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very greatly moved and said, “Oh, the manifold arts and temptations of the de­ vil! Oh, the cunnings and devices of the evil one, treasuring up to himself the great fire in the day of wrath, destruction of simple people, a ravening wolf de­ vouring and destroying eternal life! You enticed the first man to evil lust and by your former wickedness and bodily bond bound him to you. You are the fruit of bitterness, which is entirely bitter, induc­ ing various desires. You have forced my fellow disciple and co-apostle Judas to act wickedly and betray our Lord Jesus Christ; you must be punished. You hard­ ened the heart of Herod and kindled Phar­ aoh and made him fight against Moses, the holy servant of God; you emboldened Caiaphas to deliver our Lord Jesus Christ to the cruel multitude; and now you are still firing your poisonous arrows at in­ nocent souls. You wicked foe of all, you shall be cursed from the church of the Son of the holy, almighty God and extin­ guished like a firebrand thrown from the fireplace by the servants of our Lord Je­ sus Christ. Let your blackness turn against you and against your sons, the wicked seed; let your wickedness turn against you, also your threats, and let your temptations turn against you and your angels, you beginning of iniquity, abyss of darkness! Let the darkness which you have be with you and your vessels which you own. Depart, there­ fore, from those who shall believe in God; depart from the servants of Christ and from those who will serve in his army. Keep for yourself your garments of darkness; without cause you knock at strange doors which belong not to you but to Christ Jesus who keeps them. For you, ravening wolf, will carry off the sheep which do not belong to you but to Christ Jesus, who keeps them with the greatest diligence.”


When Peter had spoken with great sorrow of soul many more believ­ ers were added to the congregation. And the brethren entreated Peter to fight with Simon and not allow him to disturb the people any longer. And without delay Peter left the meeting and went to the house of Marcellus where Simon was staying. And a great multitude followed him. When he came to the door he sum­ moned the keeper and said to him, “Go and tell Simon, ‘Peter, on whose account you left Judaea, awaits you at the door!’ ” The door-keeper answered and said to Peter, “I do not know, sir, if you are Peter. But I have instructions. Knowing that you arrived yesterday in the city, he said to me, ‘Whether he comes in the day or at night or at whatever hour, say that I am not at home.’ ” But Peter said to the young man, “You were right to tell me this, although you have been forced by him not to tell me.” And Peter, turning around to the people, who followed him, said, “You are about to see a great and wonderful sign.” And Peter saw a big dog, tied by a big chain, and he went and loosened him. The dog, being loosed, became endowed with a human voice and said to Peter, “What will you have me do, servant of the ineffable living God?” to which Peter said, “Go inside and tell Simon in the presence of the people, ‘Pe­ ter sends word to you to come outside. For on your account I have come to Rome, you wicked man and destroyer of simple souls.’ ” And the dog ran away at once and went into the midst of the peo­ ple who were with Simon, and lifting his front legs he said with a very loud voice, “Simon, Peter, who stands at the door, bids you to come outside in public; for he says ‘On your account have I come to Rome, you wicked man and destroyer of simple souls.’ ” When Simon heard this and saw the incredible occurrence he lost

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