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No. 11

ISSUE - 218

DATE: 24-10-2010



A]-I-S-Øn-tebv°v Xpd-°m≥ Ihm-S-߃ D≈-t∏mƒ... kz¥w teJ-I≥ \qdv IW- ° n\v hnZym¿∞n- I ƒ ]Tn- ° p∂ Hcp hnZym-`ymk ÿm]\w Fs∂∂pw hen-sbmcp KXmKX hn]- Ø ns‚ apƒap- \ bn¬. ]qWn- Ø pd sk‚ v sPbnwkv tIm¨sh‚ v BWv Cßs\ A]-I-S-°pcp-°n¬s∏-´n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. CS-XS-hn-√m-Ø-hn[w hml-\-߃ Xnc-°n´v Atßm-´p-an-tßm´pw ]mbp∂ "AXn- t h- K ∏mX'bnte- b v°mWv Cu hnZym-e-b-Øns‚ IhmSw Xpd∂n-cn-°p-∂-Xp-X-s∂. AXmWv \nXy- a mb `b- ∏ mSn\v Imc-W-am-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xpw. kvIqfn\v kao- ] - Ø mbn Im¬\-S-°m¿°pw a‰p-ambn IS-∂p-t]m-Im≥ ]mI-Øn\v "am¿°v' sNbvX-bn-S-ap-≈Xv

aXn-bmw-hÆw kam-izm-k-a-cpfp-∂p-an-√. A©v hnZym-e-b-ß-fmWv ChnsS {]h¿Øn- ° p- ∂ - X v . sk‚ v sPbnwkv tIm¨sh‚ v, sk‚ v tPm¿Pv F®v.-F-kv., sk‚ v tPm¿Pv bp.]n.-F-kv., sk‚ v tPm¿Pv C.Fw.- F ¬.- ] n.- F - k v , sk‚ v sPbnwkv \gvkdn F∂n-ßs\ Htc hf-∏n¬ {]h¿Øn-°p∂ A©v hnZym- e - b - ß ƒ ASßp∂ Cu kap- ® - b - Ø n\v aXn- b mb tdmUv kpc£m Kmc≠n Cs√∂v Xs∂ ]dbmw. t]mcm-Ø-Xn\v kmam\yw hen- s bmcp hf- h n\v kao- ] ØmWv Cu hnZym- e - b - ß ƒ {]h¿Øn-°p-∂-Xv. hnkvXr-Xamb Cu ]mX hgn ]I¬t\c- ß - f nepw cm{Xn Aev]w sshInbpw hml\ KXm-K-XØn-c°v \t∂ A\p-`-h-s∏-Sp-

∂p- ≠ v. Ccp Zni- I - f ntebv°pw hml- \ - ß ƒ Cßs\ Nodn-∏m-bp-∂-Xn-\nS- b n¬ hnZym- e b Ihm- S Øn\v ap∂n¬ thKX \nb{¥n®v aμ- K - X n- b n- e m- ° m≥ \n¿t±- i n- ° p∂ "ko{_m sse\p'Ifp-≈Xv aXn-bmb Dd-∏m-Ip-∂n-√. kvIqƒ hnSp∂ sshIpt∂- c - ß - f nepw kv I qfn¬ A[y- b \w Bcw- ` n- ° p∂ {]`m-X-th-f-bn-ep-amWv hnZym¿∞n- I - f psS henb X≈n® D≠m-Ip-∂-Xv. Cu ka- b - ß - f n¬ apsºms° Imh- e n\v hnZym- e - b - Ø n\v ap∂n¬, \nb- { ¥n- ° m\pw IqSn-bmbn Hcp t]meo-kp-Imcs\ Uyq´n°v \ntbm-Kn-®ncp-∂p. Ct∏mƒ AXn-√m-ØXmWv D¬°-WvT-bp-b¿Ønbn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. c£-I¿Øm-

A[n-Imcw ]qPmhn-{K-l-am-Im-Xn-cn-°s´ ˛ kz¥w teJ-I≥ Hcp cmPyØns‚ `mK-sa-∂-Xn-ep-]cn AXns‚ k¿Δ- k z- h p- a mWv Ahn- S sØ ]uc∑m¿. Ah¿ B cmPy-Øns‚ `mhn `mK-t[-b-ß-fn¬ kPoh ]¶m-fnØw hln°p-∂p. Ahtcm Ah-cpsS {]Xn-\n-[n-Itfm BWs√m Hcp P\m-[n-]Xy cmPy-Ønse s]mXp- P o- h nXw \nb- { ¥n- ° p- I bpw P\ßsf `cn- ° p- I bpw sNøp- ∂ - X v . t_m[]q¿Δ- a mb cm{„ob {]h¿Ø\w aqew ]uc≥ `c-W-Øn¬ ]s¶-Sp-°p-Ibpw AtX ka-bØv `cn-°-s∏-Sp-Ibpw sNøp-∂p. `cW-I¿Øm-°-fpsS A\p-im-k-\-߃ sh´nhn-gp-ßp∂ P\-ß-fp≈ cmPyØv ]uc-∑mc-√, {]P-I-fm-Wp-≈-Xv. {]P-Iƒ tIhew Ccp-Im-en-am-Sp-Ifpw B {]P-I-fpsS cmPyw GIm-[n-]Xy cmPy-hp-am-Ip-∂p. P\m-[n-]-XyØn¬ am{Xta ]uc- ∑ m¿°v cmPy- ` - c - W Øn¬ ]¶m-fn-Ø-ap-≈p. F√mw k¿°m¿ sNø-W-sa∂ ]nSn-hm-inbpw P\m-[n-]Xy cmPy-Ønse ]uc-∑m¿°p `qj-W-hp-a-√. AXp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂ ]ucs‚ IS-a-I-tfbpw Ah-Im-i-ß-tfbpw ]‰n Ghcpw Ahiyw Adn-™n-cn-°-Ww.

Xncp-hm-¶pfw ]©m-b-Øp-IqSn Xr∏q-WnØpd \K-c- ]-cn-[n-bn¬ Dƒs∏-Sp-Øn-s°m≠p≈ {]Ya Xnc-s™-Sp-s∏∂ \ne-bn¬ ]pXnb `c-W- k-an-Xn-bpsS DØ-c-hm-Zn-Xz߃ Gdp-I-bm-Wv. \nba \n¿ΩmW k`b√ \K-c-k` F∂-Xp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂ ChnsS I£n - c m- { „o- b - Ø n\v AanX {]m[m\yw \¬tI-≠-Xp-an-√. ]uc- ∑ mcpw P\- { ]- X n- \ n- [ n- I fpw XΩnep≈ AIew Ipd- b v°pI F∂- X pXs∂bmWv {]Y-ahpw {][m-\-hp-ambn sNtø≠-Xv. CS- X p- ] £ P\m- [ n- ] Xy ap∂- W nbpw sFIy P\m-[n-]Xy ap∂-Wnbpw apt∂m´p h®n-´p≈ hnI-k-\-tc-Jbpw {]I-S\ ]{XnIbpw ]cn-tim-[n-°p-∂ ]uc\v t_m[y-s∏Sp∂ Hcp Imcyw, A©p h¿j-°mew sIm≠v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-c-k-`-bpsS ASn-ÿm-\mh-iy-ßfpw `uXnI taJ-e-bnse kpÿnc hnI-k-\hpw c≠p ap∂-Wn-Ifpw e£y-am°p-∂p-≠v F∂mWv. tijw t]Pv aq∂n¬

°-fp-tSbpw A[ym-]-I-cptSbpw kvIqƒ A[n-Ir-Xcp-tSbpw s\©n-Sn∏v Dbcp-∂Xv XS™p \n¿Øms\-¶nepw t]meokpImcs\ Uyq´n°v ]p\¿ \ntbm-Kn-t°-≠-Xm-Wv.

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{Ukv dntl-gvk-embn Hcp ]©m-bØv sXc-s™-Sp∏v

