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unknown, confidence is wrongly placed in him. 2 Thus he who does what haters do finds love; the enemy is received as a friend; people long for him who is death as a bringer of salvation; although he is fire, he is regarded as light; although he is a cheat, he obtains a hearing as a pro­ claimer of truth. . . .

Book 7


In Tyre not a few people from the neighbourhood and numerous in­ habitants of the city came to Peter and cried to him: “May God have mercy upon us through you, and may he through you bring us healing!” And Peter, having mounted a high rock that he might be seen of all, greeted them in a godly way and began as follows:


“God, who has made heaven and the universe, is not wanting in power to save those who desire to be saved. . . .


“And what is pleasing to God is this, that we pray to him and ask from him as the one who dispenses everything according to a righteous law, that we keep away from the table of dev­ ils, that we do not eat dead flesh, that we do not touch blood, that we wash our­ selves clean from all defilement. 3 “Let the rest be said to you also in one word, as the God-fearing Jews heard it, while you show yourselves, many as you are, of one mind: ‘What good a per­ son wishes for himself, let him confer the same also on his neighbor!’ . . .”


After they had thus been instructed for some days by Peter and had been healed, they were baptized. At the time of his other miraculous deeds the

rest sat beside one another in the middle of the market-place in sackcloth and ashes and did penance for their former sins. 2 When the Sidonians heard this, they did likewise; and because they them­ selves were not able on account of their diseases to come to Peter, they sent a petition to him. 3 After he had stayed for some days in Tyre and had instructed all the inhabitants and freed them from numerous suffer­ ings, Peter founded a church and ap­ pointed a bishop for them from the num­ ber of the elders who were accompanying him; then he set out for Sidon.


When Peter entered Sidon, the peo­ ple brought many sick folk in beds and set them down before him. 2 And he said to them: “Do not on any account believe that I, a mortal man, my­ self subject to many sufferings, can do anything to heal you! But I greatly desire to tell you in what way you can be delivered. . . .


“For I mention to you two ways, showing you in the first place in what way people fall into misfortune and in the second place in what way under God’s guidance they are delivered. 2 “The way of those who perish is broad and very easy, but it leads straight away to misfortune; the way of those who are delivered is narrow and rough, but in the end it leads to salvation those who have taken its burdens upon themselves. Before these two ways there stand belief and unbelief. . . .”


Such were the addresses that Peter gave in Sidon. There also within a few days many were converted and be­ lieved and were healed. So Peter founded a church there and enthroned as bishop

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