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taught the word of God. But Satan, being wicked, became jealous of the love of the brethren and Patroclus fell down from the window and died; speedily it was re­ ported to Nero. Paul, however, having learned it by Spirit said, “Brethren, the evil one has obtained a way to tempt you; go forth and you will find a boy who has fallen down and is dying. Lift him up and bring him here.” This they did. When the people saw him they were frightened. Paul said to them, “Now, brethren, show your faith. Come, let us mourn to our Lord Jesus Christ, that the boy might live and we remain unharmed.” When all be­ gan to lament, the boy took breath and, having put him on an animal, they sent him away alive with all those who were of the emperor’s house.


And Nero, having heard of Patro­ clus’ death, became very sad, and as he came out from his bath he ordered another to be appointed for the wine. But his servants said, “Emperor, Patro­ clus is alive and stands at the side­ board.” When the emperor heard that Patroclus was alive he was frightened and would not come in. But when he came in and saw Patroclus he cried out, “Patroclus, are you alive?” He an­ swered, “I am alive, Caesar.” But he said, “Who is he who made you alive?” And the boy, uplifted by the confidence of faith, said, “Christ Jesus, the king of the ages.” The emperor asked in dismay, “Is he to be king of the ages and de­ stroy all kingdoms?” Patroclus said to him, “Yes, he destroys all kingdoms un­ der heaven, and he alone shall remain in all eternity, and there will be no king­ dom which escapes him.” And he struck his face and cried out, “Patroclus, are you also fighting for that king?” He an­ swered, “Yes, my lord and Caesar, for he has raised me from the dead.” And Barsabas Justus the flat-footed

and Urion the Cappadocian and Festus of Galatia, the chief men of Nero, said, “And we, too, fight for him, the king of the ages.” After having tortured those men whom he used to love he imprisoned them and ordered that the soldiers of the great king be sought, and he issued an edict that all Christians and soldiers of Christ that were found should be executed.


And among the many Paul also was brought in fetters. Those who were imprisoned with him looked at him, so that the emperor observed that he was the leader of the soldiers. And he said to him, “Man of the great king, now my prisoner, what induced you to come secretly into the Roman empire and to enlist soldiers in my territory?” But Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, said in the presence of all, “Caesar, we enlist soldiers not only in your territory but in all lands of the earth. For thus we are commanded to exclude none who wishes to fight for my king. If it seems good to you, serve him, for nei­ ther riches nor the splendors of this life will save you; but if you become his subject and beseech him you shall be saved. For in one day he will destroy the world.” Having heard this Nero commanded all the prisoners to be burned with fire, but Paul to be beheaded according to the law of the Romans. But Paul was not silent and communicated the word to Longus the prefect and Cestus the cen­ turion. And Nero, being instigated by the evil one, raged in Rome and had many Christians executed without trial, so that the Romans stood before the palace and cried, “It is enough, Caesar; these people are ours. You destroy the strength of the Romans.” Being thus convinced, he de­ sisted and commanded that no Christian was to be touched till his case had been investigated.

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