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of Peter, we will lift him up and bring to Peter, that he may revive him and re­ store him to you.”


While the young men were say­ ing this the prefect in the forum looked at Peter and said, “What do you say, Peter? Behold, the lad is dead; the emperor liked him, and I spared him not. I had indeed many other young men; but I trusted in you and in your Lord whom you proclaim, if indeed you are sure and truthful: therefore I allowed him to die.” And Peter said, “God is neither tempted nor weighed in the balance. But he is to be worshipped with the whole heart by those whom he loves and he will hear those who are worthy. Since, however, my God and Lord Jesus Christ is now tempted among you, he is doing many signs and miracles through me to turn you from your sins. In your power, revive now through my voice, O Lord, in the presence of all, him whom Simon killed by his touch.” And Peter said to the mas­ ter of the lad, “Come, take hold of him by the right hand and you shall have him alive and walking with you.” And the prefect Agrippa ran and came to the lad, took his hand, and restored him to life. And when the multitude saw this they cried, “There is only one God, the God of Peter.”


Meanwhile the widow’s son was brought in on a bier by the young men. The people made room, and they brought him to Peter. Peter, however, lifted up his eyes towards heaven, stretched forth his hands, and said, “Holy Father of your Son Jesus Christ who has given us power to ask and to obtain through you and to despise everything that is in this world and follow you only, who are seen by few and wish to be known by many; shine round, O Lord,


enlighten, appear, revive the son of the aged widow, who is helpless without him. And I take the word of my Lord Christ and say to you, ‘Young man, arise and walk with your mother as long as you can be of use to her. Afterward you shall be called to a higher ministry and serve as deacon and bishop.’ ” And the dead man rose immediately, and the multitude saw and were amazed, and the people cried, “You, God the Savior, you, God of Peter, invisible God and Savior.” And they spoke with one another and won­ dered at the power of a man who with his word called upon his Lord, and they accepted what had taken place for their sanctification.


When the news had spread through the entire city, the mother of a senator came, and making her way through the multitude she threw herself at Peter’s feet and said, “I heard many people say that you are a minister of the merciful God and that you impart his mercy to all who desire this light. Bestow, therefore, also to my son this light, since I have learned that you are not ungenerous towards any one; do not turn way from a lady, who entreats you.” Peter said to her, “Do you believe in my God through whom your son shall rise?” And the mother, weep­ ing, said with a loud voice, “I believe, Peter, I believe.” The whole multitude cried out, “Give the mother her son.” And Peter said, “Let him be brought here into the presence of all.” And Pe­ ter, turning to the people, said, “Men of Rome, I, too, am one of you! I have hu­ man flesh and I am a sinner, but I have obtained mercy. Do not imagine that what I do, I do in my own power; I do it in the power of my Lord Jesus Christ who is the judge of the living and the dead. I believe in him, I have been sent

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