Oct 24 to 30, 2010

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Ik-\-Øn\pw hntI-{μo-IrX P\m-[n-]-Xy-Øn\pw Du∂¬ \¬In-s°m≠p≈ kwÿm-\sØ {XnXe Xt±i kzbw-`c - W ÿm]-\ß - f - n-tebv°v c≠v L´-ßf - n-embn \S-°p∂ thms´-Sp∏v \msf Xn¶-fm-gN v t- bmsS ]q¿Ønbm-hp-I-bm-Wv. i\n-bmgvN sXc-s™-Sp∏v {]Nm-cWw kam-]n® Be-∏pg, tIm´-bw, CSp-°n, Fd-Wm-Ip-fw, Xriq¿, ]me-°m-Sv, ae-∏pdw F∂o Ggp Pn√-I-fnse kΩ-Xn-Zm-b-I-cmWv \msf Xß-fpsS P\m-[n-]-Xym-h-Imiw hn\n-tbmKn-°m≥ t]mfnMv _qØp-I-fn-tebv°v \oßp-∂-Xv. Xncp-h-\-¥-]p-cw, sIm√w, ]Ø-\w-Xn-´, tImgn-t°m-Sv, hb-\m-Sv, IÆq¿, ImkdtKmUv F∂o Ggv Pn√-Ifnse thms´-Sp∏v i\n-bmgvN ]q¿Øn-bm-bn-cp-∂p. 9238 ko‰p-I-fnse P\-hn[n Xn´-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂-Xn\v 16,390 _qØp-I-fmWv {]Y-a-L-´-Øn¬ Hcp-°n-bn-cp-∂-Xv. 977 {Kma]©m-b-Øp-I-fn-tebv°pw 152 tªm°v ]©m-b-Øp-I-fn-tebv°pw 14 Pn√m ]©m-b-Øp-I-fn-tebv°pw 59 ap\n-kn-∏m-en-‰n-I-fn-tebv°pw A©v tIm¿∏-td-j\p-If - n-te-b° v p-amWv sXc-s™-Sp∏v \S-°p-∂X - .v sXc-s™-Sp∏v N´-߃ \njvI¿jtbmsS ]men®p sIm≠p-≈, kam-[m-\-]-c-amb thms´-Sp∏v e£y-am-°n-bp≈ {Iao-I-c-W-ß-sf√mw ]q¿Øn-bm-°n-b ti-j-amWv t]mfnMv Bcw-`n-®-Xp-X-s∂. kv{XoIƒ°v ]pcp-j-∑m¿°v Xpey-amb A[n-Im-chpw ÿm\-am-\-ßfpw Dd∏p hcpØn \S-Øp-∂, tIc-f-Ønse {]mtZ-inI `cW kwhn-[m-\-Øn¬ henb am‰w hcp-Øp∂ CØ-h-WsØ sXc-s™-Sp-∏n¬ samØ-ap≈ 21,600 ko‰p-Ifn¬ 70,915 ÿm\m¿∞n-I-fmWv am‰p-c-bv°p-∂-Xv. CsXmcp sd°m-Um-sW∂v ]dbmw. Ch-cn¬ 40,000˛tØmfw t]¿ h\n-X-I-fm-Wv. HIvtSm-_¿ 27-˛\v thms´-Ƭ \S-°p∂ apdbv°v ^ew Adn-bm-\p≈ kwhn-[m-\hpw Hcp-ßn-°-gn-™p. 2011-˛¬ \S-t°-≠p∂ \nb-a-k`m sXc-s™-Sp-∏n\v apt∂m-Sn-bmbn \S-°p∂ kwÿm-\-Xe sXc-s™-Sp-∏m-b-Xn-\m¬ CXns‚ cm{„ob {]m[m\yw \n m-c-a√. CS-Xp-]£ k¿°m-dns‚ {]h¿Ø\w kw_-‘n® lnX-]-cn-tim-[-\-bmbn sXc-s™-Sp∏v ^esØ IW-°m-°m-sa-∂-Xn-\m¬ CS-Xp-]-£-Øn-s\-∂-t]mse {]Xn-]£ - sØ sFIy-P\ - m-[n-]Xy ap∂-Wn°pw sXc-s™-Sp∏v {][m-\s - ∏´ H∂mWv. sXc-s™-Sp∏v {]Nm-c-W-th-f-bn¬ `c-W-t\-´-ßfpw hnI-k\ \n¿t±-i-ß-fpam-Wv ap¥n-\n-∂n-cp-∂Xv F¶nepw ]q¿W-ambpw cm{„ob hnap-‡-amb Xt±i kzbw-`-cW sXc-s™-Sp∏v {]Nm-c-W-a√ CØ-hW Ac-tß-dn-b-Xv. Cu sXcs™-Sp-∏n¬ _nsP-]nbpw t]m∏p-e¿ {^≠pw AS°w F√m h¿Kob i‡n-Itfbpw Iq´p-]n-Sn-®mWv sFIy-P-\m-[n-]-Xy-ap-∂Wn a’-cn-°p-∂-sX∂ kn]n-sF(Fw) kwÿm\ sk{I-´dn ]nW-dmbn hnP-bs‚ hmZ-K-Xn-bmWv sXc-s™-Sp-∏n\v tIhew hnI-k-t\m-∑p-J-X-bv°p-]-cnbmb Hcp cm{„ob \ndw ]I¿∂-Xv. XpS¿∂v _nsP-]n-bpsS klmbw Xß-ƒ°v ths≠∂v kn]n-sF(-Fw) kwÿm\ sk{I´dn sh´n-Øp-d∂v {]Jym-]n-®Xv sXc-s™-Sp∏v cwKw NqSp-]n-Sn-°mt\ klm-bn®p-≈p. ss{IkvXh k`sb hna¿in-°p∂ ]nW-dmbn hnP-b≥ `qcn-]£ h¿Kob-X-bpsS klmbw tXSp-I-bm-sW∂ bpUn-F^v I¨ho-\¿ ]n.-]n. X¶-®s‚ hna¿i-\hpw AXn-\p≈ kn]n-sF(-Fw) t\Xm-hns‚ adp-]-Snbpw Xm¬°m-enI sXc-s™-Sp∏v kJy-Ønt\ _nsP]n Ct∏m-gp-≈p-sh∂ _nsP]n t\Xmhv H. cmP-tKm-]m-ens‚ hni-Zo-Ic - W - h - p-sa√mw {]mtZ-inI sXc-s™-Sp∏v cm{„o-bØ - n\v A¥¿[m-c-bmbn h¿Øn-°m-\p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. aX-\n-c-t]-£-Xsb Np‰n-∏-‰n-bm-bncp∂p cm{„ob {]Nm-cWw Cßs\ Gsd-°p-tdbpw \oßn-b-Xv. Xn¶-fmgvN t]mfnMv _qØn-tebv°v \oßp∂ Fd-Wm-Ipfw Pn√-bn¬ sXcs™-Sp∏v kw_-‘n® Hcp-°-ß-sf√mw ]q¿Øn-bm-b-Xmbn Pn√m If-IvS¿ Fw. _o\ Adn-bn-®p. Pn√-bn¬ 2400 tI{μ-ß-fn-embn 3533 t]mfnMv tÃj-\p-I-fm-Wp≈-Xv. sIm®n tIm¿∏-td-j-\n¬ 349 _qØp-I-fp-≠v. Pn√-bn¬ 84 {Kma-]-©m-bØp-I-fnepw 14 tªm°v ]©m-b-Øp-I-fnepw Pn√m ]©m-b-Ønepw tIm¿∏-td-j\nepw 11 ap\n-kn-∏m-en-‰n-I-fn-ep-ambn \S-°p∂ sXc-s™-Sp-∏n¬ samØw 6718 ÿm\m¿∞n-Iƒ a’-cn-°m-\p-≠v. ap\n-kn-∏m-en-‰n-I-fmbn Db¿Ø-s∏´ Geqcpw Xr°m-°-cbpw acSpw Ct∏mƒ ]©m-b-Øp-I-f-√. Xncp-hm-¶pfw ]©m-b-Øns\ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\n-kn-∏m-en-‰n-bp-ambn ebn-∏n-®-t∏mƒ Ipºfw ]©m-b-Øns\ ]≈p-cpØn tªm°n¬ ebn-∏n-°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. c≠v ]©m-b-Øp-I-f-S-ßp∂ ssh‰ne tªm°v ]©m-bØv Ct∏mƒ \ne-hn-en-√.

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If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative. —Author Unknown

