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DATE: 09-01-2011


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Jan 09 to 15, 2011

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Tripunithura News: Views and opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of Tripunithura News. Tripunithura News reserves the right to use the information published herein in any manner whatsoever. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information published in this edition, neither Tripunithura News or any of its employees accept any responsibility for any errors or omission. Further Tripunithura News does not take any responsibility for loss or damage incurred or suffered by any subscriber/reader of this newspaper as a result of his/her accepting any invitation/offer published in this newspaper. No part of this newspaper may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

Every kid needs a mentor. Everybody needs a mentor. Donovan Bailey

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Letters to the Editor

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_n.-F-kv.-F≥.-F-¬.˛s‚ ss]k-°fn _n.Fkv-.F≥.F-¬˛s‚ ss]k-°-fn-bntebv°v {i≤ £Wn-°m-\mWv Cu IØv. _nF-kF -v ≥-F¬ samss_¬ t^mWn¬ Nm¿Pv sNbvXp Ign-™m¬ 58558030bn¬ \n∂pw Your subscription to love quotes service has been renewed for Rs. 30. If you want to deactivate send STOP LOVE Q to 58558 F∂ ktμiw hcpw. STOP LOVE Q F∂v Xncn-®b - b - ° v p∂-Xn\p sk°‚n-\Iw ho≠pw Love quotes subscription has been renewed F∂p ]d™v ASpØ ktμiw hcpw. c≠m-aXv ktμiw hcp-tºm-gmWv ss]k apgp-h≥ (Hcp {]mh-iy-tØbv°v 30 cq]) ]n≥h-en-®-Xmbn Adn-bp-∂-Xv. Cßns\ 3˛m-asØ Xh-W-bmbn ss]k t]mIp-∂X - .v ]n∂oSv 58558-˛t- ebv°v STOP

LOVE Q F∂ ktμiw Ab-bv°p-tºmƒ Message not sent, try again later F∂ Adn-bn∏p hcn-Ibpw ktμiw Xncn-®p-h-cpIbpw sNøp-∂p. 03˛01˛2011-˛¬ C°mcyw IÃ-a¿ sIb¿ hn`m-KsØ Adn-bn-®-t∏mƒ Hmtcm {]mhiyhpw STOP LOVE Q, UNSUB LOVE, STOP DILW F∂n-ßs\ ktμiw h∂ \º-dn-tebv°v Ab-bv°m≥ ]d-™-X-\p-kcn®v Aßs\ sNbvX-t∏mƒ ho≠pw Message not sent, try again later F∂p ]d™v ktμiw Xncn®p hcp-∂p. _n.-Fkv.F - ≥.-F¬. samss_¬ t^mWn¬ 30 cq] s{IUn‰v Dt≠m, AXv {i≤n-®n-cn-°p-I. Hmw im¥n. ehv Kpcp. ˛ Hcp A\p-`-hÿ

Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Jan 09 to 15, 2011

Wedding Cards, all types of Printing works, DTP, Project Report, Photostat, Colour Lazer Print, Colour Photostat

PRINT FAST PAGE 3 JAN 09 TO 15, 2011

]g-Inb `£-W] - Z- m¿∞-߃, Dd-ßp∂ tlm´-ep-Iƒ kz¥w teJ-I≥ ]®-°-dn-I-fnepw ]g-h¿K-ßfnepw Ct∏m-gnXm ]e-hyRvP-\-ß-fn¬ hsc ambw Ie¿Øn D]-t`m-‡m-hn\p \¬Ip∂ {]h- W X Zn\w{]Xn Gdn-h-cn-I-bm-Wv. X∑qe-ap-≠m-Ip∂ Akp-J-߃ ]eXpw kpZo¿L- a mb NnIn’sIm≠p-t]mepw t`Zam-°m≥ Ign-bm-Ø-h-bp-amsW∂v imkv{X-temIw sXfnhp-Iƒ klnXw lmP-cm-°p∂p. amcI tcmK-߃°-Sn-abm-Ip∂ kmam\y P\-Øn\v F√m taJ- e - I - f n- e p- a p≈ hne-°-b‰w aqew PohnXw Xs∂ Zp -la - m-bn X - o¿∂n-cn°p∂ kml-N-cy-Øn-emWv ]g-Inb `£Ww Ign-t°-≠nh-cp∂ KXn-tI-Sp-IqSn h∂ps]-´n-cn-°p-∂X - v. tlm´ep- I - f n¬ \n∂v ÿnc-ambn `£Ww Ign-t°≠n-hc - p-∂h - ¿°v Cu ]g-Inb hnj--a-b-amb `£Ww Ign°p- ∂ Xp aqe- a q- ≠ m- I p∂ hn]Øv F{X `oI-ca - m-sW∂v Bip-]-{Xn-I-fnse h¿≤n-®ph-cp∂ tcmKn-I-fpsS Xnc°v km£y-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂p. \ne-hn-ep≈ \nbaw \S∏m-°-s∏-SmsX h√-t∏mgpw \S- Ø - s ∏- S p∂ BtcmKy hIp-∏ns‚ ]cn-tim-[\ ^eh-Øm-ImsX t]mIp-∂p. ]nSns®-Sp-°p∂ tami-amb `£W- ] - Z m¿∞- ß ƒ \in- ∏ n°p∂p F∂ hm¿Øbv°pw C∂v Hcp {]k-‡n-bp-an-√m-Xmbn. ImcWw ]nSn-°-s∏-Sptºmƒ \S- ° p∂ Hcp "{]{Inb' F∂-Xn¬ Ihn™ {]m[m-\y-sam∂pw Cu \S-]Sn- ° n- √ - X - s ∂. amk- Ø n¬ Hcn-°¬ ]nSn-°-s∏-Sp∂ D]tbmK iq\y-amb `£Ww \in-∏n-°p-∂p-sh∂p kΩXn®m¬ Xs∂ _m°n-bp≈ Znh- k - ß - f n¬ ]g- I nb `£Ww Xs∂ tlm´-ep-Im¿ kmam\y P\-Øn\v hnf-ºn-

Hm¿Ω-s∏-Sp-tØ-≠X - n-√s - √m. Hcn-°¬ {^nUvPn¬ \n∂pw ]cn-tim-[-I¿ I≠p-]n-Sn® tami-amb `£Ww F¥n\mWv CXv {^nUvPn¬ kq£n-®n-cn-°p-∂Xv F∂ tNmZy-Øn\v tlm´¬ DSa \¬Inb DØcw "If-bm≥ th≠n kq£n-®p-h-®n-cn-°p∂p-sh-∂m-Wv.' F{X X{¥]q¿ΔamWv tlm´¬ \S-Øn∏p-Im¿ DØcw Is≠-Øp∂Xv! ]cn-tim-[-\-bvs°Øp∂hcpsS Zu¿_eyw a\ n-em°n s]cp-am-dp∂ DS-aIfpw Ipd- h - √ . Ah¿ ap≥Iq´n Imcy-߃ {Kln-°pIbpw ]cn-tim-[\ - b - vs°-Øp∂-Xn\p ap≥]v tami-amb `£Ww \in- ∏ n- ° p- I bpw sNbvXv "anSp-°-∑m¿' Na-bp∂p. a‰p ]e am¿§-ßfpw {]tbm- K n- ° m- d p- s ≠- ∂ mWv \m´p-Im-cn¬ \n∂pw D]-t`m‡m- ° - f n¬ \n∂pw e`n°p∂ hm¿Ø-Iƒ. CØcw kmaqly hn]Øn-s\-Xnsc {]Xn-Ic - n-t°≠ kabw AXn-{I-an-®n-cn-°p-∂p. kmaq-ly-kw-L-S-\-Iƒ°pw Cu Zpjv s N- b v X n- I ƒs°Xnsc ^e-{]-Z-ambn ]eXpw sNøm≥ Ign-bpw. sX‰p-I≠m¬ IÆ-S-bv°p∂ kz`mh-Øn\v am‰w htc-≠n-bn-cns°m-Sp-°p-∂p. XpS¿ \S-]Sn ambn ImWp-∂-Xv, Ip‰-I-c-am- °p-∂p. A[c hymbm-a-ØnD≠m-Ip-∂n-√. At\z-jW sW∂ Imcyw {]tXyIw s\-¥¿∞w? ^e-ambn ]g-Inb `£Ww Is≠-Øp∂ tlm´-ep-If - psS t]cv ]{X-߃°p \¬Im-dps≠-¶n¬ t]mepw Hcp tlm´ep-Iƒ°p-sa-Xnsc i‡-amb \S-]-Sn-Iƒ kzoI-cn-®-Xmbn ImWm- d n- √ . sl¬Øv C≥kvs]- Œ ¿°v CXn\v A[n-Im-c-ant√? Ds≠-¶n¬ \S- ] - S n- I ƒ F¥p- s Im≠v kzoI-cn-°p-∂n-√? P\- ß - f psS BtcmKy {]iv\sØ t\cn´p _m[n°p∂ Cu {]iv\w \n m-c-

C∂sØ ]cn-]mSn

FLATS FOR SALE 3 BHK, 2 BHK & 1 BHK Flats for sale at Aluva. Call: 0484-6450164,

2609609, Mob: 9249577707.

