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No. 16

ISSUE - 223

DATE: 28-11-2010



\K-c-apJw hnIr-X-am-°p∂ ]c-ky-߃ ˛ kz¥w teJ-I≥ ]cky-Iem cwKØv temIw Gsd apt∂m´p s]mbv°-gn™n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. ]c- k yt_m¿Up-Ifpw _m\-dp-Ifpw tlm¿Un- ß p- I fpw hnhn[ h¿Æ-ß-fn¬ {]Xy-£-s∏-Sptºmƒ AXv D]-t`m-‡m-hn¬

kr„n- ° p∂ sshIm- c nI `mhw ]c-ky-Øns‚ a¿Ω-{][m-\-amb Nn{X-ß-fnepw ]cky-hm-N-I-ß-fnepw IpSp-ßn°n-S-°pI kzm`m-hn-I-am-Wv. AX-{Xbpw \√-Xp-X-s∂. ]´W- Ø ns‚ lrZ- b - ` m- K - Ø pXs∂ ]ckyw sNø-W-sa∂ ]nSn-hmin ]e-t∏m-gpw hn]-

Xm¶ƒ°v kmº-ØnI kzmX{¥yw t\tSt≠? dn´tb¿Uv DtZym-K-ÿ¿, ho´-Ω-am¿, _yq´o-jy≥kv, A≤ym-]-I¿ XpS-ßnb 21 hb- n-\p-ta¬ {]mb-ap≈ Gh¿°pw amkw 10,000 cq]-bn-e-[nIw hcp-am\w D≠m°m-hp∂ sl¬Øv sIb¿, tImkvsa-‰nIvkv DXv∏-∂-ßfpsS hnX-cW irwJ-e-bn¬ AwK-am-Ip-hm≥ Xm¶-tfbpw kzmKXw sNøp-∂p.

No joining cost. No Annual Fees. Bonus paid on Retail value. Bonus paid directly by company. Never been revert from position. Products delivered locally.

IqSp-X¬ hnh-c-߃°v _‘-s∏-Sp-I.


9744537813, 9061162902

coX ^e-amWp kr„n-°p-I. GsX- ¶ nepw hgn- a q- e - b n¬ Xs∂ ]ckyw sNøm-\p≈ hy{KX ]e-cnepw ImWmw. DZm: ÃmNyp PwKvj\v ]Sn™mdp `mK- Ø p≈ sshZypXn t_m¿Uns‚ {Sm≥kv t ^m¿a- d n\p Np‰pw GXm≠v 13 ]c-ky-ßfm-Wp≈- X v . Bcm- W nXp hmbn°pI! Htc ÿe-Øp-\n∂v F{X ]ckyw hmbn°pw! PohnX hym]m-c-Øn-∂n-S-bn¬ Pohn-X-Øns‚ c≠-‰hpw Iq´n-ap´n°m\p≈ hy{K-X-bn¬ s\t´m- ´ - t am- S p∂ P\w Hcp t_m¿tUm _m\tdm {i≤ns®-¶n-em-bn. AXp-X-s∂bpw apgp- h ≥ hmbn- ° m≥ Abmƒ°p ka- b - a n- √ . At∏m- g mWv 13 ]cky t_m¿Up-I-fpsS Imcyw. ]{X-am-kn-I-Iƒ, tdUn-tbm, sSen-hn-j≥ F∂o am[y-a-ßfn-eqsS ]ckyw sNøp-∂Xv P\- ß ƒ IqSp- X ¬ {i≤n°pw, AXv Aev]w Nne-hp≈-Xm-sW-¶n¬ IqSn ap≥]d™ C{]-Im-c-ap≈ ]c-ky߃ AXns‚ Dt±-i-e-£y߃ \nd- t h- ‰ - s ∏- S msX t]mIp-∂p. ChnsS ]d-bm-\pt±- i n- ° p- ∂ Xv as‰m- ∂ m- W v . cmP-Iob \Kcw F∂v Nnesc- ¶ nepw A`n- a m- \ - ] q¿Δw

]d- b p∂ Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd \Kcw Ht´sd ]cn- a n- X nIƒ°p≈n- e m- W v. \√ tdmUp-I-fpsS A]-cym-]vX-X, {]mY- a n- I m- h - i y- Ø n- \ p≈ Aku- I cyw aqew ]et∏mgpw hgn-h-°n¬ {]mY-anIm-hiyw \nd-th-‰¬ \S-∏mX-bn-√m-Ø-Xp-aq-e-ap≈ hgn-bcp- I nse ]p√pw ]mgv s N- S nIfpw aqS-s∏-Sm-ØXpw s]m´ns∏m-fn-™-Xp-amb HmS-Iƒ, amen\y \nt£]w XpSßn ]cm- [ o- \ - X - I ƒ ]e- X m- W v . CXn- s \ms° ]pd- s a- b mWv sshZyp- X n, sSen- t ^m¨, tI_nƒ Sn.-hn. XpS-ßn-b-hbpsS tI_n- f p- I fpw a‰pw. Nne PwKvj- \ p- I - f nse sshZypXn Iºn-Iƒ I≠m¬ Iºn-IƒsIm≠p ]¿W-ime Xo¿Ø {]Xo-Xn-bm-Wv. AXn\p- X msg At\Iw ]c- k yßfpw IqSn hcp- ∂ - t XmsS IqSp- X ¬ aeo- a - k - a m- I p- ∂ p, \ΩpsS \K-cw. CXn-s\ms° ]pd-sa-bmWv ]c-kyw-sIm≠v aeo-a-k-am-°-s∏-Sp∂ aXn-epI- f pw. AXpw hnZym- ` ymk ÿm]- \ - ß - f psS Nph- c p- I fn¬. hr›n-tIm-’-h-Øn\v sImSn- t b- d m≥ C\n Znh- k ߃ am{Xw Ah-ti-jns° \Kcw tamSn-]n-Sn-∏n-t°-≠n-bncn-°p-∂p. Bb-Xn\v ap\n-kn-

∏m-en-‰n \S-]Sn Bcw-`n-®n-´ps≠-¶nepw NS-ßp-Iƒ°-∏pd-tØ-bv°p≈ Nn¥-bm-Wm-hiyw. Xr∏q- W n- Ø p- d - b psS A`n-am\ {]iv\-ambn D’hsØ ImW- W w. \K- c Ønse I®- h S ÿm]- \ ßfpw AWn-s™m-cp-ß-Ww. Ae-¶m-c-ßfpw Zo]m-e-¶m-c-

ßfpw sIm≠v \K-c-Øns‚ {]uVn \ne- \ n¿Ø- W w. D’- h - I m- e sØ hgn- t bmc I®-h-S-°msc \nb-{¥n®v hgnbm- { X- ° m- c psS bm{Xm- k uIcyw kpK-a-am-°-Ww. tijw aq∂mw t]Pn¬

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

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{]Im-i\w \n¿Δ-ln®p B tamsj C\n aS-ßn-h-cptam?


F∂ t]cn¬ Adn- b - s ∏- S p- ∂ , cmPysØ \Sp- ° nb apwss_ `oI-cm-{I-a-W-Øns‚ c≠mw hm¿jn-I-amWv C°gn™ Znhkw IS-∂p-t]m-b-Xv. A[n-I-amcpw AX-dn-™ns√- ¶ n¬ IqSnbpw B B{I- a Ww kr„n® \Sp°w

C\nbpw \sΩ hn´p-am-dn-bn-´n-√. AI-∂p-t]mb kam-[m-\-Øns‚ sagp-Ip-Xn-cnsh´w Ct∏mgpw \ΩpsS ap∂n-ep-≠v. Hcp \Kcw Aßs\ Xs∂ `oI-ccpsS ]nSnbn-e-a¿∂v `oXn-bpsS AKm[ Ib-ß-fn-tebv°v B≠p t]mIp-∂-Xn\v \mw sSenhn-j-\n-eq-sS-bm-Wt√m km£yw hln-°p-I-bp-≠m-b-Xv. ImX-S-∏n-°p∂ t_mw_v kvt^mS-\-ßfpw shSn-sbm-®-Ifpw A·n-°n-c-bm-Ip∂ aμn-c-ßfpw k¿h-\m-iØns‚ \riw-kX \rØw Nhn-´p∂ sXcp-hp-I-fp-sam-s°-bmbn F{Xtbm aWn°q-dp-Iƒ. IS¬ IS-s∂-Øn-b, A\y-tZ-i-hm-kn-I-fmb `oI-csc hf-™p- ]n-Sn-IqSm≥ s]meokv Dƒ∏-sS-bp≈ kpc£m DtZym-K-ÿ¿ ]q¿W k∂m-l-ß-tfm-SpIqSn t]mcn-\n-d-ßn-b-Xns‚ Bth-i-I-c-amb F{Xtbm Zriy-߃. Ata-cn-°sb ]nSn®p Ipep-°n-b, aqhm-bn-c-Øn-tesd t]cpsS ac-W-Øn-\n-S-bm-°n-b, temI hmWnPy kwL-S-\-bpsS hº≥ aμn-c-Øn\p t\scbpw s]‚-K¨ Bÿm-\Øn\v t\scbpw \S∂ B{I-a-W-Øns‚ amXrI Hcn-¥y≥ \K-c-Øn¬ Ac-tßdn-b-Xns‚ Cu ImgvN-Iƒ Ahn-iz-k-\o-b-am-bn-cp-∂p. apwss_ \K-c-Ønse ap¥nb ]©-\-£{X tlm´-ep-Iƒ, sdbn¬th tÃj≥, Bip-]-{Xn-Iƒ F∂p-th≠ P\߃ XSn-®p-Iq-Sp∂ tI{μ-ß-fn¬ `oI-cX Xfw-sI-´n-\n∂ thf-Iƒ hnkva-cn-°mdm-bn-´n-√. apwss_bpsS izmk-an-Sn∏pw \n¿`-b-Xz-hp-amWv B aWn-°q-dp-I-fn¬ \pdpßn hoW-Xv. sXcp-hp-Iƒ, ]pdw-\m-´n¬ \n∂v Ah-X-cn-®, kq£va-ambn Bkq{XWw sNø-s∏´ an∂-em-{I-a-W-Øn\p Cc-I-fmbn \n›-ehpw Aim-¥-hp-ambn ]nS-™p-In-S-∂p. `oI-c-cpsS Icmf lkvX-ß-fn¬ \n∂v tamNn-∏n-s®-Sp-°pw-hsc Cu \K-c-Øn-seßpw Hcp bp≤-Øns‚ {]Xo-Xn-bm-bn-cp-∂p. `oI-c-cpsS \nd-tXm°p-I-fn¬ \n∂pw kpc-£m-`-S-∑m-cpsS _q´p-I-fn¬ \n∂pw apwss_ HSp-hn¬ c£s∏´v tam£w {]m]n-®-Xn-\p-ti-jhpw \Kcw ]gb \mfp-I-fn-tebv°v ]q¿W-ambpw Xncn-s®-Øn-bn-´n-s√∂v ]d-bmw. 26/11 Xo¿Ø apdn-hp-Iƒ C∂pw _m°n-bm-sW∂v Npcp-°w. Nne hnizm-k-ßfpw {]Xo-£-Ifpw XI¿∂p hoW-Xns‚ ^e-am-bp≠mb apdn-hp-I-fm-b-Xn-\m-emImw Ah thKw DW-ßm≥ hnk-Ω-Xn-°p-∂-Xv. AXv sshImsX kw`-hn-°-t´-sb∂v Biw-kn-®m¬ IqSnbpw 26/11 Hcp Xm°oXv IqSnbmWv F∂ Imcyw AwKo-I-cn-t°-≠n-h-cpw. GsXmcp \K-chpw apwss_-bpsS A`n-i-]vX-amb B Zn\-ß-fn-tebv°v FSp-sØ-dn-b-s∏-´p-sh∂p hcmw. \ΩpsS knhn¬ skmssk‰n B ]pXnb `oj-Wn-bp-ambn C\nbpw k‘n-bm-bn-´n-√. B km[y-X-I-fp-ambn \mw F{Xbpw thKw cRvPn-∏n-se-Øntb Xocq. apwss_-bnse `oI-cm-{I-a-W-Øn¬ ac-W-a-S-™-h-cpsS Hm¿a-I-tfmSv \oXn ]pe¿Øm\pw AhcpsS IpSpw-_mw-K-ß-tfmSv A\p-X-]n-°m-\pap≈ GI am¿Kw AXm-Wv. `oIcm{Ia-W-Øns‚ Hm¿a-I-fn-s√-¶nepw AXp-aqew apwss_ \Kcw hntS-≠n-h∂ tamsjbv°v B C¥y≥ \K-c-Øn¬ sNe-h-gn® _mey-Im-e-sØ-∏‰n Hm¿a-bp≠v. F∂m¬ Ima B≥Uv B¬s_kv Bip-]-{Xn-bnse Poh-\-°m-cpsS ÿnXn AX-√. Ct∏mgpw Ah¿ B B{I-a-W-Øns‚ `oI-c-X-tbm¿Øv \Sp-ßm-dp-≠v. B{I- a - W - Ø n¬ amXm- ] n- X m- ° - f mb dm_n Kmhvdn- b - e n- t \bpw dnhvI tlmƒkvs_¿Kn-t\bpw \„-s∏´ _me-\mb tamsj Xe-\m-cn-g-bv°mWv c£s∏-´-sX-¶n¬ Bip-]{Xn Poh-\-°m¿°v tcmKn-I-fpsS Poh\v ap≥K-W\ sImSp°m-\mWv B henb A]-I-S-k-‘n-bn¬ tXm∂n-b-Xv. \cn-am≥ lukns‚ (N_mZv lukv) Nn{Xw hc®v ImWn-®m¬ AXv Xm≥ apwss_-bn¬ Nne-h-gn® `h\-am-sW∂v Xncn-®-dn-bp∂ tamsj Ct∏mƒ Xmakw apØ-—\pw apØ-»n-bp-amb dm_n \Nvam≥ tlmƒkvs_¿Kn\pw {^oktlmƒkv s_¿Kn-\p-sam-∏-am-Wv. tamsjbpsS C{k-tb-ense IpSpw_w AhnsS Kmhvdnb-en-t‚bpw dnhvI-bp-tS-bpw -t]cn¬ [¿a-ÿm-]\w XpS-ßm-\mWv ]cn-]m-Sn. tamsj C\n Fs∂-¶nepw aS-ßn-hcptam? B{I-a-WsØ XpS¿∂v Ima B≥Uv B¬s_kv Bip-]-{Xn-bn-ep-≠mb tImem-l-e-sØ-∏‰n Ãm^v \gvkv \oX \nXn≥ apcn≥P≥ ad-∂n-´n-√. Bip-]-{Xnbnse CS-\m-gn-I-fn¬ acWw ]cXn \S-∂-t∏mƒ Xm≥ sIm√-s∏-´p-sh∂v IcpXn Xs‚ c≠v s]¨a-°ƒ ho´n¬ apd-hnfn Iq´nb kw`-hhpw \oX \nXn≥ apcn≥P≥ Hm¿an-°p-∂p. Bip-]-{Xn°p t\¿°p-≠mb B{I-aWw tI´n-s´-t∂mWw Xs‚ aI≥ ho´n¬ Dds° \ne-hn-fn® Imcyw as‰mcp Ãm^v \gvkv ao\ PmZhpw ad∂n-´n-√. Bip-]-{Xn-sØm-´n-ep-I-fn¬ Ign-bp∂ ]n©p Ip™p-ß-tfbpw Kpcp-X-cmh-ÿ-bn-em-bn-cp∂ tcmKn-I-tfbpw shSn-bp-≠-I-fn¬ \n∂v c£n-®-Xn\v \oX \nXn≥ apcn≥P-t\bpw ao\ PmZ-hn-t\bpw Ht´sd luknMv skmssk-‰n-I-fpsS B`n-apJy-Øn¬ kzoI-c-W-N-S-ßp-I-fn¬ A\p-tam-Zn-°p-I-bp-≠m-bn. ]©-\-£{X tlm´ep-I-fmb SmPpw ss{SU‚pw t]mse N_mZv lukpw {]h¿Ø\w ]p\-cm-cw-`n-°s´-sb∂v B{K-ln-°p∂ tamsj-bpsS apØ-—-t\bpw apØ-»n-tbbpw t]mse C\nbpw A\p-tam-Z-\-N-S-ßp-I-fn¬ ]s¶-Sp-t°≠n hcp-tam-sb∂v kwi-bn-°p∂ Cu Ccp Ãm^v \gvkp-amcpw Dbn¿sØ-gp-t∂‰ apwss_bpsS {]Xn-\n-[n-I-fm-Wv. hen-sbm-cm-{I-a-W-Øns‚ \Sp-°p∂ Hm¿Ω-I-fn¬ \n∂v ]nS-s™-gp-t∂‰ apwss_bpsS {]Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ.

