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24 hours Taxi Service Available

Market Jn., Tripunithura K.B's Complex, TMCXX/835C3 Ph: 0484 2114400,9497190075,9947341681 We operate all types of A/C& nonA/C Vehicles

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No. 23

ISSUE - 180

DATE: 31-01-2010



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Cu Iq´mbva hnPb-Ic - a - m-sW∂v A\p`-h-߃ sXfn-bn-®-tXmsS CØcw \nc-h[n sNdnb dkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tbj-\p-Isf Hcp IpS-°o-gn¬ AWn- \ n- c - Ø m\pw ]uc-

Aeq-an-\nbw ^m{_n-t°-j≥ h¿°p-Iƒ DØ-c-hm-Zn-Xz-tØm-SpIqSn sNbvXp-sIm-Sp°pw Partitions, Doors, PVC doors Windows (Sintex), (Sliding & Openable) Mosquito False Ceiling Proofing nets etc....

RELIANT FABRICATIONS Tripunithura- 9447711621, 2776847

kcw ]pc- f mØ Ht´sd \n¿t±-iß - f - mWv skan-\mdn¬ \n∂pw s]m¥n h∂-X.v kzm¿∞ Xmev]c - y-߃°v ISn-™m¨ C´p-sIm-≠p≈ hne- s ∏´ \n¿t±- i - ß ƒ FXm≠v F√mw Xs∂ cmP\- K - c n- b psS {]uVn°pw {]Xm-]Ø - n\pw A\-tbm-Pyam-bhbm-bn-cp-∂p. {]kvXpX hnI-k\ skan-\m-dn-t\m-S\ - p_-‘a - mbn P\p-hcn 17-˛mw XobXn \S-Ønb Iem-a’ - c- ß - f n¬ apgp- h ≥ dkntijw 3˛mw t]Pv ....



Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

PÃnkv _∂q¿ aTv: \oXn-\n-jvT-bpsS _p≤-in-c v

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Quote: Everyone has too much of something, whether it’s time, talent or treasure. Everyone does have their own half; you just have to find it. —Hannah Salwen

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Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

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kn\na ˛C∂v sk≥{S¬ ( Ph :6991074)

ssa _nKv ^mZ¿

tUhnkv hnX-b-Øn¬: 2777342 i¶-c-\m-cm-b-W≥ Xncp-hm-gn-tbmSv: 9387506274 sI. kp{_-“-Wy≥: 9447603698 sI. cLp-\m-Y≥: 9446744060


sh≈n, i\n, Rmb¿ NS: 11.30v

Motor Driving School & Auto Consultant


Chelayil Madom, Nadama, Eroor Road, Tripunithura

(Ph : 2777384)

]mtecn amWnIyw (2.30, 6.00, 9.30)

Ph: 6544212 (O), 2780740 (R), 9447157447, 9249301266, 9995521242

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{iocm-a-IrjvW Pb¥n atlm-’hw {iocm-aI - r-jvWt- Z-hs‚ 175-˛mw Pt∑m-’hw apJy {]`m-jWw \S-Øpw. kzman Bfls^{_p-hcn 8 apX¬ 16 hsc-bp≈ Znh-k- kz-cq-]m-\μ - Pn B≤y£w hln-°pw. AUz. ß- f n¬ hn]p- e - a mb ]cn- ] m- S n- I - t fmsS F≥.-sI. kp{_-“-Wy≥, AUz. amtßm´v ssh‰ne {iocm-aI - rjvW aT-Øn¬ BtLm- cma-Ir-jvW≥ F∂n-hcpw ]s¶-Sp-°pw. jn-°p-hm≥ \n›-bn-®n-cn-°p-∂p. s^{_phcn F´mw XobXn Pb-¥n-tbm-S-\p-_-‘nAuthorised spares & ®p≈ tZho-am-lmfly b⁄w Bcw-`n-°pw. Services Dealer for: {io]pcw Xm{¥nI Kth-jWtI{μw UbKirloskar oil Engines d-IvS¿ F¬. Knco-jvIp-am-dmWv b⁄m-NmLimited, Pune cy≥ sshIp-t∂cw 5.30-˛-\mWv b⁄m-cw`w.s^{_p-hcn 15 Xn¶-fmgvN sshIp-t∂cw 5.30-˛\v {ioaZv Bfl-kz-cq-]m-\μ kzman-PnbpsS {iocm-a-Ir-jvW-`m-K-h-X-sØ-°p-dn®p≈ {]`m-j-Ww. DIESEL ENGINEERING 16-˛mw XobXn cmhnse 5 aWn apX¬ awK-fm-c-Xn, thZ-]m-Tw, kp{]-`m-Xw. Hº-XpENTERPRISES a-Wn°v {iocm-a-IrjvW AjvtSm-Ø-c-iX Refinary Road, Near Milma \ma A¿®-\. 10 aWn°v {iocm-a-IrjvW hN- \ m- a r- X w. XpS¿∂v `P- \ , Bc- X n, S.N.Jn. Tripunithura,Cochin-682 301 {]kmZ hnX-c-Ww. D®-I-gn™v 3 aWn°v Tele Fax: temI-{]-kn-≤-bmb ]m¿ΔXn _ufns‚ _uƒ kwKo- X m- h n- j v I m- c w. A©p- a Wnbv°v s{]m^-k¿ hn. sshZy-enwK i¿ΩbpsS {]`m-j-Ww. Bdp-a-Wn°v tNcp∂ {iocm-a-IrjvW Pb¥n ktΩ- f \w _lp. PÃnkv B¿. `mkvI- c ≥ DS≥ \S-°m-\n-cn-°p∂ F¬.-Un., emÃv t{KUv ¢m¿°v ]co-£DZv L m- S \w sNøpw. amXm bv°p≈ tIm®nwKv ¢m n-tebv°v AUvan-j≥ Bcw-`n-®n-cn-°p-∂p. Aar-Xm-\-μ-abn aTw P\-d¬ sk{I-´dn kzman ]q¿Wm-ar-Xm\-μ-]pcn hninjvS AXnYn Bbn-cn-°pw. hnPbv tat\m≥

KUNJAPPA 0484- 2783120, 2780854, 2776719 Mob: 9847047707, Email: kunjapppaa@

kpIrX C≥Ãn-‰yq´v

Wedding Cards, all types of Printing works, DTP, Project Report, Photostat,Colour Laser Print


Bhn-jv°-cn-®n-cn-°p∂ PSC tIm®nwKv

* saΩdn sSIv\n-°p-I-fn-eqsS s]mXp-hn-⁄m\ hnhc-߃ Hm¿Øn-cn-°p-hm≥ {]tXyI ¢m p-Iƒ * Cw•ojn-\pw, IW-°n-\pw, Ncn-{X-Øn\pw G‰hpw {]m[m\yw \¬Ip-∂p. * F√m hnj-b-߃°pw ¢m p-Iƒ ]\-ßmSv˛IpºfØv ]pXnb {_m©v Xpd-°p∂p

kpIrX C≥Ãn-‰yq´v ]me-°m´v _n¬Unw-Kv, am¿°‰v PwKvj≥, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd IqSp-X¬ hnh-c-߃°v: t^m¨: 9539216960



Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd N°w-Ip-f-ßc inh-t£-{X-Øn¬ Bdn\v sImSn-tb‰v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd N°w-Ip-fßc inh- t £- { X- Ø nse CØ- h - W sØ D’hw s^{_p- h cn Bdn\v i\nbmgvN sImSn-I-bdn s^{_phcn 13-˛\v i\n-bmgvN Bdmt´msS kam-]n-°pw. s^{_phcn 12˛\v sh≈n-bmgvN almin-h-cm{Xn \mfn-emWv henb-hn-f-°v. F´p Znh-ksØ D’-hhpw inh-cm{Xn atlm’-hhpw hnhn[ Iem-]c - n-]mSn-I-tfmSpw hnti-jm¬ ]qPI-tfmSpw IqSn Bbn-cn°pw \S- ° p- I . Bdm- ´ p- Z n- h kw cmhnse 8.30 apX¬ \nc-h[n Iem-Im-c∑ - msc ]s¶-Sp-∏n-®psIm≠v kwKo-Xm¿®\ \SØpw. D’-h-Øn\v sImSn-I-bdp-∂Xv s^{_p-hcn Bdn\v sshIo´v 7.30- ˛ \v Bbn- c n°pw. AXn-\p-apºv sshIo´v A©v apX¬ Bdv hsc Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd Nn∑b _mehn- l m¿ Ah- X - c n- ∏ n- ° p∂ `P-\, kwKo-X-hn-Zzm≥ ]tcX-\mb F¬.-]n.-B¿. h¿ΩbpsS sNdp-a-Iƒ AΩp cmaZmkv Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂ Bdv apX¬ Gtg- I m¬ hsc hoW- ° - t ®cn Ac- t ߉w

F∂nh \S-°pw. 7.45-˛\pw 9.15-˛\pw Ipamcn h¿j Fkv. Ipam¿ B≥Uv ]m¿´nbpw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd tIcf Ieme- b hpw Ah- X - c n- ∏ n- ° p∂ \rØ-\r-Xy-߃. s^{_p- h cn Ggn\pw sshIo´v 5 apX¬ 6.30 hsc Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd Nn∑b hnZymeb Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂ `P\ \S-°pw. 6.30-˛\v ipI-]pcw Zneo]v B≥Uv ]m¿´n-bpsS Xmb-º-I. 8.30 apX¬ 10.30 hsc Ipamcn Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd sI. Kncn-Pm-h¿a (thm-°¬) Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂ kwKo-X-It®-cn. Xncp-\-√q¿ APn-XvIpam¿ (h-b-en≥), Xriq¿ _n. Pbdmw (ar-Zw-Kw), hmg-∏≈n IrjvWI - p-am¿ (L-Sw) F∂nh¿ thZn-bn¬ H∏w. s^{_p- h cn F´n\v sshIo´v 5.30 apX-¬ B¿. cmP-e£van B≥Uv ]m¿´nbpsS hoW-°-t®-cn. 6.30-˛\v XrØm- e q¿ inh- Z m- k ≥ B≥Uv ]m¿´n-bpsS Xmb-ºI. 8.30-˛\pw 9 apX¬ 10.30 htcbpw Ipamcn tPymXn kp\nepw B¿.-F¬.-hn. cLp\m- c m- b - W ≥ B≥Uv ]m¿´nbpw Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂

Nn∑b hnZym-e-bb -- psS hm¿jn-Im-tLmjw Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd Nn∑b hnZyme- b - b psS ap∏- Ø mdmw hm¿j- I m- t Lmjw embw tdmUnse Nn∑b hnZym-e-bbn¬ P\p-hcn 31-˛\v Rmbdmgv N sshIo´v A©n\v hnhn[ ]cn-]m-Sn-It- fmsS \S°pw. tIcf sslt°m-SXn ko\n- b ¿ A`n- ` m- j - I ≥ tKmhnμv sI. `c-X≥ apJymXnYn Bbn-cn-°pw. Cμncm

kn°nƒ Kpc- N - c - W ns‚ kwKoX It®-cn. AI-ºSn tkhn-°m≥ Sn.-F-®v. kp{_“Wyw (h-b-en≥), Xriq¿ kn. \tc- { μ≥ (ar- Z w- K w), Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd cm[m- I rjv W ≥ (L- S w) F∂n- h ¿ thZn-bn¬. s^{_p-hcn 11-˛\v sNdnb hnf-°v, {]tZm-j-{hX-\mƒ sshIo´v Bdv apX¬ Ggv hsc sI.-sI. IrjvWcmPv B≥Uv ]m¿´n- b psS Xmb-º-I. 7.30 apX¬ 10.30 hsc kwKo- X - h n- Z zm≥ s\bvthen k¥m\ tKm]mes‚ kwKo- X - I - t ®- c n. Z¬ln kpμ-c-cm-P≥ (h-ben≥), Sn.-hn. hmk≥ (ar-ZwKw), Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd cm[m-Irjv W ≥ (L- S w) F∂n- h ¿ AI-º-Sn-sbm-cp-°pw. s^{_p-hcn 12-˛\v hen-bhn-f-°v. inh-cm{Xn atlm-’h- \ mƒ cmhnse 7.30- ˛ \pw sshIo´v 6.30-˛\pw Iq´-sh-Sn. cmhnse ]Øn\v B¿.-F¬.hn. atl-jvIp-am¿ B≥Uv ]m¿´n- b psS kv s ]jy¬ ]©m-cn-ta-f-tØmsS iothen. cm{Xn 11-˛\v B¿.-F¬.-hn. atl- j vIp- a m¿ B≥Uv ]m¿´n- b psS kv s ]jy¬

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sat{Sm sdbn¬ ]≤Xn DS≥ \S-∏n-em-°W - s - a-∂m-hiy-s∏-´p-sIm≠v A¶-amen tKmhnμv sI. `c-X≥ kΩm- apX¬ t]´ PwKvj≥ hsc 36 \-߃ hnX-cWw sNøpw. tI{μ-ßf - n¬ P\-ßf - n¬ \n∂v kvIqƒ hm¿jnI H∏v tiJ-cn®v {][m-\a- {- ¥n°v - ns‚ `mK-ambn t]´ dnt∏m¿´v, amt\- P vsa‚ v \¬Ip-∂X ka¿∏n- ° p∂ dnt∏m¿´v , apJym- X n- Y n- b psS {]`m- j Ww, kΩm- \ - h n- X - c - W w, hnhn[ Iem- ] - c n- ] m- S n- I ƒ XpS- ß n- b h Bbn- c n°pw {][m\ ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ.

{]`mXv ]ªnIv kvIqƒ hm¿jnIw {]`mXv ]ªnIv kvIqƒ DZbw- t ]- c q- c n- t ‚bpw {]`mXv ]ªnIv kvIqƒ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd-bp-tSbpw kwbp‡ hm¿jnIm- t Lmjw DZ- b w- t ]- c q- c nep≈ kvIqƒ HmUn-t‰m-dn-bØn¬ s^{_p- h cn A©v sh≈n-bmgvN A©n-\v sI. _m_p Fw.-F¬.-F. DZvLmS\w sNøpw. ssaem- ∏ q¿ AXn-cq-]X sa{Xm-t∏m-eoØ sFkIv tam¿ HkvXm-Øntbmkv A[y- £ - \ m- b n- c n°pw. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\n-kn∏m- e n‰n sNb¿t]- g v k ¨

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AUz. cRvPn\n kptc-jv, Cfw- I pfw ss{IÃv N¿®v hnImcn ^m. ss{]kv ssX∏d-ºn¬ F∂n-h¿ Biw-k-If¿∏n-°pw. kvIqƒ {]n≥kn∏mƒ camcmP≥ hm¿jnI dnt∏m¿´v Ah-X-cn-∏n-°pw. kv I qƒ Ub- d - I v S ¿ ^m. tXmakv I≠-Øn¬ tIm¿ F∏n-kvtIm∏ kzmK-Xhpw BcXn ]n.-hn. \μnbpw ]dbpw. kΩm-\-hn-X-c-W-Øn-\ptijw Bdv apX¬ 9.30 hsc hnhn[ Iem- ] - c n- ] m- S n- I ƒ Ac-tß-dpw.