A_mZv t{]m∏¿´n 08.01-2011

4 piece musical band MC DJ


Same programme as above

Opp.DOWN TOWN, Ph: 2777660

DZ-bw-t]-cq¿ ]pØ≥]-≈n-bn¬ Z¿i-\- Xn-cp-\mƒ DZbw-t]-cq¿ ]pØ≥]-≈n-bn¬ sk_-Ãym-t\m-knt‚bpw Cutima-dn-bw tbml∂m-s‚bpw Z¿i-\-Xn-cp\mƒ hymgmgvN sshIo´v sImSn-tb-dn. sh≈n-bmgvN cmhnse ]m´p-Ip¿_m-\, sshIo´v P]-am-e, cm{Xn hoSpI- f n- t ebv ° v Aºv Fgp- ∂ - ≈ n- ° ¬, i\n- b mgv N sshIo´v P]-am-e, cq]w Fgp-∂-≈n-°¬, BtLm-jamb ]m´p-Ip¿_m\ F∂n-h \S-∂p. C∂v cmhnse 10˛\v ^m. jntPm ta∏n-≈n-bpsS Im¿Ωn-I-Xz-Øn¬ BtLm-j-amb Xncp-\mƒ ]m´p-Ip¿_m-\, hmgvhv, sshIo´v 7˛\v ]o‰¿ tN-cm-s\-√qcpw t__ntPm¨ Ieb-¥m-\nbpw tN¿s∂m-cp-°p∂ hN\ kwKo-Xh - n-cp∂v F∂n-h-tbmsS Xncp-\mƒ kam-]n-°pw.

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Jan 09 to 15, 2011

N¿®, imkv{X ]co-£W ¢m p-Iƒ \S∂p ""`mj, kmln-Xyw, kaqlw' F∂ hnj-bsØ Bkv]-Z-am°n Fcq¿ {KmaoW hmb-\-ime N¿®m ¢mkv kwL-Sn-∏n-®p. Iem-a-WvUew Iev ] nX k¿Δ- I - e m- i m- e - b psS sshkv Nm≥ke¿ Bbn- c p∂ tUm. sI.- P n. ]utemkv apJy-{]-`m-jWw \S-Øp-Ib - p-≠mbn. kmwkvIm-cnI cwKØv kw`-hn-®p-sIm-≠ncn-°p∂ A]-Nb - s - Ø-°p-dn®pw ae-bm-f`- m-jbpsS timj- W - s Ø- ° p- d n®pw At±lw kwkm-cn-®p. {KmaoW hmb-\i - m-eb - psS D]-LS- I - a - mb _me-th-Zn-bpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ hnZym¿∞nIƒ°p-th≠n hnt\m-Z-Øn-eqsS hn⁄m-\Øn-eqsS imkv{X ]co-£W ¢mkv kwLSn-∏n-°p-I-bp-≠m-bn. {ioi-¶c tImtf-Pnse `uXn-Ii - mkv{Xw ta[m-hn-bm-bn-cp∂ ]n.-B¿. cmL-h≥ amÿ ¢mkv \bn-®p. hmb-\-ime {]kn-U‚ v C. _m_p kzmK-X-{]-kwKw \SØn.

]q¿W-{X-boi kwKo-X-k-`-bpsS ZznZn\ h¿jnIw: C∂v ¢mc-s\‰v It®cn Xr∏qWnØpd ]q¿W-{X-boi kwKo-Xk-`b - psS 36-˛mw hm¿jn-Im-tLm-jß - t- fmS-\p-_-‘n®v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd Ifn-t°m´ ]me-kn¬ P\p-hcn 8, 9 Xob-Xn-I-fn¬ c≠v Znh-k-ß-fn-embn kwKo-X-I-t®-cnI-f-S°w hnhn[ ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ \S-°pw. C∂v sshIo´v 5.50- ˛ \v tNcp∂ hm¿jnI ktΩ-f\w sIm®n≥ t]m¿´v {SÃv sNb¿am≥ F≥. cma-N-{μ≥ sF.]n.- F - k v . DZv L m- S \w sNøpw. sI. _m_p Fw.-F¬.-F. A≤y-£-\m-bn-cn°pw. ]pc-kvImc ka¿∏W NS-ßn¬ cmPp \mcm-b-W-kzman sFF-Fkv

apJym- X n- Y n- b m- b n- c n- ° pw. kw- K oX kºq¿W ]pc-kvImcw F.-sI.-kn. \Scm-P\pw amth-en-°c {]`m-Ic - h - ¿a bphkw-KoX {]Xn`m ]pc-kvImcw hn.-B¿. Zneo]v Ipamdpw G‰p-hm-ßpw. Xr∏q-WnØpd ap\n-kn-∏m-en‰n sNb¿am≥ B¿ thWp-tKm-]m¬ A\p-tam-Z-\-{]-kwKw \S-Øpw. XpS¿∂v {]Xn-[z\n {]Im-i\ - w, AKÃn≥ tPmk^v kvamcI ]pc-kvIm-c-aS°w a‰v ]pc-kI v m-cß-fpsS ka¿∏Ww F∂nh \S-°pw. Bdn\v F.-sI.-kn. \S-cm-P≥ (¢m-c-

\-‰v), B‰p-Im¬ _me-kp-{_-“Wyw (h-b-en≥), X©m-hq¿ cma-Zmkv (ar-ZwKw), ssh°w tKm]m-eI - r-jvW≥ (LSw) F∂n-h¿ AWn-\n-c° - p∂ ¢mc-\‰v It®-cn. kv]nIv amsI-bpsS B`n-apJy-Øn¬ {io\m-cm-bW hnZym-]o-Tw, Aamc (a-cS- )v , Fw.-F.Un. F∂o kwLS-\-I-fpsS kl-I-c-W-tØmsS P\phcn 14 sh≈n-bmgvN sshIo´v Bdn\v {io\m-cm-bW hnZym-]oTw kvIqfn¬ Z¿i\m ’mth- c n- b psS aWn- ∏ pcn \rØw \S-°pw.

C.-]n. {ioIp-am-dn\v kmlnXy A°m-Zan ]pc-kvImcw

Xr∏qWn-Øpd hS-t°-tIm-´, hμ\ saUn-°¬kn\p kao]w {ioe£van _n¬Unw-Kn¬ Npco-Zm¿ sa‰o-cn-b¬kn\pw Ãn®n-ßn\pw Ab-Wn-ßn-\pambn XpS-ßn-bn-cn-°p∂ "and¿' s‚ DZvLm-S\w F.-_n. {Sm≥kvt]m¿t´j≥ Iº\n amt\-PnwKv Ub-d-Œ¿ B‚Wn t_mkvtIm \n¿Δ-ln-°p-∂p.