Aeq-an-\n-bsØ C∂sØ coXn-bn¬ hf¿Øn-bXv bp≤-ßfpw AXp tI{μo-Ic - n-®p≈ Bbp[ I®-hS- h - p-am-Wv. c≠mw temI-bp-≤Ø - n-\p-tijw Aeq-an-\nbw IpØ-II - ƒ aq∂mw temI cmPy-ßfnse ae-\n-cI - ƒ Xpc-°m-\p≈ ]≤-Xn-bn-´p. Cu B{Im-¥Ø - ns‚ Cc-If- m-bn-cp∂p Kbm-\, Pssa-°, sslXn, Lm\, Kn\nb F∂o cmPy-߃. IØv ae-\n-c-I-fn¬ A[n-h-kn- a\- n-em-°n-b-tXmsS bp≤-s°mXn ]q≠ °p∂ P\- ß ƒ {]tXy- I n®v cmjv{S-߃ Aeq-an-\nbw J\\w "bp≤-hyBZn-hm-kn-Iƒ B´n-tbm-Sn-°- h-km-b-ambn' am‰n Xo¿°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. c≠mw temI-bp-≤-tØm-sS-bmWv Aeq-ans∏- S p- ∂ - X n\pw D∑q- e \w sNø- s ∏- S p- ∂ - \n-b-Øns‚ `oIc apJw {]Xy-£-s∏-Sp-∂Xn\pw ]pd-In¬ 1825-˛¬ {^©v J\\ hnZ- Xv. B¬tImh (Alcoa) `oa≥ IpØI IºKv[- \ mb ]nb¿ _¿- X o- b ¿ (Pierre \n- b nse imkv { X- ⁄ - c psS Atam- W nbw Berthier) t_mIvssk‰v I≠p-]n-Sn-®-Xn\pw ss\t{S‰pw Aeq- a n- \ nbw s]mSnbpw Hcp henb ]¶p- ≠ v . t_mIv s sk- ‰ n¬ tN¿Øp≈ an{inXw t_mw_p \n¿ΩmW Aeq-an-\nbw AS-ßn-bn-´p-s≠∂v _¿Xo- Ie- b nse hgn- Ø n- c n- h m- b n. Aeq- a n- \ nbw b¿ Is≠- Ø n. \nb- a - K ncn ae- \ n- c - I ƒ kwkvI-cW {]{Inb AXoh k¶o¿Æ-saDƒ∏sS Ing-°≥ C¥y-bnse BZn-hmkn ∂-Xn-ep-]cn `bm-\-Iamw hn[w Pew NqjWw `qan-Iƒ h≥ Iº-\n-Iƒ°v {]nb-¶-c-am- sNøp-∂-XmWv 1912-˛\p tijw bqtdm-∏nepw Ip-∂Xv Aeq-an-\n-b-Øns‚ apJy Abn- Ata- c n- ° - b nepw \n¿Ωn- ° - s ∏´ H´p- a n° cmb t_mIvssk-‰ns‚ `oa-amb \nt£]w Iq‰≥ Umap-Ifpw CXn-\p-th-≠n-bp-≈-Xm-bnD≈-Xp-sIm-≠m-Wv. C°-gn™ HmK-Ãn¬ cp-∂p. Aeq-an-\n-bhpw h≥InS AW-s°-´pHdo- k - b nse \nb- a - K ncn ae- \ n- c - I ƒ Ifpw XΩn-ep≈ A«oe _m‘hw ChnsS Dƒ∏sS Ing-°≥ C¥y-bnse BZn-hmkn XpS- ß p- ∂ p. c≠mw temI- b p- ≤ - Ø nse `qan-Iƒ h≥ Iº-\n-Iƒ°v {]nb-¶-c-am- sImSpw kmº-ØnI XI¿®sb adn-I-S-°pIp-∂Xv Aeq-an-\n-b-Øns‚ apJy Abn- ∂-Xns‚ `mK-ambn Ata-cn° \n¿Ωn-®p-Iqcmb t_mIvssk-‰ns‚ `oa-amb \nt£]w ´n-bXv teml-\n¿Ωm-W-im-e-Ifpw AXn\p D≈-Xp-sIm-≠m-Wv. C°-gn™ HmK-Ãn¬ Pe-sa-Øn-°p∂ h≥ AW-s°-´p-If - p-am-bn-cpHdo- k - b nse \nb- a - K ncn Ip∂p- I - f n¬ ∂p. Aeq- a n- \ n- b - Ø ns‚ Dev ] m- Z \w t_mIvssk‰v Ipgn-s®-Sp-°m-\p≈ A\p- AXn¿Øn-Iƒ t`Zn-°m≥ XpS-ßn-b-tXmsS aXn J\\ `oa-\mb thZm-¥bv°v tI{μ h≥ AW- s °- ´ p- I ƒ F∂ k¶- e v ] hpw ]cn-ÿnXn a{¥m-ebw \ntj-[n-°p-I-bp- temIØv hym]-Ia - m-bn. C¥y-bn-eS- °w Gjy≠m-bn. BZn-hm-kn-I-fpsS i‡-amb sNdp- bntebpw Ata- c n- ° , Bkv t {X- e n- b , Øp-\n-ev]ns‚ Hcp sNdnb hnP-b-am-bn- B{^n° XpS-ßnb cmPy-ßf - n-tebpw {][mcp∂p Cu \S-]-Sn. F∂m¬ \nb-a-Kncn \-s∏´ F√m h≥ Umap-Ifpw [mXp J\-\˛- Ip∂p-I-fn-te-Xp-t]mse \nc-h[n Aeq-an- \n¿Ωm-W-im-e-Iƒ°v (smelters) sh≈-sa\nbw J\\ Nqj-W-ßfpw AXp-ambn Øn-°p-∂-Xn-\m-bn-cp-∂p. ssN\-bnse aq∂p _‘-s∏´ kac t]mcm-´-ßfpw _lp-P\ tKm¿Pkv (Three Gorges) Umap-Ifpw a‰v am[y-a-߃ t_m[-]q¿Δw Ah-K-Wn-°p- A\-h[n AW-s°-´p-Ifpw CXns‚ XpS¿®I-bm-Wv. [mXp tNmc-WsØ Ipdn-®p≈ bm-Wv. s]mXp N¿®sb C√m- X m- ° pI F∂ Aeq- a n- \ n- b sØ C∂sØ coXn- b n¬ ZuXy-amWv `c-W-˛-{]-Xn-]-£-˛-am-[ya Iq´p- hf¿Øn-bXv bp≤-ßfpw AXp tI{μo-I-cnsI-´p-I-fpsS \nKqV e£yw. ®p≈ Bbp[ I®-h-S-hp-am-Wv. c≠mw temICu kml- N - c y- Ø n- e mWv \c- h wi bp-≤-Øn-\p-tijw Aeq-an-\nbw IpØ-I-Iƒ imkv{X-⁄-\mb s^enIvkv ]m-Uepw aq∂mw temI cmPy-ß-fnse ae-\n-c-Iƒ Xpc(Felix Padel) Hdnb `mj-bnse Fgp-Øp- °m-\p≈ ]≤-Xn-bn-´p. Cu B{Im-¥-Øns‚ Im-c-\mb ka-tc-{μ-Zmkpw kwbp-‡-ambn Cc-I-fm-bn-cp∂p Kbm-\, Pssa-°, sslXn, Fgp-Xnb ""aÆn¬\n∂pw ]pdØv'' (out Lm\, Kn\nb F∂o cmPy-߃. Cu cmPyof this earth) F∂ ]pkvXIw {it≤-b-am- ߃ kzmX{¥yw t\Sp- ∂ - X n\p ]pd- I n¬ Ip-∂-Xv. Aeq-an-\n-b-Øns‚ cm{„o-b-sØ- hsc Aeq-an-\nbw IpØ-I-I-fpsS CS-s]-S°p-dn®pw B teml-Øn\v \K-c-h¬°-c- em-bn-cp-∂p. C¥y-bnepw ÿnXn hyXy-kvXW-Ønepw BtKm-fo-I-c-W-Ønepw Pe-Nq- am-bn-cp-∂n-√. 1960-˛¬ H∂n-e-[nIw hntZi j-W-Ønepw AXn-s\√mw ]pdsa km{am- ]¶m-fn-Ø-ap≈ Iº-\n-Iƒ Db¿∂p-h-∂p. PyXz hnIm-k-Øn-ep≈ ]¶n-s\-°p-dn®pw Ata-cn-°≥ hyh-kmbn sl‚n ssIUdpw sR´n- ° p∂ sXfn- h p- I - f mWv Cu _n¿f-bp-am-bp≈ ]¶m-fn-Ø-Øns‚ kr„n]pkvXIw ]I¿∂p Xcp-∂-Xv. bm- b n- c p∂p ln≥Um¬sIm (Hindalco). `qan- b psS ta¬]m- f n- b n¬ G‰hpw DØ¿{]- t Z- i nse tcWp- ° q- ´ n- e mWv km[m- c - W - b mbn ImWp∂ [mXp- h mWv ln≥Um¬tIm-bpsS ^mIvS-dn-Iƒ Db¿∂-Xv. Aeq-an-\n-bw. a‰p teml-ß-fp-ambn Ffp- CXn\v Pe-sa-Øn-°p-∂-Xn-\mWv Iq‰≥ AW∏- Ø n¬ Cgp- I n- t N- c m≥ Ign- b p∂ Cu s°- ´ mb dnlmμv \n¿Ωn- ° - s ∏- ´ - X v . Cu teml-Øn\v temI-N-cn-{X-Øn¬ Xs∂ sh≈-s°´v aqew s]cp-h-gn-bn-em-bXv Hcp khn-ti-j-amb Hcn-S-ap-≠v. 1914-˛18 Ime-b- e£w Bfp-I-fm-bn-cp-∂p. f-hn¬ \S∂ H∂mw temI-bp-≤-tØmsS C∂v Aeq- a n- \ nbw tI{μo- I - c n- ® p≈ Hcp bp≤ hyh-km-b-ambn CXv hn]p-e- BtKmf _e-X-{¥-Øn¬ henb am‰w h∂ps∏-Sp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. Bbp[ \n¿Ωm-Whpw I-gn-™n-cn-°p-∂p. bp≤-ß-fp-tSbpw Aeq-ant]m¿ hnam-\-ßfpw an¬Uv t_mw_p-Ifpw \n-b-Øn-s‚bpw AXp-ambn _‘-s∏´ Pe{Kt\-Up-Ifpw A¥¿hm-ln-\n-Ifpw a‰v Nq-j-W-Øn-t‚bpw P\-ßsf B´n-tbm-Sn-°pAt\Iw bpt≤m-]-I-c-W-ßfpw Aeqan\n- ∂-Xn-t‚bpw Ncn-{X-Ønse c‡ Iep-jn-Xbw D]-tbm-Kn-®mWv \n¿Ωn®p t]mcp-∂- amb A[ym-b-߃ temIw apgp-h≥ C∂pw Xv. Aeq-an-\n-b-Øns‚ Cu km[y-X-Iƒ Bh¿Øn-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv.



Pages 12 Published every Sunday




Oct 24 to 30, 2010

Wedding Cards, all types of Printing works, DTP, Project Report, Photostat, Colour Lazer Print, Colour Photostat

Biw-kI - ƒ


Xmb-ºI Ac-t߉w

Nn∑b hnZym-e-b-Ønse 9˛mw ¢mkv hnZym¿∞n-bmb B\μv sI. Pbs‚ Xmb-ºI Ac-t߉w Xpemw 9 atlm-’h-tØm-S-\p-_-‘n®v H-IvtSm_¿ 26-˛\v sshIo´v 6.45-˛\v \SØp-∂-Xm-Wv. Iem-a-WvUew tIi-h-s∏m-Xp-hm-fns‚ IognemWv B\μv Xmb-ºI A`ykn-®-Xv. ]qWn-Øpd {iocmPv amcm-cpsS Iogn¬ tafw A`ykn® B\μv i_- c n- a e Dƒ∏sS \nc-h[n t£{X-ßfnse taf-ß-fn¬ ]s¶-Sp-Øn´p-≠v. Ip≠-∂q¿ ItS-°pgn Pb- I p- a m- d n- s ‚bpw cmP{io B¿. tat\m- s ‚bpw ]p{X\mWv B\-μv.

`mK-hX k]vXmlw ssh‰ne {iocm-a-Ir-jvW-aT- Ø n¬ {_“{io amS- t »cn \oe-I-WvT≥ \ºq-Xn-cn-bpsS t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ \hw-_¿ H∂p apX¬ Ggp hsc `mK- h X k]vXmlw D≠m-bn-cn-°pw. HIvtSm-_¿ 31-˛\p Rmbdmgv N sshIo´v 6 aWn°v {iocm- a - I rjv W aTm- [ n- ] Xn Bfl- k z- c q- ] m- \ μ kzman- I fpsS A≤y-£-X-bn¬ tNcp∂ tbmK-Øn¬ PÃnkv Fw. cmaN- { μ≥ k]vXm- l - b ⁄w DZvLm-S\w sNøp-∂Xpw sI.B¿ \ºym¿ Biw- k m- { ]kwKw \S-Øp-∂-Xp-am-Wv.

