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great hypocrisy, so that Demas said, “Do we not also belong to the one who is Blessed? For you did not greet us like this!” Onesiphorus replied, “I did not see any fruit of righteousness in you. But if that is what you are, then come to my house as well, and be refreshed from your journey.”

As Paul was going to Iconium after his escape from Antioch, his fellow travelers were Demas and Hermogenes the bronze-smith, who were filled with hypocrisy. They kept entreating Paul ear­ nestly, as if they loved him. But Paul was looking only at the goodness of Christ, and so did them no harm; instead, he loved them very much, giving them sweet discourses about all the Lord’s sayings, involving the teaching and interpretation of the gospel, and the birth and resurrec­ tion of God’s Beloved. And he was tell­ ing them word-for-word how the majestic character of Christ had been revealed to him.


There was a certain man named Onesiphorus who heard that Paul was coming to Iconium. He went out to meet him to give him welcome, taking along his children Simmias and Zenon and his wife Lectra. For Titus had told him what Paul looked like; for Onesipho­ rus had never seen him in the flesh, but only in the spirit.


He went out to the Royal Road that leads to Lystra and stood there waiting for him, observing those who were coming along in light of Titus’s description. Then he saw Paul coming: a man short in stature, with a bald head, bowed legs, in good condi­ tion, eyebrows that met, a fairly large nose, and full of grace. At times he seemed human, at other times he looked like an angel.


When Paul saw Onesiphorus he smiled; and Onesiphorus said, “Greetings, servant of the Blessed God.” Paul replied, “Grace be with you and your house.” But Demas and Hermoge­ nes became jealous and stirred up a


When Paul entered Onesiphorus’s house there was great joy, the bending of knees in prayer, the breaking of bread, and a proclamation of the word of God concerning self-control and the resurrection, as Paul said: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are those who have kept the flesh chaste, for they will become a temple of God. Blessed are those who are selfcontrolled, for God will speak to them. Blessed are those who have re­ nounced this world, for they will be pleasing to God. Blessed are those who have wives as if they did not have them, for they will be the heirs of God. Blessed are those who have the fear of God, for they will become the angels of God.


“Blessed are those who tremble at the sayings of God, for they will be comforted. Blessed are those who have re­ ceived the wisdom of Jesus Christ, for they will be called sons of the Highest. Blessed are those who have kept their baptism, for they will find their rest in the Father and the Son.

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