2010˛se tIcf kmlnXy A°m-Z-anbpsS sNdp-I-Y-bv°p≈ Ahm¿Uv C.]n. {ioIp-am-dns‚ "]cky icoc'Øn\v e`n®p. Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd ]o∏nƒkv A¿_-≥ tIm˛-Hm-∏t- d-‰ohv _m¶v DtZymK-ÿ\ - mb {ioIp-am¿ bph-\n-c° - m-cmb sNdp-IY - m-°r-Øp-°f - n¬ {]ap-J\ - m-Wv. C°-gn™ Znhkw Xriq-cn¬ tN¿∂ P\-d¬ Iu¨kn¬ tbmK-Øn-emWv CX-S° - a - p≈ _lp-aX - n-Iƒ Xocp-am-\n®-Xv. ]{X-k-tΩ-f-\-Øn¬ kmlnXy A°m- Z an {]kn- U ‚ n ]n. h’e Ahm¿Up-Iƒ {]Jym-]n-®p.

`h≥kv ap≥jn hnZym-{iaw {InkvXp-akv BtLm-jn®p ""Cuizc\v \ΩpsS a\- n¬ Hcp ÿm\w sImSp-°m≥ \mw Xøm-dm-h-Ww. ]e cq]Ønepw ]e thj-Ønepw ssZhw \ΩpsS ap∂n- s eØpw. F√m XS- -ß-tfbpw C√m- X m°n ]q¿Æ a\t msS \mw At±-lsØ kzoI-cn-°W - w.'' `h≥kv ap≥jn hnZym-{ia- Ø nse {InkvXp- a kv BtLm-jß - f - psS `mK-ambn kwkm-cn-°-th, hcn-t°men sk‚ v tacokv N¿®nse hnIm-cn-bmb ^m. Gen-bmkv - p-s≠-¶n¬ tN- c pw. hni- ∂ p- h - e - b p∂ sNdp- I mSv Ip´n- I ƒ°p a\- n¬ Cuiz-c\ \¬Inb ktμ-i-am-Wn-Xv. F√m \∑-Ifpw \Ωn¬ h∂p- kv{XobpsS cq]-Øn¬, `n£-



°m-cs‚ cq]-Øn¬, A\m-Y_m-es‚ cq]-Øn¬ Hs° Cuiz-c≥ \ΩpsS ap∂n-seØmw. Ahs\ Xncn-®-dn-bm\p≈ Hcp a\ v \ap-°p-≠mbm¬ F√m sFiz-cy-ßfpw kt¥m-jhpw \Ωn¬ FØnt®-cp-sa∂v ^mZ¿ Hm¿Ωn-∏n®p. {InkvXp-a-kv-˛-]p-Xp-h-’cm-iw-k-Iƒ t\¿∂p-sIm≠v ^mZ¿ Xs‚ hm°p-Iƒ D]kw-l-cn-®p. \gvkdn hn`mKw C≥Nm¿Pv eXm Fkv. tat\m≥, kvIqƒ {]n≥kn∏¬ {ioIm¥m Ipamcn F∂nh¿ NSßn¬ k∂n-ln-X-cmbn-cp-∂p.

Opp.Main Office, Tripunithura Dealers in Post Quality Ph: 2777329, Coffee, Chicory &94470 Tea 48861

Neighbourhood Events

ac-Sn¬ ]nF≥_n F.-Sn.-Fw. Xpd∂p

]©m_v \mj-W¬ _m¶ns‚ ]pXnb F.-Sn.-Fw. ac-Sn¬ {KntKm-dn-b≥ ]ªnIv kvIqƒ {]n≥kn-∏¬ Pb-{]`m {]Zo]v DZvLm-S\w sNøp∂p. kao]w ]n.F≥.-_n. k¿°nƒ ta[mhn sI.-hn. cmtP-jv, Pb≥ am¶m-bn¬, sI.-hn. koa, tP°_v DΩ≥, Sn.-Pn. NnZw_-c≥ F∂n-h¿ ]©m_v \mj-W¬ _m¶ns‚ ]pXnb F.-Sn.-Fw. ac-Sn¬ {KntKm-dn-b≥ ]ªnIv kvIqƒ {]n≥kn-∏¬ Pb-{]`m {]Zo]v DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. tIc-fØ - nse _nkn-\kv 6000 tImSn cq]-tbmSv ASp-Ø-Xmbn _m¶v k¿°nƒ ta[mhn sI.-hn. cmtPjv ]d-™p. sIm®n-˛-a-[pc tZio-b -]m-X-bn¬ A_mZv \yq¢n-bkn\v FXn¿h-i-ØmWv ]pXnb F.-Sn.-Fw. ]q¿Æ{X-boi tkhm-kwLw {]kn-U‚ v Pb≥ am¶m-bn¬, acSv ap\n- k n- ∏ ¬ Iu¨kn- e ¿ sI.- h n. koa, ]nF≥_n am¿°-‰nMv sU]yq´n amt\-P¿ IrjvW≥, sI.-]n.-F≥.-_n. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd imJm ko\n-b¿ amt\-P¿ tP°_v DΩ≥ XpS-ßn-b-h¿ {]kw-Kn-®p.

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B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv D.S.N. tImgvkv Xr∏qWn-Øpd B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv sk‚-dns‚ B`nap-Jy-Øn¬ Kuco-i-¶¿ lmfn¬ P\p-hcn 27 apX¬ 30 hsc D.S.N (Znhy kamPv Im \n¿Ωm¨) tImgvkv \S- Ø p- ∂ p. k¿§m- fl - I - X , tkh- \ - k - ∂ - ≤ - X , D’mlw apX-emb aqey-߃ hy‡n-bpsS kq£vaX-e-Øn¬ Db¿Øn AXn-eqsS ]cn-h¿Ø\w \SØp∂ tImgvkmWv D.S.N. Dt±-i-ip-≤n-bn¬ ZrVNn-Ø-Xbpw I¿Øhy \n¿Δ-l-W-Øn¬ \n›-bZm¿Vyhpw D≈ {]Xn-_-≤-X-bm°n B tkh-\-k∂- ≤ - X sb hnI- k n- ∏ n- ° pI F∂Xpw Cu tImgvkns‚ e£y-am-Wv. kZm I¿Ω-\n-c-X-cm-Ip-∂Xn-eqsS Du¿÷-kz-e-Xbpw B\-μhpw i‡nbpw B¿Po-°p-hm≥ D.S.N tImgvkns‚ Ahm-Ny-amb A\p- ` - h - ß ƒ {]tbm- P - \ - s ∏- S pw. ]fl- k m- [ - \ , kvs]j¬ saUn-t‰-j-\p-Iƒ, {_oØnwKv sSIv\n°p-Iƒ XpS-ßn-bh Dƒs°m-≈p∂ Cu tImgvkntebv°v t_knIv tImgvkv Ign-™-h¿°p am{XamWv {]th-i-\w. tIhew \mep Zn\-߃ sIm≠v hy‡n-bpsS Ign-hp-Iƒ Xncn-®d - n-bp-hm\pw ]pd-sØSp-°p-hm\pw {]m]vXa - m-°p∂ Cu ]cn-io-e\]≤Xn \bn-°p-∂Xv A¥¿t±-iob B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv So®-d∑m-cmb kPn \n m¿, Pb-N-{μ≥ F∂n-h-cmWv.˛ kwLm-S-I¿ Adn-bn-®p. ˛ IqSp-X¬ hnh-c߃°pw cPn- k vt{S- j \pw _‘- s ∏- t S≠ sSet^m¨ \º-cp-Iƒ: 9995076070, 9446024047, 9446078015, 9061111019.

