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4 And so it is right for us not to desert from his will. 5 It is better for us to offend foolish, senseless, and presumptuous people who boast in the arrogance of their own talk than to offend God. 6 We should revere the Lord Jesus Christ, whose blood was given for us; we should respect our leaders; we should honor the elderly;k we should discipline our youth in the reverential fear of God; we should set our wives along the straight path that leads to the good. 7 Let them display a character of pu­ rity, worthy of love; let them exhibit the innocent will of their meekness; let them manifest the gentleness of their tongues through how they speak; let them show their love not with partiality, but equally to all those who stand in reverential awe of God in a holy way. 8 Let our children partake of the dis­ cipline that is in Christ. Let them learn the strength of humility before God and the power of pure love before God. Let them learn how the reverential awe of him is beautiful and great, and how it saves all those who conduct themselves in itl in a holy way, with a clear under­ standing. 9 For he is the one who explores our understandings and desires. His breath is in us, and when he wishes, he will re­ move it.


The faith that is in Christ guar­ antees all these thing. For he himself calls to us through the Holy Spirit: “Come, children, and hear me; I will teach you the reverential awe of the Lord. 2 Who is the person who wants to live and yearns to see good days? 3 Stop your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from spouting deceit. 4 Move away from evil and do what is good.


5 Seek after peace and pursue it. 6 The eyes of the Lord are upon the

upright, and his ears attend to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil and destroys any rec­ ollection of them from the face of the earth. 7 The one who is upright has called out, and the Lord has heard him and delivered him from all his afflictions.”39 8 “Many are the plagues of the sinner, but mercy will surround those who hope in the Lord.”40


The beneficent father, com­ passionate in every way, has pity on those who stand in awe of him; gently and kindly does he bestow his gracious gifts on those who approach him with a pure resolve. 2 And so, we should not be of two minds, nor should we entertain wild no­ tions about his superior and glorious gifts. 3 May this Scripture be far removed from us that says: “How miserable are those who are of two minds, who doubt in their soul, who say, ‘We have heard these things from the time of our parents, and look! We have grown old, and none of these things has happened to us.’ 4 You fools! Compare yourselves to a tree. Take a vine: first it sheds its leaves, then a bud appears, then a leaf, then a flower, and after these an unripe grape, and then an entire bunch fully grown.”41 You see that the fruit of the tree becomes ripe in just a short time. 5 In truth, his plan will come to com­ pletion quickly and suddenly, as even the Scripture testifies, when it says, “He will





Or: the presbyters

Ps 34:11–17, 19. Cf. 2 Clem 11:2–3.

Or: in him Ps 32:10.


Source unknown.

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