XncpØv Ign™ e°w (17- ˛ 10˛2010) "Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd \yqkn'¬ {]kn- ≤ o- I - c n- ® ncp∂ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd tKm]o-IrjvWs‚ t^m¨ \º¿ 9847123487 F∂v XncpØn hmbn-°p-hm≥ Xmev]-cy-s∏-Sp∂p. ˛FUn-‰¿

Opp.DOWN TOWN, Ph: 2777660

SUNDAY OCT 24 TO 30, 2010

A[n-Imcw ]qPm- hn-{K-l-am-Im-Xn-cn-°s´ t]Pv H∂v XpS¿® AX-{Xbpw \∂v. t]mb A©p h¿jß-fn¬ \n∂pw XnI®pw `n∂-amb kmlN-cy-amWv C∂v \ne-hn-ep-≈-Xv. H∂v ˛ P\- k w- J y- b nse h¿≤- \ - h v , c≠v ˛ ]m¿∏nS-ß-fp-tSbpw ]m¿∏nS kap-®-b-ßfp-tSbpw A{]-Xo-£nX hf¿®, as‰m∂v PohnX kuI-cy-ß-fpsS Xf¿®. dknU≥kv Atkm-kn-tb-j-\p-I-fpsS Ht´sd \n¿t±-i-߃ CXn-\Iw Xs∂ _‘s∏´ A[n-Im-cn-I-fpsS km∂n-≤yØn¬ H∂n-tesd XhW N¿® sNø- s ∏´p Ign- ™ - X m- W v . B N¿®m ktΩ- f - \ - ß fnepw skan-\m-dp-I-fn-epsams° N¿®bv°p hnt[-b-am-°-s∏´ hnj-bß-fn¬ kp{]-[m-\-sa∂v k¿Δ-cmepw AwKo-I-cn°- s ∏- ´ Xv amen\y \n¿Ωm¿÷\w, sh≈s°-´v, s]m´n-s∏m-fn™ tdmUp- I ƒ, CSp- ß nb k©mc tbmKy-a-√mØ A]-ISw ]Xn-bn-cn-°p∂ hgn-Iƒ, KXm-K-X-°p-cp-°v, ]m¿°ns‚ A\n-hm-cy-X, hml-\-߃ ]m¿°v sNøm\p≈ Aku-I-cyw, ]q¿W-tXm-Xn-ep≈ IpSn-sh≈ e`y-X, IΩyq-Wn‰n lmƒ XpSßn-b-h-bm-bn-cp-∂p. thm´¿amsc BI¿jn°p∂ \n¿t±-i-߃ sIm≠v kºp-„-amIp∂ hmKvZm\ ]{Xn-I-bn¬ ]d-™n-´p≈ Imcy-߃ ap≥K-W\m {Ia-Øn¬ \S-∏m°p-I-bmWv Ic-Wo-b-am-bn-´p-≈-Xv. Bcp `cn- ° p∂p F∂- X n- t \- ° mƒ P\w Du∂¬ \¬Ip-∂Xv `cWw Iøm-fp-∂-h¿ F¥p-sN-øp∂p F∂-Xn-\mWv P\-ß-fpsS Poh¬{]-iv\-߃ ]cn-l-cn-°-s∏-SmsX D]- c n- π - h - a mb GXp hnI- k - \ - t Øbpw P\w AwKo-I-cn-°n-√. C∂se hsc hoSp-ho-Sm-¥cw Ib-dnbn-d-ßnb a’-cm¿∞n-Iƒ B {]{Inb XpS¿∂p- s Im- ≠ n- c n- ° - W w. {]iv \ - ß ƒ ]Tn®v \n¿t±-iß - ƒ Xt±-ih - m-kn-If - p-ambn N¿®-sNbvXv \K-c-k`m Iu¨kn-en¬ Ah-X-cn-∏n-°m-\p≈ B¿÷hw ImWn°- W w. Bb- X n\v Ffp- ∏ - a m¿§w dkn-

U≥kv Atkm-kn-tb-j-\p-I-fpsS ]Izamb \n¿t±-i-߃ Xs∂-bm-Wv. {]Xn-]£Øv Ccn-t°≠n hcp-tºmgpw {InbmflI \n¿t±-i-߃ `cW cwK-Øn-cn-°p∂-h¿°v \¬Im-\p≈ DØ-c-hm-Zn-Xzhpw \nd-th-‰-s∏SWw. Cu \mSns‚ apJ-Omb am‰p-∂-Xn¬ KWy-amb ]¶p hln-°m≥ Xnc-s™-Sp°-s∏-Sp-∂-h¿°p Ign-b-s´-sb∂p Xs∂bmWv P\-߃ B{K-ln-°p-∂-Xv. P\-]¶m-fnØw Dd-∏p-h-cp-Øp∂ Hcp kwhn[m\w D≠m-I-Ww. D]-tZ-i-߃ GXp `mKØp \n∂p-≠m-bmepw ka-Nn-Ø-XtbmsS AXns\ kao-]n-°m-\p≈ am\knI \ne-hm-c-Øn-tebv°v `c-W-]-£hpw {]Xn- ] - £ hpw Db- c - W w. kzm¿∞ Xmev]cy-an-√mØ ]£-]mX cln-X-amb Hcp `cWw D≠m-I-W-sa∂ s]mXp-P-\ß- f psS B{Klw k^- e - a m- I - s ´. Aßns\ Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bpsS ]mc-ºcyw \ne-\n¿Øm≥ HsØm-cp-an®v apt∂-dm≥ CS-h-cp-Ø-s´.

kwKo-X-k-Z v P\-{i≤ t\Sn


{]kmZv ie`w (a-´Ω¬) Mrs. & Mr. N.N. Sukumaran & Family Mrs. & Mr. V. Vishnukumar & Family Mrs. & Mr. M.B. Raveendran & Family Mrs. & Mr. K.T. Satheesh & Family

Ready to Occupy

FLAT FOR SALE \hcm-{Xn-tbm-S-\p-_-‘n®v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd sh¶n-tS-izc aμn-c-Øn¬ {Sn®n {]Zo]vIp-am¿ Ah-X-cn-∏n® kwKoX kZ- v. Cu h¿jsØ \h-cm-{Xn-tbm-S-\p-_-‘n®v {Sn®n {]Zo-]vIp-amdpw kwLhpw Ah-X-cn-∏n® kwKoX kZ v P\-{i≤ t\Sn. Ah-X-c-W-ssi-en-sIm≠v t{]£I-cpsS a\w-I-h¿∂ {]Zo-]n\v hb-en-\n¬ i_-cojv {]`m-I-dpw, arZw-K-Øn¬ Abva\w N{μ-Ip-amdpw LS-Øn¬ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd IÆ\pw ]°-ta-f-sam-cp-°n. {Sn®n {]Zo-]vIp-am¿ "b¥n-c≥' XpS-ßnb ]tØmfw Xangv Ne-®n-{X-ß-fnepw Nne ae-bmfw B¬_-ß-fnepw ]mSn-bn-´p-≠v. sNss∂-bn¬ ÿnc-Xm-a-k-am-°nb {]Zo]v Hcp 8th Grade Kn‰m¿ B¿´nÃp IqSn-bm-Wv. \h-cm-{Xn-tbm-S-\p_‘n®v tIc-f-Ønse hnhn[ thZn-I-fn¬ H≥]-tXmfw kwKo-X -k-Z- p-Iƒ \SØn.

1175 Sq.ft. 3 Bed Room. Near Water Tank. Ground water + Drinking water for 24 hours. Ideal for Hindu (Veg.) Family. No Brokers Please

Contact : 9388485620


almflm _me-thZn 20-˛mw hm¿jnIw BtLm-jn®p

Xncphm-¶pfw almflm amXr-`qan ÃUn k¿°nƒ _me-th-ZnbpsS 20-˛mw hm¿jn-Im-tLmj ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ Gjym-s\‰v a©v Ãm¿ knwK¿ hnPbn hnjvWp. F. IrjvW≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøp∂p. Xncphm-¶pfw almflm amXr-`qan ÃUn k¿°n-fns‚ _methZn 20-˛mw hm¿jnIw BtLm-jn-®p. Gjym-s\‰v a©v Ãm¿ knwK¿ hnPbn amÿ hnjvWp. F. IrjvW≥ hm¿jn-Im-tLmjw DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. _me-thZn bqWn‰v {]kn-U‚ v tKm]n-I. Fkv. Pb≥ A≤y-£X hln-®p. NS-ßn¬ ÃUn k¿°nƒ sk{I- ´ dn t_kn¬ t]mƒ, _me- t hZn tPmbn‚ v sk{I- ´ dn kn¬^ h¿§o-kv, sshkv {]kn-U‚ v {iolcn kp\n¬, sk{I´dn sshimJv hnP-b-Ip-am¿ F∂n-h¿ kwkm-cn-®p. XpS¿∂v _me-thZn {]h¿Ø-I¿ Ah-X-cn-∏n® hnhn[ Iem]-cn-]m-SnIfpw \S-∂p. Xncp-hm-¶pfw alnam BUn-t‰m-dn-b-Øn¬ \S∂ hm¿jn-Im-tLmj ]cn-]m-Sn-I-fpsS `mK-ambn \S∂ hnhn[ a’-c-ß-fpsS kΩm-\-Zm-\hpw \S-∂p. hnjvWp-hn\v alm-fl-bpsS D]-lmcw {]kn-U‚ v at\mPv kn.-F-®v. \¬In.