m¿ vWp-Ip-a j n h . hn ]{Xm[ - n-]¿ Tripunithura News: Views and opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of Tripunithura News. Tripunithura News reserves the right to use the information published herein in any manner whatsoever. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information published in this edition, neither Tripunithura News or any of its employees accept any responsibility for any errors or omission. Further Tripunithura News does not take any responsibility for loss or damage incurred or suffered by any subscriber/reader of this newspaper as a result of his/her accepting any invitation/offer published in this newspaper. No part of this newspaper may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

:Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others? —Martin Luther King, Jr.

`mKh-tXm-Øa Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd Fcq¿ kztZ-in-\n-bmb sN´n-Ød kn.-sI. `m¿§-hnAΩ (A-Ωn-Wn-b-Ω) cNn® "cpKvanWo kzbw-hcw' F∂ ]pkvXIw Xncp-h√ {io h√-`-t£-{X-Øn¬ Xncp-hn-Xmw-Iq¿ alm-dmWn Kuco ]m¿Δ-Xo-`mbn Xncp-hn-Xmw-Iq¿ tZhkzw t_m¿Uv {]kn-U‚ v cmP-tKm-]m-e≥ \mb¿°v \¬In {]Im-i-\-I¿Ωw \n¿Δln-°p-∂p. kao]w {KŸ-I¿{Xn-bpsS Cf-b-a-I-\mb tUm. _n.-Pn. tKmIp-e≥.

"tKm]n's°mcp Ip¶p-a-s∏m´v "Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd \yqkn's‚ Ign™ e°w (222)- Ø n¬ {]apJ kmln-Xy-Im-c≥ Fw. tKm]n-\m-Y≥ \mb-cp (Ip¶paw tKm]n)ambn A`napJw \S-Øn-bXv Sn.-F. taml-\-\mWv. teJ-Is‚ t]cv tN¿°m≥ hn´pt]m-b-Xn¬ tJZn-°p-∂p. ˛ ]{Xm-[n-]¿

\S≥ Pbs\ A\p-kvac- n®p A\iz-c-\mb \S≥ Pbs\ A\pkva-cn-°p∂ 30-˛mw Nca hm¿jnI Zn\w Fcq¿ {KmaoW hmb-\-ime A¶-WØn¬ BN-cn-®p. kn.-sI. kp\p-hns‚ A≤y-£-X-bn¬ \S∂ A\p-tim-N\ ktΩ- f - \ - Ø n¬ hn.- B ¿. jn_p- c mPv A\p- k v a - c W {]`m- j Ww \S- Ø n. Xt‚Xp am{X-amb A`n-\b ssienbpw Xmc-knw-lm-k-\hpw Dt]-£n-®p-t]mb Pb≥ Hcp Ime-L-´-Øn¬ Bcm-[-Ihr-μ-ß-fpsS Bth-i-am-bn-cp-∂p-sh∂v ktΩ-f\w A\p-kva-cn-®p.

hym]m-cn-If- mb P\-{]-Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ°v kzoI-cWw \¬In tIcf hym]mcn hyh-kmbn GtIm-]\- k - a nXn Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd taJ- e - b nse hym]m-cn-I-fn¬ \n∂pw Xt±i kzbw-`-cW ÿm]-\-ß-fn-tebv°v sXc-s™-Sp-°-s∏´ P\{]Xn\n- [ n- I ƒ°v Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd a¿®‚ vkv bqWn-b≥ Hm^o-kn¬ kzoIcWw \¬In. Ip∂-Øp-\mSv {Kma-]-©m-bØv {]knU‚ v ssje \ujm-Zv, k_nX A_vZpƒ d^o-Iv, ]pØ≥Ip-cniv {Kma-]-©m-bØv saº¿ A_vZpƒ P∫m¿, apf-¥p-cpØn {Kma- ] - © m- b Øv saº¿ hn\p ]o‰¿, Bº- √ q¿ {Kma- ] - © m- b Øv {]kn- U ‚ v kmbv_ Xm÷p-±o≥, saº¿ _n\p, tUm. F≥.-hn.-sI. \ºq-Xn-cn, tNm‰m-\n°c {Kma]- © m- b Øv saº¿am- c mb Gen- b mWv tPm¨, sIm®-\n-b≥, h’-Ω, acSv ap\nkn- ∏ m- e n- ‰ n- b nse B‚Wn Bimw- ] - d ºn¬, sIm®n≥ tIm¿∏- t d- j - \ nse tUmIvS¿ Sn.-sI. ssjeP F∂n-h¿°mWv kzoI-cWw \¬In-b-Xv. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd taJe {]kn-U‚ v ]n.F-kv. cmP≥, sk{I-´dn ]n.-hn. {]Im-i≥, {Sj-d¿ sI.-sP. tXma-kv, sI.-]n. _mlpte-b≥, hn.-hn. Pb≥, kn.-Fw. tPmbv, sI. Ip™p-ap-l-Ω-Zv, kmw tXma-kv, hn]n≥ Zmkv, h\nX hnwKv {]kn-U‚ v tacn B‚Wn, sk{I- ´ dn {]k∂ `mkv°- c ≥, F¬tZmkv F∂n-h¿ {]kw-Kn-®p.

Letters to the

\¬IWw Ah¿s°m-c-hm¿Uv! _ n¬ h®v A]-am-\n-°p-hm≥ {ian® Hcp-Øs - \, bphXn _ n-\p-≈n¬ h®pw, Cdßn HmSn-b-t∏mƒ ]n∂mse HmSns®∂pw "X√n' F∂ hm¿Ø {]apJ aebmf Zn\- ∏ - { X- Ø ns‚ apJ- t ]- P n¬ tN¿Øn-cp-∂Xp hmbn-®t- ∏mƒ hmkvXh - Øn¬ tcmam-©-ap-≠m-bn. Hcp kwL-S-\bv°p-t]mepw Hcp-]s£ km[n-°mØ ka-tbm-NnX IrXy-amWv B [oc-h-\nX A\p-jvTn-®-sX∂p ]d-bmsX Xc-an-√. {]Xn-bmb Rc-ºp-tcm-Kn-bpsS ]Sw Ifdn¬ {]kn-≤o-I-cn-®Xpw bph-Xn-bpsS Nn{Xw tN¿°m-Xn-cp-∂Xpw (Rm≥ hmbn® ]{X- Ø n¬) \∂m- b n. bph- X n- b psS kμ¿t`m-Nn-X-amb \S-]Sn kzmK-Xm¿lam- s W- ¶ nepw t{]m’m- l n- ∏ n- ° p- ∂ Xv \ΩsS kwkvIm-c-Øn-\n-W-ßp-∂-XmsW∂p tXm∂p-∂n-√. A\n-„-I-c-ß-fmb CØcw kw`-h߃ Hgn- h m- ° p- ∂ - X n\v Hcp sNdnb \n¿t±iw Cubp-≈h - s‚ ]ga\- n¬ DZn®Xv ChnsS ka¿∏n-®p-sIm-≈-s´. _ n-

\p-≈n¬ GXm≠v a≤y-`m-KØ - ,v IpdpsI Hcp Iºn-th-entbm Ccpºp XIntSm ^n‰p-sNbvX,v ap≥`m-KØv kv{XoIƒ°pw ]n≥`m-KØv ]pcp-j-∑m¿°pw Ccn-°p-hm-\p≈ kwhn-[m\-ap-≠m-°p-I. kv{Xo bm{X-°m¿ Ib-dp∂Xpw Cd-ßp-∂Xpw ap≥ hmXn-en-eq-sSbpw, ]pcp-j∑ - m¿ Ib-dn-bn-dß - p-∂Xv ]n≥hm-Xn-eneq-sSbpw BI-s´. Aßn-s\-bm-bm¬ ]pcp-j¿°v kv{XoItftbm kv { XoIƒ°v ]pcp- j - ∑ m- t ctbm kv]¿in-°p-hmt\m Z¿in-°p-hm≥ t]meptam D≈ kuIcyw D≠m-hp-Ib - p-an-√. Ccp-Iq-´cpw c£-s∏-Sp-Ibpw sNøpw. kv{Xo bm{X-°m¿°v Sn°‰v \¬Ip-hm≥ h\nXm I≠-IvS-tdbpw IqSn \ntbm-Kn-®m¬ k¿Δw ip`w. GXmbmepw \ΩpsS IYm-\m-bn-Ibv°v Xr∏q-WnØp-d-bnse Iem-˛-kmw-kvIm-cnI˛cm-{„o-b-˛km-aq-lnI kwL-S-\-I-sf√mw tN¿∂v Hcp Kw`oc kzoI-c-Whpw A\p-tam-Z-\hpw ]pckvIm-chpw Hs° \¬Ip-∂Xv DNn-X-am-bn-cn°pw. ˛ tKm]n, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

Wedding Cards, all types of Printing works, DTP, Project Report, Photostat, Colour Lazer Print, Colour Photostat


PAGE 3 NOV 28 TO DEC 04, 2010

\K-ca- pJw hnIr-Xa- m-°p∂ ]c-ky-߃ H∂mw t]Pv XpS¿® hml\ \nb- { ¥Ww \n¿∫-‘-am-°-Ww. I®-hS- ° m¿ ]pdw- X - ≈ p∂ {]tXy-In®v Icnºv Pyqkv \n¿Ωm- X m- ° ƒ ]pd- ¥ ≈p∂ Icn- º n≥ N≠n amen- \ y- ß ƒ AXmXp Znhkw Xs∂ \o°w sNøm-\p≈ kwhn-[m\w G¿s∏-Sp-Øp-Ibpw thWw. \Kck`bpw ÃmNyp PwKvj\pw h¿W-Zo-]-ßfm¬ Ae-¶-cn-°p-tºmƒ AXv IqSp-X¬ BI¿jI-am-°m≥ {ian-°-Ww. F´p Zn\-߃ \o≠p\n¬°p∂ hr›n- t Im’hw F√m A¿∞Ønepw Xr∏q- W n- Ø p- d bpsS A`n- a m\ Nn”ambn am‰p- ∂ - X n- \ m- h - i yamb F√m \S-]-Sn-Ifpw \K- c - k - ` - b psS `mK- Ø p\n∂pw D≠m-I-Ww. H∏w hnZyp-—-‡n, s]mXp-a-cm-aØv, Pe AtXm-dn-‰n XpSßnb hIp-∏p-I-fpsS `mKØp-\n-∂p-w.

Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd D]-Pn√m kvIqƒ Item-’hw kam-]n®p Xr∏qWn-Øpd hnZym-`ymk D]- P n√m kvIqƒ Item’hw DZ- b w- t ]- c q¿ Fkv . F≥.- U n.- ] n. lb¿ sk°≥Udn kvIqfn¬ C∂se kam-]n-®p. Item’-h-Øn¬ 96 kvIqfp-I-fn¬ \n∂mbn 2400 Hmfw Ip´n-Iƒ ]s¶-Sp-Øp.

P\-{]-Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ°v hr›n-tIm-’hw: kzoI-cWw C∂v Hcp-°ß - ƒ Ah-km-\ L-´-Øn-seØn Unkw_¿ aq∂n\v XpSßn ]Øn\v ]cy- h - k m- \ n- ° p∂ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd {io]q¿W-{Xboi t£{X-Ønse {]kn-≤amb D’hw ""{io]q¿W-{Xboi t£t{Xm-’hw 2010'' kw_- ‘ n® Hcp- ° - ß ƒ Ah-km\ L´-Øn-se-Øn. 45 e£w cq] Nne- h p- h - c p∂ D’hw CØ- h - W bpw {io]q¿W-{X-boi tkhm-kwLhpw sIm®n≥ tZhkzw t_m¿Upw kwbp-‡-am-bmWv kwL-Sn-∏n-°p-∂-Xv. kwKo-XI- t ®- c n, IY- I fn XpS- ß nb Iem- ] - c n- ] m- S n- I - f psS ImcyØn¬ A¥na Xocp- a m\w Bbn-´p-≠v. Be- ∏ pg {ioIp- a m¿, hmWn kXo-jv, Pq\n-b¿ Fw. _me-ap-c-fo-Ir-jvW, emhWy & kp∫-e£van (km-Ivtkmt^m¨), cma-{]-km-Zv, AarXm sh¶n-tS-jv, hn. i¶c-\m-cm-b-W≥ F∂n-h-cmWv {][m-\-s∏´ kwKo-X-I-t®-cnIƒ D’-h-Zn-\-ß-fn¬ AhX-cn-∏n-°p-∂-Xv. ]fl{io Iema- W v U ew tKm]n, aS- h q¿ hmkp-tZ-h≥\m-b¿, s\t√ymSv hmkp-tZ-h≥ \ºq-Xn-cn, tIm´bv°¬ N{μ-ti-J-c≥, ^mIvSv ]fl- \ m- ` ≥, B¿.- F ¬.- h n. Zmtam- Z c ]njm- c - S n, Iem- a WvUew _me- k p- { _- “ Wy≥, Iem-\n-ebw DÆn-IrjvW≥, Iem-a-WvUew tIi-

h-s∏m-Xp-hmƒ, Iem. i¶-chm- c n- b ¿, Iem- \ n- e bw P\m¿±- \ ≥ XpS- ß nb {]ikvX IY-Ifn Iem-Im-c∑m¿ ]s¶- S p- ° p∂ ]Xns\m∂v IY- I - f n- I - f mWv klr-Z-bsc BI¿jn-°p∂ as‰mcp ]cn-]m-Sn. k¥m-\tKm-]m-ew, cmh-tWm-¤-hw, \ng¬°q- Ø v, cp‹nWn kzbw-h-cw, _men hnP-bw, IptN-e-hr-Øw, tXmc-W-bp≤w, cp‹mw- K Z Ncn- X w, Zptcym- [ - \ - h - [ w, lcn- › {μ Ncn-Xw, Z£-bmKw F∂n-hbmWv IY-Iƒ. s]cp-h\w Ip´≥am-cm¿, tIfØv Ac- h n- μ m- £ ≥, s]cp-h\w kXo-i≥, Xncph√ cm[m-Ir-jvW≥, sImSIc inh-cm-a≥ \mb¿, shf∏mb \μ- \ ≥, sImºØv A\n¬Ip-am¿, sNß-a-\mSv A∏p-\m-b¿, a®mSv cma-IrjvW≥, a®mSv DÆn, IpΩØv cma≥Ip-´n, aWn-bw]- d - º n¬ aWn apX- e mb Iem-Im-c-∑m-cpsS Npa-X-e-bnemWv tafw. tNm‰m- \ n- ° c hnP- b ≥, ssh°w N{μ≥, tNm‰m-\n-°c \μ-∏≥, Icnb-∂q¿ \mcm-b-W≥ \ºq-Xncn, tImßm´v cm[m-Ir-jvW≥ (Xn-an-e), Ip\n-t»cn N{μ≥, s]cp-h\w lcn-Zm-kv, Iem-aWv U ew Ip´n- \ m- c m- b - W ≥, ssIen-bm´v aWn-I-WvT≥ (a-

YOGA CLASS Starting on Nov: 21st

Fitness Centre for Women

h\n-XI - ƒ°mbn Hcp FIvkv¢q-kohv B[p-\nI ^n‰v\kv tI{μw F√m B[p-\nI D]-I-c-W-ß-fpw XSn Ipd-bv°m≥ am{X-a-√ Ffp-∏-ap≈ FIvk¿ssk-kp-Iƒ \nßfpsS Bh-iy-߃°p tN¿∂ coXn-bn¬ t_mUn tjbv∏n\pw Btcm-Ky-Øn-\p-ambn ^n‰v\-kn-\mbn Nnehp Ipd™ am¿Kw Kavara Building, Near V.K.M. Hospital, North Fort Gate, Tripunithura Mob: 9446070998

±- f w). a®mSv aWn- I - W v T ≥, a®mSv cma-N-{μ≥ (sIm-ºv), I¬∏mØn inh-i-¶-c≥, ]√mhq¿ {]Imiv (C- e - Ø m- f w), ]√- » \ kp[m- I - c ≥ (C- S bv°) XpS-ßnb Iem-Im-c-∑mcmWv ]©-hm-Zy-Øn¬ AWn\n-c-°p-I. tIc- f - Ø nse FÆw ]d™ KP- t I- k - c n- I - f mWv CØ-h-Wbpw Fgp-∂-≈n-∏ns\- Ø p- I . \mWp Fgp- Ø —≥ {io\n-hm-k≥, tjWmbv N{μ-ti-J-c≥, tImßm´v Ip´ni- ¶ - c ≥, Xncp- h - º mSn N{μtiJ-c≥, Nnd-°¬ ImfnZm- k ≥, _mÃn≥ hn\- b - i ¶¿, \μn-eØv A¿÷p-\≥, Ip´≥Ip- f - ß c cma- Z m- k v , Ip´≥Ip-f-ßc {io\n-hm-k≥, \mb- c - º ew cmP- t i- J - c ≥, a[p- c - ∏ pdw IÆ≥, BXnc hnt\m-Zv, sNdmbn ]c-ta-izc≥, tZhkzw Knco-i≥, FS°p∂n A¿÷p-\≥, tkhmkwLw {iol- c n, N°m- e °pSn _me-Ir-jvW≥, tXm´Øn¬Ipfw tKm]m-e≥, ]md∂q¿ \μ≥ F∂o Icn-ho-c∑m¿ taf- ß ƒ°v Xebpw sNhn-bp-am´n Fgp-∂-≈n-∏pIƒ°v hiy- X bpw {]uVnbpw ]I¿∂v CØ-hWbpw \ne-bp-d-∏n-°pw. `‡-P-\-߃°v hgn-]m-SpIƒ°mbn F√m kuI-cy-ßfp-sam-cp-°n-bn-´p-≠v.

Xr∏qWn-Øpd \K-c-k-`-bn-tebv°v Xnc-s™-Sp-°-s∏´ apgp-h≥ P\-{]-Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ°pw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd cmP\-Kcn bqWn-b≥ Hm^v dkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tbjs‚ B`n- a p- J y- Ø n¬ C∂p sshIo´v 5 aWn°v embw ssaXm-\n-bn¬ kzoI-cWw \¬Ipw. kzoI-cW ktΩ- f \w sI. _m_p Fw.- F ¬.- F . DZv L m- S \w sNøpw. s]mXp-tbmKw C∂v {SpdbpsS hm¿jnI s]mXp-tbmKw ]n.-U-ªyp.-Un. dÃv lukn¬ C∂v D®-I-gn™v 2 aWn°v tNcp-∂-XmsW∂v I¨ho-\¿ hn.-kn. Ptb-{μ≥ Adn-bn-®p. AwKXz-ap≈ Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ c≠v {]Xn-\n-[n-Iƒ tbmKØn¬ ]s¶-Sp-°-W-sa∂pw I¨ho-\¿ A`y¿∞n-®p.

Iu¨kn-e¿am¿°v kzoI-cWw C∂v C∂v sshIo´v 3 aWn°v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd koXmdmw Iem- a - μ n¿ BUn- t ‰m- d n- b - Ø n¬ Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd a¿®‚ k v v bqWn-bs‚ B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-ck - `- b - psS ]pXnb Iu¨kn-e¿am¿°v kzoI-cWw \¬Ip-∂p.

kn.-_n.-F-kv.C. kvIqƒ Item-’hw C∂v kam-]n°pw tIcf kn_n-F-kvC kvIqƒ amt\-Pvsa‚ v Atkmkn-tb-js‚ t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ s]cp-ºm-hq-cn¬ Ac-tßdnb Item-’hw C∂v sshIo´v tNcp∂ kam-]\ ktΩ-f-\-Øn¬ {Sm≥kvt]m¿´v a{¥n tPmkv sX‰-bn¬ DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. sI.-]n. [\-]m-e≥ Fw.-]n. kΩm\- Z m\w \n¿Δ- l n- ° pw. 112 kv I qfp- I ƒ ]s¶- S p- Ø a’cØn¬ 14 tÃPp-I-fn-embn 144 C\-ß-fmWv Actß-dn-b-Xv.

