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of the living God, for Simon too did many wonders in our presence, and on that account we followed him.”


And Peter turning around saw a smoked tuna fish hanging in a window. He took it, saying to the peo­ ple, “When you see this swimming in water like a fish, will you be able to believe in him whom I preach?” And all said with one voice, “Indeed we shall believe you.” So he went to the pond near by, saying, “In your name, O Jesus Christ, in whom they do not yet believe, I say, ‘Tuna, in the presence of all these, live and swim like a fish.’ ” And he cast the tuna into the pond, and it became alive and began to swim. The multitude saw the swimming fish and he made it swim not only for that hour but, lest they said that it was a deception, he made it swim longer, thereby attracting crowds from all parts and showing that the smoked tuna had again become a living fish. The suc­ cess was such that many threw pieces of bread into the water, seeing that the fish was whole. Very many who had wit­ nessed this followed Peter and believed in the Lord, and met day and night in the house of Narcissus the presbyter. And Peter spoke to them of the prophetical writings and of the things done by our Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed.


Marcellus was more firmly es­ tablished in the faith, seeing the signs which Peter did by the grace of Jesus Christ, which was given to him. And Marcellus attacked Simon, who sat in the dining-room of his house. Cursing him, he said to him, “O you most malev­ olent and most pestilential of men, de­ stroyer of my soul and of my house, who intended to lead me away from Christ, my Lord and Savior.” And he laid his hand on him and ordered that he be thrown out of his house. And the ser­


vants, having obtained permission, treated him in the most shameful way; some struck him in the face, some beat him with a rod, some flung stones at him, some emptied vessels containing filth over his head. Those who, for his sake, had left their master and were impris­ oned, and other servants whom he had maligned to their master, reviled him and said to him, “Now we repay to you the worthy reward, according to the will of God, who had mercy upon us and upon our master.” And Simon, thus treated, left the house and went to the house in which Peter was staying. Standing at the door of the house of the presbyter Narcissus, he cried, “Behold, here am I, Simon. Come down, Peter, and I will prove that you believed in a Jewish man and the son of a carpenter.”


When Peter heard these things he sent to him a woman with her suckling child and said to her, “Go down quickly and you shall see someone seeking me. As for you, do not speak, but keep silent and listen to what the child which you hold will say to him.” And the woman went down. And her baby was seven months old. Assuming a manly voice it said to Simon, “You abomination before God and people, O destroyer of truth and most wicked seed of corruption, O unfaithful fruit of nature! After only a little while an everlasting punishment awaits you. Son of a shameless father, never taking root in good soil but in poi­ son; unfaithful creature, destitute of all hope, when the dog accused you, you were not ashamed. I, a child, am forced by God to speak and still you do not blush. But against your will, on the com­ ing Sabbath day, another shall lead you to the forum of Julius that you may be shown what you are. Leave by the door­ way at which the saints enter. For no more shall you corrupt innocent souls

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