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said to me, “Do you see seven women around the tower?” “I see them, Lady,” I replied. “This tower,” she said, “is sup­ ported by them according to the com­ mandment of the Lord. 3 Hear now about the work they do. The first of them, the one clasping her hands, is called Faith. Those who are chosen by God are saved through her. 4 And the other one, the one wearing a belt and acting like a man,f is called Self-restraint. She is the daughter of Faith. Whoever follows her will be for­ tunate in his life, because he will abandon all his evil deeds, believing that if he abandons every evil desire, he will inherit eternal life.” 5 “And the others, Lady, who are they?” “They are daughters of one an­ other, called Simplicity, Knowledge, In­ nocence, Reverence, and Love. And so, when you perform all the works of their mother, you will be able to live.” 6 I replied, “I wish to know, Lady, about the power that each of them has.” “Listen,” she said, “to the powers they have. 7 Their powers are connected and fol­ low one another in the order of their birth. From Faith is born Self-restraint, from Self-restraint Simplicity, from Simplicity Innocence, from Innocence Reverence, from Reverence Knowledge, and from Knowledge Love. And so their deeds are pure, reverent, and godly. 8 Whoever serves as their slave and is able to adhere to their deeds will have a place to reside in the tower, along with the saints of God.” 9 I began to ask her about the times, about whether the end had already come, and she cried out with a great voice, “You fool! Do you not see that the tower is still under construction? Only when its con­ struction is finished will the end arrive. But it will be built quickly. No longer ask me anything. This reminder is enough for

you and the saints—along with the re­ newal of your spirits. 10 These things have not been revealed for your sake alone; for you are to show them to all the others, 11 in three days; first, however, you must think. But I enjoin you first, Hermas, with these words I am about to say; you are to speak them all in the ears of the saints, that once they have heard and done them they may be cleansed from their wicked deeds, and you along with them. (III, 9) “Listen to me, children. I raised you with great simplicity, in­ nocence, and reverence because of the mercy of the Lord, who drizzled his righteousness upon you that you may be made upright and purified from all evil and perversity. Yet you do not wish to stop doing your wicked deeds. 2 And so, now, listen to me: be at peace with one another, take care of one an­ other, help one another; and do not take an overabundance of God’s creations for yourselves, but share with those in need. 3 For those who enjoy many kinds of food make their flesh weak and harm it; but the flesh of those without enough food is harmed by lack of proper nour­ ishment, and their body wastes away. 4 This disparity is harmful to you who have but do not share with those in need. 5 Consider the judgment that is com­ ing. You who have an abundance should therefore seek out the hungry before the tower is completed. For after the tower is completed you will long to do good but will have no opportunity. 6 And so, take heed, you who exult in your wealth, lest those in need complain



Or: the one girded and courageous

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