Opp.Main Post Office, Tripunithura Ph: 2777329, 94470 48861

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Jan 09 to 15, 2011

Pride Of Tripunithura

\S-ta¬ bmt°m-_mb kpdn-bm\n ]≈n-bn¬ C∂p apX¬ Hm¿a-s∏-cp-∂mƒ Xr∏qWn- Ø pd \S- t a¬ hnip≤ a¿Ø-a-dnbw bmt°m_mb kpdn-bm\n ]≈n-bn¬ B≠p-tXmdpw \S-Øn-h-cp∂ hnip≤ ssZh- a m- X m- h ns‚ Hm¿Ω- s ∏- c p- ∂ mƒ (hn- Ø pIƒ°p-th-≠n) 2011 P\p-hcn 9 Rmb-dmgvN apX¬ 15 i\nbmgvN hsc \S-°pw. 12-˛\v _p[-\mgvN sshIo´v 6.30-˛\v ]cn- i p≤ F∏n- k v t Im- ∏ ¬ kp∂-l-tZmkv sk{I-´-dnbpw CS-hI sa{Xm-t∏m-eo-Ø-bpamb tPmk^v tam¿ {KotKm-dntbmkv sImSn-I-b‰w I¿aw \n¿Δ-ln-°pw. s]cp-∂mƒ NSßp-I-fn¬ ae-_m¿ `{Zm-k-\m-

[n-]≥ kJ-dn-bmkv tam¿ ]oeIvkn-t\mkv ]s¶-Sp-°pw. BZy-ambn-´mWv At±lw Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-db - nse-Øp-∂X - v. 9˛\v Rmb-dmgvN CS-hI sa{Xmt∏m-eoØ tPmk^v tam¿ {KotKmdn- t bmkv sshIo´v 6.45- ˛ \v I¨sh≥j≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøpw. Hº-Xn\pw ]Øn\pw ]Xn-s\m∂n\pw sshIo´v Ggn\v dh. ^m. ss_Pp Nm≠n, tImX-aw-K-ew, X¶-®≥ IS-°-\mSv (U-b-d-IvS¿, sk‚ v t]mƒkv anj≥), dh. ^m. {]kmZv tImhq¿, dm∂n F∂n-hcpsS kphn-tij {]kwKw \S-

°pw. 13-˛\v cmhnse Ggn\v dh. ^m. …o_m If-cn-°e - ns‚ t\XrXz- Ø n¬ hnip≤ aq∂n- t ∑¬ Ip¿_m- \ . sshIo´v 6.30- ˛ \v sIm®n≥ \mS- I - t h- Z n- b psS ss__nƒ {Umam- k vtIm∏v \mSIw hnip≤ Ipcn-iv. 14-˛\v cmhnse F´n\v CS-hI sa{Xm-t∏m-eoØm tPmk^v tam¿

ss\‰v hm®vsa≥ C¥y-bnse G‰hpw P\-{]nb ImbnIcq]-ßf - n¬ H∂mb {In°‰p-ambn _‘-s∏´ hyXy-kX v a- mb Hcp {KŸ- a mWv ""ss\‰v hm®vsa≥''. 22 {In°‰v Ihn-XI - fpsS kam-lm-ca- mWv Cw•ojv `mjbn-ep≈ Cu {KŸw. Cu {KŸØnse ]e Ihn-XI - fpw samgnam‰n ae-bm-fØ - nse B\p-Im-enI-ßf - n¬ {]kn-≤o-Ic - n-°s - ∏-´n-´p≠v . tImgn- t °m´v ae- _ m¿ {InkvXy≥ tIm-f-Pnse Ncn{X A≤ym- ] - I ≥ Fw.- k n. h- k njvTmWv Ihn-XI - f - psS cN-bn-Xm-h.v {In°- ‰ p- a mbn _‘- s ∏´ ]pXp-a-bm¿∂ hnj-b-ß-fmWv

hknjvTv Ihn-Xm -c-N-\bv-°mbn sXc-s™-Sp-Øn-cn-°p-∂X - v. C¥y≥ {In°-‰nse G‰hpw anI® ""t¢mkv C≥ ^o¬U¿''Bb GIv \ mYv tkmƒ°dpw shÃv - C≥Uokv {In°‰v Ifn-°m¿ hnI-kn-∏n-s®-SpØ ""I´v'' F∂ {In°‰v tjm´pw IhnXbv°v hnj-ba - m-hp∂p. sImtfm-Wnb¬ `c-W-tØm-Sp≈ Idp-Ø-hs‚ {]Xn-tj-[a - mWv ""I´v'' F∂ tjm´neqsS {]I-Sn-∏n-°s - ∏-´Xv F∂v shÃv C≥Uokv IΩyq-WnÃv Nn¥-I-\pw, {In°‰v Ncn-{X-Im-c\ - p-amb kn.-F¬.B¿. sPbnw-kns‚ hymJym-\a - mWv I´v F∂ Ihn-X°v {]tNm-Z-\-am-bsX∂v hknjvTv ]dbp-∂p.

{KotKm- d n- t bm- k ns‚ apJy Im¿an-IX - z-Øn¬ hnip≤ aq∂nt∑¬ Ip¿_m- \ . XpS¿∂v ]mt®m¿ t\¿®. sshIo´v Bdn\v kJ- d n- t bmkv tam¿ ]oen-Ivkn-t\mkv sa{Xm-t∏m-eoØbv°v kzoI-c-Ww. 6.30-˛\v At±-l-Øns‚ t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ k‘ym \a-kI v m-cw. 7.30-˛\v {]Z£n-Ww. {][m\ s]cp-∂mƒ Zn\-amb 15-˛\v cmhnse Ggn\v sh. dh. tXmakv I≠-Øn¬ tIm¿ F∏nkvtIm-∏-bpsS t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ BZysØ hnip≤ Ip¿_m-\. 8.30-˛\v aq∂mw aWn \a-kvIm-

cw. 9˛\v kJ-dn-tbmkv tam¿ ]oen-I vkn-t\m-kns‚ apJy Im¿an-I-Xz-Ønepw sh. dh. t__n-tPm¨ sF°m-´-X-d, sh. dh. tXmakv ]\-®n-bn¬ F∂o tIm¿ F∏n-kvtIm-∏-amcpsS kl-Im¿an-I-Xz-Øn-epw hnip≤ aq∂n-t∑¬ Ip¿_m-\. D®bv°v 11.30- apX¬ c≠p-hsc t\¿®-k-Zy. sshIo´v Bdn\v k‘ym \a-kvIm-cw. 6.30-˛\v {]Z-£n-Ww.

kp`m- j nXw 1932¬ Cw•- ≠ nse temUvkn¬ kn.-sI. \mbnUp \bn® BZysØ sSÃv Ifn-® C¥y≥ {In°‰v Soan-s\-°p-dn-®pw, 1971¬ shÃv C≥Uo-knepw, Cw•≠nepw sSÃv ]c-º-c-Iƒ hnPbn® APnØv htU-°¿ \bn® C¥y≥ Soan- s \- ° p- d n- ® p- a p≈ Ihn-X-Iƒ ss\‰v hm®vsa∂n-ep≠v. efn-Xa - mb ]Z-{]-tbm-Kß - ƒ sIm≠v kº-∂amb Cu {KŸw kvt]m¿Svkv kmlnXy imJsb i‡n-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂-Xm-Wv. H∏w Bkzm-ZyI-ch - p-am-Wv. hknjvSv Fw.-kn. ae-_m¿ {InÃy≥ tImtf-P,v Imen-°‰v

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Jan. 10 to 16, 2010

Xma-cw-Ip-f-ßc {io[¿ΩimkvXm t£{X-Ønse

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{Xw ]WnXv {io [¿Ω-im-kvXm-hns\ AhnsS {]Xn-jT v n®v Bcm[n-®p-t]m-∂p. AXmWv C∂ sØ Xma-cw-Ip-fß - c {io[¿ΩimkvXm t£{Xw. Cu t£{XØnse aI-c-hn-f-°m-tLmjw Xr∏q- W n- Ø p- d - b nse "c≠m-

t]m´-bn¬ dnb¬ FtÉvkv ÿe-߃, hoSp-Iƒ, ^vfm‰p-Iƒ {Ib-hn-{I-b-߃°v hnfn-°pI: 98461 98938

asØ taP¿ D’h'amWv. Ime-{I-taW kmaqlnI ]cn-h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ°n-Sb - n¬ apc°me a\ £bn-®p-Xp-S-ßn. AXns‚ ^e-ambn t£{Xhpw Po¿Wm- h - ÿ - b n- e m- b n. Cu Ah- k - c - Ø n¬ a\- b nse henb Xncp- t a\n t£{XØns‚ Xmt°m¬ A∂sØ sIm®n alm-cm-Pm-hns‚ apºm sI ka¿∏n®v t£{Xw Gs‰Sp- ° - W - s a∂v A`y¿∞n- ® p. alm-cm-Pmhv Xncp-a\ - - p-sIm≠v t£{Xw Gs‰-SpØv ]pXp-°n∏-WnXv \nXy-]q-PI - fpw aI-ch - nf°pw apdbv°v \S-Øn-t∏m-∂p. F∂n- c p- ∂ mepw cmP- ` - c - W Øns‚ Ah-km-\t- Øm-Sp-IqSn t£{Xw ho≠pw timN-\o-bmh-ÿ-bn-tebv°v \oßn. CXn \v ]cn-lmcw ImWm≥ kao-]hm- k n- I - f mb sNdp- ∏ - ° m¿

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kwL-Sn-°p-Ibpw 1953 apX¬ aI-c-hn-f-°m-tLmjw t£{XØn¬ ]p\-cm-cw-`n-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. Xma- c w- I p- f - ß c t£{XØnse apJy {]XnjvT {io[¿ Ω-im-kvXm-hn-t‚-Xm-Wv. ChnSpsØ tZhs\ N{a-h´- Ø - ∏ - \ - mbn-´mWv Bcm-[n-®p-t]m-cp-∂X - v.

