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out of darkness into light, from ignorance into the knowledge of his glorious name. 3 Grant us, O Lord,s that we may hope in your name, the ultimate source of all creation. Open the eyes of our heart, that we may recognize you as the one alone who is the highest among the highest, the holy one who rests among the holy, the one who humbles the insolence of the proud, who destroys the reasonings of the nations, who exalts the humble to the heights and humiliates the exalted, the one who enriches and impoverishes, who kills and brings to life, the sole benefac­ tor of spirits and the God of all flesh, the one who peers into the places of the abyss, who observes the works of hu­ mans and helps those in danger, the savior of those who have abandoned hope, the creator and overseer of every spirit, the one who multiplies the nations upon the earth and who from them all has chosen those who love you through Jesus Christ, your beloved child, through whom you have disciplined, sanctified, and honored us. 4 We ask you, O Master, to be our helper and defender. Save those of us who are in affliction, show mercy to those who are humble, raise those who have fallen, show yourself to those who are in need, heal those who are sick, set straight those among your people who are going astray. Feed the hungry, ransom our pris­ oners, raise up the weak, encourage the despondent. Let all the nations know you, that you alone are God, that Jesus Christ is your child, and that we are your people and the sheep of your pasture.

your judgments, spectacular in your strength and magnificence; you are wise when you create and understanding when you establish what exists; you are good in what is seen and kind to those who trust you. You who are merciful and com­ passionate, forgive us for our lawless acts, unjust deeds, transgressions, and faults. 2 Take into account none of the sins committed by your male slaves and fe­ male servants, but cleanse us with your truth. Set our steps straight that we may go forward with devout hearts, to do what is good and pleasing to you and to those who rule us. 3 Yes, Master, make your face shine on us in peace, for our own good, that we may be protected by your powerful hand and rescued from our every sin by your exalted arm. And rescue us from those who hate us without cause. 4 Give harmony and peace both to us and to all those who inhabit the earth, just as you gave it to our ancestors when they called upon you in a holy way, in faith and truth; and allow us to be obe­ dient to your all-powerful and allvirtuous name, and to those who rule and lead us here on earth.


You have given them, O Mas­ ter, the authority to rule through your magnificent and indescrib­ able power, that we may both recognize the glory and honor you have given them


For you have made plain the eternal structure of the world through the works you have accom­ plished. You, O Lord, created the world in which we live; you are faithful from one generation to the next, upright in


There is an abrupt and ungrammatical shift between vv. 2 and 3 in the Greek; I have followed an emenda­ tion which restores three words to the beginning of v. 3 to indicate that the long prayer of the following chapters begins here; see 61.1

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