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saved human nature. We thank you that you gave this sure faith, that you alone are God, now and for ever. We, your servants, thank you, O holy One, we who are assembled with good reason and risen from the dead.”


Having thus prayed and praised God, he made all the brethren partake of the eucharist of the Lord and then left the tomb. And when he had come into the house of Andronicus, he said to the brethren, “Dear brethren, a spirit within me has prophesied that, in consequence of the bite of the serpent, Fortunatus would die of blood-poisoning. Let someone make haste and inquire whether it is so!” And one of the young men ran and found him dead already, the poison having spread and reached his heart. And he returned to John, reporting that he had been dead three hours already. And John said, “You have your child, devil!” Thus John rejoiced with the brethren in the Lord.


. . . Then those who were pres­ ent inquired about the cause, and were especially perplexed because Drusiana had said, ‘The Lord appeared to me in the tomb in the form of John and of a youth.’ And as they were per­ plexed and in some ways were not yet confirmed in the faith, John said with patience:


“Men and brethren, you have suffered nothing that is strange or incredible in your perception of the Lord, inasmuch as we also, whom he chose for himself as apostles, were tried in many ways. I, indeed, am able neither to set forth to you nor to write the things which I saw and heard. Now I must adapt


them to your hearing; and in accordance with everyone’s capabilities I will com­ municate to you those things whereof you are able to become hearers, that you may see the glory that surrounds him who was and is both now and forever. “For when he had chosen Peter and Andrew, who were brothers, he came to me and to my brother James, saying, ‘I have need of you, come unto me.’ And my brother said, ‘John, this child on the shore who called to us, what does he want?’ And I said, ‘What child?’ He re­ plied, ‘The one who is beckoning to us.’ And I answered, ‘Because of our long watch that we kept at sea you are not seeing straight, brother James: but do you not see the man who stands there, fair and comely and of a cheerful counte­ nance?’ But he said to me, ‘Him I do not see, brother; but let us go and we shall see what it means.’ And so when we had landed the ship, we saw him helping us to beach the ship.


“And when we left the place, wishing to follow him again, he again appeared to me, bald-headed but with a thick and flowing beard; but to James he appeared as a youth whose beard was just starting. We were per­ plexed, both of us, as to the meaning of what we had seen. But when we followed him, we both became gradually more per­ plexed as we thought on the matter. Yet to me there appeared a still more won­ derful sight; for I tried to see him as he was, and I never at any time saw his eyes closing but only open. And sometimes he appeared to me as a small man and un­ attractive, and then again as one reaching to heaven. Also there was in him another marvel; when I sat at table he would take me upon his breast and I held him; and sometimes his breast felt to me to be smooth and tender, and sometimes hard,

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