{io. B¿.-F¬.-hn. atl-jvIp-am-dns‚ {]am-WØ - n¬

A]q¿Δ taf-߃ D’-h- Zn-\-ß-fn¬ cm{Xn 10.30-˛\v

10.01.2010 11.01.2010 12.01.2010 13.01.2010

he-Xp-I-c-Øn¬ Aar-X-I-eihpambn IpSn- s Im- ≈ p∂ {io[¿Ω-im-kX v mhv Xs‚ `‡cpsS GXv A`n-em-jhpw km[n®p-sIm-Sp-°p-sa-∂mWv k¶ev]w. I∂n-aq-e-bn¬ KW-]Xn `K-hm\pw sXt° Xncp-ap-‰Øp≈ t£{X-Øn¬ `{Z-Imfn tZhnbpw `‡-P\ - ß - ƒ°p-ta¬

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A\p-{Klw sNmcn™v hmWcp-fp-∂p. IqSmsX \mK-cm-Pmhv, {_“-c-£kv F∂o D]-tZ-h∑m-tcbpw ChnsS {]Xn-jvTn-®n´p-≠v. Xma- c w- I p- f - ß c t£{XØnse ssZ\w-Zn\ {]h¿Ø\-߃ sa®-s∏-Sp-Øm\pw ]cnk- c - h m- k n- I - f psS kmaq- l n-

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Ihpw kmwkvIm-cn-I-hp-amb D∂- a - \ - Ø n- \ p- a mbn 1963- ˛ ¬ Xma-cw-Ip-f-ßc Aø-∏-tkhm kanXn cq]o- I - c n- ® XmWv t£{XsØ kw_- ‘ n- ® n- S tØmfw as‰mcp hgn-Øn-cn-hmbXv. 45 h¿jsØ tkh\ ]m c-ºc - y-ap≈ Aø-∏t- khm kanXn-bpsS {]h¿Ø-\-^-e-ambn Xma-cw-Ip-f-ßc t£{X-Øn¬ ]e \n¿amW {]h¿Ø-\ß fpw CXn-\Iw ]q¿Øo-I-cn-°s∏-´p Ign™p. aI-c-hn-f-°nt\mS\p-_‘ - n®v Aø-∏t- k-hmk-anXn ]pd-Øn-d-°p∂ "aI-ctPymXn' F∂ kvac-WnI tIcf-sam-´msI AwKo-I-cn-°-s∏´ {]kn-≤o-I-c-W-ambn amdn-I-gn-

™n-cn-°p-∂p. Cu h¿jw "ta f'ßsf-°p-dn-®mWv kvac-Wn-I. t£{X-Ønse ]p\-cp-≤mcW {]h¿Ø-\-߃ Aø-∏tkhm kanXn XpS¿∂v hcn-Ibm-W.v `K-hX - n°v \S-∏pc ]Wnbp-I, t£{X-Øn\v ap≥hiw Hc-e-¶mc tKm]pcw \n¿an-°p I, `‡-P-\-߃°mbn Du´p]pc ]Wn-bpI XpSßn ]e ]≤-Xn-Ifpw Ct∏mƒ kan-XnbpsS ]cn- K - W - \ - b n- e p- ≠ v . IenbpKhcZ-\mb {io[¿Ωim- k v X m- h ns‚ A\p- { K- l Ømepw `‡-P\ - ß - f - psS AIa-gn™ kl-Ic - Ww sIm≠pw Cu ]≤-Xn-Is - f√mw Xs∂ kab-_-‘n-X-ambn ]q¿Øn-bm°m≥ Ign-bp-sa∂ Dd∏pw kanXn-°p-≠v. Cu h¿jsØ aI-c-hn-f°m- t Lmjw P\p- h cn 10\v sImSn-I-bdn 15\v Bdm-t´msS kam-]n-°p-Ib - m-Wv. B\-t{]-anIƒ°v I¨Ip-fn¿s° I≠m\-μn-°m≥ Xe-sb-Sp-∏p≈ KPho-c∑ - m-tcbpw taf-t{]-an-If - psS Hm¿a- b n¬ Xßn- \ n¬°p- ∂ Xn\v tIc- f - Ø nse t]cpw s]cp-abpw kn≤n® taf hnZzm∑m- c psS taf- { X- b - t Øbpw {]Zm\w sNøp∂ Ahn-kva-cWob Zn\- ß - f mWv hcm≥ t]mIp- ∂ - X v . Aø∏ `‡∑m¿°v aI-c-hn-f°p Znhkw cmhnse {io[¿Ω-im-kX v m-hn\v A`n- t j- I - ß ƒ \S- Ø p- h m\p≈ kuI-cyhpw `K-h-Zv{]km-Z-ß-fmb A∏w, Ac-h-W, tamZIw F∂nh hnX- c Ww sNøp-∂-Xn-\p≈ G¿∏mSpw a‰pw Aø-∏t- khm kanXn Hcp°n-°-gn-™p. F√m `K- h Xv `‡cpw {io[¿Ω-im-kX v m-hns‚ aI-ch - nf-°mtLmj ]cn-]m-Sn-I-fn¬ ]¶p-tN¿∂v `K-hms‚ Ir]m-ISm-£-߃°v ]m{Xo-`q-X-cm-Iphm≥ Xmev]-cyw.


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"aI-c-tPymXn' taf hnti-j-߃ Dƒs°m-≈n®v Hcp kNn{X kvac-WnI. taf-ß-fp-tSbpw Xmf-ßf - p-tSbpw imkv{Xob LS\bpw hmZy-ßf - psS khn-ti-jX - Ifpw khn-kvXcw {]Xn-]m-Zn-°p∂ Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd Xma-cw-Ip-fß - c {io [¿Ω-imkvXm t£{X-Ønse aI-chn-f° - m-tLmj kvac-Wn-Ibmb "aI- c tPymXn' taft{]-an-Isf B I¿jn-°p∂ H∂m-bn-cn-°pw. {]Npc{]Nmc-Øn-en-cn-°p∂ taf-߃, A]q¿ h taf-߃, tafß-fn¬ D]-tbm-Kn°p∂ hmZy-߃, ]T\ k{º-Zmbw XpS-ßn-bh C°p dn Cu kvac-Wn-Ibn-ep-≠v. AXp-t]m se taf-Øns‚ Hm tcm Ime- Ø n\pw B\p- ] m- X n- I - a mbn th≠ ka-b-\n-jvT, Hmtcm L´- Ø nepw th≠ Iem-i-ß-fpsS FÆw, c≠v Iem-i߃°n-Sb - ° v p≈ Xmfh- ´ - ß - f psS FÆw \n¿W-bn-°¬ F∂n-hsb-∏-‰nbpw ]cm-a¿i-ap≠v . taf- { ]- a m- W n- s bt∏mse Ipg¬{]-am-Wn°pw taf-\n¿Δ l - W - Ø - n¬ {][m-\a - mb DØ-ch - m-ZnXz-am-Wp-≈-Xv, taf-Øn\v BZy¥w {ipXn-e-bhpw sImgp∏pw \¬Ip∂ "Ce-Ømf'amWv a‰v hmZ-Ic - nepw t{imXm-°f - nepw Xmf-t_m[w DW¿Øp-∂Xv F∂n-ßt- \-bp≈ \pdp-ßp-Iƒ thsd-bp-ap-≠v. cq]Iw BWv ]©m-cn-bn¬ kzoI-cn-®n-cn-°p∂ ASn-ÿm\ Xmfw. 96 A£c Ime-Øn-ep≈ ]Xn-Im-eØn¬ Bcw-`n®v {ItaW 48, 24, 12, 6 F∂n-ßs - \-bp≈ "AIm-c'-Im-eØ - n-

tebv°v Npcp-ßp-∂X - mWv CXns‚ {]Ir-Xw. C\n ]©m-cn-sb-°p-dn-®p≈ hnti-jß - f - m-Wv. CX-ct- a-fß - sf At]-£n®v Hcp tImepw ssIbpw D]-tbm-Kn-®mWv ]©mcn sIm´p-∂X - .v