KoXm-P-b-¥n-tbm-S-\p-_-‘n®v ]mcm-b-W, {]ivt\m-Øcn a’cw A¥mcm{„ IrjvWm- h - t _m[ kanXn CkvtIm¨ sIm®n tI{μw KoXm-P-b-¥n-tbm-S-\p-_-‘n®v kvIqƒ hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°mbn Unkw_¿ A©n\pw ]{¥-≠n\pw Fcq¿ `h≥kv hnZym-a-μn-dn¬ cmhnse HºXn\v KoXm- ] m- c m- b - W , ]pcmW {]ivt\m-Øcn a’-c-߃ kwL-Sn∏n-°p∂p. C¥y≥ kwkvIm-c-sØ°p- d n®v Ip´n- I ƒ°v a\- n- e m°m\pw [m¿an-I-⁄m\w ]I-cp∂ {KŸ-ß-fn¬ Adnhv t\Sm\pw AXphgn _p≤n-]-c-amb hy‡n-Xz- hn-Ik- \ hpw Pohn- X - h n- P - b hpw t\Sphm\pw Ah-k-c-sam-cp-°pI F∂XmWv Cu a’-c-߃ kwL-Sn-∏n°p-∂-Xns‚ e£yw. a’-c-tP-Xm°ƒ°v Unkw-_¿ 19-˛\v Xr∏q-Wn-

Øpd embw tdmUnse koXmdmw aμn- d n¬ \S- ° p∂ KoXm- P - b ¥n BtLm-j-ß-fn¬ kΩm-\-߃ hnXcWw sNøpw. `K-hX - vKoX ]Øm-a[ - ym-ba - mWv KoXm]m-cm-bW a’-c-Øn-s\-Sp-°p-∂-Xv. Bdv hbkv hsc- b p- ≈ - h ¿ ASßp∂ k_v Pq\n- b ¿ Xe- Ø n¬ BZysØ A©v t«mI-ßfpw Bdp apX¬ ]Øp- h - b - p- h - s c- b p- ≈ - h ¿ Dƒs°m-≈p∂ Pq\n-b¿ Xe-Øn¬ BZysØ 11 t«mI-ßfpw 10-˛15 hb p-Imsc Dƒs∏-Sp-Ønb ko\n-b¿ Xe-Øn¬ BZysØ 18 t«mI-ßfpw BWv ]Tn®v sNmt√-≠-Xv. ka-b-]cn[n: k_vPq-\n-b¿ 3 an\n-‰v, Pq\nb¿ 4 an\n-‰v, ko\n-b¿ 5 an\n-‰v. P\\-k¿´n-^n-°-‰ns‚ tIm∏n -t]mse

hb- p- s X- f n- b n- ° m- \ p≈ GsX¶nepw tcJbpw Icp-X-Ww. cPn-kvt{Sj≥ ^o 20 cq]. hmfloIn cmam-b-Ww, hymk alm`m- c - X w, `K- h - Z v K oX F∂n- h sb Bkv]-Z-am-°n-bmbn-cn°pw {]ivt\mØ-cn. 5, 6, 7 Ãm≥tU¿Up-I-fn-ep≈-h¿°v Pq\n-b¿ Xe-Ønepw 8, 9, 10 Ãm≥tU¿Up- I - f n- e p- ≈ - h ¿°v ko\n-b¿ Xe-Øn-ep-ambn a’cw \SØpw. ]Tn- ° p∂ ¢mkv sXfn- b n°p∂ tcJ sIm≠p-h-c-Ww. a’-cnt°-≠Xv c≠p t]¿ AwK-ßf - m-bp≈ Soap-I-fm-bn-´m-Wv. Cw•o-jnepw ae-bmf-Ønepw tNmZy-߃ D≠m-bn-cn-°pw. cPn-kvt{S-j≥ ^o 30 cq]. {]ivt\mØcn a’- c - Ø n\v A\p- h - Z n- ® n- c n°p∂ ssZ¿Lyw Hcp aWn-°q¿.

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

h¿Æ-cm-Pn-Iƒ hnS¿Ønb h¿tÆm-’hw Ipcp∂pIƒ \nd- ß ƒ tN¿Ø-t∏mƒ _me-Nn-{X-cN\m a’cw h¿tÆm-’-hØn¬ h¿Æ- c m- P n- I ƒ hnS¿∂p. inip-Zn-\m-tLm-jØn-t\m-S-\p-_-‘n®v sIm®n≥ kuØv tdm´-dnbpw tI{μ ^o¬Uv ]ªn-kn‰n hn`m-Khpw tN¿∂v kwL-Sn∏n® 14- ˛ m- a Xv Pn√m- X e _me Nn{X-c-N\m a’cw Fd-Wm-Ipfw {]nb-Z¿in\n Nn¬{U≥kv ]m¿°n¬ \S∂p. efn-X-Iem A°m-Zan Ahm¿Uv tPXmhv Sn. aØmbn a’cw DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. sIm®n≥ kuØv tdm´dn {]kn-U‚ v Fw.-F.F-kv. tat\m≥ A≤y-£X hln- ® p. NS- ß n¬ Pn√m ^o¬Uv ]ªn-kn‰n Hm^ok¿ Fkv. {]Im-iv, tdm´dn

sIm®n≥ kuØv tdm´dn, tI{μ ^o¬Uv ]ªn-kn‰n hn`mKw F∂n-h-bpsS B`n-ap-JyØn¬ \S∂ inip-Zn\ Nn{X-c-N\ a’cw h¿tÆm-’hw tIcf efn-X-Iem A°m-Zan Ahm¿Uv tPXmhv Sn. aØmbn DZvLm-S\w sNøp-∂p. sk{I-´dn F.-B¿. kpPn-Xv, ®p. 3 hn`m-Kß - f - n-embn \S∂ t{Sm^n, 1001 cq] Iymjv sNb¿am≥ tPm¿÷v ]d-bn- a’- c - Ø n¬ 250- H mfw ss{]kv, `mcX k¿°m-cns‚ ¶¬, B¿.- k n.- k n. tIm˛- hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ ]s¶-Sp-Øp.- k¿´n-^n-°‰v F∂nh ]n∂oSv Hm¿Un-t\-‰¿ Fw. cRvPn- hn-P-bn-Iƒ°v tdm´dn Fh¿ kΩm-\n-°pw. XvIp-am¿ F∂n-h¿ kwkm-cn- tdmfnwKv t{Sm^n, ÿncw

ae-bmf hmcm-tLm-j-Øn\v kam-]\w Xncphm-¶pfw tdm´dn IΩyqWn‰n tIm¿, sIm®n≥ kuØv tdm´-dn, ap\n-kn-∏¬ XpS¿ hnZym-tI-{μw, `mcX k¿°m-dns‚ s\{lp bphtI{μ F∂n-h-bpsS B`n-apJy- Ø n¬ ae- b mf hmcmtLmj kam-]-\hpw inipZn-\m-tLm-jhpw kwL-Sn-∏n®p. tbmK-Øn¬ \K-c-k`m sNb¿am≥, sshkv sNb¿am≥, Xncp-hm-¶pfw taJem \K-c-k-`mw-K-߃ F∂n-h¿°v A\p-tam-Z\ - hpw kwL-Sn-∏n-®p. Xncphm- ¶ pfw ap\n- k n∏¬ tkmW¬ Hm^okv BUn-t‰m-dn-b-Øn¬ \S∂ NSßv Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-ck`m sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. tdm´dn {]kn-U‚ v Fw.- F .- F - k v. tat\m≥ A≤y-£X hln-®p. hnhn[ a’-c -hn-P-bn-Iƒ°v \K-c-

Xncphm-¶pfw tdm´dn IΩyq-Wn‰n tIm¿, sIm®n≥ kuØv tdm´-dn F∂n-h-bpsS B`n-apJy-Ønep≈ kuP\y Xø¬ anjy\pI-fpsS hnX-cWw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-c-k`m sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ \n¿Δ-ln-°p-∂p. k`m sshkv sNb¿t]- cWw Iu¨kn-e¿ C.-sI. lcn-Zm-kv, ]n.-kn. h¿§o-kv, gvk¨ Xntem-Øa kptcjv IrjvW≥Ip´n \n¿Δ-ln-®p. XpS¿ hnZym-tI{μw t{]cIv kΩm-\-Zm\w \n¿Δ-ln-®p. NS- ß n¬ 100 hnZym¿∞n- Fw. cRvPn- X vIp- a m¿, kzbw sXmgn¬ ]≤Xn {]Im- Iƒ°v Km‘n-Pn-bpsS Bfl- almflm {]kn-U‚ v at\mPv c- a p≈ kuP\y Xø¬ IY hnX- c Ww sNbv X p. kn.-F-®v, t_kn¬ t]mƒ, anjy≥ hnX- c Ww tbmK-Øn¬ Iu¨kn-e¿am- sdm´o. Akn. Kh¿W¿ sNb¿am≥ \n¿Δ- l n- ® p. cmb sI.-hn. kmPp, kn.-sI. \mcm- b - W ≥ F∂n- h ¿ hnZym-`ymk klmb hnX- iin, Sn.-sI. kptc-jv, N{μn kwkm-cn-®p.

dm¶v tP{Xn _n. e£vansb A\p-tam-Zn®p Fw.Pn. k¿Δ-I-em-im-e-bn¬ ^nknIvkv ]co-£-bn¬ H∂mw dm¶v Ic-ÿ-am-°nb _n. e£vansb tIcf {_m“- W - k ` Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd D]- k ` {]kn-U‚ v tUm. ]n.-F-kv. cma≥ A\ptam-Zn-®p. ]qWn-Øp-d-bnse e£van-bpsS hk- X n- b n¬ tN¿∂ A\p- t am- Z - \ - N - S ßn¬ tUm. ]n.-F-kv. cma≥ saa-t‚mbpw tIcf {_m“-W-k` Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd D]k` sk{I- ´ dn sI. thWp- t Km- ] m¬ k¿´n-^n-°‰pw \¬In.

kzoI-cWw \¬In IÆ≥Ip-fß - c CuÃv sdknU‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ (tI-c) B`n-apJyØn¬ Xr∏qWn- Ø pd \K- c - k - ` - b psS ]pXnb kmc- Y n- I - f mb "tIc'bpsS {]h¿Ø-\t- a-Je - bn¬ \n∂v aq∂v Iu¨kne¿am¿°v Dujvaf - a - mb kzoIcWw \¬In. 36-˛mw hm¿Un¬ \n∂pap≈ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬, 32-˛mw hm¿Un¬ \n∂pap≈ AUz.

hn.- F w. iin- [ - c ≥, tIc saºdpw ap≥ Iu¨kn-e-dpamb iIp-¥f Pb-Ip-am¿ (37˛mw hm¿Uv) F∂n-h¿°mWv kzoI-cWw \¬InbXv. 36-˛mw hm¿Un¬ \n∂pw hnP-bn® B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ \K-ck` A≤y£ ÿm\w Ae¶-cn-°p-∂p. IqSmsX P\- s sa{Xn t]meokv tÃj-\n¬ Bcw`n-°p∂ {KŸ-im-ebv°v tIc-



bpsS IpSpw-_mw-K-ß-fn¬ \n∂pw tiJ-cn® ]pkvX-I߃ XZ-h-k-c-Øn¬ _o‰v Hm^o-k¿am-cmb iin, kmPp F∂n-h¿°v Cu tbmK-Øn¬ ssIam-dn. "tIc' {]kn-U-‚ v h¿§okv Ih- e - b v ° ¬ A≤y- £ X hln- ® p. hn.- s I. cm[mIrjvW≥ kzmK-Xhpw sk{I´dn hnt\m-ZvIp-am¿ \μnbpw tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øn. Opp.Main Office, Tripunithura Dealers in Post Quality Ph: 2777329, Coffee, Chicory &94470 Tea 48861

Neighbourhood Events

Kƒ^v tK‰v F´m-asØ imJ Xpd∂p Kƒ^v tK‰v slb¿ ^nIvknMv {_tZgvkv {Kq∏ns‚ kuZn Atd-_y-bnse F´m-asØ imJ-bpsS dnbmZnse _Øvl sImta-gvky¬ sk‚-dn¬ {]ikvX kn\n- a m- X mcw aptIjv DZv L m- S \w \n¿Δ- l n- ® p. {_tZgv k v Kƒ^v tK‰v {Kq∏v Hm^v Iº- \ okv sNb¿am≥ F.-]n. keow, F.-]n. jmP-lm≥, F.-]n. AIv_¿, F.-]n. A≥h¿, kuZn-bnse hyh-kmb {]ap-J≥ C{_mlnw dmjnZv A¬-Hs - sk-em¬, dkmJv IS-hv, C{_mlnw ]´m-ºn, Aj-d^v thßm-´v, apcfn _memPn F∂n-hcpw am[ya hyh-kmb {]ap-Jcpw ]s¶-Sp-Øp. hnhn-[b - n\w slb¿ ssÃep-If - n¬ XnI®pw {]IrXn-Z-Ø-ambn ]m¿iz-^-e-ß-fn-√msX apJ-Øn\v A\ptbm-Py-amb Xc-Øn¬ Ah-ti-jn-°p∂ apSn-bpsS kz`mhw, \ndw F∂nh hni-Z-ambn ]Tn-® tijamWv A\ptbm-Py-amb coXn-bn¬ slb¿ ^nIvkv sNøp-∂-Xv. It\-Un-b≥ kmt¶-XnI hnZy-bpsS F√m-Xcw ]pXnb tamU-ep-Ifpw {_tZgvkv Kƒ^v tK‰v {Kq∏ns‚ {_m©p-If - n¬ e`y-am-Wv. DZvLm-S\ - t- Øm-S\ - p-_‘ - n®v 1 amkw kvs]jy¬ UnkvIu≠v D≠m-bn-cn-°p-w.

