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away and are going on down the road.” And she pointed them in the wrong direction. 5 And she said to the men, “I know full well that the Lord God is handing this land over to you, for fear and trem­ bling has seized its inhabitants because of you. When you take the land, save me and my father’s household.” 6 They said to her, “It will be just as you have spoken to us. So, when you know that we are approaching, gather all your family under your roof and they will be saved. For whoever is found outside the house will perish.” 7 And they proceeded to give her a signh, that she should hang a piece of scarlet from her house—making it clear that it is through the blood of the Lord that redemption will come to all who believe and hope in God. 8 You see, loved ones, not only was faith found in the woman, but prophecy as well.


And so we should be humble­ minded, brothers, laying aside all arrogance, conceit, foolishness, and forms of anger; and we should act in accordance with what is written. For the Holy Spirit says, “The one who is wise should not boast about his wisdom, nor the one who is strong about his strength, nor the one who is wealthy about his wealth; instead, the one who boasts should boast about the Lord, seeking af­ ter him and doing what is just and right.”31 We should especially remember the words the Lord Jesus spoke when teaching about gentleness and patience. 2 For he said: “Show mercy, that you may be shown mercy; forgive, that it may be forgiven you. As you do, so it will be done to you; as you give, so it will be given to you; as you judge, so you will be judged; as you show kindness, so will


kindness be shown to you; the amount you dispense will be the amount you receive.”32 3 Let us strengthen one another in this commandment and these demands, so that we may forge ahead, obedient to his words (which are well-suited for holi­ ness) and humble-minded. For the holy word says, 4 “Upon whom shall I look, but upon the one who is meek and mild and who trembles at my sayings?”33


And so it is right and holy for us to obey God, brothers, rather than follow those who instigate a foul jealousy with arrogance and disorder­ liness. 2 For we will subject ourselves not to some ordinary harm, but to real danger, if we rashly hand ourselves over to the desires of those who rush headlong into strife and faction and so estrange us from what is good for us. 3 We should treat one another kindly, according to the compassion and sweet character of the one who made us. 4 For it is written, “Those who are kind will inhabit the land, and the innocent will be left upon it; but those who break the law will be destroyed from it.”34 5 And again it says, “I saw one who was impious greatly exalted and raised high as the cedars of Lebanon. Then I passed by and look! He was no more. And I searched for his place, but did not find it. Protect what is innocent and focus on what is upright, because the one who lives in peace will have a posterity.”35 . . .


Or: in addition they told her to give a sign


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