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t^mdw cq]o- I - c - W tbmK Øn¬ {KŸ-ime {]kn-U‚ v Un. at\m-lc - ≥ A[y-£X hln-®p. {KŸ-ime sk{I-´dn ]n. kptc-{μ≥, B¿. XymK-cmP≥ t]m‰n, sI.-F. cma-Zm-k,v kn.-B¿. h¿a, lcn-Zmkv ]n.F≥., ]n. cma-N{- μ≥\m-b¿, cmP-ti-Jc - ≥ \mb¿ C.-B¿., Fw. hnP-bI - p-am¿ F∂n-h¿ kwkm-cn-®p. `mc-hm-ln-If - mbn {]kn-U‚ - v sI.-F. cmaZm-k,v sshkv {]kn-U‚ v kn.-B¿. h¿a, sk{I-´dn B¿. XymKcm-P≥ t]m‰n, tPmbn‚ v sk{I´dn Fw. hnP-bI - p-am¿ F∂nhsc sFI-I-WvtT\ sXcs™-Sp-Øp.


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AJne tIcf I¿Æm-SI {_m“-W-kw-L-Øns‚ BNm-cy≥ amae ]≈n-∏m´p aT-Øn¬ ]n. i¶-c\ - m-cm-bW hm≤ym¿ (89) A¥- c n- ® p. `mcy: Ia- e - Ω mƒ. a°ƒ: tKm]m-e-IrjvW hm≤ym¿, h\-P, e£van, kpio-e. acpa-°ƒ: {iotZ-hn, hnjvWpaq¿Øn, \mcm-b-W≥, {]`mI-c≥. kwkvImcw ho´p-h-f∏n¬ \S-Øn.



Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

Pride of Cochin

IuXpIw DW¿Ønb Iem-hn-cp∂v

˛ Sn.-F. taml-\≥

‘Let noble thoughts come to us from every side’ Ipeo-\amb ]cn- N n- ¥ \w \sΩ XgpIn Xtem-Sp-tºmƒ a\ ns‚ AKm-[-X-bn¬ apfs]m- ´ p∂ t{ijv T - k p- μ c Ipkp- a - ß ƒ kpK‘w s]mgn- ° pw. At∏m- g Xv Bkzm- Z - I - c n¬ krjv S n°p∂ AZ- a y- a mb A\p`qXn Ahm-Ny-am-Wv. ChnsS kw`-hn-®Xpw AXp-X-s∂bm- W v. ssii- h - Ø n¬ \n∂pw Iuam-cØ - n-tebv°v Imeq-∂p∂ Ipcp∂p `mh\-Iƒ \ap°p kΩm-\n-°p∂Xv Hcp ssI°p- S ∂ kpK‘ kq\-߃ am{X-a√, Hcm- b ncw IuXpI hkvXp-°fpw Ht´sd Ifn∏m- ´ - ß fpw IqSn- b m- W v . AsXm-cp-]-s£, Krlm-e¶m-c-tbm-Ky-am-b-h-bm-sW¶n¬ \ap- ° - X ns‚ ]n∂nse Ic-hn-cp-Xns\ Hcn°¬°qSn A`n-\-μn-°m≥ tXm∂pw. {]hrØn ]cn-N-b-Øns‚ {]m[m-\y-sØ-°p-dn®v A¿÷p≥ \sΩ t_m[h¬°- c n- ° p- t ºmƒ Cu

{]Z¿i-\-Øns‚ {]k‡n \Ωn-ep-W¿Øp∂ hnImcw, ]pXp-Xe - a - pd \n¿ΩmW {]{In- b - b n¬ _lp- Z qcw ]n∂n-´n-cn-°p-∂p-sh-∂m-Wv. \mw ad-∂p-t]m-b, As√¶n¬ \mw Hm¿°m-Xn-cp∂ Ht´sd Imcy-߃ {]tbmK-h¬°-cn-°m≥ [nj-Wm]- c - a mb C—m- i ‡n {]Z¿in- ∏ n® anSp- ° - c mb hnZym¿∞n kaqlw c£nXm-°f - psS am{X-a√ - , ]ucmh-en-bpsS IqSn A`n-\-μ-\Øn\p ]m{X-ambn Xocp-∂psh∂ bmYm¿∞y- a mWv \mw Hm¿t°-≠-Xv. Nn{X- I - e - b psS h¿Øam\Ime {]k-‡n-bpsS Npcp- f - g n- ° p∂ A]¿Æ AXns‚ sshhn-≤y-am¿∂ taJ-e-I-fn-te-bv°mWv Cdßn- s ®- ∂ - X v. hcbpw h¿Whpw CW- t N- c p∂ A]q¿Δ \nan-j-ß-fn-eqsS cq]w sIm≈p∂ Poh- p‰ Nn{X-߃ Bkzm-ZI lrZb- ß - f n¬ krjv S n- ° p∂ A\p-cW - \ - ß - ƒ Ah¿°m\μw ]I-cp-∂p. A]¿WbpsS h¿W- k - © mcw lrZy-ambn Bkzm-Z-I¿°-

\p-`-s∏-´p-sh-∂-XmWv bmYm¿∞yw. ]mgvhkvXp-°-sf∂p ]d™v ]Sn- ° p- ] p- d Øp \ndp-Øp∂ ]eXpw {]tbmP-\-{]-Z-am-°m-sa-∂-Xns‚ \nZ¿i- \ - ß - f m- b n- c p- ∂ p, {]Z¿i\ tiJ- c - Ø nse H´p-an° C\-ßfpw, ]® Cu¿°n- e nsb apØ- W nbn®v ]pjv]- I pw- ` sØ tNtXm- l - c - a m- ° p- t ºmƒ kvt]m©v D]-tbm-Kn®v an\s™-SpØ UÃdpw Nnc-´s I m - ≠ p ≈ I m ‚ n ¬ à m ‚ p w s]≥Ãm‚pw tNtXm-l-cß- f m- b n- c p- ∂ p. sa‰¬ Ftºm-kn-ßn¬ sXfn-™ph∂ temI {]ikvX Nn{XIm- c - \ mb cmPm chnh¿Ωbpw At±-l-Øns‚ anI-hm¿∂ cN-\-Ifpw \b\m-\-μ-Icw Xs∂-bm-Wv. kp[o- j ns‚ •mkv s]bn‚ nMv thdn´p \n¬°p∂ Hcp Zriym-\p-`h- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. sh≠bv°bpw Acnbpw h¿Æw ]qin Ae-¶-cn-°m≥ Ip´nIƒ {]Z¿in-∏n® ssh`hw A\n-Xc km[m-c-W-amb