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For Sale/Rent * 850 Sq.ft. Flat ]q¿Æ{X-boi t£{X-Øn\p kao]w * 3 Bed room House ]q¿Æ-{X-boi t£{XØn\p kao]w ˛ hmSIbv°v * 5½ Cent ¬ 1500 Sq.ft. House hnev]\bv°v ˛ Beph tZiw `mKØv Contact:8891618142 Opp.Main Post Office, Tripunithura Ph: 2777329, 94470 48861

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

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∂Xpw D∂X hnPbw Ic-ÿ-am-°p∂-Xpw. 600Hmfw Iq´n-Iƒ ChnsS Iot_m¿Uv, ]nbmt\m, hb-en≥ (sh-tè & Cutè), Kn‰m¿, t{Umbn-ßv, ^m{_nIv s]bn‚n-Mv, thm°¬, ^vfq´v, X_-e, shtè {Uw F∂nh ]Tn-®p-h-cp-∂p. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd hn. a¿Ø-a-dnbw bmt°m-_mb ]≈n-bnse Kmb-Ikw- L - Ø n¬ \n∂p- a p≈ hn\o- X amb XpS°w s_∂n°v tImUvkv Hm¿°kv{S cq]-s∏-Sp-Øm≥ {]tNmZ-\-am-bn. Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bn¬ C∂pw \S∂p-t]m-cp∂ AØ-®-ab BtLmj-ß-fn¬ ]s¶-SpØpw, D’-h-∏-dºnse ]cn-]m-Sn-I-fn¬ Imgv®-°m-c\mbn \n∂pw In´nb A\p-`-h-߃ s_∂n-bn¬ Dd-ßn-°n-S∂ Iem-lrZ-bsØ sXm´p-W¿Øn. efn-X-ambn XpSßn {]i-kvXamb Hcp ÿm]- \ sØ C{XtØmfw FØn- ® - X v , Icp- W m- a - b \mb ssZh- Ø ns‚ A\p- { Klw H∂p-am-{X-am-sW∂v s_∂n ]d-bp∂p. 1986-˛¬ tImUvkv Hm¿°kv{Sm ]›na P¿a-\n-bn¬ s_∂n-bpsS t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ Hcp ]cn-]mSn AhX- c n- ∏ n®v Gh- c p- t Sbpw {]iwk G‰p-hmßn. B ]cn- ] mSn _n.- _ n.- k n. Nm\¬ 4 tdUntbmbn¬ {]t£]Ww sNbvXXv Ign-hn\pw {]b-

Xr∏qWn-Øpd {io]q¿Æ-{X-boi t£{X hr›n-tIm-’h - t- Øm-S\ - p-_‘n®v t\∏mfn cp{Zm-£-ß-fpsS {]Z¿i- \ hpw hnev ] - \ bpw tImkvtam°n loenwKv skmeyqjs‚ Bÿm-\-amb Ifn-t°m´ ]mekv tdmUn-ep≈ Ia-em-ebw ]me-kn¬ \S-Øs - ∏-Sp-∂p. Bflob {]m[m-\y-ap-≈Xpw A]q¿Δ i‡nbp-≈X - p-amb Hcp apJw apX¬ ]Xn\mdp apJw hsc-bp≈ cp{Zm-£ßfpw Kuco-i¶ - c - w, KtW-ivap-Jn, GI-apJw khm¿ XpS-ßnb AXy]q¿Δ C\-ßfpw {]Z¿in-∏n-°s - ∏-Sp∂p. hnhn[ Bh-iy-߃°mbn imkv { Xo- b - a mbn Xøm- d m- ° nb tImkvtam°n ZzmZi cp{Zm£ IhN-ßfpw ]©-tem-l- hm-kX v p-hn-f° - ,v Bd-∑pf IÆm-Sn, ]ø-∂q¿ ]hn-{Xtam-Xn-cw, ]cn-ip≤ KwKm-Pew XpSßn-bh - bpw \mS≥ ]ip-hn¬ \n∂pev]m-Zn-∏n-°p∂ ]©-Khy D¬∏-∂ßfpw A·n-tlm{X kma-{Kn-Ifpw kv^SnI cp{Zm£ ame-Ifpw ss^_dn¬ Xo¿Ø at\m- l - c - a mb {ioIrjvW cm[m hn{K-l-ßfpw hnev]-\-bv°p-≠m-bn-cn-°pw. \hw_¿ 25-˛\p hymgmgvN apX¬ Bcw`n® {]Z¿i\w Unkw-_¿ 10-˛\v sh≈n-bm-gN v h - sc cmhnse 11 apX¬ cm{Xn 9 hsc-bp-≠m-Ipw.

Xv\-Øn\pw In´nb AwKo-Im-c-amWv . B¿.- F ¬.- h n.- b n¬ \n∂pw _ncp- Z m- \ - ¥ c _ncpZw t\Snb hniz- \ m- Y ≥ Fw.- F - k v. (shtè hb-en≥) (Trinity 8th grade holder and University winner in Western Violin) s_∂n- b psS {]Ya injy- c n¬ Hcm- f m- W v . F√m Bgv ® - b nepw Hcp Znhkw sIm®n≥ dnss^\dn kvIqfn¬ s_∂n- b psS t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ tImUvkv A°mZ-an-bnse A≤ym-]-I¿ D]-I-cW kwKoXØn¬ ¢m p-Iƒ FSpØp- h - c p- ∂ p. CXv hnZym¿∞nIƒ°v kwKo-X-Øn¬ D∂-Xn-Ifn-tebv°v FØp-hm≥ {]tbm-P\-s∏-Sp-∂p. kvt\lw, kmtlm-Zcyw, £a F∂o KpW- ß ƒ Dƒs°m≠v ]ncn-ap-dp-°-ap≈ a\ ns\ emL-h-s∏-Sp-Øn, Imepjyw, {]tIm-]\w F∂n-h-b-I-‰n, kaq-l-Øn\v km¥z\w \¬Ip∂, {]tbm- P - \ - s ∏- S p∂ DØa Xe- a p- d sb hm¿sØ- S p- ° p- h m\p≈ tImUvkv A°m-Z-an-bpsS ]cn- { i- a sØ A`n- \ - μ n- ° mw. sFiz- c y- Ø n- t ebv ° v \bn- ° phm≥ k¿tΔ-iz-c-t\mSv {]m¿∞n°mw. tImUvkv A°m-Z-an-sb-∏‰nbpw Iem-]-T\ tI{μ-sØ-∏-‰nbp- a - d n- b m≥ _‘- s ∏- S pI: 9846013653.

\mev]X - p-aWn Bcm-[\ kam-]n®p Xr∏qWn- Ø pd sk‚ v tacokv s^mtdm\ ]≈n-bn¬ aq∂p Znh-kambn BtLm-jn-®p-hcp∂ \mev]Xp-aWn Bcm-[\ C∂se kam-]n®p. _nj∏v am¿ tXmakv NIymØv ktμiw \¬In. tUm. tPmkv ]pXntb-SØ - v, ^m. tPm¿Pv ]pØ≥]p-c, ^m. tPmbvk¨ ]pXp-t»-cn, ^m. B≥d Ce-hpw-IpSn F∂n-h¿ klIm¿an-Ic - m-bn-cp-∂p.

Pn√m-Xe FbvUvkv hmcm-N-cWw Unkw. 1˛\v `mcX k¿°m-cns‚ ^o¬Uv ]ªn-kn‰n hn`m-Kw, sIm®n≥ kuØv tdm´-dn, tI{μ ^o¬Uv ]ªn-kn‰n hn`mKw F∂n-h-bpsS B`n-ap-JyØn¬ Pn√m-Xe FbvUvkv hmcm-N-cW ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ°v Unkw. 1˛\v XpS-°-am-hpw. Fd-Wm-Ipfw sk‚ v sXtc-kmkv tImtf-Pn¬ cmhnse 9˛\v sIm®n \K-c-k` tab¿ tSmWn NΩWn hmcm-N-cWw DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. tdm´dn {]kn-U‚ v Fw.-F.-F-kv. tat\m≥ apJym-Xn-Yn-bm-Ipw. XpS¿∂v tImtfPv F≥.-Fk - v.F - k - v. hnZym¿∞n-\n-Iƒ FbvUvkv t_m[h¬°-cW sXcphp \mSIw "aWn-ap-g°w' \K-c-Ønse {]apJ hnZym`ymk ÿm]-\-ß-fn¬ Ah-X-cn-∏n-°pw. 2˛\v Kh. h\nXm t]mfn sSIv\n-Iv, 3˛\v sk‚ v tPmk^vkv s{Sbn-\nwKv tImtf-Pv, 4˛\v Fd-WmIpfw saUn-°¬ sk‚¿ kvIqƒ Hm^v \gvknwKv F∂n-hn-S-ß-fn¬ skan-\m¿ \S-°pw. 5˛\v Xncp-hm-¶p-fØv D]-\ym-k-a-’-chpw 6˛\v acSv ]n.-F-kv. kvIqƒ Hm^v \gvknw-Knepw, 7˛\v ]pØ≥Ip-cniv ]n.-sF.-CkUv s{Sbn-\nwKv tImtf-Pnepw t_m[-h¬°-cWw skan-\mdpw \S°pw. Unkw. 8˛\v hmcm-N-cW kam-]\w ]qtØm´ kmw So®¿ s{Sbn\nwKv tImtf-Pn¬ PÃnkv sI.-]n. cm[m-Ir-jvW-ta-t\m≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. XpS¿∂v {]ivt\m-Øcn a’-chpw skan-\mdpw \S-°pw. s{]m^. hnP-b-Ir-jvW-]n≈ A≤y-£X hln-°pw.

`mKo-cY - n-bΩ

tripunithura news s‚ BZ-cm-RvP-en-Iƒ

kzoI-cWw \¬In tIcf {_m“- W - k ` Xr∏q- W nØpd D]- k - ` - b psS B`n- a p- J yØn¬ D]-k` aμn-c-Øn¬ \S∂ NS- ß n¬ \K- c - k ` sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬, N°w-Ip-fßc hm¿Uv Iu¨kn-e¿ kp∫e£van alm-tZ-h≥, tUmIvS-td‰v _ncpZw e`n® {_m“- W - k ` kwÿm\ {]kn-U‚ v hn. cmaenwKw, D]- k ` {]kn- U ‚ v ]n.F-kv. cma≥ F∂n-h¿°v kzoIcWw \¬In s]m∂mS AWn-bn®v BZ-cn-®p. D]-k` D]m-≤y-£≥ A≤y-£X hln® tbmK-Øn¬ Fkv. cmaIr- j v W ≥ kzmK- X hpw D]- k ` tPmbn‚ v sk{I- ´ dn F≥.- h n. IrjvW≥ IrX-⁄-Xbpw tcJs∏- S p- Ø n. {_m“- W - k ` kwÿm\ {Sj- d ¿ sI.- P n.- h n. ]Xn, h\nXm hn`mKw Fd-WmIpfw Pn√m {]kn-U‚ v A∂-e£v a n, a≤y- t a- J em sk{I- ´ dn F≥.-B¿. ]c-ta-iz-c≥ F∂n-h¿ Biw-k-Iƒ A¿∏n-®p. am\p-jnI kvt\l-Øn-e-[n-jvTn-Xamb kmaq-ly-˛-B-flob taJ-eI-fnse Xß-fpsS anI® tkh-\ßsf ap≥\n¿Øn sImfw-t_mbn¬ sh®v kwL-Sn-∏n-°-s∏´ 48˛m-aXv thƒUv tIm¨{Kkv C‚t{K- ‰ Uv saUnknt\mS- \ p- _ ‘n®p \S∂ NS-ßn¬ Hm∏¨ C‚¿\m-j-W¬ t^m¿ tImwπnsa‚dn saUnkn\pth≠n Nm≥k-e¿ s{]m^. tUm. KoXmRv P ≥ sa≥Unkv BWv k`m t\Xm-°ƒ°v HmW-ddn tUmIvStd‰v _ncpZw \¬In-b-Xv. `cWkmcYyw G‰-tXmsS P\-ßtfm- S p≈ Xs‚ DØ- c - h m- Z nXzw h¿≤n-®p-sh∂pw P\-Iob {]iv\-

߃ kzP- \ - ] - £ - ] m- X - ˛ - A - g n- a Xn clnX P\m-[n-]Xy am¿§-Øn-eqsS ]cn- l - c n- ° m≥ X∂m¬ Ign- h Xv {ian-°m-sa∂v kzoI-c-W-Øn\v \μn ]d-™p-sIm≠v B¿. thWp-tKm]m¬ Adn-bn-®p. Xs∂ Pbn-∏n® hm¿Unse P\-ßtfm-Sp≈ \μnbpw IS-∏mSpw Adnbn-®p-sIm≠v hm¿Unse hnI-k\ {]h¿Ø-\-߃°v ]c-am-h[n {ian°m- s a∂v Iu¨kn- e ¿ kp∫e£van alm-tZ-h≥ \μn-{]-kw-KØn¬ Dd-∏p -\¬In. XpS¿∂v D]k`m Xe-Øn¬ kwL-Sn-∏n® hn{] hnkvabw 2010 Imbn-I-ta-f-bnse hnP- b n- I ƒ°p≈ kΩm- \ - ß fpw {]i- k vXn- ]- { Xhpw \K- c - k ` sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ hnX-cWw sNbvXp.

