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‘I will mourn, lament all of you!’ ‘Amen.’ ‘An Ogdoad4 is singing with us.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘The Twelfth number is dancing above.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘The whole universe takes part in the dancing.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘He who does not dance, does not know what is being done.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will flee and I will stay.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will adorn, and I will be adorned.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will be united, and I will unite.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I have no house, and I have houses.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I have no place, and I have places.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I have no temple, and I have tem­ ples.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I am a lamp to you who see me.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I am a mirror to you who per­ ceive.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I am a door to you who knock on me.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I am a way to you, wayfarer.’ ‘Amen.’

“Now, before he was arrested by the lawless Jews, who re­ ceived their law from a lawless serpent, he gathered us all together and said, ‘Be­ fore I am delivered up to them, let us sing a hymn to the Father, and go forth to what lies before us.’ So he commanded us to make a circle, holding one another’s hands, and he himself stood in the mid­ dle. He said, ‘Respond Amen to me.’ He then began to sing a hymn, and to say: ‘Glory be to you, Father!’

And we circling him said, ‘Amen.’

‘Glory be to you, Word! Glory be

to you, Grace!’ ‘Amen.’ ‘Glory be to you, Spirit! Glory be to you, Holy One! Glory be to the glory!’ ‘Amen.’ ‘We praise you, O Father. We give thanks to you, light, in whom darkness does not abide.’ ‘Amen.’


‘Now we give thanks, I say: I will be saved, and I will save.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will be loosed, and I will loose.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will be pierced, and I will pierce.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will be born, and I will bear.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will eat, and I will be eaten.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will hear, and I will be heard.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will be understood, being wholly understanding.’ ‘Amen.’ ‘I will be washed, and I will wash.’ ‘Amen.’


“ ‘Now if you respond to my dancing, see yourself in me who speak; and when you have seen what I do, keep silence about my mysteries! You who dance, perceive what I do; for yours is this passion of mankind which I am to suffer! For you could not at all have comprehended what you suffer if I had not been sent to you as the Word by the Father. When you saw what I suffer, you have seen me as one suffering; and

Grace is dancing. ‘I will pipe, dance all of you!’ ‘Amen.’


i.e. the eightfold power.

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