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First Commandment (I) “First of all, believe that God is one, who created and com­ pleted all things, and made everything that exists out of that which did not, who contains all things but is himself, alone, uncontained. 2 And so believe in him and fear him, and in your fear be self-restrained. Guard these matters and you will cast all wick­ edness from yourselves and clothe your­ selves with every righteous virtue, and you will live to God—if you guard this commandment.”


Second Commandment (II) He said to me, “Hold on to sim­ plicity and be innocent, and you will be like young children who do not know the wickedness that destroys human life. 2 First, of all, do not slander anyone. Nor listen gladly to anyone else who slanders. Otherwise, you the hearer will share the sin of the slanderer—if you believe the slander you hear. For when you believe it you also will hold some­ thing against your brother. And so you will share the sin of the one who slanders. 3 Slander is evil, a restless demon, never at peace but always living in dis­ sension. And so, abstain from it and you will always be in good standing with all. 4 Clothe yourself with reverence, in which there is no wicked stumbling block, but everything is smooth and cheerful. Do what is good, and take what you have earned through the toils God has given you and give simply to those in need, not wavering about to whom you should give something and to whom not. Give to everyone. For God wishes every­



one to be given something from his own gifts. 5 And so, those who receive something will render an account to God, about why they received something and to what end. For those who received because of hard­ ship will not face condemnation; but those who received out of hypocrisy will pay a penalty. 6 And so the one who gives is inno­ cent. For as he was given a ministry from the Lord to complete, he has completed it in a simple way, having no doubts about to whom he should give or not give something. This ministry that is com­ pleted in a simple way becomes glorious before God, so that the one who ministers thus, in a simple way, will live to God. 7 And so guard this commandment as I have spoken it to you, that your repen­ tance and that of your household may be found to be in simplicity—and pure, in­ nocent, and blameless.”

Third Commandment (III) Then he spoke to me again, “Love the truth and let all truth come from your mouth, so that the spirit that God made to live in this flesh may be recognized as true by everyone; in this way the Lord who dwells in you will be glorified. For the Lord is true in his every word, and there is no lie in him. 2 And so, those who lie reject the Lord and defraud him, not handing over to him the down payment they received. For they received from him a spirit that does not lie; if they return it to him as a liar, they defile the commandment of the Lord and become defrauders.” 3 When I heard these things I wept bitterly. When he saw me weeping he asked, “Why are you weeping?” “Be­ cause, Lord,” I said, “I do not know if I


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