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and subject ourselves to them, resisting nothing that conforms to your will. Give to them, O Lord, health, peace, harmony, and stability, so that without faltering they may administer the rule that you have given to them. 2 For you, O Master, Heavenly King forever, give humans glory, honor, and authority over the creatures of the earth. O Lord, make their plan conform with what is good and acceptable before you, that when they administer with piety the authority you have given them, in peace and meekness, they may attain your mercy. 3 You who alone can to do these things for us, and do what is more abundantly good, we praise you through the high priest and benefactor of our souls, Jesus Christ, through whom the glory and maj­ esty be yours both now and for all gen­ erations and forever. Amen.


Brothers, we have written you enough about what is fitting for our worship and what is most profitable for the virtuous life, for those who want to conduct themselves in a pious and upright way. 2 For we have touched on every aspect of faith, repentance, genuine love, selfrestraint, moderation, and endurance, re­ minding you that you must be pleasing, in a holy way, both to the all-powerful God—by acting in righteousness, truth, and patience, living in harmony, holding no grudges, living in love and peace with fervent gentleness, just as our ancestors, whom we mentioned before, were pleas­ ing to God by being humble-minded to­ ward the Father, who is both God and Creator—and to all people. 3 And we were all the more happy to bring these things to mind, since we knew full well that we were writing to faithful and highly respectable men, who


have gazed into the sayings of God’s teaching.u


Now that we have considered such great and so many exam­ ples, it is right for us to bow our necks in submission and assume a position of obedience. In this way, by putting a halt to the futile faction, we will truly reach the goal set before us, with no blame attached. 2 For you will make us joyful and happy if you become obedient to what we have written through the Holy Spirit and excise the wanton anger expressed through your jealousy, in accordance with the request we have made in this letter for your peace and harmony. 3 And we have sent faithful and tem­ perate men who have lived blamelessly among us from youth to old age; these also will serve as witnesses between you and us. 4 We have done this that you may know that our every concern has been— and is—for you to establish the peace quickly.


And finally, may the God who observes all things, the Master of spirits and Lord of all flesh, who chose both the Lord Jesus Christ and us through him to be his special people—may he grant to every soul that is called by his magnificent and holy name faith, rever­ ential awe, peace, endurance and pa­ tience, self-restraint, purity, and moder­ ation, that they may be found pleasing to his name through our high priest and benefactor, Jesus Christ. Through whom to him be glory and greatness, power


Or: the sayings of God that bring discipline

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