Hc- \ p- ` - h - a mbn amdn. jqhns‚ ]gb tekv D]tbm-Kn-®p≈ lm≥Un¬,. t]∏¿ _mKns\ AXoh kpμ- c - a m- ° n. tUmƒ sU°- t d- j ≥, Xo∏- ´ ntIm¬ sIm≠v cq]w \¬Inb h¿W-a-’y-߃, hmƒ lmßn- ß ns\ h¿Wm-`-am-°p-∂-Xm-Is´ hf-Ifpw s_√pw s\‰p-sams°-bm-Wv. h¿Æ aW¬ ISpØ \nd- a p≈ XpWnbn¬ hn\y- k n®v cq]- I ev]\ sNbvX at\m-lc Nn{X- ß ƒ, Unssk≥ sNbvX ^vfh¿th-kp-Iƒ, \nd- a p≈ \qep- I ƒ, kos°≥kv, dn∫¨, _´¨ XpSßn ]mgvhkvXp°-fpsS ]´n-I-bn¬ \mw s]Sp- Ø p∂ \nc- h [n hkvXp-°ƒ IÆp-Iƒ°v Ipfn¿Ω-tb-In-s°m≠v ]cne- k n- ° p- t ºmƒ \ΩpsS a\- n¬ kΩn-{i-hn-Im-cß - fmWv \pc™p s]m¥p-I. Ggp- a mkw sIm≠v Ccp\q‰n Aº- X n- t esd hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ Xß-fpsS a\- n¬ Dudn-°q-Snb Iemk-¶-ev]-߃°v cq]-`m-h-

߃ \¬In-b-t∏mƒ ]nd∂p-hoW IuXpI˛Ae-¶mc-˛-\n-tXym-]-tbmK hkvXp°ƒ ImWp- t ºmƒ tIhew H∂mw ¢mkp-apX¬ F´mw ¢mkp- h - s cbp≈ _mey Iuam-c-ßfpsS {]Xn-`-bpsS ap∂n¬ \{a-in-c-kvI-cmbn \n¬°m≥ am{Xsa \ap°m-hq. \msf Ic-Iu-ie hnZ-Kv[cpw Iem-Im-c∑ - mcpw Nn{X-Im-c-∑mcpw inev]n-Ifp-sams° Bbn-Øo-cm≥ Chsc {]tNm- Z n- ∏ n®v {]hrØn ]Ÿm- h n- s eØn® IYm-Im-cnbpw t\mhen- à p- a mb A≤ym- ] nI eXm tat\m≥ \ΩpsS {]iwk ]nSn®p ]‰p-∂Xp kzm`m-hn-Iw. H∏w F√m \n¿ΩmW {]h¿Ø-\-ßfnepw hnZym¿∞n- I ƒ°v {Inbm-flI \n¿t±-i-߃ \¬In Ah¿s°m∏w k©-cn® Znhy, cm[m-a-Wn, kv a nX F∂o A≤ym- ] Icpw Gh-cp-tSbpw A`n-\μ\w G‰p-hm-ßp-∂p. hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°pw H∏w A≤ym-]-I¿°pw D]-tZi

\n¿t±- i - ß ƒ \¬In, Ah¿°v Znim- t _m[w \¬In-s°m-≠mWv t]mb Ggp-am-k-°m-ehpw {]m[m\m-≤ym-]nI {ioIm-¥m-Ipamcn t\Xr- ÿ m- \ Øp \n∂-Xv. ]cn-an-Xn-Iƒ°p≈n¬ \n∂p- s Im≠v hnZym¿∞n-I-fnse krjvSn]-c-amb Ign-hp-Iƒ ]pdsØ- S p- ° p- ∂ - X n¬ kp{][m\ ]¶mWv {]n≥kn-∏¬ \n¿Δ-ln-°p-∂-sX∂v Ahcp-ambn Bib hn\n-abw \S-Øp-tºmƒ \ap-°\ - p-`h - s∏-Spw. kp[o-jv, A¿÷p≥, B\μv, Aizn≥, Inc¨, A\nX, lcn-X, A\p-jvI, Zni F∂n-h¿ Ic-Iu-i-e-th-eIƒ°v t\XrXzw \¬In-bt∏mƒ Nn{X- I - e - b nse {]Xn`m kº-∂¿ a\o-jv, A]¿W, ]m¿Δ- X n, hnjvWp, taL, kn≤m¿∞v , tZh- e £v a n F∂n-h-cmWv. Ah¿ Bhnjv ° - c n- ® Xpw t\XrXzw \¬In-b-Xp-amb cN-\-Iƒ BI¿jI- ß ƒ Xs∂. tUmƒ sU°- t d- j - \ n¬ (tijw 12-˛mw t]Pn¬)

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tIcf hym]mcn hyh-kmbn GtIm-]\ - k - a - nXn Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd t\m¿Øv bqWn‰v AwK߃°p≈ k¿°m¿ s]≥j≥ hnX-cWw tkhy¿ a‰-Øn-en\v \¬In-s°m≠v Pn√m sshkv {]kn-U‚ v ]n.-kn. tP°∫v \n¿Δ-ln-°p-∂p. bqWn‰v P\-d¬ sk{I-´dn Sn.-hn. cma-N-{μ≥, taJe {]kn-U‚ v ]n.-F-kv. cmP≥, bqWn‰v {]kn-U‚ v sI.-Fw. hn∂n, Pn√m P\-d¬ sk{I-´dn Fkv. Znhm-I-c≥ ]n≈ F∂n-h¿ kao-]w.

tUm. _n.-Pn. tKmIp-e\v BNm-cy-ÿm\w Bbp¿tΔZ t\{X NnIn-’-bn¬ CXmZy-am-bn-´mWv Bbp¿tΔZ _ncp-Z[m-cn°v t\{X-Nn-In’- b n¬ Kpcpÿm\w e`n-°p-∂Xv . tI{μ k¿°mcn\v Iogn- e p≈ " c m j v { S o b Bbp¿tΔZ hnZym-]o-Ta - mWv'. Bbp¿tΔ-ZØ - ns‚ Kpcp-Ipe k{º-Zm-b-Øn-ep≈ hf¿® e£y-am°n Hmtcm taJ-ebnepw Kpcp- ° - ∑ msc Xncs™- S p- ° p- ∂ - X v . Xncp- h √ kpZ¿i\w t\{X-Nn-In-’m-e-

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{]ikvX Ne-®n{X kwhn-[m-bI - ≥ tdmj≥ B≥{Uqkv DZvLm-S\ - w sNøp∂p Iem- [ - c ≥, ]n.- F w. \μnbpw {]Im-in-∏n®p. 29, 30 ]utemkv F∂n-h¿ Biw- Xob-Xn-If - n¬ hnZym¿∞n-\nkm-{]-kwKw \S-Øn. {]Imiv Iƒ hnhn[ Iem-]-cn-]m-SnkzmK- X hpw kwKoX Iƒ Ah-Xc - n∏n®p.

