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and sent his Son into the world, and I was with him. And I walked on the water and survive as a witness; I confess I was there when he was at work in the world performing signs and wonders. Dearest brethren, I denied our Lord Jesus Christ, not once, but thrice; for those who en­ snared me were wicked gods, just as the prophet of the Lord said. But the Lord did not lay it to my charge; he turned to me and had mercy on the weakness of my flesh, so that I wept bitterly; and I mourned for my little faith, having been deceived by the devil, and disobeyed the word of my Lord. And now I tell you, men and brethren, who are convened in the name of Jesus Christ, Satan the de­ ceiver sends his arrows upon you too, to make you leave the way. But do not be disloyal, brethren, nor fail in your mind, but strengthen yourselves, stand fast, and doubt not. For if Satan has subverted me, whom the Lord esteemed so highly, so that I denied the light of my hope, caus­ ing me to fall and persuading me to flee as if I believed in a man, what do you think will happen to you, who have just become converted? Do you imagine that he will not subvert you to make you en­ emies of the Kingdom of God and to bring you by the worst error into perdi­ tion? For every one whom he deprives of the hope in our Lord Jesus Christ is a child of perdition for all eternity. Repent, therefore, brethren whom the Lord has chosen, and be firmly established in the Almighty Lord, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom no one has ever seen nor can see except he who believes in him. Understand whence the temptation has come for you. For I came not only for the sake of convincing you with words that he whom I preach is the Christ, but by reason of miraculous deeds and powers I exhort you by faith in Jesus Christ. Let no one wait for another savior besides him who was despised and whom


the Jews reviled, this crucified Nazarene, who died and rose again on the third day.”


The brethren repented and asked Peter to overcome Simon’s claim that he was the power of God. Simon was staying at the house of the senator Mar­ cellus whom he had won over by his magic. “Believe us, brother Peter,” they said, “none among humans was so wise as this Marcellus. All the widows who hoped in Christ took their refuge in him; all the orphans were fed by him. Will you know more, brother? All the poor called Marcellus their patron; his house was called the house of the pilgrims and poor. To him the emperor said, ‘I will give you no office, lest you rob the provinces to benefit the Christians.’ To this Marcellus replied, ‘Yet everything that is mine is yours.’ Caesar said to him, ‘It would be mine if you kept it for me, but now it is not mine, since you give it to whom you please, and who knows to what low peo­ ple?’ This, brother Peter, we know and report to you, now that the great benev­ olence of the man has been turned into blasphemy. For had he not been changed we certainly should not have left the holy faith in God our Lord. Now this Marcel­ lus is enraged and repents of his good deeds and says, ‘So much wealth have I spent for such a long time in the foolish belief that I spent it for the knowledge of God.’ In his rage he even goes so far that when a pilgrim comes to the door of his house he beats him with a stick or has him driven off and says, ‘If only I had not spent so much money on those im­ posters!’ And he utters many more blas­ phemies. But if you have something of the compassion of our Lord in you and the goodness of his commandments, help this man in his error for he has shown goodness to a great many of God’s ser­ vants.” When Peter learned this he was

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