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matters.” “Yes Lady,” I said, “explain these things to me.” 2 “Listen,” she said. “The black is this world, in which all of you live. 3 The fire- and blood-red shows that this world must be destroyed through blood and fire. 4 But you who escape this world are the part that is gold. For just as gold is tested through fire and thus becomes use­ ful, so also you who dwell among themi are put to the test. Those who endure and are burned by them will be made pure. For just as gold casts off its dross, so also you will cast off every grief and tribula­ tion, and be cleansed and made useful for the building of the tower. 5 But the part that is white is the age that is coming, in which the chosen ones of God will dwell. For those who have been chosen by God for eternal life will be spotless and pure. 6 And so do not stop speaking in the ears of the saints. You now have the fore­ shadowing of the great affliction that is coming. But if you wish, it will come to nothing. Remember the things written before.” 7 When she said these things she de­ parted; but I did not see where she went. For there was a noise, and I turned around out of fear, thinking that the beast was coming.

Vision Five (V) After I prayed in my house, sit­ ting on my bed, an eminent looking man came to me, dressed in shepherd’s clothing—wrapped with a white goat skin around his waist, with a back­ pack on his shoulder and a staff in his hand. He greeted me, and I greeted him in return. 2 He immediately sat next to me and


said, “I have been sent from the most reverend angel to live with you for the rest of your life.” 3 I thought he had come to put me to the test, and I said to him, “Who are you? For I know the one to whom I have been entrusted.” He said to me, “Do you not recognize me?” “No,” I replied. He said, “I am the shepherd to whom you have been entrusted.” 4 While he was speaking his appear­ ance changed, and I recognized him, since he was in fact the one to whom I had been entrusted. And I was suddenly thrown into confusion, seized with fear, and entirely broken up by grief, because I had given him such a wicked and fool­ ish response. 5 But he said to me, “Do not be con­ fused, but become strong in my com­ mandments, which I am about to give you. For I was sent,” he said, “to show you yet again all the things that you saw before, since these are what will chiefly benefit you. First, though, write my com­ mandments and parables; but write the other things just as I show them to you. This is why,” he said, “I am commanding you first to write the commandments and parables—that you may read them regu­ larly and so be able to keep them.” 6 And so I wrote the commandments and parables, just as he commanded me. 7 If then, after you hear them, you keep them and walk in them and accomplish them with a pure heart, you will receive from the Lord everything he promised you. But if you do not repent once you have heard them, but increase your sins still further, you will receive the opposite from the Lord. The shepherd, the angel of repentance, thus commanded me to write all these things.


I.e., either among the inhabitants of the world, or among the fire and the blood

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