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tijw 11-˛mw t]Pn¬


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Jan 09 to 15, 2011

Tripunithura's Durbar


Nne Nn√-d-°m-cy-߃

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tlm! Fs¥mcp iºfw!! ¬, AXm-bXv temI Ncn-{X-Øn-em-Zy-am-bn, _me‰p t]S-I-ØneqsS IΩyq-WnÃp ]m¿´n tIcf`cWw ssIh-is - ∏-Sp-Ønb Ime-L´- Ø - n¬ 79 cq. (cq]m Fgp-]-sØm-ºXp am{Xw) amk-iº - f - Ø - n¬ kwÿm\ k¿°m¿ k¿Δo-kn¬ tPmen-bn¬ {]th-in® Hcp hy‡n-bmWv Cu Ipdn-s∏-gp-Xp-∂-Xv. A∂v Cubp- ≈ - h ≥ hln- ® n- c p∂ XkvXn-Ib - psS kvsIbn¬ 40-120. (t] ˛ Rs. 40, Un.-F. ˛ Rs. 22, Unb¿\kv t] ˛ Rs. 5, kvs]j¬ Un.-F. ˛ Rs. 12 ˛ CXmWv 79-s‚ C\w Xncn-®p≈ hn`-hß - ƒ!) Ac iX-Øn¬]cw A–Øn-\p-ti-jw, 2011-˛¬ k¿°m¿ Poh-\°m¿°v ip]m¿i sNbvXn-´p≈ iº-f\n-c-°p-Ifpw Ae-h≥kp-Ifpw a‰m-\pIq-ey-ßfpw ]{X-Øn¬ hmbn-®-t∏mƒ, iº-f-h¿≤-\-hn-\p-th≠n hnhn[ L´ß-fn-embn bqWn-bs‚ Blzm-\-{]Imcw 150 Hmfw Znh-k-߃ ]Wn-ap-S°n¬ kPo-h-ambn ]s¶-SpØv 150 Znhk-tØbpw iºfw ]q¿W-ambpw \„s∏- S - Ø nb Cu teJ- I - \ p- t ]mepw A£-cm¿∞-Øn¬Øs∂ sR´-emWv A\p-`-h-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv. A∂sØ 40-˛120 kv s Ibn- e ns‚ ÿm\Øv Ct∏mƒ ip]m¿i sNbvXn-cn-°p-∂Xv 9940-˛15380 BWv. 40-˛120-˛s‚ hm¿jnI C≥{Insa‚ v 3 cq]bmbn-cp-∂p. C∂-tØXv 230 cq]m-bm-Wv. AXm-bXv A∂p In´n-bncp∂ samØw iº-f-Øns‚ aq∂n-c-´nØp-Ib - mWv C∂sØ hm¿jnI h¿≤\hv! iºf hcp-am\ h¿≤-\-hn-s\-°pdn®p Nn¥n-°p-tºmƒ Xo¿®-bmbpw sNe-hp-If - psS Xmc-Xa - yw IqSn ]cn-tim[n-t°-≠X - m-Wt- √m. 79 cq]m {]Xn-amk samØ-iº - fw In´n-bn-cp∂ ImeØv Hcp I∏p Nmbbv°v H∂-c-b-Wbpw (C∂sØ 9 \bm-ss]-k) DuWn\v 6 AWbpw (C-∂sØ 37 ss]k) Bbncp∂p \nc-°p-Iƒ! Fd-Wm-Ip-fØv Fw.Pn. tdmUnse (A-∂sØ t]cv skh‚n^o‰v tdmUv) hpUvem≥Uvkv tlm´-en¬ 3 AW (C-∂sØ 19 ss]k) sImSpØm¬ H∂m- ¥ cw kzmZn- j v T - a mb akme tZmi In´p-ambn-cp∂p F¶n¬, hΔm-ens‚ Nnd-Ins\ A\p-kva-cn-∏n°p∂ Xc-Øn¬ aS-°n-°q´n tπ‰nem°n \ΩpsS ap∂nse tai-∏p-dØv ka¿∏n-°p∂ "a m¬' F∂ hnIrX km[-\-Øn\v G‰hpw Ipd-™Xv 24 cq]m-sb-¶nepw C∂p \¬tI-≠n-h-cpw. {]kvXpX tZmi-bv°p-≈n¬ Dcp-f-°n-gßn- t ‚bpw khm- f - b p- t S- b p- s ams° Awiw Is≠-ØW - s - a-¶n¬ `qX-°Æ - mSn-bpsS klmbw th≠n-h-cpw. ]p©∏m-SsØ sNfn sh´n-sb-Sp-ØX - p-t]mse, Im° ImjvTn® ]cp-h-Øn¬ A¬∏w akm-e° - q´v tZmi-b° v p-≈n¬ Is≠-Øphm≥ Ign-™m¬ AXv Ign-°p-∂h - s‚ alm-`mKyw sIm≠p am{X-am-bn-cn-°pw. "tlm´-en-eqWpw tam´-dn¬ InS∏pw' F∂p ]d-™-Xp-t]m-se, A°m-e-ßfn¬ km[m-cW k¿°m-cp-tZym-K-ÿ¿ tlm´-ep-If - n¬ \n∂pw hfsc anX-amb coXn-bn¬ `£Ww Ign-®v, cm{Xn-bn¬ InS-∂p-d-ßp-∂Xv kz¥w B∏o-kp-Ifn¬Ø-s∂-bm-bn-cn-°pw. I\ym-Ip-am-cnbn¬ \n∂pw Znh-tk\ s]mXn-t®mdpw sI´n Fd-Wm-Ip-f-Øp-h∂v tPmen (?) sNbv X v aS- ß p- h m- \ p≈ C∂sØ kuI-cy-߃ A∂v Ae-`y-am-bn-cp-∂p. Poh-\° - m¿°v A\p-hZ- n-°W - s - a∂v ip]m¿i sNbvXn-´p≈ A\-h[n B\pIq-ey-ßs - f-°p-dn®v hnkvXc - n-°p∂ _: iºf ]cn-jv°c - W - ° - Ω - o-j≥ DtZym-Kÿ¿ A\p-jT v n-t°≠ tkh\(!)ßsf°p-dn®v Imcy-am-bn-s´m∂pw ip]m¿in®p


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Kottavathil Jokes

Claris Ann Jacob, Std-VIII - Bhavans munshi vidhyashram

Akash. S. Std-VIII-A, Gregorian Public School

9 SUNDAY Jan 09 to 15, 2011

Sreehari Std-I-A, B.V.M. Eroor

Pages 12 Published every Sunday

Parents,Children & Youth of Tripunithura

A`n-emjv sI.Sn


Pages 12 Published every Sunday



Jan 09 to 15, 2011

MARKET STATUS Markets turned bearish once again. With the last week’s close, it had closed with a bullish tone. However, the latest Close, signals, not just bearish, but tremors, in the wait. Look at the candlestick “B”. It had, at the beginning of the week, peeked above last week’s high, but failed to sustain and closed well below the prior week’s low. This kind of Key Reversals, technically are very strong reversal signals. Now compare a nearly similar situation occurred on Nov 1st week, which is marked by “A”. This Candle stick, although, was similar in nature, was not that bearish (Did not close so much lower than the prior week, compared to “B”. . Still we saw fierce selling for the next two weeks. Hence, there is no harm in expecting a much worse situation in the coming weeks. Let us look at another way. This weeks’ peek was from the Top trend line “T T”. Normally, such moves breaks below the Bottom trend line “B T” .That is the worst case. So, if NIFTY cannot take support from the Bottom trend line “BT”, which is approximately at 5800, them we might see, unexpected levels, in the coming weeks. Disclaimer: This is my personal view and any investment / disinvestment decisions should be taken in consultation with your financial consultant. Neither the analyst nor the publisher is responsible for any outcome. This is purely an educational article and not a trading guideline. Satish Kumar January 8, 2011

F≥.-Fk - v.F - k - v. ]T-\I - ym-ºp-Iƒ hm¿jn-Im-tLmjw kam-]n®p hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°v A\n-hmcyw ˛ s{]m^. sI. Ac-hn-μm-£≥

IcpW sdkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ hm¿jn-ImtLm-jß - ƒ {]ikvX kn\n-am-Xmcw at\mPv sI. Pb≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøp-∂p.

