning and not repenting. But the outsid­ ers will be burned for not knowing the one who created them. 5 You, therefore, bear fruit in your­ self, that your fruit may appear in that summer. But avoid many business activ­ ities and you will not sin at all. For those involved with numerous business dealings are also involved in numerous sins, since they are distracted by their affairs and do not serve as the Lord’s slaves. 6 How then,” he continued, “can some­ one like this receive anything he asks from the Lord, if he does not serve as the Lord’s slave? For his slaves will receive what they request, but those who are not his slaves will receive nothing. 7 But if someone should engage in just one kind of business,j he will also be able to serve as the Lord’s slave. For his thoughts will in no way be cor­ rupted away from the Lord, but he will be enslaved to him, keeping his thoughts pure. 8 So then, if you do these things you will be able to bear fruit in the age that is coming. And whoever else does these things will bear fruit.”

Another Parable, Five (V, 1) While I was fasting and sitting on a certain mountain, thanking the Lord for everything he had done for me, I saw the shepherd sitting next to me. And he said to me: “Why have you come here so early?” “Because, Lord,” I said, “I have a duty to perform.”k 2 “What is the duty?”l he asked. “I am fasting, Lord,” I replied. “But what is this fast you people are keeping?” he asked. “I am fasting according to my custom, Lord,” I said. 3 “You people do not know how to fast for God,” he said, “and this worthless fast you are keeping for him is not a fast.” “Why do you say this, Lord,” I asked. “I say this,” he said, “because what you think you are keeping is not a fast. But I will teach you a fast that is acceptable and complete to the Lord.” “Yes, Lord,” I said, “you will make me blessed if you show me the fast acceptable to God.” “Listen,” he said. 4 “God does not want this kind of vain fast. For when you fast like this to God you do nothing at all righteous. But fast to God as follows: 5 Do no evil in your life, but serve as the Lord’s slave with a pure heart, keep­ ing his commandments and proceeding in his injunctions; and let no evil desire rise up in your heart. Trust in God, be­ cause if you do these things and fear him and are self-restrained from every evil deed, you will live to God. If you do these things, you will accomplish a fast that is great and acceptable to the Lord.



Or: one business transaction tion lOr: What is a station?


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