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Thamyris ran outside and went to the street, and began observ­ ing those who were going in to see Paul and those coming out. He saw two men having a bitter quarrel, and he said to them, “Men, tell me who you are, and who this one is who is inside with you, leading astray the youths and deceiving the virgins by telling them not to get married but to remain as they are. I prom­ ise to reward you handsomely if you tell me about him. For I am the leading citi­ zen of the city.”


Demas and Hermogenes said to him, “We do not know who he is. But he is depriving young men of their wives and virgins of their husbands, by saying that ‘You will not be raised from the dead unless you remain chaste, ab­ stain from polluting the flesh, and guard your chastity.’ ”


Thamyris said to them, “Men, come to my house and enjoy some refreshment with me.” They went off to a lavish dinner with ample wine, a great abundance, and a splendid spread. Thamyris was plying them with drink because he loved Thecla and wanted to have her as his wife. Over dinner Tha­ myris said, “Men, tell me what he teaches, so I can understand it. For I am in no small agony over Thecla, because she is in love with the stranger and I am being deprived of my marriage.”


Demas and Hermogenes said, “Make him stand trial before the governor, Castelius, for leading the crowds astray with the new teaching of the Christians. Then he will destroy him and you will have Thecla as your wife. And we will teach you that this resurrec­ tion which he claims is about to happen has already occurred in the children we have had.


When Thamyris heard these things from them, he was filled with jealousy and anger. Early the next morning he went off to the house of One­ siphorus with the leaders, public servants, and a large crowd carrying clubs, and he said to Paul, “You have corrupted the city of the Iconians and my own fiance´e, so that she no longer desires me. Come, we are going to the governor Castelius.” And the entire crowd was saying, “Take the magician away; for he has corrupted all our wives.” And the crowds were persuaded.


When he stood before the gov­ ernor’s judgment seat, Thamy­ ris called out with a loud voice, “O Pro­ consul, we do not know where this man comes from. But he does not allow vir­ gins to be married. Let him tell you why he is teaching these things.” But Dema and Hermogenes said to Thamyris, “Say that he is a Christian, and you will de­ stroy him.” But the governor had already decided what to do; he called Paul and asked him, “Who are you, and what are you teaching? For they are making no small accusation against you!”


Paul raised his voice and said, “If today I am to defend what I teach, listen to me, O Proconsul. The living God, the God of vengeance, the jealous God, the God who stands in need of nothing—this God has sent me to pro­ vide people with salvation by dragging them away from corruption and impurity and every pleasure and death, that they may no longer sin. This is also why God sent his own child, whom I proclaim, teaching that everyone must place their hope in him. For he alone has felt sym­ pathy for this world while it was going astray, that people may no longer fall under judgment but have faith and the fear of God, along with the knowledge

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