a∂w satΩm-dn-b¬ thmfn-t_mƒ Sq¿W-sa‚v Xr∏qWn- Ø pd F≥.- F - k v . - F - k v . lb¿ sk°≥Udn kv I qfns‚ B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ 21-˛m-aXv AJne tIcf kn.- _ n.- F - k v.- C . a∂w satΩm-dn-b¬ thmfn-t_mƒ Sq¿Wsa‚ v \hw-_¿ 29, 30, Unkw-_¿ 1 Xob- X n- I - f n¬ \S- Ø - s ∏- S p- ∂ p. Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd ap\n- k n- ∏ ¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ Sq¿W-sa‚ v DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. 19 kv I qfp- I - f n¬ \n∂mbn 35- ˛ - H mfw Soap- I ƒ ]s¶- S p- ° pw. ko\n- b ¿ t_mbvkv, ko\n-b¿ tKƒkv, Pq\nb¿ t_mbvkv F∂o hn`m-K-ß-fnem-bn-´mWv a’-c-߃ \S-°p-I.

kp`m- j nXw t`ym aq¿tJ hcw X r a u X APm mXu kpX Zpx-Jmb arXf- P vXu kzev] m ZtlXv bXvk ohw PtU bmh-÷ -Øn-ep nn[ h p \ P aq∂ pw a°ƒ \n-°m-Ø-hcw p c P . v h ≠ w acn-® ®-tij

w. -hcp t`Zw. ® n n P\ mWv mmcmb≠p-t]-c ta D≠ w ∑ a≠ -cn¬ c -®p-Im-e n-X-Ime Ch w Ipd ¿ Poh pw. cmSn ZpxJa≠-∑m xJn-∏n-° njm-t Iq. -h≥ Zp a Pn. ] apgp ˛ t{]

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Nov Dec 2010 Nov 2828 to to Dec 04,04, 2010

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H.-hn. hnP-bs‚ Jkm-°n-s‚ CXn-lmkw t]mep≈ kmln-Xykr-„n-I-fn¬ {]mIr-Xhpw hnI-e-hp-amb Bflo-bX sshZn-Ihpw ]m›m-Xy-hp-amb Bflo-b-X-bn¬ kuay-ambn ebn-°p-tºmƒ \mKcn-I-X-bpsS N¿Ω-Im-¥n°p Iog-S-ßmsX sshZn-tI-X-c-amb Hcp Bflo-bX \q‰m-≠p-Iƒ°p aptº Db¿Øn-∏n-Sn-°m≥ et√-izcn°p Ign-™n-´p-≠v.

]utcm-lnXy Z¿i-\-ß-fpsS iq\y-X-bn¬ \n∂v sas\-s™-SpØ hnNm-c-Øns‚ Hcp cq]w am{X-a√ Cu Ihn-X-Iƒ. `mh-\-bpsS ss[cyw DW-cp-tºmƒ Cu Adn-hns‚ \nb-a-ßsf Ah¿ adn-I-S-°p-I-bm-Wv. et√-iz-cnsb t]msemcp anÃnIv Ihn°v In´p∂ AXo-{μn-bm-\p-`-hßfpw AXn-\p-apºv Ah¿ Pohn®p-Xo¿Ø `uXnI Pohn-Xm-\p-`-hßfpw XΩn¬ _‘-ap-≠m-IW - s - a∂n-√. F∂m¬ tbmKm-\p-`q-Xn-bpsS {]km-ZØ - n¬ ˛ hnizm-km-[n-jvTn-Xsa-¶nepw ˛ A{]-Xo-£n-X-amb ]cam-\μw Ah¿°v D≠m-bn-´p-≈X - mbn B cN-\I - ƒ km£y-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂p-≠.v Hc¿∞-Øn¬ et√-iz-cn-bpsS Ihn- X - I - f psS IcpØv iq\y- a msW∂v tXm∂mw. as‰m-c¿∞-Øn¬ Ah-cpsS Ihn-X-Iƒ A\-¥-kz-`mh-ap-≈-h-bm-Wv. AXv aÆn¬ FgpXp-∂X - p-t]mse ip≤hpw arZp-eh - pam-Wv. Ah¿ Xs‚ Ihn-XI - f - n-eqsS Fs¥-¶nepw ]cn-lmcw DS-se-Sp-°psa∂v hmKvZm\w \¬Ip-∂n-√. D]I-cW - h - m-Ztam KpW-ta∑m hmZtam AXv apt∂m´p shbv ° p- ∂ n√ ]Icw \S-°m-\n-S-bp≈ hn[n-I-fptSbpw \mw \S-°m≥ B{K-ln°p∂ kw`-h-ß-fp-tSbpw A¥-c߃°n- S - b n¬ Hcp ÿesØ \n¿Ωn- ° p- I - b m- b n- c p∂p Ah¿. Bflo-b-ambn B CS-tØbv°v hmb-\-°m-cpsS {i≤ £Wn-°p-IbmWv Cu Ih-bn-{Xn. AI¬®-bnte- b v ° - √ , {]XypX kmaqly tI{μo-Ir-X-amb Hcp ]q¿Æ {i≤bn-te-b° v mWv Ah¿ \sΩ £Wn°p-∂X - v. ""Hcn-°¬ \n߃ Id°n hn´m¬ N{Iw GIm-{K-Xt- bmsS Idßpw a\- s{X `a-W-tI-{μw.....'' a\p- t jym¿÷w tI{μo- I - c nt°≠ Hcp "t^m°kv' Xs‚ hcnI-fn-eqsS Nq≠n-°m-Wn-°p-Ib - m-Wnhn-sS. B Bflo-bt- I{μw \Ω-fn¬ Xs∂ IpSn-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xm-sW∂pw Ah¿ shfn-s∏-Sp-Øn-Ø-cp-∂p. ""AIta hkn-°p∂ ]c-am-flmth \o Xncn-®-dn-bp∂ ]£w B¿Ønbpw Ahn-Zybpw X¬£Ww ams™m-gn-bpw...''

A¥¿Zm-lß - f - n¬ cq]-s∏-Sp∂ Rm≥ F∂ hnIm-csØ ian-∏n-°pIbpw H∏w Hmtcm hy‡n Pohn-XØn-t‚bpw ASn-Ø´- n¬ InS-°p∂ kzXz-Øns‚ Abn-cp-Isf ]pdsØ-Sp-°p-hm\pw D≈ Dƒt{]-cW Cu hcn-I-fn¬ \ap°v ImWm≥ Ign-bpw. Imivao-cnse ]mwt]m-dn¬ Hcp {_m“W IpSpw-_-Øn¬ ]nd-hnsIm≠ et√-iz-cn-bpsS cN-\I - f - n¬ Imem-\p-`-h-ß-fpsS XXz-Nn-¥-sb°p- d n- ® p≈ aX- Z ¿i- \ - ß - f psS Zm¿Vy-ap≈ i_vZhpw ebn®p InS-°p-∂p-≠v. ]utcm-lnXy Z¿i\-ßf - psS iq\y-Xb - n¬ \n∂v sa\s™-SpØ hnNm-cØ - ns‚ Hcp cq]w am{X-a√ Cu Ihn-X-Iƒ. `mh-\bpsS ss[cyw DW-cp-tºmƒ Cu Adn-hns‚ \nb-a-ßsf Ah¿ adnI-S° - p-Ib - m-Wv. ""icn-bmb I¿Ωw {hXm-\p-jT v m-\tam BNm-ctam A√.

C{μn-bm-cm-aX - tbm A√. Bfl-[ym\w am{X-am-Ip∂p AXs{X icn-bmb DZvt_m-[h - pw...'' sshZnI ta¬t°mbv a sb tNmZyw sNøp-Ibpw \ntj-[n-°pIbpw sNøp∂ ho£- W - a mWv CXn¬ \ap°v ImWm≥ Ign-bp-∂X - .v ""`qX-Im-eØv \mw D≠m-bn-cp∂p `mhnbn¬ \mw D≠m-bn-cn°pw bpK-ßf - n-eqsS \mw Hgp-In-h∂ - p....'' Cu hcn-I-fn¬ C{μn-b-ß-fn-eqsS-bp≈ Ime-hpw, C{μn-b-ß-fn¬ \n∂v kzX-{¥-ambn In´p∂ ImemXo-X-amb Ah-ÿbpw Cu Ihbn{Xn hc®p ImWn- ° p- ∂ p- ≠ v . ChnsS Imem- X o- X - a mb Ahÿsb {]m]n® kz¥w a\- ns\ Ipdn-®mWv [ym\-k-am-[n-I-fpsS Iem-Im-cn-bmb et√-izcn kqNn-∏n°p-∂X - v. tijw ]Ømw t]Pn¬

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to Dec 2010 NovNov 28 28 to Dec 04,04, 2010

Thripunithura Pride

\S-\-{io-tbmsS {iohnZy ˛ Sn.-F. taml-\≥


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kz]v\Ø n tebv ° v hgpXn hogp-∂Xp-t]mse. aWn°q- d p- I ƒ ap≥]p \S∂ B Znhy- ap-lq¿Øw B Ip™pa-\- n¬ hncn-bn-®Xv kpK‘w s]mgn-°p∂ kpμc kq\-ßfm- b n- c p- ∂ p. 2010- ˛ se AØmtLmj kam-]\ NSßv {iohnZysb kw_- ‘ n- ® n- S - t Ømfw A\¿L \nan-j-ß-fm-bn-cp∂p; kΩm- \ n- ® - X v. ap\n- k n- ∏ ¬ sNb¿ t]gvk¨ AUz. cRvPn\n kptc-jn¬ \n∂pw "\mSy- { io- ] ´w' G‰p- h m- ß ptºmƒ B ]Xn-s\m-∂p-Im-cnbpsS Cfw-a-\ v kt¥m-jwsIm≠v XpSn-sIm-´p-I-bm-bn-cp∂p. Fs∂∂pw lrZ-b-tØmSp tN¿Øp-h®p Xmtem-en-°m≥ Ign- b p∂ a[p- c n°pw Hm¿ΩIƒ. C∂pw B cwK-tam¿°ptºmƒ Cu sIm®p-I-em-Im-cnbpsS D≈w XpSn-°p-∂p. H∂mw ¢mkp-ap-X¬ \rØw A`y-kn°p∂ {iohnZy AXn∂pw BZc-thmsS km[Iw sNbvXp-sIm≠n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. Fcq¿ `h≥kv hnZym-a-μn-dn¬ Ggmw-X-c-Øn¬ ]Tn-°p∂ Cu \¿Ø-In°v \S\-Øns‚ _me-]m-T-߃ ]d™p- s Im- S p- Ø Xv Ahn- S sØ \rØm-≤ym-]nI tZhnI inhi-¶-c-\m-sW-¶nepw XpS¿∂p≈ ]T\w kqcy- \rØhnZym-e-bØnse Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd hnP-btKm-]m-ens‚ Iogn-em-Wv. `c-X\m- S yhpw tamln- \ n- b m- ´ hpw Xpey {]m[m-\y-tØmsS ]Tn°p- ∂ p- s ≠- ¶ nepw `c- X - \ m- S yØn- e mWv IqSp- X ¬ anIhp ]pe¿Øp-∂-Xv. 2007 apX¬ XpS¿®-bmbn a’-c-th-Zn-I-fn¬ {]Xy-£-s∏Sm-dp≈ {iohn-Zybv°v CXn-\Iw Ht´sd ]pc-kvIm-c-߃°p-S-abm-Im≥ Ign-™n-´p-≠v. c≠p aWn-°q¿ ka-bw-sIm≠v KW]Xn kvXpXn-°p-tijw `c-X\m-Sy-Øn-se, Aem-cn-∏v, PXnkz-cw, i_vZw, h¿Æw, ]Zw, Xn√m\ XpS- ß nb C\- ß ƒ AXn-a-t\m-l-c-ambn cwK-Ø-hX-cn-∏n-°m≥ {iohn-Zybv°p Ign™- X p- s Im- ≠ mWv Cu

A]q¿Δ _lp-a-Xn-°¿l-bm-Im≥ km[n-®-Xv. `h≥kns‚ hm¿jn-I-ß-fnepw "`h≥kv s^Ãn'epsams° Xs‚ anI® {]I-S-\w- sIm≠v Cu {]Xn`bv°v Bkzm-Z-I-cpsS BZcw ]nSn®p-]-‰m≥ Ign-™n-´p-≠v. inip-Zn-\mtLmj ]cn- ] m- S n- I - f nepw Xs‚ km∂n≤yw {it≤-b-am-°n-bn-´p-≠v, {iohn-Zy. \h-cm{Xn BtLm-j-ßfpsS `mK-ambn Fd-Wm-Ipfw