F≥.Fkv.F - k - v. Xmeq°v bqWn-bs‚ B`n-ap-Jy-Øn-ep≈ {XnZn\ Fkv.-F-kv.-F¬.-kn.˛kn.-_n.-F-kv.-C. ]T-\-Iymºv alm-cm-Pmkv tImtfPv ap≥ {]n≥kn-∏¬ s{]m^. sI. Achn-μm-£≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøp-∂p. F≥.F-kv.-F-kv. sIm®n-˛-I-W-b-∂q¿ Xmeq°v bqWn-b≥ kwL-Sn-∏n-®p-h-cp∂ kn.-_n.-F-kv.-C.˛Fkv.-F-kv.-F¬.kn. ]T\ Iymºp-Iƒ hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°v A\n-hm-cy-am-sW∂v alm-cm-Pmkv tImtfPv ap≥ {]n≥kn-∏¬ sI. Ac-hn-μm£≥ A`n-{]m-b-s∏-´p. F≥.-Fk - v.F - k - v. kwL-Sn-∏n-°p∂ 16-˛m-aXv ]T-\I - ymºv DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp kwkm-cn-°p-I-bm-bn-cp∂p At±-lw. F≥.Fkv.F - k - .v Ub-dŒ - ¿ t_m¿Uw-Khpw bqWn-b≥ {]knU‚p-amb Fw.-Fw. tKmhn-μ≥Ip´n tat\m≥ A≤y-£X hln-®p. h\nXm bqWn-b≥ {]kn-U‚ - v hnim-em£n So®¿, bqWn-b≥ sshkv {]kn-U‚ v hn. apc-fo-[c - ≥ amÿ, bqWnb≥ sk{I-´dn hnizw-`-c≥ F∂n-h¿ kwkm-cn-®p. 200 Hmfw hnZym¿∞n-If - mWv Iymºn¬ ]s¶-Sp-ØX - v.

IcpW sdkn-U‚ k v v Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ H∂mw hm¿jnIm-tLmjw 2011 P\p-hcn 2˛\v Rmb-dmgvN sshIo´v IcpW \K-dn¬ {]ikvX kn\n-am-Xmcw at\mPv sI. Pb≥ DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. {]kn-U‚ v ]n.-F-kv. chn A≤y-£\ - m-bn-cp-∂p. sk{I-´dn ]n.-]n. _m_p kzmKXw ]d-™p. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\n-kn-∏¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬, hm¿Uv Iu¨kn-e¿ iin-I-e, Xr∏qWn- Ø pd ln¬]m- e kv t]meokv tÃj≥ k∫v C≥kvs]-Œ¿ Fkv. Pb-Ir-jvW≥, F{Um°v Xr∏q-WnØpd taJe sk{I-´dn \μ-Ip-am¿ F∂n-h¿ {]kw-Kn®p. XpS¿∂v Iem-k‘y DZvLm-S\w {]ikvX ]n∂Wn KmbnI cm[n-Im- Xn-eIv- - \n¿Δ-ln-®p. Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ IpSpw-_mw-K-߃ Ah-X-cn-∏n® Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-I-tfmsS hm¿jn-Im-tLmjw kam-]n-®p.

Neighbourhood Events apJ-N¿Ω-Ønse kpjn-c-߃ amdm≥ 1. Hcp ap´-bpsS sh≈-bS- n-®X - n¬ Aev]w I¿∏qcw tN¿Øn-f-°pI. Cu an{inXw apJ-Øp-]p-c´n ip≤-Pe - Ø - n¬ Igp-In-°f - b - p-I. 2. sh≈-cn° Pyqkn¬ Aev]w tX≥ tN¿Øv apJØv ]pc-´p-I. 3. Hcp X°mfn (]- g p- Ø - X v ) anIvkn-bn¬ ASn®p Ipg-ºm°n apJØv a mPv sNøp-I. 4. ]®-Sn-®oc (Lettuce) Pyqkn¬ GXm\pw Xp≈n sNdp-\m-c-ßm\o-cv tN¿Øv apJØp ]pc-´p-I. 5. _Zmw ]cn∏v 5 FÆw Hcp aWn-°q¿ kabw sh≈-Øn¬ C´v IpXn¿°p- I . IpXn¿∂ ]cn∏v \∂mbn Ac-s®-SpØv GXm\pw Xp≈n \mc-ßm-\ocv tN¿°p- I . Cu an{inXw apJØp ]pc´n 15 an\n- ‰ n- \ ptijw sNdp-Nq-Sp-sh-≈-Øn¬ Igp-In-°f - b - p-I.

1. tkmkpIƒ Xøm-dm-°p-tºmƒ Ipd®v ]\o¿ anIvkn-bn¬ ASn-®Xv tN¿°p-I. tkmkn\v \√ sImgp∏v In´pw. 2. CÕen Xøm-dm°n ASp-∏n¬ \n∂v hmßn sh®tijw B ]m{X-Øns‚ ]pd-In¬ Ipd®v ]®-sh≈w IpS-™m¬ thK-Øn¬ Cf-°n-am-‰mw. 3. ]pXn-\-bn-ebpw a√n-bn-ebpw Aev]w sh≈-Øn¬ {^nUvPn¬ shbv°p-I. Ah Ipd®v Znhkw \√ ]pXpa-tbmsS Ccn-°pw. 4. kmºm-dn\v ]cn∏v thhn-°p-tºmƒ AXn¬ Aev]w Deph IqSn tN¿Øm¬ kmºm¿ s]s´∂v tISp-h-cn-Ibn-√. 5. ]g-߃ apdn®v shbv°p-tºmƒ AXn¬ Aev]w \mcßm \ocv IqSn ]pc-´n-bm¬ Ah IdpØv t]mIp∂Xv Hgn-hm-°mw.

B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv˛t_knIv tImgvkv 11˛\v Xr∏qWn-Øpd B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv sk‚-dns‚ B`n-apJy-Øn¬ Kuco-i-¶¿ lmfn¬ P\p-hcn 11 sNmΔmgvN sshIo´v 6 aWn°v t_knIv tImgvkv Bcw-`n-°pw. Xm¬∏cy-ap-≈-h¿°v (18 hb p Ign-™-h¿°v) ap≥Iq´n cPnÿ sNøm-hp-∂X - m-Wv. _‘-s∏-tS≠ sSet^m¨ \ºcp-Iƒ: 9995076070, 9446024047, 9061111019.

Xma-cw-Ip-fß - c t£{X-Ønse aI-ch - n-f° - m-tLm-jt- Øm-S\p-_-‘n®v Aø-∏-tk-hm-k-anXn {]kn-≤o-I-cn-°p∂ kvacWnI ""aI-c-tPymXn 2011'' Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\n-kn-∏¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬ {]Im-i\w sNøp-∂p.

Xma-cw-Ip-fß - c {io [¿a-imkvXm t£{X-Ønse aI-ch - n-f°v atlm-’hw ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ

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Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd hS-t°-tIm-´-bn¬ Ccp-\ne hoSv. sk‚ v tPmk^v ]≈n°v FXn¿hiw 10 sk‚n¬ c≠p-\ne-Iƒ {]tXy-I-ambn 1700 Sq.ft. hoXw. 1.45 crore. Ph: 9744768899/ 9895144088.



