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But let us turn to another area of knowledge and teaching. There are two paths of teaching and au­ thority, the path of light and the path of darkness. And the difference between the two paths is great. For over the one are appointed light-bearing angels of God, but over the other angels of Satan. 2 And the one is Lord from eternity past to eternity to come; but the other is the ruler over the present age of lawless­ ness.


This then is the path of light. Anyone who wants to travel to the place that has been appointed should be diligent in his works. Such is the knowledge given to us, that we may walk in it. 2 Love the one who made you; stand in reverential awe of the one who formed you; glorify the one who ransomed you from death. Be simple in heart and rich in spirit. Do not mingle with those who walk along the path of death; hate every­ thing that is not pleasing to God; hate all hypocrisy; do not abandon the command­ ments of the Lord. 3 Do not exalt yourself but be humble in every way. Do not heap glory on your­ self. Do not entertain a wicked plot against your neighbor; do not make your soul impertinent. 4 Do not engage in sexual immorality, do not commit adultery, do not engage in pederasty. The word of God must not go out from you to any who are impure.n Do not show favoritism when you reproach someone for an unlawful act. Be meek and gentle; tremble at the words you have heard. Do not hold a grudge against your brother. 5 Do not be of two minds whether this should happen or not. Do not take the Lord’s name for a futile purpose. Love your neighbor more than yourself. Do not abort a fetus or kill a child that is already

born. Do not not remove your hand from your son or daughter, but from their youth teach them the reverential fear of God. 6 Do not desire your neighbor’s be­ longings; do not be greedy. Do not join forces with the high and mighty but as­ sociate with the humble and upright. Welcome whatever happens to you as good, knowing that nothing occurs apart from God. 7 Do not be of two minds or speak from both sides of your mouth, for speak­ ing from both sides of your mouth is a deadly trap. Be subject to your masters as to a replicao of God, with respect and reverential fear. Do not give orders to your male slave or female servant out of bitterness—since they hope in the same God—lest they stop fearing the God who is over you both. For he did not come to call those of high status but those whom the Spirit had prepared. 8 Share all things with your neighbor and do not say that anything is your own. For if you are partners in what is imper­ ishable, how much more in what is per­ ishable? Do not be garrulous, for the mouth is a deadly trap. In so far as you are able, be pure within. 9 Do not be one who reaches out your hands to receive but draws them back from giving. Love like the apple of your eye everyone who speaks the word of the Lord to you. 10 Think about the day of judgment night and day, and seek out the company of the saints every day, either laboring through the word and going out to com­ fort another, being concerned to save a life through the word, or working with your hands as a ransom for your sins. 11 Do not doubt whether to give, nor grumble while giving. But recognize who


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