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quickly, and search the whole city, and seize and bring that man, the sorcerer, who has come by evil chance into this city. For I led him with my own hands into my house, and I told him to pray for my most unfortunate daughter. Whoever shall find him and bring him to me, I give him whatever he shall ask of me.” They departed, therefore, and went round seek­ ing him, and did not find him; for he had set sail. They also went into the inn where he had stayed, and found there the flutegirl weeping and in distress, because he had not taken her with him. And when they told her what had taken place with the young people, she rejoiced greatly upon hearing it, setting aside her grief, and said, “Now I also have found repose here!” And she arose and went to them, and was with them a long time, until they had instructed the king also. And many of the brethren also met there, until the rumour had spread that the apostle had gone to the cities of India, and was teach­ ing there. And they went away and joined him.


When the apostle came into the cities of India with Abban the merchant, Abban went away to greet King Gundaphorus and told him about the carpenter whom he had brought with him. And the king was glad and ordered him to appear before him. When he had come in the king said to him, “What trade do you know?” The apostle said to him, “That of the carpenter and the housebuilder.” The king said to him, “What work in wood do you know and what in stone?” The apostle said, “In wood, ploughs, yokes, balances, pulleys, and ships and oars and masts; in stone, mon­ uments, temples, and royal palaces.” And the king said, “Will you build me a pal­ ace?” And he answered, “Yes, I shall build it and finish it; for because of this

I have come, to build and to do carpenter’s work.”


And the king, having accepted him, took him out of the gates of the city, and on the way began to discuss with him the building of the pal­ ace, and how the foundations should be laid, till they came to the place where the work was to be carried out. And he said, “Here is where I wish the building to be!” And the apostle said, “Yes, this place is suitable for the building.” For the place was wooded and there was water there. And the king said, “Begin at once!” And he answered, “I cannot commence now.” The king said, “When can you?” He said, “I shall begin in November and finish in April.” And the king was surprised, and said, “Every building is built in the sum­ mer, but can you build and finish a palace in the winter?” And the apostle replied “Thus it must be done; it is impossible any other way.” And the king said, “If you have resolved upon this, draw a plan for me how the work is to be done, since I shall come here after some time.” And the apostle took a reed, measured the place, and marked it out: the doors to be set towards the rising of the sun, to face the light; the windows toward the west, to the winds; the bakehouse he made toward the south; and the water-pipes necessary for the supply toward the north. When the king saw this, he said to the apostle, “You are truly a craftsman, and it is fitting that you should serve kings.” And having left a lot of money with him, he went away.


And at the appointed times the king sent coined silver and the necessities for his and the workmen’s liv­ ing. And the apostle took everything and divided it, going about in the cities and surrounding villages, distributing to the

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