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cmyk 6


Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010


Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd s^mtdm\m ]≈n-bnse

ip≤o-I-cW Z¿i\ Xncp-\mƒ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd s^mtdm\ Xo¿∞m-S\ tZhm-e-b-Øn¬ B≠p-tXmdpw BtLm-jn-®p-h-cp∂ ]cn-ip≤ I\y-Imam-Xm-hns‚ ip≤o-I-cW Z¿i\ Xncp-\mƒ P\p-hcn 29 apX¬ s^{_p-hcn 2 hsc ]q¿Δm-[nIw `wKn-bmbn \S∂phcp-∂p. Xncp-\m-fn\p apt∂m-Sn-bm-bp≈ hn. Ip¿∫m-\bpw s\mth-\bpw 24-˛mw XobXn Rmb-dmgvN Bcw-`n-®p-Ign-™p. hymgmgvN hsc XpS¿∂ Cu ]cn-]m-Sn-I-fn¬ dh. ^m. tPmbvk¨ ]pXp-t»-cn, dh. ^m. _ntPmbv ]mem-´n, dh. ^m. t]mƒ sNdp-]n-≈n, dh. ^m. tSmWn I´-°bw CSsR, dh. ^m. tkhy¿ Bh-≈n¬ F∂nh¿ bYm-{Iaw Im¿Ωn-IXzw hln-®p. ZnhyImcpWy Bcm-[\m Zn\-amb P\p-hcn 29 sh≈n-bmgvN BtLm-j-amb kaq-l-_-en, 12 aWn Bcm-[\m Bcw-`w, Znhy-Im-cp-Wym-cm-[\ - , Znhy-Im-cpWy {]Z-£nWw Bcm-[\m kam-]\w F∂n-h-bv°p-tijw s^tdm\m hnImcn dh. ^m. tPmkv ]pXn-tb-S-Øns‚ Im¿Ωn-I-Xz-Øn¬ Xncp-\mƒ sImSn-bp-b¿Øn. ^m. sk_m-Ãy≥ Bbn-\n-bm-S≥, ^m. tPmbvk¨ ]pXpt»-cn, ^m. B‚Wn Ce-hpw-IpSn F∂n-h¿ kl Im¿ΩnI-cm-bn. BtLm-j-amb kaq-l-_-en, 12 aWn Bcm[\m Bcw`w F∂n-hbv°v am¿ sk_m-Ãy≥ FS-b{¥Øpw Znhy-Im-cpWy {]Z-£n-W-Øn\pw Bcm-[\m kam-]-\-Øn\pw ^m. sk_m-Ãy≥ Abn-\n-bm-S\pw t\XrXzw \¬In. P\p-hcn 30 {]kp-tZ¥n sXc-s™-Sp∏p Zn\-am-bncp∂p. Aº-e-Øn-¶¬ ]utemkv s_∂nsb ASpØ

dh.-^m-Z¿ tPmk^v ]pXn-tb-SØv (hnIm-cn)

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h¿jsØ (2011) {]kp-tZ-¥n-bmbn sXc-s™-Sp-Øp. C∂se {]`mX {]m¿∞-\, ssetØm-c-∑m-cpsS hmgvN, Znhy-_-en, hn. Ip¿∫m-\, {]kw-Kw, s\mth-\ F∂nh \S- ∂ p. Ip¿∫m- \ bv ° pw {]kw- K - Ø n\pw s\mth\bv°pw ^m. tPm¿÷v ]pØ≥]pc t\XrXzw \¬In. C∂v P\p-hcn 31 Rmb-dmgvN {]kp-tZ¥n hmgvN Zn\-am-Wv. sshIo´v Bd-cbv°v Pokkv bqØv, Xr∏qWn-Øpd Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂ ""knwKv lt√-eqb'' `‡nKm-\-ta-f-bmWp {][m\ BI¿j-Ww. Ip¿∫m-\bv°pw {]kw-K-Øn\pw s\mth-\bv°pw ^m. tPmkv t]mƒ s\√n-t»cn t\XrXzw \¬Ipw. s^{_p- h cn 1˛\p thkv ] - c - Z n\w {]am- W n®v {]`mXØn¬ {]m¿∞\ BtLm-j-amb kaq-l-_-en, Asº-gp-∂-≈n-°¬, sshIp-t∂cw 4.30-˛\v Xncn-sh-©ncn-∏v, cq]w Fgp-∂-≈n-∏v, t\¿® sh©-cn∏v BtLm-j-

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Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010


˛ dh. ^m. tPmkv ]pXntb-SØv hnImcn

amXrXzw F∂pw al-\o-bam- W v . amXr hm’- e yØns‚ alna Adn-bm-Øh¿°v a\p- j y- \ m- b n- c n°pI hfsc _p≤n-ap-´mWv. Aß-s\-sb-¶n¬ amXr-Xz-Øn-t‚bpw amXrhm-’-ey-Øn-t‚bpw aIpShpw- temI c£-I-\mb Cutim-bpsS AΩ-bpamb adn-bØns‚ alna Ah¿W- \ o- b - a mWv . a\pjys\ ssZh- a - ° - f m- ° phm≥ th≠n a\p-jy-\mbn Ah- X - c n® ssZh- ] p- { X\mb Cutim-bpsS AΩbmb adn- b sØ AhnSp∂p a\p-jy-Ip-e-Øn\p apgp-h≥ AΩ-bmbn \¬In. CXm \ns‚ AΩ F∂p ]d-™p-sIm≠v injy- \ mb tbml- ∂ m\v adn-bsØ amXm-hmbn \¬In- s °m- ≠ mWv a\pjy- I p- e - Ø n\v s]mXphmbpw injyK- W - Ø n\v {]tXy-I-ambpw adn-bsØ AΩ- b mbn \¬In- b - X v . A∂p- a p- X ¬ ]cn- i p≤ AΩ a\p-jy-Ipew apgp-ht\bpw kz¥w a°-fm-bn°≠v kvt\ln-°p-Ibpw hm’-ey-tØmsS ]cn]men-°p-Ibpw sNøp-∂p. thZ-\n-°p∂ a\p-jy\v AØm-Wn-bmWv amXr-km∂n≤yw. AXn\v PmXntbm aXtam C√. AXp- s Im≠mWv ]cn- i p≤ AΩbpsS km∂n≤yw Gh¿°pw Bizm-k-Zm-b-Iambn amdp-∂X - v. CXp-Xs - ∂bmWv Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bnse acn-b≥ Xo¿∞mS\ tI{μØn-tebv°pw a‰p acn-b≥ Xo¿∞mS\ tI{μ- ß - f ntebv ° pw P\- k - l - { kßsf BI¿jn-°p-∂-Xv. cmP-\-K-cn-bmb Xr∏q-WnØp-d-bnse Cu acn-b≥ Xo¿∞mS\ tI{μw C∂v amXr km∂n- ≤ y- Ø ns‚ \nd-hn-em-Wv. 185 h¿jw ]g- ° - a p≈ Cu acn- b ≥ tZhm- e bw Hcp acn- b ≥ Xo¿∞mS\ tI{μ- a mbn {]Jym-]n-°-s∏-´-Xv 2005˛emWv. Cu acn-b≥ Xo¿∞mS\ tI{μ-Ønse ]cn-ip≤ amXm-hns‚ ip≤o-I-cW Z¿i\ Xncp∂mfpw amkmZy i\nbmgvN BN-c-Whpw C∂v

