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contest between Simon and the dog, which you sent inside. For Simon says to the dog, ‘Say I am not here.’ But the dog tells him more things than you com­ manded. And when he has fulfilled your wish he will die at your feet.” And Peter said, “Demon, whoever you are, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ depart from this young man without hurting him. Show yourself to all present.” When the young man heard this he rushed for­ ward, took hold of a large marble statue, which stood in the courtyard of the house, and kicked it to pieces. It was a statue of Caesar. When Marcellus saw this he beat his forehead and said to Peter, “A great crime has been committed, for should Caesar hear of it through one of his spies he will greatly punish us.” Peter answered, “I see that you are not the man you were a short time ago when you said you were ready to spend everything for the salvation of your soul. But if you are truly repentant and believe in Christ with all your heart, take running water into your hands and, beseeching the Lord, sprinkle it in his name on the pieces of the statue and it shall be a whole as be­ fore.” Marcellus did not doubt, but be­ lieved with his whole heart, and before taking the water he lifted up his hands and said, “I believe in you, Lord Jesus Christ. For your apostle Peter has exam­ ined me whether I truly believe in your holy name. Therefore I take water in my hands and sprinkle these stones in your name that the statue become whole again as before. If it is your will, O Lord, that I live and receive no punishment from Caesar, let this statute be whole as be­ fore.” And he sprinkled water on the stones, and the statue became whole. Pe­ ter, therefore, exulted that he had not hesitated to petition the Lord, and Mar­ cellus also rejoiced in the Spirit, that the first miracle took place by his hands. He believed therefore, with all his heart in

the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of my God, by whom all things impossible be­ come possible.


And Simon, being inside; spoke thus to the dog, “Tell Pe­ ter that I am not in.” But the dog said to him in the presence of Marcellus, “You most wicked and shameless man, worst enemy of all who live and believe in Christ Jesus. A dumb animal, which re­ ceived a human voice, has been sent to you to convict you and to prove that you are a cheat and deceiver. Did it require so many hours for you to say, ‘Say I am not here!’ You have not been ashamed to lift up your weak and useless voice against Peter, the servant and apostle of Christ, as if you could be hidden from him who told me to speak to your face. And this is not for your sake, but on account of those whom you deceived and brought to perdition. You shall therefore be accursed, enemy and destroyer of the way of Christ’s truth. He shall punish your iniquities, which you have done, with imperishable fire and you shall be in outer darkness.” Having spoken these words the dog ran away. And the multi­ tude followed so that Simon remained alone. And the dog came to Peter who was with the crowd who had come to see the face of Peter; and the dog reported what had happened with Simon. To the messenger and apostle of the true God the dog said as follows, “Peter, you shall have a hard fight with Simon, the enemy of Christ, and with his adherents, but many whom he deceived you shall con­ vert to the faith. For this you shall receive a reward for your work from God.” Hav­ ing thus spoken the dog fell at the feet of Peter and expired. When the multitude with great astonishment saw the talking dog, many fell down at the feet of Peter, but others said, “Show us another miracle that we may believe in you as a servant

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