\h-cm{Xn atlm-’hw kam-]n®p 2009-˛10-˛se kn.-_n.-F-kv.C/Fkv.-F-kv.-F¬.-kn. ]co-£-Ifn¬ dm¶v tPXm-°-fm-b-h¿°p≈ ]pc-kvIm-c-˛-sa-at‚m hnX-c-WtØmsS \h-cm{Xn atlm-’hw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ÃmNyp PwKvj\nse aT-∏n≈n kaq-l-a-T-Øn¬ Rmb-dmgvN kam-]n-®p. A`n-cman `P≥ {Kq∏nse h\nXm AwK-ß-fpsS kplm-kn\n ]qPbpw I\yIm ]qPbpw Bbn-cp∂p HIvtSm-_¿ 8˛\v Bcw`n® BtLm-j-ß-fpsS apJy khn-ti-j-X. aT-∏n≈n kaq-laTw lmfn¬ sshZypXn Zo]-ß-fm¬ Aew-Ir-X-amb s_mΩs°mep {]Z¿in-∏n-®n-cp-∂Xv At\-Isc BI¿jn-®p. kaq-l-aTw \ntXy\ sshIo´v kμ¿in® h\nXm kμ¿iI¿°v A`n-cman {Kq∏v AK-߃ a™ƒ Ip¶p-ahpw {]km-Zhpw hnX-cWw sNbvXp-sh∂v {Kq∏v {]kn-U‚ v Pb-e£van _e-cma≥ ]d-™p.

Oct 24 to 30, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

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Letters to the Editor

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Opp.Main Office, Tripunithura Dealers in Post Quality Ph: 2777329, Coffee, Chicory &94470 Tea 48861

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Opp.Main Post Office, Tripunithura Ph: 2777329, 94470 48861


Pages 12 Published every Sunday

Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Oct 24 to 30, 2010

Sn.-F. taml-\≥ (60 B≠p-Iƒ ]n∂n-Sp∂ hnb‰v\mw bp≤w)


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Opening Today at Eroor

UNNIKRISHNA Motor Driving School & Auto Consultant Chelayil Madom, Nadama, Eroor Road, Tripunithura

Ph: 6544212 (O), 2780740 (R), 9447157447, 9249301266

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For Sale/Rent * 850 Sq.ft. Flat ]q¿Æ{X-boi t£{X-Øn\p kao]w * 3 Bed room House ]q¿Æ-{X-boi t£{XØn\p kao]w ˛ hmSIbv°v * 5½ Cent ¬ 1500 Sq.ft. House hnev]\bv°v ˛ Beph tZiw `mKØv Contact:8891618142

hnev]-\bv°v Fcq¿ I√d tdmUn¬ 5 sk‚ v ÿehpw HmSn´ hoSpw DS≥ hnev]-\bv°v Mob: 9847032770, 9020325278.

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Oct24 24toto30, 30, 2010 2010 Octo

Neighbourhood Events

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°m- W v . sIm®n- ˛ - a - [ pc tdmUnse ss_]m- k n- s \- ∏ ‰n Im¬\q- ‰ m- ≠ mbn tI´p- X p- S - ß n- b n- ´ v. CXp- h sc Asse≥sa‚ v hsc ]q¿Øn-bm-bn-´n-√. Ccp-ºp-]m-e-Øns‚ kam-¥-c-]mew ]q¿Øn-bm-bn´v Ht∂- I m¬ h¿j- a mbn. At{]m®v tdmUns‚ ]Wn Cg™p \oßp-∂-Xn-\mepw tdmUns‚ hoXn IqSp-X¬ ]q¿Øn-bm-°m-Ø-Xn-\mepw Cu ]mew CXp-hsc Xpd∂p sImSp-Øn-´n-√. Cu coXn-bn¬ t]mbm¬ ASpØ ImesØßpw Xocp-sa∂v tXm∂p-∂p-an-√. ]mew ]Wn-bpsS s{IUn‰v X߃°m-sW∂v AhImis∏´v c≠p ap∂-Wn-

Ifpw ]me-Øns‚ XpS-°-Øn¬ t_m¿Up-Ifpw ÿm]n®n-´p≠v. am{X-hp-a√ P\-߃ Ht∂-Im¬ \q‰m-≠mbn D]-tbmKn-®p-h∂ Ccpºp]mew Ime-∏-g°w aqew Po¿Æmhÿbn-em-b-Xn-\m¬ ]Icw ]Wn-bp∂ ]me-Øn\v tSmƒ ]ncn°m-\p≈ \o°-ßfpw \S-°p-∂-Xmbn Adn-bp-∂p. Imetasd \o≠p-t]m-sb-¶nepw ]q¿Øn-bm-bn´pw CtX-hsc Xpd∂p sImSp-°m≥ Ign-bm-Ø-Xp-t]mepw P\-߃ A\p`-hn-°p∂ kmº-ØnI \„hpw ka-b-\„hpw ImWm≥ `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-Iƒ Xøm-dm-hp-∂n-√.

CuX¿ sFSn skmeyq-j≥kv Hcp bph-kw-cw-`I ÿm]\w sF.Sn. ÿm]-\-߃ sat{Sm \Kcw hn´v {]m¥-{]-tZ-i-ß-fn-tebv°v IqSpam‰w \S- Ø p- ∂ - t Xm- s Sm∏w kw`- h n°p∂ am‰-ß-fmWv Ah-bpsS hntI{μo-IrX kz`m-hhpw sXmgn¬ sshZKv≤yw apJy \nt£- ] - a mb Cu cwKØv {]I-S-am-hp∂ hnZ-Kv≤-cpsS kwcw-`-I-Xz-hpw. Cu hn`m-K-Øn¬ Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-dbn¬ Db¿∂p- h - c p∂ Hcp ÿm]- \ amWv icXv taml≥, tKmIp¬ Cf-bnSØv F∂ c≠p bph kwcw- ` - I ƒ aq≥ssI FSpØv kwL- S n- ∏ n- ® n- c n°p∂ kwkvIrX tImtfPv tdmUn¬ ]q¿Wm sebn-\n¬ {]h¿Øn-°p∂

CuX¿ sF- S n skmeyq- j ≥kv. Hm∏¨ tkmgv k v πm‰v t ^m- a n¬ BWv ChnsS F√m t{]mP-Iv‰p-Ifpw sNøp-∂-Xv. {][m\- a mbpw cm{„m- ¥ - c ob _nkn-\- n¬ hym]r-X-cm-bn-cn-°p∂ Ch¿°v Ata- c n- ° - b n¬ t`Z- s ∏´ \ne-bnepw bqtdm-∏v, Bkvt{X-en-b, Kƒ^v {]tZ-i-ß-fn¬ {]mcw`wZibnepw km∂n≤yw D≠v. Ch¿ a[pc- b n¬ Ct∏mƒØs∂ Hcp sk‰n¬kv Hm^okv ÿm]n-®n-´p-≠v. Hcp h¿j-Øn-\Iw 25-˛30 t]sc \nban®v ÿm]\w hn]p-eo-I-cn-°m-\mWv Dt±-in-°p-∂-Xv.

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Oct24 24toto30, 30, 2010 2010 Octo

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Tripunithura's Pride

tdgvkv. ]mNI tPmen-°m¿ ]ecpw BZm- b - \ n- I pXn \¬Ip- ∂ - h - c m- W v . ssh°Øpw Fd-Wm-Ip-fØpw lcn∏mSpw `mK- h X k{X- ß fpw tIm´vbv°¬ Bcy-sshZyime-bpsS Pq_n-en-bm-tLm-j-ßfpw A\-¥-cmas‚ {]ikvXn h¿≤n- ∏ n- ® p. ssh°w `mK-hX k{X-Øn\v Ace£w t]¿°p- h sc Hcp t\cw `£Ww ]mNIw sNbvXXv A\-¥cm-as‚ sdt°m-Um-Wv. Fd-Wm-Ipfw `mK-h-X-k{Xw ssI¶mcy intcm-aWn _lp- a - X nbpw Fd- W m- I p- f sØ s{Sbv U v s^b¿ _nkn- \ - p- a m≥ Hm^v Zn Cb¿ F∂ Ahm¿Upw At±-l-Øn\p \¬Ip-I-bp-≠m-bn. hnhn[ Idn- I fpw CÕ- e n, hS XpS-ßnb ]e-lm-c-ßfpw Dƒ∏sS 40 Hmfw hn`- h - ß ƒ Ata- c n- ° - b ntebv°v Ib‰n Ab-bv°p-∂p-≠v. Hcp Is≠- b v\- d n¬ H∂c e£w t]¿°p≈ hn`- h - ß ƒ ]m°v sNømw. Zp_m-bnepw Ipssh-‰nepw A\-¥-cm-a≥ kzbw Xs‚ -tPm-en°m-cp-ambn t]mbn kZy \S-Øn-s°mSp-°p-I-bp-≠m-bn. h¿jw-tXmdpw ]Xn-\m-bn-c-°-W°n\p Ip´n-Iƒ°v A\m-Ym-e-b-ßfn- e qsS A\- ¥ - c m- a ≥ `£Ww \¬In- h - c p- ∂ p. kp\man ZpcnX taJeIfn¬ At\I Znhkw At±lw `£Ww FØn-®p-sIm-Sp°p-I-bp-≠m-bn. At\Iw t£{X-ß-fn¬ emt`O IqSmsX {]km-Z-kZy \¬In-h-cp-∂p. F√m Ipw`w H∂mw Xob-Xnbpw i_cn-a-e-bn¬ If-`hpw kZybpw \S-Ønh- c p- ∂ p. aq∂v Znhkw \o≠p\n¬°p∂ `Pt\m’-hw, `mK-hX k]v X m- l w, efnXm alm- b mKw XpSßn hnhn[ B≤ym-flnI ]cn]m- S n- I ƒ°v hn\m- b I t\XrXzw \¬Ip-∂p. Xm≥ IS-∂p-h∂ hgn-Iƒ ad-°p∂n√ F∂- X mWv A\- ¥ - c m- a s‚ hnP- b - c - l kyw. Xs‚ Iogn- e p≈ tPmen- ° msc kl- { ]- h ¿Ø- I - c mbmWv At±lw ImWp-∂-Xv. hn\mb-I-bpsS hnPbw Ah-cp-tSXp IqSnbmbn At±lw AwKo-I-cn-°p-∂p. AXp- s Im- ≠ mWv C∂pw HmW- k Zybpw hnhm-l-k-Zybpw a‰p-≈-h-tc°mƒ Xmc- X - t ay\ Ipd™ \nc°n¬ A\-¥-cm-a\v \¬Im≥ Ignbp-∂-Xv.