Gsd {]kn-≤-am-Wv. 1. ]cn-ip≤ I\y-Im-amXm- h ns‚ ip≤o- I - c W Z¿i\ Xncp-∂mƒ s^{_p-hcn 1, 2 XobXn-I-fn-emWv amXm-hns‚ ip≤o-I-cW Z¿i\ Xncp\mƒ \S- Ø - s ∏- S p- ∂ - X v . ]Xn-\m-bn-c-°-W-°n-\m-fpIƒ ]s¶- S p- ° p∂ Cu Xncp-\mƒ cmP-\-K-cn°p am{X- a √, Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd tZi- Ø n\p Xs∂ Hcp D’- h - a m- W v . DÆo- t imbpsS P\-\-Øn-\p-tijw amXmhv Xs‚ ip≤o-I-cW-Øn-\mbn DÆn-tbbpw Iq´n tZhm-e-b-Øn¬ {]th-in-®-Xns\ A\p-kvacn- ® p- s Im≠p \S- Ø p∂ Xncp- \ m- f m- b - X n- \ m- e mWv Cu Xncp- \ m- f ns\ ]cnip≤ I\yIm amXm-hns‚ ip≤o- I - c - W - Ø n- c p--\ mƒ F∂p- ] - d - b p- ∂ - X v . Hcp Ip™p P\n-®m¬ B¨Ip-™m-sW-¶n¬ 40 Znh-khpw s]¨Ip-™msW- ¶ n¬ AºXp Znhkhpw kv{Xo Aip-≤-bmbn-cn-°pw. CXn¬\n∂pw ip≤o-I-cn-°-s∏-Sp-hm\mbn Ah¿ tZhm- e - b Øn¬ t]mbn ImgvNb¿∏n-°Ww F∂ tamibpsS \nb-a-a-\p-k-cn®mWv amXmhv butk-∏nXm- h p- s amØv tZhm- e - b Øn- t ebv ° p t]mb- X v . am{X-a√, DÆotim ISn™q¬ ]p{X-\m-b-XpsIm≠v ISn-™q¬ ]p{X∑m-sc-sbm-s°bpw ssZhØn\p ImgvN hbv°-Wsa∂ Iev]\ A\p-k-cn°m≥ th≠n IqSn-bmWv amXmhpw butk-∏nXmhpw DÆo-tim-tbbpw sIm≠v tZhm- e - b - Ø ntebv°v t]mhp-Ibpw c≠v Nßmen-Isf ImgvNb¿∏n-°p-Ibpw sNbvX-Xv. AXn-\m¬ Cu Xncp-\mƒ DÆo- t im- b psS Imgv N hbv]p Xncp-∂mƒ F∂pw Adn-b-s∏-Sp-∂p. Xr∏q-WnØpd s^mtdm\ Xo¿∞mS\ tI{μ-Ønse Cu henb Xncp-∂mƒ amXm-

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tdmkm anÃn°m a m X m hns‚ tXs\m-gp-Ip∂ A¤pX cq]-am-Wv. C‰en-bnse {_mjm-bn-ep≈ tamt¥-Iymcn F∂ ÿeØv amXmhv Hcp \gvkn\v {]Xy-£-s∏´ cq]-amWv tdmkm anÃn°m amXm-hn-t‚Xv. c≠p h¿jw apºv _lp. hnIm-cn-b-®≥ dh. ^m. tPmkv ]pXn- t b- S Øv Cu Xo¿∞- ÿ ew kμ¿in-®-t∏mƒ Ahn-sS-\n∂pw sIm≠p-h-∂XmWv Cu sNdnb Xncp-kz-cq-]w. _lp. A®≥ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ]≈n-bpsS hnIm-cn-bmbn h∂tijw BZy i\n-bm-gvN-I-fn¬ Cu cq]w h®v a≤yÿ {]m¿∞\ \S-Øp-I-bp-≠m-bn. F∂m¬ Cu cq]w h®v 9 Znhkw {]m¿∞n-°phm- \ p≈ Dƒt{]- c W A®\p e`n- ® - X ns\ XpS¿∂v CS-h-I-bn¬ amXm-hns‚ {]tXyI Z¿i\-ßfpw ktμ-i-ßfpw e`n-°p∂ amXr-`-‡bmb knknen F∂ ktlm-Z-cn°v Cu cq]w \¬In 9 Znhkw {]m¿∞n-°m-\mbn Gev]n-®p. Ah¿ Cu ZuXyw kt¥m-j-tØmsS Gs‰SpØv HIvtSm-_¿ 6˛mw XobXn ho´n-tebv°p cq]w sIm≠p-t]mbn P]-ame sNm√n {]m¿∞n-

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Tripunithura’s Durbar

Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

Nne Nn√-d-°m-cy-߃

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D∂-X-a-Xn-bm-bp≈ P\-߃˛ °n∂Xp sNøm-sa-∂n√t√m? - \ºym¿

aZy- ] n- ° p- ∂ - h ¿ hnizmkn- I ƒ BIp- ∂ - X n¬ sX‰n-√t√m?

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aq∂m¿ Itø- ‰ - ° m¿°v


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Kottavathil Jokes



Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

Puzzles are wonderful brain refreshers; they not only stretch our brains and explore how to solve problems, but they also teach our brains to work in new ways.

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Dear folks, Till now we kept playing with words and words and words….. For a change, we thought why not we all play with numbers… Presto…The idea of playing Sudoko flashed through our mind

Patriotic Search……

What is Sudoku? Sudoku is a Number Puzzle that requires no mathematical knowledge. (No adding or multiplication). It is based upon Japanese style crosswords where you are required to use logic to place numbers onto a 9x9 grid. To solve the puzzle you must make sure that every column, row and 3x3 boxes contains the numbers 1 through to 9. Almost all of the puzzles can be solved using logic alone and there is no need to guess. A puzzle can take from 20 minutes to 2 hours to complete depending on its level and your experience. Worldwide Sudoku is widely popular like crosswords Sudoku initially originated in United States and caught on in Japan during the late 1980’s and attained international popularity in 2005. Sudoku is an excellent way for kids to develop their logic skills while having fun also…

E n c h a n t i n g search….

Samurai SuDoku The Samurai Sudoku puzzles is another variation of the original Sudoku Puzzles made popular by the Times Newspaper. The game is essentially the same except it consists of 5 sudokus which are linked via the centre one, which will provide even the experienced Sudoku Addict with a good challenge. .


One Puzzle - Two winners Send entries with your full name, address & Telephone numbers to: Tripunithura News,

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You can also email us at

179se hnP-bn- : Just


Just Bornn

for Answers... read next week Issue

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Dear kids, Let our Tripunithura know what your talents are. We do not & will not judge any of your contributions. This is your space. If space permits we will incorporate all your contributions.

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Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

c‡-Zm-\-Iymºv C∂v

of around 24%. If we calculate 24% below, from the breakdown point of 5000, it comes to 3800. This is very close to with my calculation of the target. That is 3900 to 3700, which was mentioned earlier. For SENSEX, the matching value will be 12000

The Debacle to continue… update: 1. The low risk strategy, given to the subscribers , which has yielded more than the desired gain of 10% for a month, and, now it has been converted to a high gain strategy, with a locking done on their 10 % gain made. With our continuous effort to improve the performance, we will be soon giving to the subscribers, strategies, with medium risk potential and unlimited profit potential, suiting to the current market conditions. The details of which will be announced through

Once again the Rising Wedge Story continues… Finally the Rising Wedge (RW), I was pointing out for the past several weeks broke down as expected; that too with a thunder. This beautiful Chart Pattern theoretically has a breakdown target

Those interested in knowing the details of , may contact Sasi Menon @ 92880 64514 SATISH KUMAR January 23, 2010

Neighbourhood Events

kvaqØv ssdUv Sqho-tegvkv Kymtc-Pns‚ B`n-ap-JyØn¬ sFFw-F-bpsS kl-I-c-W-tØmsS ]\-ßmSv tN∏\w _≠n\v kao]w P\p-hcn 31 Rmb-dm-gvN cmhnse HºXv apX¬ Hcp-aWn hsc c‡-Zm-\-Iym-ºv. _‘-s∏-SpI: 9447076775.

