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myself.” And Agrippa said, “I suffered the same, for he has alienated my con­ cubines.” And Albinus said to him, “Why are you waiting, Agrippa? Let us seize him and kill him as a trouble-maker, so that we may get our wives back and avenge those who cannot kill him but whose wives he has also alienated.”


And as they made plans to­ gether, Xanthippe heard of the conspiracy which her husband had with Agrippa, and she sent word to Peter and asked him to leave Rome. And the other brethren, together with Marcellus, re­ quested him to leave. But Peter said to them, “Shall we act like deserters, breth­ ren?” And they said, “No; but by going you can still serve the Lord.” He obeyed the brethren, and went away alone, say­ ing, “Let none of you go with me, I will go alone in disguise.” When he went out of the gate he saw the Lord come into Rome. And when he saw him he said, “Lord, where are you going?” And the Lord said to him, “I go to Rome to be crucified.” And Peter said to him, “Lord, are you being crucified again?” And he said, “Yes, Peter, again I shall be cruci­ fied.” And Peter came to himself; and he saw the Lord ascending to heaven. Then he returned to Rome, rejoicing and prais­ ing the Lord because he had said, “I am being crucified.” This was to happen to Peter.


He went again to the brethren and told them of the vision which he had. And their souls were sor­ rowing, and they wept and said, “We entreat you, Peter, have regard for us, the young ones.” And Peter said, “If it be the Lord’s wish it will be, even if we would not have it so. The Lord is able to strengthen you in his faith, and he will establish you in it and increase it in you whom he has planted, so that you may

also plant others through him. I will not object so long as the Lord will keep me alive; and again if he will take me away I shall be glad and rejoice.” While Peter was speaking the brethren wept and four soldiers arrested him and brought him to Agrippa. And being en­ raged he ordered that he be crucified for godlessness. And the whole multitude of the brethren came together, rich and poor, widows and orphans, able-bodied and disabled alike; they wished to see Peter and rescue him. And the people cried unceasingly with one voice, “What harm has Peter done, Agrippa? What evil has he done to you? Tell the Romans.” And others said, “We must be afraid lest the Lord destroy us also, should he die.” And when Peter came to the place he appeased the multitude and said, “You men who are in the service of Christ, men who hope in Christ, remember the signs and wonders which you saw through me; think of the compassion of God, how he performed healings for your sakes. Wait for him, till he comes and rewards every man according to his works. And now, do not be angry with Agrippa, for he is a servant of the power of his father. And that which happens takes place as the Lord has told me that it should happen. And why do I delay and not go to the cross?”


And when he had come to the cross he began to say, “O name of the cross, hidden mystery; O unspeak­ able mercy, which is expressed in the name of the cross; O nature of man, which cannot be separated from God; O ineffable and inseparable love, which cannot be shown by impure lips; I seize you now I am standing at the end of my earthly career. I will make known what you are. I will not conceal the mystery of the cross once closed and hidden to my soul. You who hope in Christ, think

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