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“Look, do you not see a great tower being built upon the water across from you, with bright, squared stones?” 5 The tower was being built in a square by the six young men who had come with her. And thousands of other men were bringing stones, some of them from the depths of the sea and some from the land, and they were handing them over to the six young men, who were taking them and building. 6 Thus they placed all the stones drawn from the depths in the building; for they fit together and were straight at their joints with the other stones. And they were placed together so that their joints were invisible. The building of the tower seemed to have been made out of a single stone. 7 But they tossed aside some of the other stones that were brought from the dry land, while others they placed in the building. Others they broke up and cast far from the tower. 8 Many other stones were lying around the tower, and they did not use them in the building. For some of them had a rough surface, others had cracks, others were broken off, and others were white and round, and did not fit in the building. 9 I saw other stones cast far from the tower; these came onto the path, but did not remain there, but rolled from the path onto the rough terrain. Others fell into the fire and were burned. And others fell near the water, but could not be rolled into it, even though they wanted to be. (III, 3) When she had shown me these things she wanted to hurry away. I said to her, “Lady, what good is it for me to see these things if I do not know what they mean?” She answered and said to me, “You, fellow, are a crafty one, wanting to know about the tower.” “Yes, Lady,” I said; “I want to announce



it to the brothers that they can become more cheerful; for when they hear these things they will know the Lord in great glory.” 2 She said, “Many will indeed hear; and some of those who hear will rejoice, but some will weep. But even these latter, if they hear and repent, will rejoice as well. Hear therefore the parables of the tower. For I will reveal everything to you. Then trouble me no further about the revelation. For these revelations are com­ pleted and fulfilled. But you will not stop asking about revelations, because you are shameless. 3 The tower, which you see being built, is I, the church, who has appeared to you both now and previously. And so, ask whatever you wish about the tower and I will reveal it to you, that you may rejoice with the saints.” 4 I said to her, “Lady, since you have on this one occasion considered me wor­ thy to reveal all things to me: reveal them.” She said to me, “Whatever can be revealed to you, will be revealed. Only let your heart be set on God, and do not be of two minds, whatever you see.” 5 I asked her, “Why, Lady, is the tower built upon water?” “I have told you al­ ready,” she said, “and you keep seeking; it is by seeking, therefore, that you find the truth. As to why the tower is built upon water, listen: it is because your life was saved and will be saved through wa­ ter. But the tower is founded on the word of the almighty and glorious name, and it is strengthened by the invisible power of the Master.” (III, 4) I responded to her, “Lady, this is a great and amazing thing. But the six young men who are building, Lady—who are they?” “These are the holy angels of God who were created first, to whom the Lord handed over his


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