Igp-Øns‚ kwc-£W - Ø - n\v s¢≥k¿ D]- t bm- K n®v XpS® tijw 1. Igp-Øn¬ tambvk® v s - sd-k¿ D]tbm-Kn-°p-I. 2. \mc-ßm-\ocv tX\pw a™ƒs∏mSnbpw kaw tN¿Øv ]pc-´p-∂Xv Igp-Ønse IdpØ ]mSp-Iƒ Ifbm≥ klm-bn-°pw. 3. s]¿^yqw t\cn´v kvt{] sNø-cpXv. 4. Xz°ns‚ \nd-tØmSv tN¿∂ ^ut≠-j≥ {Iow D]-tbm-Kn-°p-I. 5. hn‰m-an≥˛C FÆ Ipfn-°p-∂Xn\v Ac-aW - n-°q¿ apºv Igp-Øn¬ ]pc-´p-∂Xv \√-Xm-Wv.

\S-°mhv MLA tdmUn¬ 71/2 sk‚n¬ HmSn-´-hoSv ]W-b-Øn\v As√-¶n¬ hn¬∏-\bv°v Ph:9447026751,


k®p chn, \b\ sl¿_¬ _yq´n ¢n\n°v t^m¨: 9447694587

\nß-fpsS Cu BgvN taS-°qdv (A-iz-Xn, `c-Wn, Im¿Øn-I 15 \mgnI) Xmev°m- e n- I - a mbn tPmen-bn¬ {]th-in°p- h m≥ Ah- k - c - a p≠m-Ipw. ]nXm-hns‚ Imcy- Ø n¬ A{i≤ D≠m- h pw. Xd- h mSv hI-bn¬ hoXw In´m≥ km[y- X - b p≠v. CS-h-°qdv (Im¿Øn-I 45 \mgnI, tcmln-Wn, aI-bn-cw 30 \mgnI) a\- pJw Ipd- b pw. Nne- h p- I ƒ h¿≤n°pw. temWp- I fpw a‰pw s]s´∂v icnbmbn In´pw. hnZym¿∞n- I ƒ°pw ]e-N-c°v hym]m-c-ap≈-h¿°pw \√ kabw. anYp-\-°qdv (a-I-bncw 30 \mgnI, Xncphm-Xn-c, ]pW¿Xw 45 \mgnI) a\- n\v kzÿXbpw kam-[m-\hpw D≠m- h pw. IpSpw- _ Ønse Ielw h¿≤n-°m≥ km[y-X. ` ¿ Ø m - h n s ‚ {]h¿Ø-\-ß-fn¬ AXr]vXn F∂n-h-bp≠m-hpw. I¿°n-S-I-°qdv (]pW¿Xw 15 \mgnI, ]qbw, Bbn-eyw) hm¿≤-Iy-k-l-P-amb Akp- J - ß ƒ h¿≤n-

hym]- c n- ° pw. Irjnbn¬ \jv S w hcpw. A\m-h-iy-amb ]mgvNne-hp-Iƒ D≠m- h pw. _nkn- \ n¬ Nn√d {]iv \ ߃ D≠m-hpw. aI-c-°qdv (D-{Xm-Sw 45 \mgnI, XncpthmWw, Ahn-´w 30 \mgnI) hnhm-l-°m-cy-ßfn¬ Xocp-am-\-am-hpw. hntZ- i Øv Xma- k n°p-∂-h¿°v kabw A\p-Iq-ew. Zmº-XyØn¬ sNdnb Ie-lß-fp-≠m-hm≥ k m [ y - X . k v { X o I ƒ ° v s]mXpsh {]Xn- I qem-h-ÿ. Ipw`-°qdv (A-hn-´w 30 \mgnI, NX-bw, ]qcp-cp-´m-Xn 45 \mgnI) Imcy \n¿Δ-l-W-hpambn _‘-s∏´ XS - ß ƒ amdn- ° n- ´ pw. c‡- k w- _ - ‘ - a mb Akp-J-߃ h¿≤n°pw. Ip´n-Iƒ°v DXv°-WvTbpw sS≥j\pw IqSpw. ao\-°qdv (]q-cp-cp´m-Xn 15 \mgnI, D{X-´m-Xn, tch-Xn) IpSpw-_-]-c-ambn Akz-ÿ-X-Iƒ hml-\m-]-I-S-Øn\p km[y- X . Btcm- K ycwKw kq£n-°-Ww. \n›- b n® hnhmlw apS- ß m≥ km[y- X . Irjn-bn¬ \n∂v hcpam\w h¿≤n-°pw.

Atim-I-a-c-Øns‚ sXmen Ijmbw h®v Znh-khpw cmhnse tX≥tN¿Øv Ign-°p-I. Nß-ew-]-c-≠-bpsS h≈nbpw Cebpw CSn®p ]ngn™ \ocn¬ kaw tX\pw tN¿Øv Znhkw aq∂p-t\cw h®v HcmgvN Ign-°p-I.

Ifn-t°m´ ]me-kn\p kao]w tPymXn-jm-e-b-Øn¬ Xn¶ƒ, hymgw Znh-k-ß-fn¬

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30 \mgnI, tNmXn, hnimJw 30 \mgnI) ÿm\- a m‰w Bh- i y- a p≈-h¿°v B{Klw \S°pw. Krl- \ n¿ΩmWw Bcw-`n-°pw. ]pXnb hml\w hmßm≥ km[y- X . D∂X hnZym`ym-k-Øn\v {ian-°p-∂h¿°v km[y- X - b p- ≠ mhpw. hr›nI°qdv (hnimJw 30 \mgnI, A\n-gw, Xrt°´) ]pXnb hyh-km-b-߃ Bcw-`n-°pw. kaq-lØn¬ t\Xr-Xz-ÿm\w e`n- ° pw. ]nXm- h ns‚ kzØv e`n-°m≥ km[yX. ]e tI{μ-ßfn¬\n∂v hcp-am\w D≠m-hpw. [\p°qdv (aqew, ]qcmSw, D{XmSw 15 \mgnI) a\ v XXz-im-kv{X-]-camb hnNn- ¥ - \ - ß - f n¬

tUm. tKmhn-μ≥ \ºq-Xncn t^m¨: 9846796680

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1. Imc‰v ImgvN- i ‡n h¿≤n-∏n-°m\pw apSn hf-cm\pw klm- b n- ° p- ∂ p. _n‰m Itcm´n\pw \mcp-Ifpw hn‰m-an-\p-ap-≠v. hn‰m-an≥ F Imc-‰n¬ [mcmfw D≠v. s\øv, ]mev, ]©-kmc ico-c-Øn\v Du¿÷w \¬Ip-∂p. tKmX-ºnse •q´≥ F∂ amwkyw hfsc \√Xm-Wv. apcn-ßm-bne ae-_‘w, lrt{Zm-K-߃ F∂nh XS-bpw. shPn‰_nƒ Ipdpa D≠m-°nbm¬ F√m hn‰m-an-\p-Ifpw [mXp-e-h-W-ßfpw AXn¬\n∂v In´pw. tkmb-bnse sFtkm ^vtfh-t\m-bn-Up-Iƒ lrt{Zm-K-߃, Zp¿ta-Z- v, {]ta-lw, c‡m-Xna¿±w F∂nh Ipd-bv°m≥ klm-bn-°p-∂p. GØ-∏-g-Ønse s]m´m-kyhpw \mcp-Ifpw lrt{Zm-KsØ XS-bp-∂p. Aƒk-dn\p Imc-Wamb _mIvSo-cn-bsb \in-∏n-°p-∂p. e£van taml≥