Sn.Un.- F w. lmfnepw sIm®n≥ jn∏v b m¿Unse {]Xn`m kwK- a Ønepw ]mh-°p-fw, ]≈n-∏-d-ºp-Imhv , Kpcp- h m- b q¿ t£{X- ß - f nepw \rØ-]-cn-]m-Sn-I-f-h-X-cn-∏n-°m-\p≈ `mKy-ap-≠m-bn-´p-≠v. Kpcp-hm-bq-cn¬ hnhn[ C\-߃ tIm¿Øn-W-°ns°m-≠p≈ "Um≥kv It®cn'bmbncp∂p, sNbv X - X v . AXp- s Im- ≠ pXs∂ AXv Gsd Bkzm-Zy-Icw IqSn-bm-bn-cp-∂p. kvIqƒ XeØn¬ \n∂v Pn√m Xe-Øntebv°pw AhnS∂v kwÿm-\-X-e-Øn-tebv ° p- a p≈ ]S- h p- I ƒ Ibdn C∂v hnPb tkm]m-\-Øn¬ FØn- \n¬°pI- b mWv Cu sIm®p- a n- S p°n. tIm´- b v°Iw dknU≥kv Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ hm¿jnIm- t Lm- j - t h- f - b nepw {iohnZy Xs‚ \S\ ssh`hw sIm≠v Bkzm-Z-I-cpsS a\w Ih¿∂p. IÆq- c n¬ h®p \S∂ kwÿm\Xe "`h≥kv s^Ãn'¬ \nc-h[n apXn¿∂ Ip´n-I-fp-am-bmWv {iohn-Zybv°v a’-cn-t°-≠n-bn-cp-∂Xv. ]s£, AsXm∂pw A{X {]iv\-ambn Cu Ipcp∂v I≠n-√. amXm- ] n- X m- ° ƒ°pw Xß- f psS Ip´°v ]mcn-tXm-jn-I-߃ e`n-°W- s a∂ B{K- l - t Ø- ° m- f p- ] cn thZn-bnse {]I-S\w anI-®-Xm-bn-cn°- W - s a∂v \n¿∫- ‘ - a p- ≠ m- b n- c p∂p. Ie- I ƒ°pw Iem- I m- c ∑m¿°pw hf-cm-\p≈ hf-°q-dp≈ aÆmWv Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bn-te-sX∂v a‰m-tc-°mfpw Ah¿ a\- n-em-°nbn-cp-∂p. Xß-fpsS aI-fpsS Ignhn¬ A`n-am\w Ds≠-∂-√msX Hcn°¬t]mepw Ah¿ Al-¶-cn-®n-cp∂n- √ . AwKo- I mcw Cu sIm®p {]Xn-`sb C∂-s√-¶n¬ \msf tXSnsb- Ø p- s a- ∂ - h ¿°p- d - ∏ m- b n- c p- ∂ p. AXns‚ {]Xn-^-e\w IqSn-bm-bncp∂p Cu anI® hnP-bw. kvIqƒ hnZym- ` ym- k - Ø n\v

Ah-sc-sbms° kvt\ln-°m\pw _lp-am-\n-°m\pw {iohn-Zybv°p Ign-bp-∂p. A≤ym-]-I-cpsS `mK-Øp-

\n-∂p-ap≈ A\p-{K-l-ßfpw Cu hnZym¿∞n°v e`n-°p-∂p-sh-∂Xv \μn-tbmsS Hm¿Ωn-°p-∂p. Ah-tcmsSm-s°-bp≈ IS-∏mSv hm°p-Iƒ°Xo- X - a m- s W- ∂ mWv {iohn- Z y- b psS A`n-{]m-bw. IqSmsX {][m-\m-≤ym-

{]m[m\yw \¬In-s°m≠v k¿K-hmk-\-Isf ]cn-t]m-jn-∏n-°pI F∂ \b- a mWv {iohn- Z y- b psS A—≥ lcn-lc - t- ‚-Xv. kz¿Æ-hym-]m-cn-bmb At±- l - Ø ns‚ A`n- { ]m- b - Ø n\v ]q¿W ]n¥pW \¬Ip∂ coXnbmWv AΩ cmtP- i zcn (cmPn lcn)bptS- X pw. C∂p- h sc AhcpsS A`n-{]m-b-Øn\v tIm´w X´msX-bp≈ ]T-\-co-Xn-bmWv {iohnZy A\p-h¿Øn-°p-∂-Xpw. kz¿Æm-`cW \n¿ΩmW cwKØv AXy-]q¿Δamb Iem-Nm-cpXn {]tbm-Kn-°p∂ Ct±- l - Ø n\v tZio- b - X - e - Ø n¬ AwKo-Imcw e`n-®n-´p-≠v. sNdp-{]mb-Øn-te-Xs∂ Ie-I-tfbpw IemIm-c-∑m-tcbpw BZ-cn-°p-Ibpw B cwK-Øp-≈-hsc t{]m’m-ln-∏n-°pIbpw sNbvXn-cp-∂p. AXp-sIm-≠pXs∂ Iem- c w- K Øv Xs‚ a°ƒ°pw AI-a-gn™ t{]m’ml\w At±lw \¬Inh-cp∂p. kwKo- X - t ØmSpw Xß- f psS aIƒ°v B`n-ap-Jy-ap-s≠∂p Xncn®-dn-™-t∏mƒ Xs∂ imkv{Xo-bamb ]T- \ - Ø n\v Irjv W - I p- a m¿ F∂ A≤ym-]-Is\ G¿s∏-Sp-ØpI-bm-bn-cp∂p lcn-l-c≥ sNbvX-Xv. kwKo-X-Ønepw {]Xn` sXfn-bn-°m\p≈ Ah-kcw {]tbm-P-\-s∏-SpØm\pw {iohnZy lcn-sb∂ Cu KmbnI ]e thZn-Ifpw D]-tbm-Ks∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p-≠v. hnim-e-amb Hcp Iq´p-Ip-Spw-_Ønse AwK- a mb {iohn- Z ybv ° v hey- — ≥ Sn.- s I. KtW- i - t ‚bpw heyΩ ]fl-bp-tSbpw aI≥ I\I- c m- P n- t ‚bpw t{]m’m- l - \ hpw kvt\lhpw kar-≤-ambn e`n-°p∂p. am{X- a - √ , Ah- c psS aIƒ {iotZhn KtWjv \¿Ø-In-bm-b-XpsIm≠v ]e-t∏mgpw {iohn-Zybv°p th≠ D]-tZ-iß - fpw \n¿t±-iß - fpw e`n-°m-dp-s≠-∂p-≈Xv A\p-{K-l-ambmWv B Ip´n ImWp-∂-Xv. a’-cß-fn¬ ]s¶-SpØv hnP-b-{io-em-fnX-bmbn Xncn®p hcp-tºmƒ kz¥w aIsf t]mse A`n- \ - μ n- ° m\pw Bio¿h-Zn-°m\pw Ah¿ Hcn-°epw ad- ° m- d n- √ . AXp- s Im- ≠ p- X s∂ amXm- ] n- X m- ° sf t]mse Xs∂

]nI tcWpI Fkv. tat\ms‚ t{]m’m-l\w h f - s c tbsd {]tbm-P-\-{]-Z-am-sW-∂mWv amXm-]n-Xm-°-fpsS hne-bn-cp-ج. _‘p-°-fp-tSbpw an{X-ß-fp-tSbpw t{]m’m- l - \ hpw {iohn- Z y- b psS

hf¿®-bn¬ Gsd kzm[o\w sNepØn-bn-´p-s≠∂mWv lcn- l cs‚ A`n-{]m-bw. kwÿm-\-X-eØnse hnP- b sØ XpS¿∂v hfsctbsd A`ypZ-b-Imw-£n-Iƒ A`n-\-μ-\-߃ Adn-bn-®Xpw IrX-⁄Xm\n¿`c- a m- b mWv {iohn- Z y- b psS IpSpw_w ImWp-∂-Xv. Cw•ojv t\mh-ep-Iƒ [mcmf-ambn hmbn-°p∂ Cu Ip´n-°v, Nn{X-I-e-tbmSpw B`n-ap-Jy-ap≠v. Sn.-hnbnse "t]msKm' (Ip´n-I-fpsS ]cn-]m-Sn)-bmWv {iohnZy- b psS {]nb t{]m{Kmw. F¶nepw \rØhpw kwKo-X-hpambn _‘-s∏´ Nne ]cn-]m-SnIfpw Bkz-Zn-°m-dp-≠v. \√Xv A\p- I - c n- ° m- d p- a p- ≠ v . ]Ømw Xc- Øn¬ ]Tn-°p∂ {iohn-ZybpsS ktlm-Z-c≥ apc-foIrjv¨ hb- e n\pw tafhpw ]Tn-°p∂ Iemhm-k-\-bp≈ Ip´n-bm-Wv. AXn-cm-hnse \me-ca- W n- t bmsS DW- c p∂ Cu hnZym¿∞n\n kab-_-‘n-X-am-bmWv Xs‚ Zn\-N-cy-Iƒ {Ias∏-Sp-Øn-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. tZho-tZ-h-∑m-cpsS A\p-{K-l-h¿jw sIm≠v kº¬k- a r≤- a mWv hnim- e - a mb ]qPm-ap-dnbpw ]cn-k-chpw. XnI™ Cuiz-c-`‡- b mb Cu sIm®p IemImcn C\nbpw Ht´sd ]pc-kvImc-ßfpw A\p-tam-Z-\-ßfpw G‰phmßn Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-dbv°v A`nam-\-am-bn-Xo-c-s´-sb∂ Biw-kI- f mWv "Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd \yqkn'\p \¬Im-\p-≈-Xv.

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

Tripunithura's Durbar


Nne Nn√-d-°m-cy-߃

inYne Nn¥-Iƒ

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Kottavathil Jokes

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It’s ALPHA- NUMERIC Sudoko. Waka..Waka.. What... Yes for a change play the Alpha - Numeric Sudoko. There is hardly any difference between the normal sudoku game except alphabet - a, , c incorporation along with the numericals 1-9; that’s all. So now ensure every column and row should contain alphabet a, b, c only once along with the numericals. So, Folks it’s Alpha - Numeric Sudoko now Waka.... Waka

JUST DO IT Kn^v‰v hu®¿ kΩm-\-ambn \¬Ipw "Xr∏qWn-Øpd \yqkn'¬ ÿnc-ambn {]kn-≤o-I-cn®p-h-cp∂ Puzzles ]qcn-∏n®v Hm^o-kn¬ FØn-°p∂-h¿°v \dp-s°-Sp-∏n-eqsS Kn^v‰v hu®¿ kΩm-\ambn \¬Ip-∂p. IqSp-X¬ hnh-c-߃°v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkv' Hm^o-kp-ambn _‘-s∏-Sp-I.

PH : 9895763536. 14-˛11-˛2010se hnPbn: Inc¨ _q_n Ign-™-bm-gvNsØ hnPbn: A¿®\

Name................................................................... Address............................................................... .................................Phone.................................

Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010


Parents,Children & Youth of Tripunithura




ALPHA - NUMERIC SUDOKO Issue 222 answer

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

Neighbourhood Events


et√-izcn Ihn-X-Iƒ Market Status: Extremely Bearish and long term trend broken down. The observations: The pattern breakout, which took NIFTY to 6339, failed to achieve the theoretical target and abruptly reversed. It has now closed below the Top trend line of the pattern. This premature re-entry is normally associated with fierce selling.

Apart from Pattern breakdown, the critical ling term support 5840 (according to me), is broken down last week. This means if NIFTY maintains below 5840 for one more week, the breakdown of the Long term trend is considered to be convincingly broken down.

SATISH KUMAR November 27, 2010

_m_-bpsS ka-Xz-Z¿i\w {]k‡w˛ PÃn-kv. sI. ]fl-\m-`≥\m-b¿

{]]© LSn-Im-c-Øns‚ Xmf-߃ Bdmw t]Pv XpS¿® A\p-jvTm-\-Øns‚ kz`m-h-an-√mØ Hcp inh-]q-PbpsS V°m \mZ-hp-ap≠v a‰p Nne Ihn-X-I-fn¬. A¿≤_mly t_m[m-h-ÿ-bn¬ F∂hÆw Cu anÃnIv Ih-bn{Xn ]mSp-tºmƒ hmb-\° - m-c≥ Hcp Znhym\μ [mc-bn¬ apgp-In-t∏m-sb-¶n¬ AXn¬ A¤p-X-taXp-an-√. ImcWw et√-iz-cn-bpsS kcf `mjbpw Oμ pw A{X-ta¬ DZm-Øhpw {]]© ho£-Wa - mbn hnI-kn-°p-∂h - b - p-am-Wv. H.-hn. hnP-bs‚ Jkm-°n-s‚ CXn-lmkw t]mep≈ kmln-Xy-kr-„n-I-fn¬ {]mIr-Xhpw hnI-e-hp-amb Bflo-bX sshZn-Ihpw ]m›m-Xy-hp-amb Bflo-b-Xbn¬ kuay-ambn ebn-°p-tºmƒ \mK-cn-I-X-bpsS N¿Ω-Im-¥n°p Iog-S-ßmsX sshZn-tI-X-c-amb Hcp Bflo-bX \q‰m-≠p-Iƒ°p aptº Db¿Øn-∏n-Sn-°m≥ et√-iz-cn°p Ign-™n-´p-≠v. Ih-bn-{Xn-bpsS a\- n¬ \n∂vv ae-bm-fh - N - \w hmb\-°m-c\v FSp-Øp-X-cp∂ {]XoXn D≠m-°p∂ thWp hn. tZi-Øns‚ ]cn-`mj Cu kam-lm-csØ IqSpX¬ D÷z-e-am-°p-∂p-≠v.

