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Vision Three (III, 1) What I saw, brothers, was this. 2 After I fasted a great deal and asked the Lord to show me the revelation that he promised to reveal through the elderly woman, that same night the el­ derly woman appeared and said to me, “Since you are so needy and eager to know everything, come to the field where you farm, and around eleven in the morn­ ing I will be revealed to you and show you what you must see.” 3 I asked her, “Lady, in what part of the field?” “Wherever you wish,” she said. I chose a beautiful spot that was secluded. But before I could speak with her to tell her the place, she said to me, “I will come there, wherever you wish.” 4 And so, brothers, I went into the field and counted the hours. I arrived at the place that I had directed her to come, and I saw an ivory couch set up. On the couch was placed a linen pillow, with a piece of fine linen cloth on top. 5 When I saw these things laid out with no one there, I was astounded and seized with trembling, and my hair stood on end—terrified, because I was alone. Then when I came to myself, I remembered the glory of God and took courage. I bowed my knees and confessed my sins again to the Lord, as I had done before. 6 And she came with six young men, whom I had seen before, and she stood beside me and listened closely while I prayed and confessed my sins to the Lord. She touched me and said, “Hermas, stop asking exclusively about your sins; ask also about righteousness, that you may receive some of it in your house.” 7 She raised me by the hand and led me to the couch; and she said to the young men, “Go and build.” 8 After the young men left and we were alone, she said to me, “Sit here.” I


said to her, “Lady, let the elders sit first.” “Do what I tell you,” she said. “Sit.” 9 But then, when I wanted to sit on the right side, she did not let me, but signaled with her hand for me to sit on the left. As I was mulling this over and becoming upset that she did not allow me to sit on the right, she said to me, “Are you upset, Hermas? The place on the right is for others, who have already pleased God and suffered on behalf of the name. Many things must happen to you before you can sit with them. But continue in your simplicity, as you are doing, and you will sit with them, as will everyone who does what they have done and endures what they have endured.” (III, 2) “What have they endured?” I asked. “Listen,” she said: “flog­ gings, imprisonments, great afflictions, crucifixions, and wild beasts—for the sake of the name. For this reason, the right side of holiness belongs to them, and to anyone who suffers on account of the name. The left side is for the others. The same gifts and promises belong to both—those seated on the right and those on the left. But they alone sit on the right and have a certain glory. 2 You want to sit on the right side with them, but you have many shortcomings. But you will be cleansed of your short­ comings. And all those who are not of two minds will be cleansed from all the sins they have committed up to this day. 3 After she said these things she wanted to leave. But I fell before her feet and pled with her by the Lord to show me the vision she had promised. 4 Again she took my hand, raised me up, and seated me on the couch on the left side. She herself sat on the right. And raising up a bright rod she said to me, “Do you see a great thing?” I said to her, “Lady, I see nothing.” She said to me,


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