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Lord and his affection toward us, let us worship him as those to whom he has shown mercy, not with our fingers, nor with our mouths, nor with the tongue, nor with any part of our body whatsoever, but with the disposition of our soul: let us worship him, who became man apart from this body. And let us watch because he keeps watch even now over prisons for our sakes, and in tombs, in bonds and dungeons, in shame and reproaches, by sea and land, at scourgings, condemna­ tions, conspiracies, plots, punishments, and, in a word, he is with all of us, and suffers with us when we suffer, brethren. When he is called by any one of us he does not allow himself to shut his ears to us, but being everywhere he hearkens to all of us, and just now has hearkened to both me and Drusiana—as he is the God of those who are imprisoned—

bringing help to us by his own compassion.


“ ‘You therefore must also be persuaded, beloved, that it is no man that I preach to you to wor­ ship, but God unchangeable, God invin­ cible, God higher than all authority, and all power, and older and mightier than all the angels and creatures that are spoken of, and all ages. If then you abide in him, and are built up in him, you shall possess your soul indestructible.”


And when he had delivered these things to the brethren, John departed with Andronicus to walk; and Drusiana also followed afar off to­ gether with all, that they might behold the acts that were done and at all times hear his word in the Lord . . .

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