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Xr ∏qWn- Ø pd almflm {KŸ- i m- e - t bm- S - \ p- _ - ‘ n®p≈ `mh\ h\n- X m- t h- Z nbpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ \hw_¿ 28 Rmb-dmgvN sshIo´v \men\v "Xt±i kzbw-`-cW ÿm]- \ - ß - f nse 50 iXam\w kv{Xo kwh-cWw {]Xo£- I ƒ' F∂ hnjbw Bkv]- Z - a m°n almflm {KŸ-imem lmfn¬ skan\m¿ kwL- S n- ∏ n- ° p- ∂ p. skan-\m-dns‚ DZvLm-S-\hpw apJy {]`m-j-Whpw tIcf C≥Ãn-‰yq´v Hm^v tem°¬ AUv a n- \ n- k v t {S- j ≥ (In- e ) Ub- d - I v S ¿ s{]m^. F≥. cam- I m- ¥ ≥ \n¿Δ- l n- ° pw. kXykm-bn-_m-_-bpsS 85-˛mw P∑-Zn-\m-tLm-j-ß-fpsS `mK- `mh\ IΩ‰n saº¿ joem - m-bn-cn-°pw. ambn Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd embw {Ku≠n¬ kXy-kmbn tkhm- kXy-{h-X≥ A[y-£b k-anXn kwL-Sn-∏n® s]mXpk-tΩ-f\w PÃnkv sI. ]fl\m- ` ≥\m- b ¿ DZvLm- S \w sNøp-∂p.

kXy-kmbn _m_-bpsS km¿Δ euInI t{]a-Øn¬ A[n- j vTn- X - a mb kaXz Z¿i\w C∂v hfsc {]k-‡am-sW∂v PÃnkv sI. ]fl\m-`≥\m-b¿ A`n-{]m-b-s∏-´p. kXy-kmbn _m_-bpsS 85˛mw P∑-Zn-\m-tLm-j-ß-fpsS `mK-ambn 21 Rmb-dmgvN Xr∏qWn- Ø pd embw {Ku≠n¬ kXy- k mbn tkhm- k - a nXn kwL- S n- ∏ n® s]mXp- k - t Ωf\w DZvLm-S\w sNøp-I-bmbn- c p∂p At±- l w. ^nen∏v Fw. {]km-Zv, kn.-F. Icnw-amÿ, \K- c - k ` sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ F∂nh¿ kwkm-cn-®p. kanXn lmfn¬ HmwImcw kp{]-`m-Xw, kl-{k-\m-am¿®\, Sn.-F-kv. cm[m-Ir-jvW-Pn- cp-∂p. 5.30-˛\v \S∂ `P-\-tbmbpsS `‡n-Km-\-kp-[, Xncp- sSbpw 7˛\v \S∂ awK-fm-c\mƒ kZy F∂n-h-bp-≠m-bn- Xn-tbm-sSbpw kam-]n-®p.

Opening Today at Eroor

UNNIKRISHNA Motor Driving School & Auto Consultant Chelayil Madom, Nadama, Eroor Road, Tripunithura

Ph: 6544212 (O), 2780740 (R), 9447157447, 9249301266 kz¥w hml-\-Øn¬ {]mIvSo-kn\v kuI-cy-ap-≠m-bn-cn°pw

apJw Xnf-ßm≥ tX≥ t^kv ]mbv°v tX≥ ˛ 1 tS_nƒ kv]q¨, ap´-bpsS sh≈-°cp ˛ 1, ssXcv 2 tS.-kv]q¨ F∂nh anIvkn-bn¬ ASns®-Sp-°p-I. CXv apJØpw Igp-Ønepw ]Xn-\©p an\n‰p t\cw tX®p ]nSn∏n°p-I. DW-ßn-°-gn-bptºmƒ t\¿Ø NqSp-sh-≈Ønepw ]n∂oSv XWpØ sh≈-Ønepw Igp-In-°-f-bpI. Cu {]tbmKw FÆ-a-bap≈ apJ-Øn\v hfsc \√Xm-W.v


2/3 BHK Flat first floor in proper Tripunithura/ Ernakulam. No brokers. Contact 9895058212.


\√ hrØn-bp≈ sFkv Iyq_pIƒ e`n-°m≥ sh≈w Xnf-∏n®v XWp- Ø - X n- \ p- t ijw sFkv t{Sbn- s em- g n®v {^ok- d n¬


A Sophisticated two months’ Course for improving your Communication & Correspondence Skill in English Language. What you learn from our effective spoken english course.... - English Grammar (to revive your memory) - Vocabulary (To improve your Word Power) - Present your ideas effectively & efficiently.\ - Face Job interviews with confidence - How to excel in your Jobs/Profession - Add charm & interest to conversation - Build your image & bring vigour to your Spoken English - Correspondence (How to write different classes of letters) - Personality Development. Course Duration - 60 Days - Moderate Fees. Special Batches & Convenient Timings for Ladies & Employed Persons. For Details: Contact:

S. Sangameswaran 1-A, Royal Nest, Phase - 1 Chinmaya Mission Road, Tripunithura - 682 301 Phone: 2774819, Mob: 99473 - 66495

shbv°p-I. kv]ncn‰n¬ ap°nb ]™ntbm XpWntbm sIm≠v XpS-®m¬ IÆmSn ]fm -]fm an∂pw. \mcßm Hcp aWn-°q¿ NqSp-sh-≈-Øn¬ C´p-sh-®Xn-\p-tijw ]ngn-™m¬ AXnse Ah-km\ Xp≈n hsc ]ngn-s™-Sp-°m≥ km[n-°pw. sh≈ DSp-∏p-Iƒ°v Xqsh≈ \ndw In´m≥ Hcp IjWw \mcß C´p-sh® NqSp-sh-≈-Øn¬ DSp-∏pIƒ 10 an\n‰p ap°n-sh-®-Xn-\p-tijw Igp-Ip-I. Fen-bp-tSbpw Nps≠-en-bp-tSbpw Xmhfw Is≠Øn AhnsS Ipcp-ap-f-Ip-s]mSn hnX-dn-bm¬ Fen ]º IS-°pw. ˛ e£van taml≥

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Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010


FOR SALE 2005 Yamaha Libero Motorbike Single Owner Excellent Condition. 94954 25010

FOR SALE/RENT 2 Bedroom Flat with Carporch Near Oberon Mall Edappilly 94954 25010

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hmS-Ibv°v Hm^okv kvs]bvkv \yq _kv Ãm≥Un\v FXn¿hiw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd 3 s_Uvdqw lukv, ]mhw-Ip-f-ßc 3000 kvIzb¿^o‰v tKmUu¨ @ ama-e. 3 s_Uvdqw lukv @ ama-e.

contact: 9995438669

Tuition classes from 4 th Std to 10 th Std (Both State and CBSE) Special Coaching for IIT - JEE Foundation classes for 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th standards Special Training for Hindi P r a t h a m i k , Madhyama Exams MASTER MIND’S TUITION SLRA - 34, Sastha Lane, Eroor Road, Near Anaparambu. Ph: 6590565, 9746332461.

Marketing Executive Attractive Salary (10,000)


‘We Make Foundation Children Build on them’



Contact : 9895763536

t]∏¿I- h ¿ \n¿ΩmW bqWn- ‰ n- t ebv ° v 18- ˛ 25- ˛ \v at≤y {]mb- a p≈ kv{XoIsf Bh-iy-ap-≠v. Xr∏qWnØp-d-bnepw ]cn-kc-ß-fn-ep-w D-≈-h¿°v ap≥KW-\.

Contact : 9495950155.

i_-cn-ae Xo¿∞m-S\w `£W ˛ Xmak ˛ A`n-tjI kuI-cy-tØm-Sp-IqSn i_-cn-ae bm{X ]pd- s ∏- S p- ∂ p. IqSp- X ¬ hnh-c-߃°v: 9447302756/ 2775557 hS-s°-tIm´, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd

WANTED Office Assistant - F/M Accountant - Tally - F/M for a leading transporting co. near Tripunithura Contact No.




TALLY \nßfpsS ÿm]-\-Øns‚ A°u≠vkv, Smen-bn¬ sNbvXpX-cp-∂p. Facilities for

e-filing VAT return. Contact: 9846956708.

Centum Learning Centre in Kochi Centum Learning Limited, a Bharti Associate company, which runs 150 Centum Learning Centres (CLCs) across 90 cities in India, has launched its study centre in Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam. It offers industry oriented Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma programmes in academic collaboration with Annamalai University, as well as MBA in academic collaboration with IGNOU, via digitally enabled learning. Centum Learning Centres also enjoy a healthy track record of placement for its students in some of the leading corporate houses like Bharti Airtel, Virgin Mobile, Intel, Aditya Birla Retail, Arvind Mills, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, Reliance Communications, Future General, Club Mahindra, Big Flix, etc. Ms. Beatrice Al-Nisham, Centre Head, Centum Learning CentreKochi said that the uniqueness of the programmes is its thrust on employability. Centum Learning is committed to provide higher order employability skills and bridge the existing talent gap. The programmes are structured and taught in a way that aim at creating employable youth who would be ready to respond to the dynamic requirements of the corporate world. The academic council of Centum Learning comprises top-notch educationists and professionals. Being a part of the Bharti Group, distinguished luminaries from the Bharti Group grace interactive events at Centum Learning Centres. For more details contact: Centum Learning Centre, G-123 Panampilly Nagar, Kochi - 36. Tel: 0484-4015235 Mob: 9895100188. - advt.

ALL FOR KIDS - Pediatric Clinic : 6452772, 6492772 AMBERMOLI HOMES : 9895201552, 6461232 THE BASICS DAY CARE : 9847422452 CHARUTHA SILKS : 3019192 COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE : 9961710088,9961570088 DOWN TOWN : 3019122 ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING WORKS (FAMS) : 9947047004, 3083113 HEERA HOMES : 2346484, 85, 9847600088 INSIGHTS (Opp. Hotel Prasanth) : 9495973825 (ENGLISH TUITIONS, IELTS) Dr. KUNAL’s : 2782878 9048055102 MULTI-SPECIALTY DENTAL CLINIC


:9142023675, : 9995886004 2776361 (R), 2776004 : 2783840 : 2383795, 2353713 : 9846153528 : 9447694587 : 2777317 : 9446211058, 2779021 : 2774522 : 98460 33230 93497 56668 : 2783998, 9446070998 :9387076516, : 2781034, 2775525 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 2775557, 9447302756 : 9847091090 : 94477 35647

Consultants for: Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Company Matters, Project Reports, Computerised Accounts in Tally etc. Contact: Associated Consultants, Ist Floor, N.SS Building, Hospital Road, Tripunithura

Ph: 9895050905, 0484-3019113



Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

s{^kvtIm 2010 A¥¿ kvIqƒ a’c-Øn¬ anI® hmkvXp-in-ev]n°p≈ ]pc-kvImcw t\Snb A]¿Æ sI.-B¿. sIm√t»cn aT-Øn¬ cLp\m-Yn-t‚bpw ]pjv]bp-tSbpw aI-fm-Wv. IqSmsX “Nadnirjahari” I¿WmSI kwKoXw A¥¿ kvIqƒ a’-cØ - n¬ c≠mw kΩm-\hpw t\Sn. tSmIv F®v ]ªnIv kvIqfnse 5˛mw ¢mkv hnZym¿∞n-\n-bm-Wv Cu sIm®p-an-Sp-°n. tNm‰m-\n-°c t£{X-Øn¬ Xr°m¿Øn-I\ - m-fn¬ \S∂ Zo]-°mgvN


`mKo-cY - n-bΩ ]\ßmSv Ipgp-Øn-cn-bn¬ ]tc-X-\mb cmL-h-ta-t\ms‚ ]Xv\n `mKo-c-Yn-bΩ (83) A¥-cn-®p. a°ƒ: Fw.-B¿.F-kv. tat\m≥ (dn-´. A°u≠vkv Hm^o-k¿, sIF-kvC-_n Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd), tUm. efnXm thWp-tKm-]m¬ (aq-hm-‰p-]p-g), KncnPm cLp-\mYv (dn-´. sslkv°qƒ ]\ßm-Sv), kXoiv N{μ≥ (^mIvSv sIm®n≥ Unhn-j≥), cmtP-izcn _m_p (]-©m_v \mj-W¬ _m¶v), Pb{io kptcjv (_n-F-kv-F≥-F¬), cmP{io Pb-Ip-am¿ (B¿.]n.-Fw.-F-®v.-F-kv. Ipº-fw).

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Issue 223  

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