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one of the elders who were accompany­ ing him. He then left Sidon.


Immediately after the arrival of Pe­ ter in Berytus an earthquake took place; and people came to Peter saying: “Help, for we greatly fear that we shall all together perish!” 2 Then Simon dared, along with Ap­ pion, Annubion, Athenodorous and his other comrades, to turn against Peter in the presence of all the people: “Flee, peo­ ple from this man; 3 “for he is a magician—you may be­ lieve me—and has himself occasioned this earthquake and has caused these dis­ eases to frighten you, as if he himself was a god!” 4 And many other false charges of this sort did Simon and his followers bring against Peter, suggesting that he pos­ sessed superhuman power. 5 As soon as the multitude gave him a hearing, Peter with a smile and an im­ pressive directness spoke the words: “Oh people, I admit that, God willing, I am capable of doing what these men here say and in addition am ready, if you will not hear my words, to turn your whole city upside down.”


Now when the multitude took alarm and readily promised to carry out his commands, Peter said: “Let no one of you associate with these ma­ gicians or in any way have intercourse with them.” 2 Scarcely had the people heard this summons when without delay they laid hold of cudgels and pursued these fellows till they had driven them completely out of the city. . . .


baptized them, Peter enthroned as bishop one of the elders who were accompany­ ing him and then journeyed to Byblus. 3 On coming there he learned that Simon had not waited for him even for a single day, but had started at once for Tripolis. Accordingly Peter remained a few days with the people of Byblus, ef­ fected not a few healings, and gave in­ struction in the Holy Scriptures. He then journeyed in the track of Simon to Trip­ olis, being resolved to pursue him rather than to make room for him.

Book 8


Along with Peter there entered into Tripolis people from Tyre, Sidon, Berytus, Byblus and neighboring places, who were eager to learn, and in numbers that were not smaller, people from the city itself crowded about him desiring to get to know him. . . .


Astonished at this eagerness of the multitudes, Peter answered: “You see, beloved brethren, how the words of our Lord are manifestly fulfilled. For I remember how he said: ‘Many will come from east and west, from north and south, and repose in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’4 Nevertheless ‘many are called, but few are chosen.’5 2 “In their coming in response to the call so much is fulfilled. 3 “But since it rests not with them but with God who has called them and per­ mitted them to come, on this account alone they have no reward. . . . 4 “But if after being called they do what is good, and that rests with them


After he had stayed for several days with the inhabitants of Berytus, had made many conversant with the worship of the one God, and had


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Matt 22:14.

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