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God or a man. But as far as I can see, I think that you are a servant of God. As I was steering my ship in the middle of the night I fell asleep. It seemed to me as if a human voice from heaven said to me, “Theon, Theon!” Twice it called me by name and said to me, ‘Amongst all the passengers treat Peter in the most hon­ orable way. For, with his help, you and the rest will escape safe from an unex­ pected incident.’ ” Peter, however, think­ ing that God wished to show his provi­ dence to all those who were in the ship, began at once to speak to Theon of the great deeds of God, and how the Lord had chosen him among the apostles and for what cause he was sailing to Italy. Daily he spoke to him the word of God. After they had become better acquainted Peter found out that Theon was one with him in the faith and a worthy servant. When the ship was detained by the calm of the Adriatic Sea, Theon remarked on the calm to Peter and said, “If you think me worthy to be baptized with the sign of the Lord, you have the chance now.” All the others in the ship were in a drunken stupor. Peter let himself down by a rope and baptized Theon in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. He came up out of the water rejoicing with great joy. Peter also had become more cheerful because God had deemed Theon worthy of his name. And it happened that in the same place where Theon was baptized, a young man, radi­ ant in splendor, appeared and said to them, “Peace be with you.” And both Peter and Theon immediately went up and entered the cabin; and Peter took bread and gave thanks to the Lord, who had deemed him worthy of his holy ser­ vice, and because a young man had ap­ peared to them saying, “Peace be with you.” Peter said, “Most excellent and the only Holy One, for you appeared to us, O God Jesus Christ. In your name I have


spoken, and he was signed with your holy sign. Therefore also I give to him, in your name, your eucharist, that he may for ever be your servant, perfect and without blemish.” When they were eating and re­ joicing in the Lord, suddenly a moderate wind, not a violent one, arose at the prow of the ship and lasted six days and six nights till they came to Puteoli.


Having landed at Puteoli, Theon left the ship and went to the inn where he usually stayed, to make prepa­ rations for the reception of Peter. The innkeeper’s name was Ariston, a Godfearing man, and to him he went for the sake of the Name. And when he had come to the inn and found Ariston, Theon said to him, “God, who counted you wor­ thy to serve him, has also made known to me his grace through his holy servant Peter, who has just arrived with me from Judaea, being bidden by our Lord to go to Italy.” When Ariston heard this, he fell upon Theon’s neck, embraced him and asked him to bring him to the ship and show Peter to him. For Ariston said, “Since Paul has gone to Spain there was not one of the brethren who could strengthen me. Besides, a certain Jew named Simon has invaded the city. By means of his magical sayings and his wickedness he has completely perverted the entire fraternity, so that I have fled from Rome hoping for the arrival of Pe­ ter. For Paul had spoken of him, and I saw many things in a vision. Now I be­ lieve in my Lord, that he will again es­ tablish his ministry, that all deception be extinguished from his servants. For our Lord Jesus Christ is faithful, and he can renew our thoughts.” When Theon heard this from the weeping Ariston, his con­ fidence was restored, and he was even more strengthened in his faith, knowing that he believed in the living God. When they came to the ship, Peter saw them

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