""aZyw F√m Xn∑I-fp-tSbpw amXm-hm-Wv...!'' {]hm-NI - ≥ apl-ΩZv \_n (k)

F√m ]g-Inb tcmK-ßfpw h¿j-ß-fmbn XpS¿∂v \n¬°p∂ Ae¿Pn, Kymkv {S-_nƒ, Aƒk¿, hmX-tcmK-߃, kv{Xo tcmK-߃, Ip´n-I-fpsS tcmK-߃ F∂nhbv°pw {]tXyI NnIn-’. i\n apX¬ _p[≥ hscbp≈ Znh-k-ß-fn¬ 9 apX¬ 5 hsc. tUm. Fkv. ss_Pp cmPv B.A.M.S.

(^nkn-jy≥, thZ tlmkv]n-‰¬, ]Ø-\w-Xn-´) ku]¿Æn-I, DZ-bw-t]-cq¿ ]Øm-wssa¬, \S-°mhv t^m¨: 9446929516

D Tuition classes from 4 th Std to 10 th Std (Both State and CBSE) D Special Coaching for IIT - JEE Foundation classes for 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th standards D Special Training for Hindi P r a t h a m i k , Madhyama Exams MASTER MIND’S TUITION SLRA - 34, Sastha Lane, Eroor Road, Near Anaparambu. Ph: 6590565, 9746332461.



Bbp¿tΔZ NnIn’

‘We Make Foundation Children Build on them’

Jan 09 to 15, 2011


hoSv hmS-Ib - v°v-


4 Bedroom Independent House. 2 Bedroom A/c. Near Thamaramkulangara Temple.

t]∏¿I- h ¿ \n¿ΩmW bqWn- ‰ n- t ebv ° v 18- ˛ 25- ˛ \v at≤y {]mb- a p≈ kv{XoIsf Bh-iy-ap-≠v. Xr∏qWnØp-d-bnepw ]cn-kc-ß-fn-ep-w D-≈-h¿°v ap≥KW-\.

Contact: 9496067445.

Contact : 9495950155.

DS≥ ]pXnb ¢m p- I ƒ Bcw-`n-°p∂p


Institute for Living Legendary Arts and Music Eroor West P.O., Tripunithura, Ernakulam, Kerala Pin - 682 306 Phone: 9388866925, 9846019870, 0484 2781919 email:

WANTED Office Assistant - F/M Accountant - Tally - F/M for a leading transporting co. near Tripunithura Contact No.



9847105267, 9249476528

B-h-iy-ap≠v Xø¬°msc Bh-iy-ap≠v ªukv Ãn®n-ßv, Npcn-Zm¿ Ãn®n-ßv.

Phone: 9072793446

Hm^okv Bh-iy-Øn\v A\p-tbm-Py-amb 2000 kvIzb¿ ^o‰v hoSv/ tKmUu¨ Bh-iy-ap-≠v


t^mt´m-tjm∏v hoSp-I-fn¬ h∂v ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂-Xn\v _‘-s∏-Sp-I. 9895590908

ALL FOR KIDS - PEDIATRIC CLINIC : 6452772, 6492772 AMBERMOLI HOMES : 9895201552, 6461232 THE BASICS DAY CARE : 9847422452 CHARUTHA SILKS : 3019192 COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE : 9961710088,9961570088 DOWN TOWN : 3019122 ELECTRICAL & PLUMBING WORKS (FAMS) : 9947047004, 3083113 HEERA HOMES : 2 3 4 6 4 8 4 , 8 5 , 9847600088 INSIGHTS (OPP. HOTEL PRASANTH) : 9495973825 (ENGLISH TUITIONS, IELTS) DR. KUNAL’S : 2782878 9048055102 MULTI-SPECIALTY DENTAL CLINIC JUST BORN DRY CLEANING : 9 1 4 2 0 2 3 6 7 5 , 9946405120 MANGALASSERIL : 9995886004 HOMOEO CLINIC 2776361 (R), 2776004 MARUTI HOMES : 2783840 MERIDIAN HOMES : 2383795, 2353713 NAVANEETH COLLECTIONS : 9846153528 (DANCE ITEMS ETC.) NAYANA BEAUTY PARLOURS : 9447694587 R.C.M. EYE HOSPITAL : 2777317 SAI DEEPAM CLASSES FOR TUITION : 9446211058, 2779021 SHEEBA GARMENTS : 2774522 SHANTHIVANAM : 98460 33230 93497 56668 SLIM BEAUTY : 2783998, 9446070998 SAI SERVICE PETA : 9645105091 SEPTIC TANK CLEANING : 9 3 8 7 0 7 6 5 1 6 , 9656134068 SREE MURUGA JEWELLERY : 2781034, 2775525 SOUNDARYA HERBAL BEAUTY PARLOUR : 9947043597, 2780161 TOM & JERRY PLAY SCHOOL & DAY CARE : 9947043597, 2780161 VIVEKANANDHA TRAVELS : 2775557, 9447302756 VIOLIN, ORGAN GRADE EXAM & NORMAL CLASS : 9847091090 ZIGMA NDT SERVICES : 94477 35647


FOR SALE Two bed room Flat for immediate sale, near Sanskrit College Road, Tripunithura Contact:




Jan 09 to 15, 2011

Neighbourhood Events

F.-F¬.-B¿.-F. ]pXp-h-’-cw B-tLm-jn®p B\∏-dºv sebn≥ sdkn-U‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ (F.-F¬.-B¿.F.) ]pXp-h-’-cm-tLm-j-ß-tfmsSm∏w Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-c-k`m P\-t\-Xm-°ƒ°v kzoI-c-Whpw kwL- S n- ∏ n- ® p. 2011 P\p. H∂v sshIo´v Bdn\v F.-F¬.-B¿.-F. {Ku≠n¬ tN¿∂ tbmK- Ø n¬ {]kn-U‚ v sI.-F. DÆn-Øm≥ \hh- ’ c Biw- k - I ƒ A¿∏n®p kwkm- c n- ® p. F.- F ¬.- B ¿.- F .

IpSpw-_mw-K-߃ Ah-X-cn-∏n® hnhn[ Iem-]c - n-]m-Sn-Iƒ°p-tijw 7.30-˛\v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-c-k`m sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp- t Km]]m¬, sshkv sNb¿t]-gvk¨ Xntem-Øa kptc-jv, {]Xn-]£ t\Xmhv kn.-F≥. kpμ-c≥ F∂nh¿°v kzoI-cWw \¬In. F.-F¬.B¿.-F. inip-Zn-\-Øn¬ \S-Ønb t{Umbnw-Kv-˛-s]-bn‚nwKv a’-c-ß-

fpsS kΩm-\-Zm-\hpw Ch¿ \n¿Δln-®p. sI.-F. DÆn-Øm≥ A≤y-£X hln® tbmK-Øn¬ sk{I-´dn hn.sI. cmL-h≥ kzmK-Xhpw F{UmIv taJem sk{I- ´ dn \μ- I p- a m¿. B¿. IrX-⁄-Xbpw tcJ-s∏-SpØn. XpS¿∂v Acq¿ "^v f mjv ssKUv' Ah-X-cn-∏n® kn\n-am-‰nIv Um≥kv ]cn-]m-Snbpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p.

C√w-\n-d-˛2010-˛\v apt∂m-Sn-bmbn C√w hnZym¿∞n˛-hn-Zym¿∞n-\n-Iƒ hc® Nn{X-{]-Z¿i\w s{]m^. kn≤m¿∞≥ (HDD, RLV College) DZvLm-S\w sNøp∂p. (Ign™ Cjyq-hn¬ ]Sw amdn-t∏m-bncp-∂p)

Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd IÆ-≥Ip-f-ßc IÆ≥Xr-t°m-hn¬ t£{X-Øn¬ ]p\x-{]-XnjvT IÆ≥Xr-t°m-hn¬ t£{X-Ønse inh≥, Aø∏≥ ]p\x-{]-Xn-jvTm-I¿Ωw 2011 P\p-hcn 16-˛\v ]pen-b∂ - q¿ lcn-\m-cm-bW - ≥ \ºq-Xn-cn-∏m-Sns‚ t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ \S-°pw.

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problems away from the life. Contact for more details: 08907840115.

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Issue 229  

Vol 5 No 22

Issue 229  

Vol 5 No 22