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Oct 24 to 30, 2010

Tripunithura's Durbar


Nne Nn√-d-°m-cy-߃

inYne Nn¥-Iƒ

Hcp Ifn-I-fn® "Ifn?'


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kzmX{¥y- e - _ v[n°p tijw tIma¨sh¬Øv sKbnwkv t]mse `mc-X-Øns‚ {]Xn-Omb XI¿Ø Hcp kw`hw D≠m-bn-´n-√. ˛ aWn-i¶¿ A-ø¿ Agn-a-Xn-bpsS kwibw I¬amUn \bn-°p∂ sKbnwkns‚ kwLm- S I kan- X n- b n- t ebv ° v \oßp∂p ˛ joem Zo£nØv joem Zo£nØv kz¥w hIp-∏p-I-fnse Agn-a-Xn-Iƒ BZyw At\z-jn-°s´ ˛ I¬am-Un. Ch-cn¬ B¿°m-bn-cn°pw kz¿Æw e`n-°p-I. **** Ign™ 10 h¿j-Øn-\p-≈n¬ Iuam-c-°m-cn¬ aZy]m\w 100% h¿≤n®p!˛ dnt∏m¿´v ""kºq¿Æ km£-cX'', ""kºq¿Æ sshZyp-Xn-h¬°cWw'' F∂nh t]mse ""kºq¿Æ aZy- ] m\''hpw BImw. **** tem´dn am^n-bsb \nb-{¥n-°p-∂-Xn¬ k¿°m-cn\v hogvN ]‰n-sb∂ A`n-{]mbw Xncp-Ønb apJy-a{¥n C°m-cy-Øn¬ ho≠pw ae°w adn-™p. hotc-{μ-Ip-am¿ kw`-h-Øn¬ ""ae°w adn-®nen''¬ aq∂v t]mbn‚p-ambn Ckvam-tb¬ sXm´p ]pd-sI-bp-≠v. **** aZy-]m\w aqew XI¿∂ IpSpw-_-ßsf klm-bn-°m≥ _nh-td-Pkv tIm¿∏-td-j≥ em`-Øns‚ Hcp hnlnXw am‰n-h-bv°Ww ˛ tImSXn aZy-]m\ C≥jqd≥kv! **** hymP hmKvZm-\-߃ sIm≠v ""\nt£-]-I-cn¬ \n∂v'' 1.87 tImSn cq]bpw 162 ]h\pw X´n-sb-SpØ AΩbpw aI\pw Ad-Ãn¬. AΩ-bp-tSbpw aI-t‚bpw ""_m¶n¬'' \nt£-]n-®-hsc thWw BZyw X√m≥. **** CS-Xp-ap-∂Wn k¿°m¿ c≠p cq]bv°v 17 Intem Acn \¬In- b - t ∏mƒ bp.- U n.- F - ^ v . k¿°m¿ 3 cq]bv ° v ""25 Intem'' Acn \¬In ˛ {]Xn- ] £ t\Xmhv IW-°nse Ifn! 17 x 2 = 34, 17 x 3 = 51. **** thms´-Sp∏v Hcp-°-߃ ]q¿Øn-bm-bn. AXp-sIm-≠m-bn-cn°pw Hcm-gvN-sIm≠v tIc-f-Øn¬ aZy-Øns‚ D]-t`mKw 8 tImSn-bn-tesd h¿≤n-®Xv! **** tIma¨sh¬Øv sKbnwkv saU¬Xm-c-ßsf BZ-cn°p∂ NS-ßn¬ {][m-\-a{¥n Xs∂ £Wn-®n-cp-∂p. Xnc-°p-aqew t]mbn√ ˛ kptcjv I¬am-Un. HmW-Øn-\n-S-bn-emtWm ]q´p I®-hSw? **** F≥.-F-®v. 17-˛¬ \nc-h[n ac-W-°p-gn-Iƒ bm{X-°msc ImØn-cn-°p∂p ˛ dnt∏m¿´v ]{Xw Xpd-∂m¬ ""ac-W-°pgn''bpw ""a™-fmw-Ipgn''bpw am{Xw. ****

Kottavathil Jokes

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Oct 24 to 30, 2010

Parents,Children & Youth of Tripunithura

Kn^v‰v hu®¿ kΩm-\-ambn \¬Ipw "Xr∏qWn-Øpd \yqkn'¬ ÿnc-ambn {]kn-≤o-I-cn®p-h-cp∂ Puzzles ]qcn-∏n®v Hm^o-kn¬ FØn-°p∂-h¿°v \dp-s°-Sp-∏n-eqsS Kn^v‰v hu®¿ kΩm-\ambn \¬Ip-∂p. IqSp-X¬ hnh-c-߃°v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkv' Hm^o-kp-ambn _‘-s∏-Sp-I.

PH : 9895763536.

It’s ALPHA- NUMERIC Sudoko. Waka..Waka.. What... Yes for a change play the Alpha - Numeric Sudoko. There is hardly any difference between the normal sudoku game except alphabet - a, , c incorporation along with the numericals 1-9; that’s all. So now ensure every column and row should contain alphabet a, b, c only once along with the numericals. So, Folks it’s Alpha - Numeric Sudoko now Waka.... Waka

JUST DO IT Those who partake in the ALPHA - NUMERIC SUDOKO Puzzle competition arranged by ‘Tripunithura News’ with the co-operation of Popular Hyundai can collect their prizes from the Irimpanam Showroom of Popular Hyundai after submitting their completed puzzles. Those who come to the showroom to collect the prizes are requested to bring along their families.


Name................................................................... Address............................................................... .................................Phone.................................

ALPHA - NUMERIC SUDOKO Issue 217 answer





Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Oct 24 to 30, 2010

Neighbourhood Events


Finally the Market Status has turned Bearish. The NIFTY daily chart with the TTI signals on is attached herewith. Note that, the NIFTY TTI signal gave an unbeaten 1114 pints gain from signal to Signal. This means, a subscriber, holding 1 lot of NIFTY futures, from last Long signal gains Rs. 55700 in 103 trading days. This means, for a margin money of approx Rs.25000/-, he stands with a gain over 100%…Thanks to the development of the TTI system.

Ballarpur Industries Limited Hyderabad Industries Limited

The Stocks, which has shown the downward tendency this Friday, are… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

On commodities side, on international market, Gold has entered in SHORT mode. The TTI signal had given a LONG signal in Aug first week.

6. 7. 8.

Garden Fresh:

Tata Steel Limited Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited Sesa Goa Limited DLF Limited Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited Tata Global Beverages Limited Digjam Limited Finolex Industries Limited

For details of subscription, you may visit or call Sasi Menon @ 92880 64514.

The stocks which have shown an upward tendency this Friday are.


\¿aw.. \¿aw.. . \¿aw (tKm-]n, Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d)

sXc-s™-Sp∏p tNmZy-߃ A

- {_m: bv°p≈n¬ \n∂pw tbmPn-®h sXc-s™SpØp ]pd-Øn-Sp-I. I HIvtSm-_¿ amk-Øn¬ tIc-f-Øn¬ CXn-\p-th-≠nbmWv sXc-s™-Sp∏v \S-Øp-∂-Xv. GXn-\p-th≠n? (cm{„-]-Xnsb sXc-s™-Sp-°m≥, t]meokv hIp∏n¬ tIm¨Ã-_nƒamsc \nb-an-°p-hm≥, i_-cn-ae ta¬im-¥nsb I≠p-]n-Sn-°p-hm≥, Nm\¬ Xmc-ßsf Is≠-Øp-hm≥, Xt±i kzbw-`-cW ÿm]-\-ß-fn-tebv°p≈ AwK-ßsf ]nSn-Iq-Sp-∂-Xn\v) II \K-c-k`m ˛ tIm¿∏-td-j≥ hn`m-K-ß-fn-tebv°v sXcs™-Sp∏v \S-Øp-∂Xv CXp-]-tbm-Kn-®mWv? (cm-a≥ IØn, cmwcmPv _\n-b≥, ae-_m¿ tKmƒUv, s{IUn‰v Im¿Uv, `q´m≥ tem´dn Sn°-‰v, asÆÆ s]¿an‰v, ]m≥ Im¿Uv, ]n≥tIm-Uv, thm´nwKv b{¥w) III sXc-s™-Sp∏p Uyq´n°p \nb-an-X-cm-Ip-∂ DtZym-Kÿ¿°v sXc-s™-Sp-∏ns‚ Xte-Zn-hkw CXp-≠m-Im-dn√. GXv? (h-kv{Xw, ]mZ-c-£, hni-∏v, t_m[-£-bw, acym-Z, Dd-°w). IV sIm®n tIm¿∏-td-js‚ BZysØ tab¿ Ct±-l-ambn-cp-∂p. (i-‡≥ Xºp-cm≥, B\n _k‚ v, aq¿t°mØp Ip™-∏, Nß-ºpg IrjvW-]n-≈, Fw.-sI. cmL-h≥, Fw.-Fw. temd≥kv, ]msemfn apl-Ω-Zp-Ip-´n, tem\-∏≥ \ºm-S≥, sIm®pÆn amjv, G.-sI. tijm-{Zn). V ]©m-bØp sXc-s™-Sp∏p \S-Øp-∂-Xv...... BWv. (B-gvN-bn¬ c≠p- X-h-W, amk-Øn¬ Hcp {]mhiyw, h¿j-Øn¬ A©v, ]{¥≠p h¿j- Øn- s em- c n°¬, A©p- h¿j-Øn-sem-cn-°¬). VI Xr∏qWn-Øpd \K-c-k-`-bpsS BZysØ sNb¿am≥ Ct±-l-am-bn-cp-∂p. Ft±lw? (]p-\-Øn¬ Ip™-_vZp-≈, Imhym am[-h≥, cma-N-{μ≥ IS-∂-∏n-≈n, cmPm-tI-i-hZm-k≥, cma-]p-cØp hmcy¿, cmL-h-ta-t\m≥, cRvPn\n kptc-jv, kn.-F≥. kpμ-c≥, kqcym IrjvW-aq¿Øn). VII ssI°qen sImSp-°msX thm´-d-∑m¿°p e`n-°p∂ GI km[-\w... (an¬am ssXcv, i_-cn-®m-b, I¨a-jn, Ins‰Ivkv ep¶n, ad-bq¿ i¿°-c, samss_¬ t^m¨ _m‰-dn, t]m∏n-°p-S, _mƒs]≥, _me‰p t]∏¿). VIII Hcp \n›nX iX- a m\w thm´p e`n- ® n- s √- ¶ n¬ ÿm\m¿∞n-Iƒ°v CXp \„-am-Ipw. GXv? (ssI∏- Ø n, \s´- √ v , A`n- a m- \ w, he- X p- I m- e nse X≈-hn-c¬, sI´-nh® Imiv) IX ]©m-b-Øp-I-fn¬ thm´p tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂Xv CXp]-tbm-Kn-®m-Wv. (A-cn-hmƒ, sIm´p-h-Sn, lamw tkm∏v, tImem-∏pcn sNcn-∏v, tdj≥ Im¿Uv, an¬am an¬°v, _me‰v t]∏¿, amXf \mc-ß). X cm{„ob ]m¿´n-Iƒ, t]mfnwKv _qØn-se-Øp∂ AhcpsS AwKo-IrX {]h¿Ø-I¿°v Ch c ≠ p w \¬In-bn-cn-°-W-sa-∂Xv \n¿_‘-am-Wv. (]p´pw ]g-hpw, ]´pw hf-bpw, sNm´bpw ]q°p-ebpw, ss{^Uv ssdkpw Nn°≥I-dn-bpw, Nmcm-bhpw NΩ-

