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you, ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man.’17 We now ask undefiled Jesus for that which you promised to give us; we praise you, we thank you, we confess you in glorifying you, though we are weak, because you alone are God and no other, to whom be glory now and for ever, Amen.”


When the multitude surround­ ing him cried Amen, Peter, dur­ ing this Amen, gave up his spirit to the Lord. When Marcellus saw that the blessed Peter had given up the ghost, without communicating with anyone, since it was not allowed, he took him down from the cross with his own hands and bathed him in milk and wine. And he ground seven pounds of mastic and also fifty pounds of myrrh and aloes and spice and anointed his body, and filled a very costly marble coffin with Attic honey and buried him in his own tomb. And Peter came to Marcellus by night and said, “Marcellus did you not hear the Lord say, ‘Let the dead be buried by their own dead’?”18 When Marcellus said, “Yes”, Peter said to him, “What you spent on the dead is lost. For though alive you were like a dead man caring for the dead.” When Marcellus awoke he told of the appearance of Peter to the brethren,

and he remained with those who had been strengthened by Peter in the faith of Christ, strengthening himself even more till the arrival of Paul at Rome.


When Nero heard that Peter had departed this life, he blamed the prefect Agrippa for having him killed without his knowledge; he had intended to punish him the more cruelly and severely because Peter had made dis­ ciples of some of his servants and alien­ ated them from him. Therefore he was angry, and for a long time he would not speak with Agrippa. He sought how to destroy all those brethren whom Peter had instructed. And one night he saw a person striking him and saying, “Nero, you cannot now persecute or destroy the servants of Christ. Keep your hands from them.” And in consequence of this vision Nero became greatly afraid and left the disciples alone from that time in which Peter had died. Thereafter the brethren continued with one accord, rejoicing and glorying in the Lord, and praised the God and Saviour of our Lord Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.


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