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slave of God.” All the women cried out with a great voice and with one accord gave praise to God, “The One God! The One who saved Thecla!”—so that the entire city shook from their cry.


When Tryphaena was told the good news she went out and met the crowd and embraced Thecla, and said, “Now I believe that the dead are raised; now I believe that my child lives. Come inside, and I will bequeath to you all that is mine.” So Thecla went in with her and rested in her house for eight days, instructing her in the word of God, so that even most of Tryphaena’s female servants believed; and there was great joy in that house.


Thecla began to long for Paul and was trying to find him, sending around for news of him every­ where. It was reported to her that he was in Myra. She took some young men and some female servants and prepared for her journey by sewing her outer garment to make it look like a man’s cloak. And so she went away to Myra and found Paul speaking the word of God; and she stood beside him. But he was astonished when he saw her and the crowd with her, wondering whether some other tempta­ tion was coming upon her. When she realized what he was thinking she said to him, “I have received my cleansing, Paul; for the one who has worked with you for the spread of the gospel has worked with me for my own cleansing.”



Paul took her hand and led her away to the house of Hermias, and heard everything from her, so that he was greatly amazed; and those who heard were strengthened, and they prayed for Tryphaena. Thecla then rose up and told Paul, “I am going to Iconium.” Paul re­ plied, “Go and teach the word of God.” And so Tryphaena sent Thecla a large amount of clothing and gold to leave for Paul’s ministry to the poor.


And Thecla came away into Iconium. She entered Onesiphorus’s house and fell on the dirt floor where Paul had sat, teaching the sayings of God. And she wept aloud, saying: “O my God and God of this house, where the light shone upon me, Christ Jesus, the Son of God, my helper in prison, my helper before governors, my helper in the fire, my helper among the wild beasts— you yourself are God. To you be the glory forever. Amen.”


She found that Thamyris had died but that her mother was living. She called to her mother and said to her, “Theocleia, my mother, are you able to believe that the Lord in heaven lives? For if you desire riches, the Lord will give them to you through me; if you desire your child, see, here I am!” After testifying these things she went away to Seleucia and after enlightening many there with the word of God, she lay down to her glorious rest.

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