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Neighbourhood Events

Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010

A\p-cmKn\v F t{KUvv sN≠ Xmb- º - I - b n¬ Ignhp sXfn-bn®v A\pcmKv i¶¿ Sn.- F - k v . kwÿm\ kvIqƒ bph-Pt\m-’h - Ø - n¬ F t{KUp t\Sn. ]ndhw Fw.-sI.-Fw.F-®v.-F-kv.-F-kv. kvIqfnse 10-˛mw ¢mkv hnZym¿∞n- b m- W v . 8, 9 ¢m p- I - e n¬ ]Tn- ° ptºmgpw sN≠-bnepw IYI-fn-bnepw A\p-cmKv Pn√bn¬ H∂m-a\ - m-bn-cp-∂p. 6 h¿j-ambn tIm´-bv°¬ ]n.-Un. \ºq-Xn-cn-bpsS IognemWv sN≠ A`y-kn-°p∂-X.v tNm‰m-\n-°c tZho

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Ph: 2777660, 9447026751, 9495676711

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Tuition for Children Specialized 1-to-1 tuition for children from pre-school to Std V. Tuition conducted by person qualified for child education. Contact: 2777658

FOR SALE Trained Labrador Dog

cmP¿jn tImtf-Pn\v FXn¿hiw,Icn-ßm-®nd Female: Age: one year 0484 27865719 Contact

F√m-hn[ _yq´o-j≥ h¿°p-Ifpw sNbvXpsIm-Sp-°p-∂X - mWv PAINTING HOUSES, OFFICES, FLATS, HOSPITALS, SHOPS Etc. (Interior & Exterios & Wood Polishing)

Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bnse D∂X imkvXmw-]m´v Kpcp-\m-Y-∑m-cmb tKmhn-μ-\m-im≥, IrjvW-]n-≈, {io[c≥ Bim≥, _me-∏\m- i m≥ F∂n- h tcbpw akv ° - ‰ n¬ imkvXmw-]m´v \SØn aS- ß n- s bØnb taml≥Zm-kv, Pb- I p- a m¿, Xma- c m£≥, apc-fn, cma≥ F∂o A©v bph Iem- I m- c - ∑ m- t cbpw IÆ≥Ip-fß - c {ioapcpI ImhSn ^≠v A¶-W-Øn¬ C°-gn™- Zn-hkw BZ-cn-®t∏mƒ


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Interior Decoratores & Furniture Manufactures Wholesale Dealers Rosewood & Teakwood Furniture

Palace Foot Wear

Bag/Umbrella/ Toys Statue Jn. Tripunithura

9995101447 9895695868 Door No. 4/431, Vincent Plaza, Cochin Palace P.O., Hill Palace Road, Tripunithura - 682 301 Ph: 0484-2783099, 3251222, Mob: 9388611222. Email:

{]k-hm-\-¥cw tcmKo-]-cn-N-cWw, tPmen Bh-iy-ap-≈-h¿ F∂nhcpw hnfn-°p-I.

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0484- 3103296.




Training Practical, Certification ASNT Level I, II in RT, UT, MPT, DPT, (Welding Inspection Courses) Regular/ Evening/ Sunday Baches Duration 2 months, 100% Placement Assistance Eligibility: SSLC/+2/ITC/ Diploma/B.Tec



BRIDE WANTED Nair boy 32/167 Aswathy SW Engineer (BSC, PGDCA) TCS fair, clean habits, middle class seeks fair well educated/employed bride below 28 years. Mob : 9656300543


N.F.Gate Thripunithura Ph : 9847241754


NDT Service & Institute of NDT NF Gate Tripunithura P.O Contact: 9447735647, 0484- 2785646



: 9895201552, 6461232

Tweens Multimedia CHARUTHA SILKS

: 3019192


: 3019122


: 9946359391


: 2346484, 85, 9847600088

INSIGHTS (Opp. Hotel Prasanth) : 9495973825 (ENGLISH TUITIONS, IELTS) Dr. KUNAL’s

: 2782878 9048055102



: 9995886004


2776361 (R), 2776004


: 2783840


: 2383795, 2353713


: 9846153528

(Dance Items etc.) NAYANA BEAUTY PARLOURS : 9447694587 PAVMANA HOMES

: 9895278945, 9895108945


: 2777317


: 9446211058, 2779021


: 2774522


: 98460 33230 93497 56668

sk]v‰nIv Sm¶v ¢o\nwKv


: 2783998, 9446070998


: 9387076516, 9656134068


: 9947043597, 2780161


hntZi kmt¶-XnI hnZy Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bn¬

: 9947043597, 2780161


Fhn-sSbpw saUn-¢o≥.

9656134068 9387076516

ALL FOR KIDS - Pediatric Clinic : 6452772, 6492772


sIm®n≥ B¿adn


tjWm-bokv PwKvj≥ \mc-I-Ød tdmUv, Fd-Wm-Ipfw



0484 2- 371598, 2353589


: 2775557, 9447302756 : 9847091090



Jan. 31 to Feb 6, 2010




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5˛mw t]Pv XpS¿®..... anIhp ]pe¿Øn-b-h-cmWv sS m tPmk-^v, B\μv F∂n-h¿. 2009-˛2010˛se G‰hpw \√ Ic-Iu-ie hnZKv[c - mbn Xnc-s™-Sp-°s - ∏-´h - c - mWv BZn-Xy. _n.-ssh. (Std-I-A), kqcPv kn.-Un. (Std-V-A) F∂n-h¿. Xncp-hm-¶pfw `h≥kv ap≥jn hnZym-e-b-Øn¬ \S∂ {]Z¿i\w AXns‚ e£y-ÿm-\Øv FØn-t®¿∂p-

sh∂v kwLm-S-I¿°-`n-am-\n-°mw. H∏w Cu {]Z¿i-\s∏-cp-a-g-bn¬ kPo-h-km-∂n-≤y-am-b-h¿°pw. A£-cßfpw A°- ß fpw sIm≠v AΩm- \ - a m- S p- ∂ - X √ bYm¿∞ hnZym- ` ym- k - s a∂v Cu ÿm]\w Hcn°¬°qSn sXfn- b n- ® n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. "Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd \yqkn's‚ `mhp-I-߃.

WANTED Driver cum Office Asst. call: 9895763536 2785007

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Issue 180  

Vol 4 No 23