¥n-bpw, sNcp∏pw sXm∏n-bpw,- _mUvPpw Xncn-®-dn-b¬ Im¿Upw). XI ]©m-bØv sXc-s™-Sp-∏n¬ Ch¿°v 10 iX-am\w kwh-cWw G¿s∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p-≠v. Gh¿°v? (ko\n-b¿ kn‰n-k-\v, \Ivk-te-‰p-Iƒ°v, I≈p IpSnb-∑m¿°v..... kocn-b¬ \So-\-S-∑m¿°v, hgn-bn¬ apdp°n-Øp-∏p-∂-h¿°v, \mZ-kzc hnZzm-∑m¿°v, kv{XoIƒ°v) XII sXc-s™-Sp-∏n¬ CXp e`n-°p-∂-hsc hnP-bn-Ifmbn {]Jym-]n-°pw. (Ccp-´-Sn, _me‰v t_mIvkv, thm´nwKv b{¥w, ]√n°m-´w, `qcn-]-£w) B "I¿Wm-SI kwKo-X-Øn¬ ]©m-bØp sXc-s™Sp-∏ns‚ {]k‡n' F∂ hnj-bsØ A[n-I-cn®v Ht∂Im¬ t]Pn¬ Ihn-bmsX D]-\y-kn-°p-I. C tIma¨sh¬Øv eoe-I-fn¬ ]©m-bØv sXc-s™Sp∏v sNep-Øp∂ kzm[o\w F∂ hnj-bsØ B[m-cam°n Hcp kocn-b¬ Xnc-°Y cNn-°p-I. (13 F∏n-tkmUn¬ HXp-°-Ww). D hn{K-ln®p kamkw \n¿W-bn-°p-I. "]©m-b-Øn¬ ]´n-I-f-\-h[n Iq´w-IqSn \S-°p-∂q....' "t]' t]Sn-®n-´mcpw Xs∂ tdmUn-en-dßn \S-∏-Xp-an√...! E ]©m-b-Øm-∏o-kn¬ \n∂pw Hcp hm¿Up saº-dpsS Krl-Øn-te-bv°p≈ Zqcw aqt∂-Im¬ Intem-ao-‰-dm-sW¶n¬ {]kn-U-≠ns‚ ho´n-tebv°v F{X- Zq-c-ap-≠mIpw? F {XnXe ]©m- b - Ø ns‚ D¤- h w, hf¿®, KXn, hnf¿® F∂n-h-sb-°p-dn®v Adn-bm-hp-∂-sX-gp-Xp-I. G ap\n-kn-∏¬ B∏o-kn¬ sN∂v ho´p-Icw AS-bv°p∂-Xn-\mtWm sI.-F-kv.-C.-_n. B∏o-kn¬ Id≠p _n¬ AS-bv°p-∂-Xn-\mtWm IqSp-X¬ kabw Iyq \n¬t°≠Xv? (kzm-\p-`-h-Øns‚ shfn-®-Øn¬ hnh-cn-°p-I).

Executives-s\ Bh-iy-ap≠v Xr∏qWn-Øp-db - n¬ {]h¿Øn-°p∂ Hcp sSIv\n-°¬ s{Sbn-\nwKv sk‚-dn\v ]pXnb tImgvkv {]tam´v sNøm≥ DØ-ch - m-ZnXzw Gs‰-SpØp {]h¿Øn-°p∂ Marketing Executives, {]hrØn ]cn-N-b-tØm-SpIq-Snb (VRS FSp-Ø-h¿°pw At]-£n-°mw)

Centres-in-Charge Psychology (MA ot BA) Tutor F∂o XkvXnI-If - n-tebv°v DSs\ Bfp-Isf Bh-iy-ap-≠.v kv{XoIƒ°v ap≥K-W\ anI® iº-fhpw T.A., Allowance XpS-ßnb B\p-Iq-ey-ßf - pw. Contact: 0484-6542737. Sasi’s Complex, N.F. Gate, Tripunithura, E-mail:

ssIhn-c¬ \J-߃ kpμ-ca- m-°m≥ ASp°-f-bn¬ Xnc-°n´ tPmen-bn¬ {]th-in°pw apºv ssIhn-c-ep-Iƒ Aev]w s]t{Sm-fnbw sP√nbn¬ CØncn t\cw ap°n-h®n-cp-∂m¬ \J-߃°-Snbn¬ Agp-°p-Iƒ ]‰n-∏n-Sn°n- √ . Ac-°∏v NqSp-sh-≈-Øn¬ c≠v tS_nƒkv]q¨ ISpsI-Æbpw Hcp Sokv]q¨ D∏pw tN¿Ø an{in-X-Øn¬ hnc-ep-Iƒ IpXn¿Øp-sh®m¬ \J-߃ Dd-∏p-≈-XmIpw. Nμ-\-ssØew ]Xn-hmbn \J-Øn¬ ]pc-´n-bm¬ \J߃°v \√ Xnf-°hpw `wKnbpw In´pw. \J-߃ s]m´p-∂Xv XSbm≥ hnc-ep-Iƒ cm{Xn-bn¬ Ac aWn-°q¿ t\cw Henhv Hmbn-en¬ ap°n-h-bv°p-I. ]ip-hn≥ ]men¬ ap°nb ]™n-bp-]-tbm-Kn®v \J߃ XpS-®m¬ \J-߃°v \√ Xnf°w e`n-°pw. hnc-ep-I-fn¬ ]pI-bn-e-°d ]pc-≠m¬ Aev]w SqØvt]Ãv D]-tbm-Kn®v hncep-Iƒ Dc®p tXbv°p-I.

1. ASp°-f-bn¬ tPmen sNøptºmƒ IqSp-X¬ h¿°p≈ B`c-W-߃ D]-tbm-Kn-°-cp-Xv. AXpt]mse I√p- s h® B`- c - W - ß fpw. NqSp-aqew Ch-bpsS Xnf°w \„- s ∏- S m\pw D]- t bmKiq\y- a mhm\pw CS-bp-≠v. 2. hS-bp-≠m-°p-tºmƒ hS apßn-°n-S-°m≥ am{Xw ]mI-Øn\v FÆ-sbm-gn-°-Ww. IqSmsX CS-Øcw Xobn¬ am{Xw hS-bp-≠m-°-Ww. As√-¶n¬ ]pdw samcn-™p-t]m-Ipw. AIw thhm-sX-bn-cn-°pw. 3. N¿Ω kuμ-cy-Øn\v [mcmfw sh≈w IpSn-°-Wsa∂v ]d- b m- d p- ≠ v . F∂m¬ {ZmhI cq]- Ø n- e p≈ tkm^v‰v {Un¶vkv sh≈-Øn-\p-]-Icw IpSn-°p-∂-h-cp≠v. AXv icn-b-√. sh≈-Øn\p Xpeyw sh≈w am{Xam-sW∂v Hm¿°p-I. 4. \mc-ßm-\ocpsImt≠m Hen-sh-Æ-sImt≠m akmPv sNbvXm¬ \J-߃°v Btcm-Kyhpw AgIpw e`n-°pw. 5. \mcßm tXmepw Ipcphpw tN¿Øv \∂mbn Acs®-SpØv Aev]w D∏p tN¿Øv Ign-®m¬ hb-dn-f-°Øn\v Bizmkw e`n-°pw.

e£van taml≥

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Oct 24 to 30, 2010


CLEARANCE SALE Sarees, Jewellery, Furniture, Painting items, Gift Items. West of Kalathara School N.H. Road, Maradu Ph: 0484 - 2706922



Fs‚ aI≥ km-bq-Pns‚ P\-\-k-a-b-Øp≈ ID Tag ]e tÃPn-ep≈ t^mt´mIƒ H´n-®n-´p≈ Hcp Scrap book Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-dbn¬ Hmt´m-dn-£b - n¬ h®p \„-s∏-´n-cn-°p-∂p. In´p-∂-h¿ Zb-hmbn Xmsg ImWp∂ t^mWn¬ _‘-s∏-Sp-I.

Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-db - n¬ {]h¿Øn-°p∂ Dental Clinic-˛tebv°v Part time staff ˛s\ Bh-iy-ap≠v Time 5.30 P.M. - 9.00 P.M., Qualification - S.S.L.C.

Phone: 9037470518, 9446776271 ]pXnb _m®p-Iƒ Bcw-`n-°p-∂p Nn{X-c-N-\, kwKoXw, arZwKw tXh-c-°mhv Aº-eØn\v kao]w Contact: 9497238228, 9447607192, 3230701.

KncnP : 2781828 Sujith: 9846283532.

hnev]-\bv°v Fcq¿ I√d tdmUn¬ 5 sk‚ v ÿehpw HmSn´ hoSpw DS≥ hnev]-\bv°v Mob:9847032770, 9020325278.

WANTED Marketing Executive Attractive Salary (10,000)

Contact : 9895763536

BEAUTICIAN COURSE Professional - Govt. Certificate 3 months 6 “ 12 “


Rs. 3000/Rs. 6000/Rs. 12000/-

Authorised Training Centre

THE ORCHIDS Beauty Parlour & Tailoring Opp. N.S.S. College, Tripunithura Ph: 9497685853, 8089174310 Sunday By Booking Only Time - 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

ÿew hnev]-\bv°v ]mhw- I p- f - ß c Aº- e Øn\v kao]w 8 sk‚ v ÿew hnev]- \ - b v°v. t{_m°¿ IqSmsX t\cn´v _‘-s∏-Sp-I. 9447565798, 9037903239

RENT / LEASE Fcq¿ ˛ HmSn´ hoSv \S-°mhv MLA tdmUn¬ 71/2 sk‚n¬ HmSn-´-hoSv hn¬∏-\bv°v ˛ _m°v hm´¿ Ph:9447026751,

hmS-Ibv°v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd IÆ≥Ip-f-ßc Nn∑b kvIqfn\p kao]w Ccp-\ne hoSv hmS-Ibv°v (Rs. 6,500/-). Contact: Ph. No. 9349775525.



Sale @ its lowest prices Free gifts


Small Prices Big Sale

TALLY \nßfpsS ÿm]-\-Øns‚ A°u≠vkv, Smen-bn¬ sNbvXpX-cp-∂p. Facilities for

e-filing VAT return. Contact: 9846956708.

Intel P.C. Dual core @ Rs. 19,990/Sempron P.C @ Rs. 16,800/AMD Athelon P.C. @ Rs. 18,500/Students P.C @ Rs. 14,000/-

Educational CD PackHead Phone Speakers, 4 GB Pen Drive, Cleaning Kit Mouse Pad

11/305 B Thekkineth Building, Seaport-Airport Road, Manakkappadi, Irimpanam - 682 309. Ph: 0484 2114282, 83, Cell: 09562394202, 09562394203, 9846548866 E-mail:

ALL FOR KIDS - Pediatric Clinic : 6452772, 6492772 AMBERMOLI HOMES : 9895201552, 6461232 THE BASICS DAY CARE : 9847422452 CHARUTHA SILKS : 3019192 COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE : 9961710088,9961570088 DOWN TOWN : 3019122 ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING WORKS (FAMS) : 9947047004, 3083113 HEERA HOMES : 2346484, 85, 9847600088 INSIGHTS (Opp. Hotel Prasanth) : 9495973825 (ENGLISH TUITIONS, IELTS) Dr. KUNAL’s : 2782878 9048055102 MULTI-SPECIALTY DENTAL CLINIC


:9142023675, : 9995886004 2776361 (R), 2776004 : 2783840 : 2383795, 2353713 : 9846153528 : 9447694587 : 2777317 : 9446211058, 2779021 : 2774522 : 98460 33230 93497 56668 : 2783998, 9446070998 :9387076516, : 2781034, 2775525 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 9947043597, 2780161 : 2775557, 9447302756 : 9847091090 : 94477 35647

Service Helpline: 09995056506 The Complete IT Service Solutions

Consultants for: Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Company Matters, Project Reports, Computerised Accounts in Tally etc. Contact: Associated Consultants, Ist Floor, N.SS Building, Hospital Road, Tripunithura

Ph: 9895050905, 0484-3019113



\h-cm{Xn BtLm-j-ß-tfm-S-\p-_-‘n®v tNm‰m-\n° t£{X-Øn¬ {]ikvX Ne-®n-{X-\Sn ]m¿ΔXn Pbdmw \rØ-a-h-X-cn-∏n-°p-∂p.

Octo 24 to 30, 2010

\hcm{Xn BtLm-j-ß-tfm-S-\p-_-‘n®v tNm‰m-\n-°c t£{X-Øn¬ {]i-kvX -N-e-®n{X Xmcw Pbdmw sN≠tafw Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p-∂p.

{_m“-Wk - `- b - psS {]Xn`m kmbm”w DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp tIcf {_m“W k`, Xr∏q-WnØpd D]k` kwL- S n- ∏ n® hnZym`ymk taJ- e - b n¬ anI® {]I-S\w ImgvN-sh® {]Xn-`-Isf BZ- c n- ° p∂ NSßv {]Xn`m kmbm”w {io i¶-c-Nmcy bqWnth-gvkn‰n ap≥ sshkv Nm≥ke¿ tUm. sI.- F - k v . cm[m- I rjvW≥ `{Z- Z o]w sImfpØn DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. kwÿm\ sshkv {]kn- U ‚pw Xr∏q- W nØpd D]-k` {]kn-U‚p-amb ]n.F-kv. cma≥ A≤y-£X hln®p. 10, 12 ¢m p-I-fn¬ (tÉv/kn._n.-F-kv.-C.) D∂X hnPbw Icÿ-am-°n-b-hcpw bqWn-th-gvkn‰n ]co-£-I-fn¬ dm¶v t\Sn-b-h-cpamb ap∏- t Xmfw {]Xn- ` - I - s f tbmK-Øn¬ BZ-cn-®p. IqSmsX 10, 12 ¢m p-I-fn¬ D]-k`m XeØn¬ H∂m- a - s X- Ø n- b - h ¿°v kz¿Æ-sa-U-ep-Ifpw kΩm-\n-®p. hnZym-`ym-kw Hcp kmwkvImcnI {]h¿Ø-\-sa∂ \ne-bn¬ \n∂v hmWn-Py-Xm-ev]-cy-sa∂ \ne-bntebv ° v A[- x - ] - X n- ® n- c n- ° p- ∂ psh∂v tUm. cm[m-Ir-jvW≥ ]d™p. ]W- a n- √ m- Ø - X p- s Im≠p am{Xw hnZym- ` ymkw t\Sm≥ km[n-°mØ Hcp Ahÿ D≠mtb-°mw. AXv A\p-h-Zn-®p-IqSm. {]Xn`Iƒ°p≈ ]pc-kv°m-cßfpw Io¿Øn ]{Xhpw tUm. sI.-F-kv. cm[m-Ir-jvW≥ hnX-

cWw sNbvXp. tIcf {_m“-Wk` Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bn¬ ]pXn-bXmbn cq]o-I-cn® bph-P\ hn`mK-Øns‚ `mc-hm-ln-Iƒ ÿm\ta¬°p∂ NS-ßpw tbmK-tØmS-\p-_-‘n®v \S-∂p. hnhn[ Iem- a - ’ - c - ß - f n¬ D]-k` Xe-Øn¬ hnP-bn-I-fmb Ip´n- I ƒ°v kΩm- \ - ß fpw {]ikv X n ]{Xhpw kwÿm\ P\-d¬ sk{I-´dn ]n. A\-¥kp-{_-“Wyw, Fd-Wm-Ipfw Pn√ {]kn- U ‚ v hn. Irjv W - k zman F∂n- h ¿ hnX- c Ww sNbv X p. bph-P\ hn`mKw Fd-Wm-Ipfw Pn√m {]kn-U‚ v C.-hn. e£van, kwÿm\ P\-d¬ I¨ho-\dpw Fd- W m- I pfw Pn√ bph- P \

hn`mKw sk{I- ´ - d n- b p- a mb Un. lcn- \ m- Y v , {_m“- W - k ` Pn√ tPmbn‚ v sk{I- ´ dn Fkv. taml≥Zmkv F∂n-hsc tbmKØn¬ BZ- c n- ® p. kwÿm\ tPmbn‚ v sk{I-´dn _mep \mcmb-W≥, D]-k` sk{I-´dn sI. thWp-tKm-]m¬, h\nXm hn`mKw D]- k ` {]kn- U ‚ v tchXn IrjvW≥, sk{I-´dn ao\m£n hc- Z - c m- P ≥, bph- P \ hn`mKw {]kn-U‚ v _n. e£van, sk{I´dn B¿. {iodmw F∂n-h¿ tbmKØn¬ kw_-‘n-®p. Fkv. cmaIr- j v W ≥ tbmK- Ø n\v kzmKXhpw D]-k` tPmbn‚ v sk{I´dn F≥.-hn. IrjvW≥ IrX-⁄Xbpw ]d-™p.

* s]≥j-t\mSp IqSnb \nc-h[n sXmgn¬ km[y-X-Iƒ-!! * \nc-h[n \nt£] km[y-X-Iƒ!!

Km‘n-b≥ tkh\ ]pc-kvImcw 2010-2011 winner

RNI No: KERBIL/2006/17913. Printed, Published and Owned by V.Vishnu Kumar and Printed at Viani Printing, Lizy Hospital Road, V P No: 1916, Kochi - 18. Published at Sreelakshmi, 1st floor, Above Vandana Medicals, N.F.Gate, Tripunithura. Editor: V. Vishnukumar Ph: 0484-2785007, 9895763536

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Issue 218  

Vol 5 No 11

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