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and their complaint rises up to the Lord, and you be shut out from the gate of the tower, along with your goods. 7 And so now I say to you who lead the church and sit in its chief seats. Do not be like the sorcerers. For the sorcerers carry their potions in boxes, but you carry your potion and poison in the heart. 8 You have grown calloused and refuse to cleanse your hearts and to join your minds together in clean hearts, so as to receive mercy from the great king. 9 And so take heed, children, lest these dissensions deprive you of your life. 10 How can you want to discipline the Lord’s chosen ones, when you yourselves have no discipline? And so, discipline one another and be at peace among your­ selves, that I also may stand before the Father cheerfully and so render an ac­ count to our Lord for all of you.”

(III, 10) Then, when she stopped speak­ ing with me, the six young men who were building came and took her away to the tower. And four others came and took the couch and carried it off to the tower as well. I did not see their faces, because they were turned away. 2 But as she was leaving I began ask­ ing her to give me a revelation about the three forms in which she appeared to me. And she answered me, “You must ask someone else to reveal these things to you.” 3 For in the first vision, brothers, the year before, she appeared to me as a very elderly woman, seated on a chair. 4 In the other vision she had a younger face, but her skin and hair were older, and she spoke to me while standing. But she was more cheerful than before. 5 And in the third vision she was very young and exceedingly beautiful in ap­ pearance; only her hair was older. But



she was completely cheerful and seated on a couch. 6 I was very sad, wanting to know about this revelation. Then I saw the el­ derly woman in a night vision, saying to me, “Every request requires humility. And so fast, and you will receive from the Lord what you ask.” 7 So I fasted one day, and in that night a young man appeared to me and said, “Why do you constantly ask for revela­ tions in your prayer? Take care, or you will harm your flesh by asking so much. 8 These revelations are enough for you. How can you manage to see reve­ lations even more powerful than the ones you have already seen?” 9 I replied to him, “Lord, I am asking only about the three forms of the elderly woman, that the revelation may be com­ plete.” He answered me, “How long will you people be ignorant? You have be­ come ignorant from being of two minds, not having your hearts set on the Lord.” 10 I said to him again, “But from you, Lord, we will learn all these things more accurately.”


(III, 11) “Listen,” he said, “concerning the forms you are inquiring

after. 2 In the first vision, why did she appear to you as an elderly woman, seated on a chair? Because your spirit is elderly and already fading away, having no vigor be­ cause you are feeble and of two minds. 3 For just as elderly people who have no hope of being rejuvenated look for­ ward to nothing but their sleep,g so also you, grown feeble because of your worldly affairs, have handed yourselves over to apathy, and you do not cast your


Or: death

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