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curately. For I know that if I no longer increase my sins, I will be saved.” “You will be saved,” he replied, “as will every­ one else who does these things.” (IV, 4) I asked him again, “Lord, since you have borne with me once, reveal this to me as well.” “Speak,” he said. “Lord,” I said, “if a wife or, again, a husband, should die and the survivor marry, does the one who marries commit a sin?” 2 “That one does not sin,” he said, “but anyone who remains alone has provided a superior honor for himself and a great glory to the Lord. But if such a one does marry, it is not a sin. 3 And so, maintain your purity and reverence, and you will live to God. From now on, from this day in which you have been entrusted to me, guard all these things that I say and am about to say to you, and I will reside in your house. 4 For your former transgressions will be forgiven if you guard my command­ ments. And everyone will be forgiven, if they guard these my commandments and proceed in this purity.”


Fifth Commandment (V, 1) “Be patient,” he said, “and un­ derstanding, and you will rule over every evil work and do all that is righteous. 2 For if you are patient, the holy spirit that dwells in you will be pure and will not be overshadowed by another, evil spirit; but dwelling in a broad place it will rejoice and be glad with the vessel it inhabits, and it will serve God with great cheerfulness, flourishing in itself. 3 But if any irascibility should enter in, immediately the holy spirit, which is sen­


sitive, feels cramped; and not having a pure place it seeks to leave. For it is suffocated by the evil spirit, not having a place to serve the Lord as it wishes, being polluted by the irascibility. For the Lord dwells in patience, but the devil in irascibility. 4 And so, when both spirits dwell in the same place, it is unprofitable and evil for that person in whom they dwell. 5 For if you take a very small portion of wormwood and pour it into a jar of honey, is not all the honey spoiled? A great deal of honey is ruined by the least bit of wormwood. It destroys the sweet­ ness of the honey, which is no longer pleasing to the master, because it has become bitter and lost its value. But if the wormwood is not put into the honey, the honey is found to be sweet and is valuable to the master. 6 You see that patience is sweeter than honey and is valuable to the Lord, and he dwells in it. But irascibility is bitter and useless. And so, if irascibility is mixed with patience, the patience is de­ filed and its prayer is of no use to God.” 7 “I wish to know, Lord,” I said, “the inner workings of irascibility, that I may guard against it.” “Yes indeed,” he re­ plied, “if you and your household do not guard against it, you destroy your entire hope. But guard against it, for I am with you. And all those who repent from their whole heart will abstain from it; for I will be with them and protect them. For all have been made upright by the most rev­ erend angel.” (V, 2) “Hear, now,” he said, “the inner workings of irascibility, how it is evil and brings ruin on the slaves of God by the way it works, and misleads them away from righteousness. It does not mislead those who are full of faith, nor is it able to work against them, be­


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